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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Alister Smart

It's Sunday, and at Woombai, Gordon is expecting Barbara. Rosie says she's giving Barbara the double room in case Mr. Armstrong comes along. Gordon says there's no chance of that, and explains that Barbara's husband is in America. He tells Rosie that he and Barbara are good friends, and he adds that Barbara is a happily married woman! He tells Rosie that if she wants to know anything else, she'll have to ask Barbara.

At the breakfast table at Dural, Angela asks Patricia if she has any plans, but Patricia just says she's having a quiet day, with lunch at Charlie's and maybe a walk. Angela is in her nightdress, and explains that she laid in bed reading her favourite childhood book, "Seven Little Australians," which she found on the bookshelf. She then makes the mistake of bringing Gordon into the conversation, and thinks she's put her foot in it, but when Patricia leaves the room, John assures Angela that she hasn't. He invites Angela to the stud this afternoon, but Angela says she wants the two of them to spend some time together at Dural - she adds, though, that she's not trying a number on. John says it sounds like a great idea.

Barbara arrives at Woombai, and comments to Gordon that the place looks even nicer than its photo. She notices the twitching of curtains, and Gordon tells Barbara that she's an unknown commodity. They go inside, and Rosie hurriedly pretends to be fussing with some flowers. Gordon introduces Barbara, and Rosie says she's pleased to meet her. When Rosie comments that it's time for church, Barbara asks if she can join them, and Rosie looks pleased. Gordon tells Barbara that she's made a hit.

Patricia suggests to Angela that she go out and join John by the pool, but Angela is busy looking for a recipe. Patricia comments that her daughter has come a long way from putting fruit on top of the pavlova as she did when Patricia visited the Palmers. Angela says she's got a kick out of doing 'ordinary' things. She tells her mother that Beryl was easy to talk to, and wasn't always trying to ram advice down her throat. Angela immediately realises she's said the wrong thing, and she apologises - she says she and Patricia might get to know each other just as well, but an upset Patricia tells her daughter to go and get to know her kitchen. When Angela's gone, Patricia picks up a sheaf of recipes, then throws them down again.

Beryl tells Kevin that Susan will be joining them for lunch. She says her daughter will be moving home once her house is sold. Kevin offers to clean the gutter after lunch, as he owes David for being nice to him and Lynn since he got back. Beryl hears Fiona's taxi pull up outside, and Kevin goes and lets their guest in. Fiona hugs him, and then Beryl, and says it's good to see them. She asks where Lynn is, and Kevin explains that she's at her grandfather's - Ernest senior! Beryl tells Kevin to put Fiona's cases in Susan's old room, and as he heads off, Fiona tells him there's a present for him and Lynn in one of the bags. Fiona then tells Beryl that the chance to come down was a godsend. Beryl asks if it's Scott, and Fiona admits that it is - she says she cried it all out the first night, but it hurt, and what with Jill going away... Beryl asks Fiona if she's heard any more about Patricia, and Fiona says she's gone back to Dural, and the divorce is going through. Kevin comes back in with the present, which is for the baby.

At Dural, Angela leaves the pastry for the steak and kidney pie that she's cooking to settle for a while. Patricia tells her daughter that she always hated cooking classes because they had a horrible domestic science teacher. Angela remarks that Patricia has never talked about her schooldays before, but Patricia says it was just an ordinary Melbourne girls' school. She adds that all her and Charlie's friends went to a smart girls' grammar school, and she had to 'keep up with the Jonses'. She admits that she's been secretive for so long that it's become habit. Patricia says she realised that she and Angela have shared so little that Angela's talk about Beryl, earlier, got to her. She says she's glad she's got Angela and John, and Angela tells her mother that John likes her a lot. Patricia hopes John won't be disappointed when he gets back to Woombai, as Gordon and Wayne can virtually run the place on their own. Angela's sure Gordon will take care of John, but she suggests that perhaps he would be better off back at Dural. Patricia says she won't interfere, as she doesn't want to be seen to be directing his life as well. Angela tells her mother that the pie she's cooking is for John, and Patricia says she can take the hint. Angela says she'll save a piece for Patricia, and they smile broadly at each other.

At Woombai, Barbara says she liked the traditional service. She tells Gordon that he's a local celebrity, and adds that Patricia doesn't know what she's missing at Dural. Gordon says Patricia isn't at Dural, but Barbara tells him that Prue saw her there yesterday. Gordon says he might have known she'd dig her heels in, and he reveals to Barbara about how he told his wife not to stay there. Barbara asks where the harm in it is, seeing as Gordon's at Woombai, and she points out that Patricia is probably just as attached to Dural as Gordon is to Woombai. Gordon says that if Patricia had shown even the slightest regard for their marriage, he might have made more allowances, but as far as he's concerned, he can't see the back of her fast enough.

John creeps up on Angela as she's trying to fold napkins. He tells her that something smells great, but Angela says it won't be ready for another thirty minutes, and she suggests they go for a walk. Outside, she remarks that, when she goes back to Melbourne, Patricia's going to be lonely. John points out that she has Charlie and her other friends, but Angela says she thinks her mother finds them a strain sometimes. John suggests that that may be why Patricia tried so hard to make him a hit. Angela tells John that he was right last night, and Patricia is trying. They happen upon an unattended wheelbarrow, and Angela reminisces about Gordon giving her rides in a wheelbarrow when she was young. John suggests he push her around right now, and Angela goes for it. They end up in the location where they remember they went when they first found out they were related. Angela suddenly remembers the pie, and volunteers to push John around on the way back. Fortunately, the pie only got slightly burnt. However, just as they are sitting down, the 'phone rings. John says it'll be Prue for sure, and he's right! He tells her that he can't see her as he's busy, and there's no point in her coming to Dural as he won't let her in! He also suggests to Prue that she doesn't call back. When the call is over, he leaves both the normal and business 'phones off the hook, and comments that Prue will get over it!

Gordon asks Rosie to look after Barbara while he does some gardening. When they're alone, Barbara comments to Rosie about her having been there since Wayne was born. Rosie says it's longer - 30 years. She says Gordon's always treated her as part of the family, but Patricia never liked her being related to Nancy. Rosie then tells Barbara about Gordon's first wife - about how she had a difficult pregnancy with Wayne, and about how the birth was too much. She explains that Patricia was hired as Wayne's nanny, and Barbara asks if the two of them got on. Rosie says Wayne had been pushed from pillar to post, and Patricia spoiled him rather, so of course he loved her. She adds that Gordon marrying Patricia was the worst thing he ever did. Barbara looks thoughtful.

Susan goes to hold the ladder while Kevin clears the gutter. Kevin finds a bird's nest on the roof, and it's not long before Susan decides to head home. She tells Kevin that she'll let Fiona and Beryl know he's up there, and he can yell when he wants to come down. She leaves the back door open as she heads inside, before saying goodbye and leaving. Fiona comments to Beryl that Susan is so much happier than last time she came down, and Beryl tells Fiona that Susan was the last thing on her mind while David was away. Fiona asks how things were when David came back, and Beryl tells her that they weren't easy - it was after midnight, the kids were asleep, they looked at each other... Kevin decides he doesn't need help getting down from the roof, and, carefully carrying the nest, he silently walks into the kitchen. He overhears Fiona and Beryl talking, as Beryl is saying that staying with Fiona gave her the chance to get herself under control. She adds that she somehow managed to look the kids in the eye, and tell them how wonderful things were at the Reid place. But she adds that she still felt dreadful. She says it would have stuck in her throat if she'd had to tell the kids their father had had an affair with Patricia, and adds that it's hard enough to say it as it is. In the kitchen, Kevin has overheard every single word...


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