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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Mark Piper

John gets into Dural and tells Gordon that the horses are all safely stabled. Gordon tells John that he did very well, and bluffed the woman very nicely. John says he's thankful for Gordon's help - and not just today. Gordon says there's no need to thank him, as John has more than earned his keep.

Jill comes into Fiona's room where Fiona is preparing dinner for John. Jill says she had an argument with Scott, and she wants to put forward her side of the story. She says Scott asked her to do Fiona a favour by moving out. Jill tells Fiona that she never meant to be a problem, and Fiona tells her that she's not, and she's staying put until she's ready to move on. She thinks she and Scott need to have a talk. Jill says she doesn't want Fiona and Scott fighting because of her, but Fiona says there are some things she should have said a long time ago. She rings Scott, but just gets his answerphone. She leaves a message telling him to come over straight away.

John joins Gordon and Barbara in the lounge, and Barbara introduces her niece, Prue - the woman John was bidding against at the auction! John looks taken aback, but Prue tells him there are no hard feelings. She says she tried to twist John's arm into joining her for a drink earlier, and it looks like she's got her way after all.

Scott arrives at the boarding house and says he got a garbled message and hopes it's important. Fiona says she's spoken to Jill. Scott remarks that Jill didn't take any time, and adds that he supposes he's public enemy number one. He admits he asked Jill to stop clinging to Fiona's apron strings, and Fiona says Jill is not her pet project - she's a friend, and in a lifetime of friendships, she's the best Fiona's had. Scott asks what that makes him, and Fiona replies, "The man I'm idiot enough to love." She says she's taken things from Scott that she'd never take from anyone else. Scott asks what he should do, and Fiona tells him that he wants her to cut her ties, which is like asking her to pretend a whole slice of her life never existed, which she can't do. She says she met some weird and wonderful people - including the odd politician - "...the two bob snobs included." She says it was the shysters, battlers and underdogs who gave her a feel for people - they taught her how to care. Scott says Fiona should have been a politician herself, but Fiona asks who would vote for the Sentimental Party! Scott says, "You never know - maybe it's time for a coalition." He says he only spoke to Jill for the best, and Fiona asks, "Who for?" realising that Scott hasn't listened to a word she said. Scott says he needs time to think about it, and Fiona says they both have a lot of thinking to do.

Prue says the riding school sounds tempting, but why put it out in the sticks? John points out that it's only four hours' drive. Prue asks about John's job, and John says he does a bit of everything. Barbara says Prue has had several competition wins, and Prue tells John that he must come and see her horses when they arrive. John says he's going back to Woombai in a couple of days, and he's up to his neck in work until then. Prue invites him for dinner tonight, but John says he already has a date.

Angela takes Stevie's toys round to Mick's, but Mick tells her to chuck them out. Angela says they'll be something to remember his son by, but Mick says he doesn't need anything. He also reiterates that he's not going to the funeral, and he's made sure he's rostered on at work during the service.

Lynn gives Beryl some flowers to take to the funeral. In the kitchen, Angela tells Beryl that Mick's not going - she says she tried talking, but it was a waste of time. Beryl says she might be able to do something. She asks if things got to Angela, and Angela admits that they did - not at first, as she was concerned about Mick, but she says she just wishes... "It would be nice if John was here, that's all."

John tells Fiona that he'll take her out, but Fiona's not in the mood, so John decides to cook instead. While he cooks hamburgers, he reminisces about how it seems so long ago since he was on the run from the police, and how a lot has happened since then. Fiona says it's mostly been for the best - he's got a good job, he's sorted things out with his father, and he's got to know Patricia and Angela. She then asks John if he's gotten over Angela yet, and John says of course - they were both being stupid, and if she turned up tomorrow, it wouldn't worry him. Fiona points out that John hasn't been rushing out to see anyone, and John says he met a girl today who he thinks is interested. Fiona says, "But are you?" and John replies, "Yeah - I think I am."

When John has gone, Scott calls round and Fiona asks if he got his thinking done. Scott says he did, and Fiona says she did, too. Scott asks Fiona if she's seen Jill, but Fiona thought she'd better leave it until she sorted herself out. Scott says that, after their earlier disagreement, he went to a meeting advising on the bicentennial celebrations, but he had other things on his mind, like Fiona's past. He says he thought of what Fiona said, and how she made it sound romantic. But Fiona says there was an unpleasant side to it, too. Scott says he had questions from thirty years ago while, at the same time, he was trying to think about 1988. He was trying to think about where they may be in 1988, and realised they don't have a future unless Fiona puts her past behind her. Fiona asks Scott why he thinks it's all so awful now, as he was fine about it the day she told him at the property. Scott says he made a mistake - learning how much Fiona loved him was good for his ego. He didn't know Fiona still had links to that part of her life, and he just can't buy that. Fiona tells Scott that he's saying that, if she wants a future with him, she has to guarantee that none of her old mates will ever be a part of it, including Jill. She then tells Scott that they have no future. Scott says, "You want me to go?" and Fiona replies, "Good luck with your committee. If we should run into each other in 1988, I want to be alive and kicking and the same old gal I used to be." Scott says, "I'll buy you a drink." Fiona looks upset.

Barbara and Gordon are eating at the yacht club. Gordon says Prue seems to be a handful, and Barbara says that's an understatement! She says Prue's parents let her run riot and she went to a trendy school where subjects such as Maths weren't considered important. Meanwhile, Prue herself calls at Dural. When John answers and says neither Gordon or Wayne are around, she says she wants to enrol in the riding school. John points out that enrolments aren't even open yet, but Prue insists, and gives John a $1,000 deposit. She says the two of them will be seeing a lot of each other, and then asks him how his date was. John says he had a great time - he did the cooking, and had a nice quiet night. Prue says she'll tee something up for her to cook John for dinner.

Jill goes to see Fiona, who's looking depressed. Fiona says she and Scott aren't seeing each other again, and Jill asks if it was her fault, but Fiona says it wasn't working, and there was nothing she could do. She says it would have been better if he'd never come back on the scene, as it spoilt the memories. She reminisces about how Scott was really something when he was younger.

Angela sketches a portrait of John. She goes over to the 'phone and makes a call, which is answered by Gordon, at Dural. Angela says she was thinking she might come home for a visit, and Gordon tells her that John is in town, so they'll have to convince him to stay on. He tells Angela that he'll shout her the trip, and he says he'll tell John she's coming. John is sorting out petty cash receipts for Wayne, and he gives Gordon the cheque from Prue. Gordon tells John that he should watch Prue, and explains that he's just basing his opinion on a few things Barbara said. He then tells John that Angela is coming for a visit, and he suggests John stay on for a while. John looks taken aback, but thoughtful.

Beryl has had her hair done in preparation for David's homecoming. She remarks to Angela that she can't believe Mick didn't turn up for the funeral. Angela announces that she's going to Sydney as she's depressed. Beryl asks where John is, and Angela says he's at Dural. Beryl tells Angela that she and John made a sensible decision not to see each other, and it's a big risk Angela upsetting things for him. She says John left Melbourne because of Angela, but Angela says she's sorry if Beryl doesn't like it, but she's made up her mind, and Beryl will just have to get used to it.


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