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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Peter Sharp

At Woombai, Charlie says she's pleased for Patricia. Patricia wishes Charlie wasn't going. John comes in and tells Charlie that he's ready when she is. Patricia tells John to drive carefully, to look after himself, and not to worry about staying at Dural - she says it's silly him constantly driving between Manly and Dural.

Gordon goes to see Fiona, to talk about Jill - he says he likes her and wants to help. Fiona didn't realise Jill had told Gordon and asks how he reacted. Gordon says it was a shock, but he's not worried, as Jill's the sort of girl Wayne needs right now. However, he doesn't think Wayne would take Jill's past very well, and he asks Fiona to talk to her boarder. However, Fiona says she's tried, but Jill's too honest for her own good. Gordon says he hopes Wayne mellows enough to eventually be told without too much carry-on. He then tells Fiona that John is coming down to Sydney, and Fiona's expression changes as she suddenly realises that that means David and Patricia will be on their own.

David calls at Woombai while Patricia is on the 'phone. When the call is over, he tells her that he was thinking of what he said last night, and he was being stupid - he wants to stay, but there's Beryl and the kids to consider. Patricia says there's not - there's just Beryl, and the children have their own lives. David points out that he still has to support Kevin and Lynn, and he can't do that and give Patricia the things she's used to. Patricia says that's all worked out - she was just on the 'phone to her solicitor asking for Gordon's half of Woombai in the divorce settlement. David sharply says he's not sponging off Patricia, but she tells him that he can help out with the riding school for a very generous salary - enough to send some home. David says he doesn't want any handouts, but Patricia tells him he'll be working ten times as hard if he stays, and she adds that they could have a good life together. David says he still has to think about it, as he has a good life with Beryl, and he has to be sure before he throws that away. Patricia says she understands, as she went through the same thing with Gordon - she says she never really loved him like she loves David, but the usual things kept them together - family, concern for one another - but in the long run, it wasn't enough for either of them. David says things are different for him because he loves Beryl, and Patricia replies, "What about me? Do you love me?" David just looks at her. Patricia says it'll be hard to make the break, but it's the right thing for everyone. She says she can't force David, and he says, "Right - don't push, that's all." He says he has to make up his own mind, and Patricia says, "Fair enough." When David goes, Patricia picks up the 'phone and calls Mal Leyton.

Barbara calls at Dural, telling Gordon that she's getting away from her neice, Prue, who's in Australia with her horses while her husband is away in France. She says she knew she'd feel better at Dural, and she and Gordon go for a game of golf.

Jill tells Fiona that that's the last time she's telling her anything, as she doesn't like being talked about behind her back. Fiona says Gordon was taking an interest, "...but you'll do what you want to - it doesn't matter what either of us say." Jill says it's her decision, but admits that the longer she leaves it, the harder it'll be. Fiona tells Jill to do what she likes, saying it's no skin off her nose if Jill loses Wayne. Jill says Wayne might surprise everyone, but Fiona just tells her to make up her mind, as it's getting boring. She warns Jill, though, not to make the same mistake that she did with Scott. Jill asks why she can never win an argument with Fiona!

Charlie and John arrive at Dural. Wayne tells John to settle in, and he directs him to his bedroom. When John has gone upstairs, Wayne asks Charlie about the divorce, and Charlie tells Wayne that he knew it was on the cards. Wayne asks Charlie if she talked Patricia into it, and Charlie says Patricia and Gordon were never compatible. Wayne says that's just like Charlie - "How many is it now?!" Charlie says Patricia spent a big part of her life looking after Wayne and the family, and now it's her turn.

At Woombai, Patricia tells Mal Leyton that there have been too many mistakes with the renovations at the Reid property. Mal says he's been busy with the stables and can't concentrate on everything at once. Patricia has a suggestion: they put in a supervisor at the Reid place: David Palmer. Mal says he thinks a local man would be better, but Patricia thinks a local might let the men get away with more. She says to tell David that he'll get a salary increase, and she says that will hopefully solve all their problems. As Mal is on his way out, Patricia tells him that all this was his idea. But when Mal puts the idea to David, David says to tell Patricia that he's happy with the money he gets. He asks whose idea it was, and Mal says, "Whose do you reckon?" Mal says he'll tell Patricia to get in a local man, but David says, "Don't worry - I'll tell her myself at lunchtime."

Gordon and Barbara get back from golf, and Barbara asks what the problem is. Gordon tells her about Patricia finally filing for divorce, and how he's upset at the way she went about it. He adds that he's sad it's ended the way it has. Barbara tells him that a few drinks will soften the blow of the property settlement, and while Gordon's doing the honours, Barbara says, "You're a nice man, Gordon Hamilton." Gordon replies, "I'm glad somebody thinks so."

David asks Patricia if she's trying to bribe him into staying, but Patricia says the job came up, the position was necessary, and David was the right man for it. She adds that she's running a business, and she can't have the men making mistakes. She tells David that she preferred him for business reasons. David says he'll be leaving in two days, but Patricia tells him he can have the job if he decides to stay. She says she has the right to let David know how she feels - she loves him and will do everything in her power to make him stay. David says that, if he does stay, it'll be because of the way he feels: "Nothing else comes into it."

In the lounge at Dural, John gives Wayne some papers from Patricia. Wayne takes them and then ignores John. John thought Wayne might have some questions, but Wayne says he'll ring Patricia if he does. John starts to call Fiona, but Wayne tells him to do it out in the hall. John asks Wayne if he minds him staying, and Wayne replies that he couldn't care less as long as John keeps out of his way. John calls Fiona, but a knock on her door interrupts the call, so she invites him for dinner later. Fiona's visitor is Scott, and he asks if she's ready to go. Fiona says she'll just be a minute, as she has to organise some money for Jill to give the plumber when he comes - she adds that waiting for the plumber is Jill's pennance for getting mad at her this morning. Scott asks what Jill got mad about, and Fiona initially says it's personal, before revealing that Jill's trying to decide whether to tell Wayne about her background. She says she and Gordon warned her against it. Scott can't believe Gordon would take news like that so well, and says that he would keep his son away from Jill, "...because she's a prostitute." Fiona says, "That was six months ago," but Scott says she could go back to it, adding that girls like her are trouble. Fiona reminds Scott that he's going out with one of them, but Scott says that's different. Fiona says she was on the game for a lot longer than Jill, and Scott asks if they have to keep going over this. He suggests they go for lunch and forget about it.

Gordon is ready to go to the horse auction. He explains to John about the bidding process, and says he has a good reputation for knowing good horses - he then says he wants John to bid for him, and adds that he'll give John a signal when the time is right to stop. Gordon says he's too well known to bid for himself, and people might recognise Wayne from the stud. Gordon gives John a list of the horses he's interested in, with special interest in a horse called 'Sampson'. When he gets to the auction ground, John is almost knocked down by another car. The female driver tells John that she missed him by a mile. John says it was more like half an inch, and the woman says she's a very good driver! The actual bidding goes well, and eventually 'Sampson' is the next lot. John gets into a bidding war with the woman driver, but he eventually 'wins', securing the animal for $9000.

Jill is sitting in Fiona's room, waiting for the plumber, when the bell rings. Scott is at the door, and he explains that Fiona's in town, shopping. He tells Jill that the two of them need a frank talk. He says Jill's friendship with Fiona is causing problems between him and Fiona. He says they have had nothing but problems since Richie Miller came back on the scene, and he doesn't like Fiona seeing her disreputable friends. He says Fiona gets upset, and feels she has to protect Jill, and he tells Jill that he's been worried that Richie Miller would turn up and harrass Fiona. Jill says that wouldn't happen, but Scott says that, if Jill wasn't there, none of this would have happened. He suggests to Jill that, when she goes to Woombai, she let her friendship with Fiona lapse. Jill refuses, and Scott says he's disappointed, as he thought she had more regard for Fiona. Jill says that, if Fiona asks her to shoot through, she wouldn't see her for dust. Scott says that, if he has anything to do with it, that's exactly what she will do...


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