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    Written by: Stephen Measday and Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Peter Sharp

Mick is crying as he sits on a bench next to Angela, who says she wishes she'd been there. Mick tells her that it's not her fault. Susan approaches, and says a friend called her. She tells Mick that she's so sorry. Mick just says he's going home, and Susan asks Angela if any funeral arrangements have been made. She then chases after Mick to ask him if he's arranged an undertaker. Mick says he'll leave it for Cheryl to organise, as he just wants to go home and forget. Angela asks if she can go with him, and he tells her it's up to her. He makes it clear that he doesn't want to talk to Cheryl, though, telling Susan that Cheryl can do whatever's necessary. Angela remarks that it's not fair to Cheryl, but Mick doesn't want to talk. The two of them get in the car, and Mick puts his foot down. Angela tells him to slow down, but he doesn't, until he gets to a park and comes to an abrupt halt. He says, "Damn Cheryl!" He tells Angela about how Stevie asked for her, but Cheryl said she didn't know who Angela was. Mick says he's lost the one good thing he ever had in his life. He tells Angela about how he grew up with no-hoper parents. He says everyone thought he'd turn out the same except for the Keegans. Mick had vowed to make a go of his marriage, but he ended up with Cheryl. He was going to make a go of being Stevie's dad, though. Angela offers to drive, but Mick says he'll be OK.

David is felling trees when John pulls up in a jeep. David says the area he's clearing is for a tennis court. He remarks that there will be ping pong and birds inside, and tennis, riding and flies outside! He says he reckons the work's OK, and sometimes he wouldn't mind staying, as it's better than driving. John suggests his father move up with Beryl, but David says his wife wouldn't be in it as she likes Melbourne too much. John reminds David that Beryl grew up in the country, but David says, "Nah." As he leaves to go and give a message to Mal, John jokingly suggests David retire to the country!

Charlie asks Patricia if she's spending the night with David, but Patricia says it will be difficult as Rosie gave her her beady eye when she was late in last night. Charlie asks if John noticed, but Patricia says he was off in town. Charlie suggests that Patricia get John out of the way, as all the time David sees his son, it gives him the guilts. Patricia says she has to be careful - if she's feeling guilty, imagine how David feels. Rosie comes and asks Patricia if she'll be in for dinner. Patricia says she's going out, and Charlie butts-in, saying Patricia is going to try the new table tennis table at the Reid place, so it'll just be Charlie and Rosie for dinner tonight. When Rosie's gone again, Patricia asks Charlie why she said that, and Charlie says it'll give Rosie something to think about! Patricia remarks that, knowing Rosie, she'll probably go up there. Charlie says she'll keep Rosie occupied - "The things I do for friendship!"

David is bouncing a ping pong ball on a bat when Patricia comes in and says, "Caught you!" David explains that the table was dropped off this morning. Patricia says she wasn't expecting it yet, but it was delivered by a local character who Rosie used to be engaged to years ago. David challenges Patricia to a game, and she eventually accepts.

Jill and Wayne laugh and joke with each other, until Wayne decides he wants to go for a swim. He tells Jill that Miss. Brooks warned him not to go swimming alone, but Jill just says she'll watch. Wayne suddenly notices grazing on Jill's arm, and Jill hurriedly says she had an accident at work, and adds that it's a long story.

At the boarding house later, Jill curses herself for not saying something to Wayne while she had the chance. Fiona says it's not the end of the world, but Jill says that was her chance, and she couldn't take it, telling Wayne instead that she tripped over her boss's cat in the car park! Jill bemoans the fact that she's an ex-hooker and a liar, but Fiona sternly tells her to stop thinking like that. She tells Jill that she can't change what's done, and so it's stupid to be ashamed of it. Jill says she's not ashamed - after all, she got out of it. Fiona says Jill's right, so she shouldn't put herself down. She says history isn't worth agonising over, and Jill concedes that she's right.

Gordon shows Wayne a leaflet about a horse auction that he got from Barbara, and he suggests they might be able to get some cheap stock for the riding school. He then shows Wayne a letter that's arrived from Patricia's solicitor. Wayne reads it and says, "So that's it, then?" Gordon remarks that, after twenty years of marriage, he would have thought Patricia would have been able to tell him herself. He tells Wayne that he didn't expect Patricia to change her mind, nor did he want her to, but she could have spoken to him face-to-face. Gordon says he supposes they disappointed each other so much that they couldn't ignore it any more.

David and Patricia play table tennis, and have a joke argument over the score. They end up close to each other and Patricia remarks, "So much for romance!" She says she's very happy, and David says he feels the same. Patricia remarks that, if someone had said to her three months ago that she'd be building fences and playing table tennis... She adds, "It's a pity it has to end."

Angela is on the 'phone, and, when the call is over, she tells Beryl that it was Susan, who said Mick is still not going to the funeral. Angela thinks Mick was bottling it all up, and now it's hit him, and Cheryl has made him more angry than anything else. Angela doesn't think Mick will need her any more, saying he liked her because Stevie liked her, and she needed someone - " know why." Beryl tells Angela that Mick will need her more than ever now, but Angela doesn't think so - she believes it's silly to see the two of them as more than friends.

Rosie tells Wayne on the 'phone that Patricia's on the verandah with Charlie. She comments, "Stupid name for a woman, if you ask me!" Patricia picks up the 'phone, and Wayne tells her that he's ringing about her letter. Patricia says it's between her and Gordon, and she's just doing what Gordon wanted. She says she's touched that Wayne is concerned, but it's their business. She then asks Wayne if there's any business problems, and Wayne explains about the horse auction. Patricia says there's no problems her end, and Wayne tells her he'll call her after the auction. After the call is over, Patricia looks thoughtful, and she picks up a magazine. Suddenly, she appears to think of something, and starts dialling a telephone number. A few minutes later, she suggests to John on the verandah that he should go to the horse auction, and then stay in Sydney for the rest of the week - she adds that Wayne's fine about the idea. John says David only has a few days left before going home, but Patricia tells John to talk to his father and see how he feels - and if he agrees, to invite David to dinner. When John has gone, Charlie tells Patricia that she's brilliant! She then asks, "Why dinner?" and Patricia says she was being a bit homely - she hints to Charlie to 'go to bed early', "leaving David, John and me to a family evening."

After dinner at Woombai, there's light chatter, and Patricia remarks that life is less complicated in the country. David and John both agree. Charlie asks if David will miss it when he gets back to the city, and David supposes he will. Charlie goes off to 'make the kitchen tidy'. John says Charlie's not that bad after all, and Patricia jokes with David that their son can admit when he's wrong!

Jill is at Dural. Wayne has gone to bed, but she's waiting to speak to Gordon. She tells him that she was talking to Wayne about the divorce, and he explained that one of the problems was that Patricia and Gordon had lied to each other for so long. She says she thinks Gordon likes people to be honest. She then reveals to Gordon that she was a prostitute until she met Fiona six months ago. Jill says she'll understand if Gordon doesn't want her seeing Wayne any more, and Gordon admits that he's shocked, but he still respects her. Jill says she wants to tell Wayne, and Gordon says he's glad she told him, but he doesn't think Wayne could cope with the news at the moment - "There are times when honesty is not necessarily the best policy."

John has an early start in the morning, so he decides to go to bed. David tells him he's done well, and John remarks that he has good teachers! When John has gone, Patricia says it's really strange - "Tonight, for the first time, he was our son." David asks Patricia if she's thinking of Angela, and Patricia says it would be nice if it was just the four of them. She says it's a pity they were just kids. She says they've changed, but the last few days... "I just don't want anybody else." David says, "Neither do I," and they take each other's hand.


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