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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Mark Piper

Beryl is in a bad mood, but this doesn't stop Kevin and Lynn laughing at her before school. Kevin asks when David is getting back, and Beryl says it should be sometime today - she's rostered him on at the depot tomorrow. Lynn says it'll be nice if he's there when they get home from school. Beryl tells them to get a move on. When the kids have gone, Beryl remarks to Angela that Kevin will never grow up! Angela asks Beryl if Kevin and Lynn know about her trip to Sydney, but Beryl says she thought she'd leave it to Angela to tell them. Angela is glad, because she wants to tell David first. Beryl just says, "Whatever you want." Angela says she didn't sleep much last night. She then goes on to promise that she'll come back if she causes problems for John, but she adds that, whenever something goes wrong, John's the one she wants to be with. Angela then wonders how David will take the news about the trip, but Beryl says she doesn't know. Angela says that, after he took the news about her and John so well, she doesn't think David will make a fuss now.

Susan gets in from work and yells at Mick, as there are empty beer cans littering the apartment. Mick, who was in bed, says he had some mates over last night, as he didn't want to be by himself. Susan tells Mick that he's drinking too much, and adds that the pep pills she found in the bathroom don't help either. Mick excuses himself by saying he's not sleeping, and that he needs the pills to keep him awake during long driving trips. Susan tells Mick that he's got to pull himself together, and if he doesn't do it soon, he'll have to move out.

At Beryl's, Susan says Mick was just packing his bags as she came out. Beryl tells her daughter that Angela has decided not to have anything more to do with Mick. Susan asks Beryl to have a talk to Mick, but Beryl yells that she's got better things to do.

At Woombai, Patricia tells David that it'll be nice to have money coming in for a change. She invites David for lunch, but he says the men are waiting for him. Rosie comes in with some jars of chutney. She says they're for Beryl, and comments that she was a nice woman. When they're alone again, Patricia asks David whether he's going to stay with her or go back to Melbourne. David says he doesn't know yet, as it's not a simple decision. He says he'll definitely decide today.

Beryl arrives to see Mick. She says she was going to give him a piece of her mind, but Mick breaks down in front of her, and Beryl hugs and comforts him. He tells her that he was on a job yesterday, and all he could think about was the funeral. Beryl tells Mick that he could have an accident if he goes on like this, but Mick just says it'll be a way out. Beryl tells him he's being selfish, and adds that other people suffer losses, but they pick themselves up and get on with it. She tells Mick to pull himself together. Mick says he just wants people to understand. Beryl says she knows Mick's taking it hard, but he's got to keep going - it's the only way.

Rosie is busy hoovering, much to Patricia's annoyance, so she gets up and turns the machine off. She suggests to Rosie that she take the day off, but Rosie doesn't want to. She suddenly notices that David has forgotten the chutney, and says she'll take it to him. Patricia tells her not to, though, and says she'll do it. Rosie says it's a shame Beryl didn't stay any longer, as she was only there for little more than a day. Patricia says Beryl felt in the way. Rosie remarks that it was a long way to come for a day. Patricia says she offered Beryl the chance to stay, but Beryl was being stupid. Rosie supposes David's looking forward to going home, and she asks how Patricia came to know 'someone like that'. Patricia just says, "We're old friends." Rosie picks up the chutney, and Patricia reiterates her previous order, saying, "I said 'no'." Rosie replies, "Have it your way."

At the Reid property, David picks up a ping pong bat and thinks about his game of table tennis with Patricia the other day. A workman comes in and invites David for a drink after work, but David says he's expecting a call. The workman says he supposes David will be heading back to Melbourne, but David says he doesn't know yet - he may be staying longer.

When Lynn and Kevin get in from school, they tell Beryl that they're going to see a movie after dinner. Kevin asks his mother to make sure David stays up until they get home. When the kids are out of the room, Beryl sits down and looks at her watch. She then gets up and goes to the 'phone, where she dials a number, and is connected to Fiona. Beryl asks Fiona if she's heard anything about David, but Fiona says she spoke to John and everything seemed fine. She adds that she's sure David will be there. Beryl asks Fiona whose idea it was to send John to Sydney, and Fiona has to admit it was Patricia's. Beryl immediately remarks that Patricia wanted John out of the way so she could work on David. Fiona says she's sure Beryl will handle it. Beryl says she's getting worried about something which might not happen, and adds that you may think you know someone, but you don't. She tells Fiona that it's nice to have someone to talk to. Fiona says she'll always be there.

Patricia arrives at the Reid place, saying she couldn't wait. She points to the property, and asks David if he wants it and her, or not. She adds that she knows they'd be very happy. David smiles at her and says, "Yes." The two of them go and sit on the verandah, and David says he has to face up to telling Beryl - and he has to do it face-to-face. When Patricia makes it clear that she's not keen for him to go, David asks her why, and she says there's no point in telling Beryl something she already knows. She then reveals that Beryl knew what was going on while she was in the country, and tells David that his wife actually confronted her with it. David snaps, "Why in the hell didn't you tell me?" and Patricia says Beryl wanted it that way, as she didn't want David influenced into making a decision. Patricia says David shouldn't go back now, because Beryl would think he's back for good, and that would hurt her more. David says he sees Patricia's point. Patricia tells him to pack his bags and move in with her tonight. David asks if that's wise, but Patricia says people will talk whether they like it or not, and they might as well get it over and done with - they'll have each other for support. David goes inside and packs, and Patricia comments that he travelled light. David replies that he didn't expect he'd be staying very long. He thinks he should 'phone Beryl, but he doesn't know what to say, so he tells Patricia that he's got to go down to Melbourne, as it's the honest thing to do. Patricia suggests they face Beryl together, but David says there are the kids to think about as well. Patricia says they can tell Beryl, and then the kids, but David says he doesn't think they should go down together. Patricia tells David that they are now an 'us' - "...everything we do, we do together." As Patricia walks out the door, she says, "Come on, darling."

As David drives to Woombai, he tells Patricia that Beryl's never been alone before in her life. Patricia says Beryl has her family, but David retorts that his wife doesn't like change. Patricia says it'll hit Beryl at first, but she'll survive, and time helps. She adds that someone always has to get hurt, and even she doesn't like it.

Beryl 'phones the airport to find out what time the last flight from Sydney arrives. Meanwhile, at Woombai, Patricia is walking up to the front door, but David lags behind, and then stops. Patricia turns round and says, "Are you coming?"

Mick tells Susan that he's chucked the pep pills out, and he thanks his flatmate for bothering. He says he's been to see Cheryl to apologise for not turning up at the funeral, and she was angry. He says they've both hurt each other. Susan tells Mick that she's glad he's still there.

Beryl is asleep in an armchair when the front door slams and Kevin and Lynn come in. Lynn whispers to Kevin not to wake his mother, but Beryl has been disturbed anyway. She tells the kids that David's probably on the last flight. Kevin and Lynn decide to go to bed, and Beryl is left alone. She decides to call the airport to ask if a Mr. Palmer was on the 11pm flight from Sydney, but she's told there's no passenger list for that flight. She goes into the kitchen, picks up a cloth, and wipes the table, as a clock ticks loudly in the background. She puts the cloth down and looks lost. She turns the light out, and suddenly hears the front door slam. She says, "Angela?" and goes out into the lounge. However, it's David standing there. He says, "Hello, love - I'm back." Beryl runs towards him and they hug each other tightly.


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