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    Written by: Christine McCourt    Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Beryl storms out of Woombai, but Patricia goes after her and asks her to wait. She says she knows Beryl's angry, and neither she nor David wanted it to happen, but they couldn't help it. Beryl says, "I don't believe you." Patricia says it's no justification, but it's the truth. Beryl says Patricia's just saying that because she found out, but Patricia says that, if the three of them sat down, she would tell David to go. Beryl tells Patricia that she wants David back because he loves her, not because Patricia's big enough to let him go. Patricia asks what Beryl's going to do, and Beryl says she's going back to Melbourne to wait for him. Patricia asks Beryl if she's going to tell David that she knows, but Beryl says she isn't, because David will then chase after her out of guilt. Patricia remarks, "At least you'd have him back," to which Beryl replies, "For how long?" Beryl says she put up with weeks of David thinking about Patricia, and unless he really wants to return home, it'll all be the same. Patricia asks if Beryl is really prepared to let him stay, and then asks what Beryl will do if he decides to stay for good. Beryl says, "I'd never want to see him again." She walks off.

At the Reid place, David and John get in, and Beryl tells them that she's going home - she's changed her mind about staying, as she's in everyone's way. John tells her that she's crazy, and asks if Patricia knows. Beryl says she doesn't. She tells her family that they're working, and she can't put Patricia out by being at Woombai, so she's rung Fiona and she's staying at the boarding house to get some rest. She asks David to drive her to the station, and David sends John to put Beryl's bag in the car. When they're alone, David tells Beryl that if she wants him to go back with her, he will. Beryl says, "While I'm whooping it up with Fiona? - not likely!" David replies, "If that's the way you want it."

Fiona's preparing a cocktail for Beryl to drink when she arrives. The recipe was from an order given to Jill in her new job at a bar - she tells Fiona that the customer then tried to chat her up. She adds that, once, it wouldn't have bothered her, but now... Jill then points out that she'll be going to Woombai in a few weeks, so she can stick it until then. Fiona says, "If money's the problem...", but Jill says she's not taking anything off either Fiona or Wayne. They decide to try a couple of glasses of the cocktail - " for the road!"

David goes to see Patricia at Woombai, in an agitated state. He tells her that Beryl's going back, and he thinks she knows the truth. Patricia asks if Beryl seemed upset, and adds that she doesn't seem the kind of woman to cheerily wander off after learning something like that. She asks David if he wants to go after his wife, and when David decides not to, she tells him she'll come over to the Reid place later.

Jill, Fiona and Beryl arrive at the boarding house and Beryl comments that it's lovely. Jill has to rush off to work, and Beryl says she's glad she met her, as John talked about her a lot. Fiona offers Beryl a glass of the cocktail, but Beryl says she'd prefer tea. Fiona realises something's wrong, and asks what's the matter. Beryl says, "It's David - he's having an affair with Patricia Hamilton." Fiona looks gobsmacked.

Patricia arrives at the Reid place, but there's noone there. After standing uncertainly in the room, looking round for a while, she decides to make a telephone call. She asks the switchboard for Sydney 958 2654, and, when Charlie answers, Patricia tells her that she needs to speak to her.

Beryl is crying as Fiona brings the tea in, but she says she feels better, and was just thinking that she wishes she hadn't told Patricia that she knew. Fiona asks, "Why did you?", and Beryl says she couldn't help herself, as Patricia had made her feel like a fool. Fiona says she hopes Beryl let Patricia have it! Beryl says she didn't want David to know that she knows, but Fiona reckons Patricia hasn't much of a hold on David, and she won't risk him going after his wife. Beryl says, "I hope so." She adds, "All I know is, if he comes back, I want it to be because he loves me, not because he feels sorry for me."

Patricia is sitting on a chair in the middle of the empty room at the Reid property when David comes in. He tells Patricia that he's been out for a drive to think things out. He says it's all such a mess. Patricia asks why - she says Beryl doesn't know anything, and what they're doing isn't hurting her. She offers to go back, but David says, "No."

Beryl thinks she should go home tomorrow, but Fiona tells her that she can stay as long as she likes. She asks Beryl if she'll tell the kids, but Beryl says she won't - it'll be hard enough for her and David to sort their problems out, without the kids taking sides. Fiona says that that's why Beryl should stay on in Sydney, as she'll burst into tears at home, and the kids will get suspicious. She says, "Stay on - practice your stiff upper lip routine, and if you fall apart here, there's no harm done." She adds, "I'll follow you around with a mop!" Beryl smiles, and Fiona says, "Good girl."

Jill arrives at Dural, and Miss. Brooks lets her in. Jill comments that it's the big day, when Wayne tries to walk again. In the living room, Wayne has a visitor - Barbara Armstrong. Jill and Barbara are introduced, and Barbara explains that, for the past two months, she's been hopping round the US as her husband ties up a deal. She says she got fed up and came home. Jill wonders where she's heard the name before, and realises it was with Simon Armstrong. After thinking she might have put her foot in it, Barbara tells Jill that it's not a taboo subject! She asks Wayne if he's had many visitors, and he says he has, but it's been embarrassing as they've tried not to mention walking, running or driving. Barbara asks about Wayne's partnership with his father, and comments that she likes the sound of it.

Charlie arrives at Woombai, and says she can't wait to see what Patricia's been doing. Once the pleasantries are over, she asks what's the matter. Patricia says she's messed everything up. Charlie asks Patricia if she's having an affair, and when the answer is 'yes', she asks how it happened. Patricia says she went out of her way to be cool towards David, and she tried to ignore him, but she was just kidding herself. Charlie remarks that Patricia must have been interested to invite a labourer to her barbecue, but Patricia says she didn't see it that way at the time. Charlie thinks it's wonderful, and just what Patricia needs, but she asks her friend if she's getting cold feet. Patricia says David's wife found out, and didn't tell him, as she's being very noble. Charlie says she gathers that Patricia's keeping quiet, and she asks when David's going. Patricia says he'll be leaving in a week. Charlie tells Patricia to enjoy it while it lasts, but Patricia doesn't want David to go at all. Charlie reminds Patricia that they're only talking about a fling, but Patricia says, "Not any more." She tells Charlie that it's wonderful - she knows there are problems, but it's wonderful - as long as it lasts. She says she's falling in love with David again.

Gordon gets home to Dural, and is pleased to see Barbara, who tells him that travel is for birds! She adds that she was fed up with people saying, "Have a nice day!" Miss. Brooks comes in to tell Wayne that it's time for his hydrotherapy. Wayne thanks Barbara for dropping over, and when they're alone, Barbara comments to Gordon that she likes Jill, adding that she makes a change from the dolly birds that Wayne used to see at the yacht club! Gordon invites Barbara to join him for lunch, and to catch up, and Barbara accepts. At the yacht club, Gordon says he's not glad the accident happened, but it did make Wayne take stock of himself. Barbara says, "They all come right in the end." Gordon says Jill helped, as she wouldn't take any nonsense. Barbara asks after Patricia, and is told that she's at Woombai. She says there have been rumours of divorce, and Gordon says Patricia must have discussed it, as he hasn't. Barbara remarks that it's none of her business - it's bad enough when friends get nosey, let alone well-meaning acquaintances. Gordon says he'd like to think of Barbara as more than that - he tells her that he's relaxed more with her in the last hour, than he has done for a long time. Barbara puts it down to the good wine, and says, "Well-meaning acquaintances going on friends!" Gordon admits that divorce is on the cards, and says it hasn't been much of a marriage for a long time - it feels like a waste of the last twenty years. Barbara says she can't pretend she and Patricia got on well, but she is sorry.

Miss. Brooks comments that she'll be redundant soon, and Wayne says, "Let's hope!" Jill moves some furniture, and helps Miss. Brooks lift Wayne from his wheelchair. Leaning on crutches, he manages to shuffle forward and turn round. He says, "There's nothing to it!"

John arrives at Woombai and sees Charlie. He tells Patricia that there's been another delivery mess-up. She invites John to join them, but John declines. When he's gone, Charlie remarks that she's still the scarlet woman! She asks Patricia when she'll get to meet David, but Patricia says it's awkward. Charlie says she can behave like a human sometimes! She asks Patricia why David can't meet her best friend, but Patricia says she doesn't want Charlie to see him.

Fiona and Beryl return from shopping, and Beryl says she had a good day. She adds, though, that the boarding house reminds her of where it all started with David and Patricia. Fiona says Beryl has to fight it. She adds that Angela would guess something was wrong in one second flat. Beryl tells Fiona that if she sees one more frown on Beryl's face tonight, she can hit her!

Charlie asks if she can stay, adding that she'll keep away from David. Patricia says that will be nice. She tells Charlie that she's going to keep David - maybe it won't work, but walking out on him twenty years ago was one of the biggest mistakes she ever made. Charlie points out that it wasn't easy being an unmarried mother, but Patricia says marrying Gordon wasn't the answer. She adds that, even if it is twenty years too late, she's going to make David stay. She tells Charlie that the only thing to stop him staying is his family, and she's going to have to watch that - "I don't know how, but I will. I have to."


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