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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Rosie brings tea in for Patricia and John, and Patricia delights in winding Rosie up over how good her pork pies were! She then discusses the renovations with John, who points out that they're short of men. He then adds that there is David, though. Patricia tells John to organise for David to get to work, and John comments that they're doing alright. Patricia says, "I think we're all doing very well..."

While looking at some photos with Kevin and Angela, Lynn comments that Beryl didn't look as though she was cut out for flying, as she appeared to be rather green when she left! Kevin reckons his mother was packing it, what with it being her first flight and all. He adds that he doesn't know why Beryl didn't call David first, as Woombai is in the middle of Woop Woop, and it'll be difficult for Beryl to get from the station. Angela says Beryl will find a way.

Beryl manages to catch a lift, and arrives at Woombai in a ute. Rosie is outside when Beryl arrives, and Beryl explains that she's there to see and surprise John and David. She adds that it's good to feel at home, and when Rosie then sourly says, "Pardon?" Beryl explains that she was born and bred in the bush, at Arrarat, near Victoria. Rosie immediately warms to Beryl, and offers to carry her bag. Beryl says she doesn't know where she's staying yet, but Rosie tells her that she can leave her bag at Woombai until she has herself sorted out. Rosie says David is at the Reid place, and the best way to get there is by horse. Beryl suddenly realises that she hasn't introduced herself, and when she tells Rosie who she is, Rosie immediately calls John to say he's got a visitor. When John sees who his visitor is, he asks what the hell Beryl's doing there, and she tells him that she just wanted to surprise him and David. He asks his mother if she's going to be OK riding a horse, and he offers to go and fetch his father, but Beryl makes it clear that she wants to surprise her husband. John offers to go with her, but Beryl just asks for directions because she wants to go alone. She duly sets off, and, on her way, she sees David out working. He appears to be alone, but then he walks over to his truck, and Beryl notices Patricia. She watches from a distance as the two of them lift and carry a large post to knock into the ground. After noticing the body language between David and Patricia, Beryl turns the horse round and rides off.

When she gets back to Woombai, Beryl tells John that the horse acted up, so she decided to come back. John tells her that they can drive up later. Rosie comments that 'Her Ladyship' isn't back, but Patricia then walks in - and notices Beryl. After a momentary look of surprise on her face clears, Patricia says, "What a pleasant surprise." Beryl says she felt like a bit of a break, and thought it would be a nice surprise for David. Patricia says she's sure it will be. She offers to call David, but Beryl wants to go to the Reid property to surprise him. Patricia tells Beryl that the property is nowhere near finished, and she invites her to stay at Woombai. However, Beryl says she came all the way up to see her husband, and staying in separate houses rather defeats the purpose. John says he can't wait to see his father's face! When Beryl and John have headed off, Patricia 'phones David and tells him that they are on their way. David says, "Oh God, no," but Patricia tells him not to panic and not to tell the truth as it would hurt Beryl terribly. She says John doesn't suspect a thing, and there's nothing to be gained by him finding out. She tells David to have a drink to calm his nerves, and says, "It'll be alright." Patricia shouts for Rosie, but there's no answer.

David is tidying up when a vehicle pulls up outside. John comes in and says, "Guess who I bumped into?" When Beryl follows John in, David acts surprised, and he kisses his wife. She tells him that she hopes he's not mad, because the trip cost a lot, but she really wanted to see him. David tells Beryl that it's good to see her. John says he'll leave them, but David invites him to stay for tea. John suggests to his mother that she ring home, but Beryl says, "Maybe later, love." John says, "Don't worry, I won't stay long."

Rosie and Patricia engage in a slanging match over the quality of the food and coffee Rosie prepared for dinner. John comes in and comments that David was really thrown with Beryl turning up. Patricia asks, "Why, what did he say?" John tells her that David didn't say much, but he could tell his father was excited. He says he thought they could organise a picnic for Beryl, but Patricia snaps that she has better things to do than organise picnics for people who pop-in. She adds that, if Beryl had rung first, they could have arranged something. After Patricia has stormed out, John asks Rosie if Patricia has been like that all evening. Rosie confirms that she has, and John comments that he doesn't know what's gotten into her. Rosie remarks that, whatever it is, it's brought Patricia back to normal.

Beryl and David set up a bed, and David gets some blankets. Beryl doesn't look too happy, and David tells his wife that he feels dog-tired - a feeling he attributes to the extra beer he had. He gets into bed and lies with his back to his wife. Beryl also lies down, but she just stares into space. The following morning, David is getting dressed when his alarm goes off and wakes Beryl. He tells her that he's just going out, and Beryl looks upset. Later, she approaches him as he hammers a post into the ground, and tells him that she's brought him a cold drink. She comments on how he left early, and David says, "I didn't want to wake you." He adds that Beryl shouldn't have walked all that way, but Beryl says it's lovely out in the country. David says it will be good to get home, though. Beryl remarks that things seem to be going well with John, and David agrees that they are. Beryl says it was the right decision to stay, and David goes along with this. Beryl gets out some photos of the family.

At the Palmers', Lynn has a parcel from her gran, for the baby - it contains baby clothes in the colours of Lynn's gran's favourite football team, Richmond. Kevin and Lynn immediately start arguing over which team their baby should support - Kevin doesn't support Richmond, and doesn't think his kid should either. Angela can't believe the kids are having such an argument!

David says he'd better get back to work. Beryl offers to give him a hand, but David says it's not women's work. A jeep pulls up - it's John, who tells Beryl that she's hard to find! He says Patricia wants Beryl at Woombai for the day. Beryl says she was going to make some lunch for David, but David says he's busy. John adds that Patricia has lots of things for Beryl to do. Beryl reluctantly agrees to go, and David tells her to have a good day.

Angela listens to Kevin and Lynn arguing about which football team their families and baby do/should support, until she gets fed up and suggests a compromise: Lynn wants more than one baby, so the first one should support one team, and the next one the other team. Lynn says that's OK - as long as, in return, Kevin promises to be there when the baby's born. They make up. In the kitchen later, Lynn comments to Angela that she's been seeing a lot of Mick. Angela says it isn't serious, and they haven't even kissed yet. She tells Lynn that Mick's gentle, but a man. Mick and Kevin get back from football, and Kevin and Lynn leave Mick and Angela alone. Angela says she can't believe how silly the earlier football argument was, and how she'd turn out to be the umpire! She comments, "Things have certainly changed in the last three months." Mick remarks that things must be different to living in Sydney, and Angela agrees that they are, but adds that she's happy in Melbourne - in fact, she's never been so happy. She says there's no way she ever wants to go back up there. She then asks Mick if her background bothers him, and Mick says it doesn't bother him too much, but he does sometimes feel as if he's not good enough, sort of. Angela says that's crazy - she's no different to anyone else, deep down. They kiss.

John arrives to see David and asks if he needs a hand. David says Beryl turning up delayed him a bit. John says that Patricia has organised so many things for Beryl that, by the time she goes back, she'll have had a terrific holiday.

Patricia and Beryl are alone at Woombai. Patricia says it's nice having Beryl there, and she invites her to stay. Beryl says the Reid place is OK. Patricia gets Beryl a gin and tonic, and tells her that she thought the two of them could have a day at the picnic races. Beryl says Patricia's no more interested in the picnic races than she is. She tells Patricia that she saw her and David together at the fence. Patricia says they were simply working, but Beryl says she knows she's right - she saw the guilt all over David's face. Patricia says it's all news to her, but Beryl replies that Patricia can deny it until she's blue in the face, but she knows what they're up to. Patricia realises the game is up, and she asks what Beryl's next step is going to be. Beryl says she knew Patricia would make something happen, and Patricia points out that David is involved as well. Beryl tells Patricia that David will be home in two weeks - "...see how much hold you'll have over him then."


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