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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Mark Piper

Beryl, Angela, Kevin and Lynn are having breakfast and listening to the weather on the radio - it's looking good for the picnic. Susan, Mick and Stevie arrive, and, when Stevie can't wait to get indoors, Susan comments that Angela wins hands-down for popularity! She tells Mick that she gave Angela some literature, and Mick is surprised that the two women actually spoke to each other. Susan says they got off to a bad start, but they're relaxing now. Beryl is packing heaps of food in the kitchen, and, when Susan gets a chance to be alone with her mother, she asks her if she's called David yet. Beryl asks why she should phone - and besides, what would she say? She concludes that she's just being silly. Beryl tells Susan that there were problems between her and David before he went, but things were good between them when he left. She admits that she was jealous, but says there were problems on both sides. She says she'll try to bite her tongue and trust him, and adds that Angela was probably right about the situation. Angela, who's in the lounge, overhears Beryl say that Gordon's probably there, and so is John, so there's nothing to worry about.

Patricia calls Mal Leyton and tells him that she has to get some supplies from town, and she'd like some help. Leyton says he'll send one of the lads over, and Patricia looks slightly taken aback, before recovering her composure and suggesting that David Palmer be sent instead, as she has some mail for him. Mal goes and tells David that his services are required. When David gets to Woombai, he and Patricia kiss, and he asks Patricia if she's sure it's alright. She tells him that Rosie's out, and John is checking some stock for Wayne. She then tells him to hide his car round the back, lock the door when he comes in, and to not worry. A while later, Patricia is in her dressing gown, getting a beer for David. He's getting ready to leave, but Patricia asks him not to go just yet. She tells him that she couldn't believe her luck when she heard that both Rosie and John would be out. David asks what will happen if they return early, but Patricia reminds him that the doors are locked, so they'll have plenty of warning. David says it would be a hell of a mess if John found out, but Patricia says noone will find out. David remarks that things were just working out alright. They kiss, and Patricia comments on the fact that David and John never did get on. David confesses that, even when John was a kid, he never gave the poor little blighter a chance. Patricia asks why David left John with Fiona, and David admits that he nearly had his son adopted, as he didn't want anything to do with someone who would remind him of Patricia. He says Fiona talked him out of it, but he didn't care one way or the other, and that's why it took five years to tell Beryl the truth. The other kids were born by then, and when John did move in with his father, he was a constant reminder of Patricia. David says that everything John did rubbed him up the wrong way - it's no wonder he grew up with a chip on his shoulder! Patricia says, "Big enough to match his dad's!" David asks about Angela, and how Patricia felt about her. Patricia says, "Fine." She tells David that it was different, as she did the leaving, whereas David didn't have that choice. However, she says she loved Angela too much, and spoiled her. David asks, "What about now - her living in Melbourne?" Patricia says, "I think it's good for her to get to know you. She'll understand me one day."

Angela, Mick and Stevie play in the park as Kevin, Lynn and Susan sit on the rug. When Susan goes to the car to get some cups, Mick follows her, and says, "Just in case they're heavy!" He tells Susan that he talked to Angela, and she reckons she's fine. He adds that there's definitely something on Angela's mind, though.

At Woombai, David and Patricia have fallen asleep on the couch, but Patricia is just stirring, and wakes David up as well. She says she was just checking the time - it's twelve o'clock. She asks if David's hungry, and he says he is. Patricia tells David that it's good to see him relaxing. She says she can't promise what the food will be like... All-of-a-sudden, there's a knock at the door. Patricia tells David that whoever it is will go away, but then there's a voice: "You there, Mrs. Hamilton?" It's Mal Leyton. Patricia tells David to hide, and take his beer with him. Patricia, in her dressing gown, answers the door, and Leyton tells her that the wrong timber has been delivered to the stable site. Patricia asks what she's supposed to do about it, and Mal tells her to get on the 'phone and blast the suppliers. Patricia says she'll look into it. Leyton tells her not to let them put anything over on her. He then asks her about her shopping, and Patricia says she felt unwell, so she sent David. Mal looks at his watch, and suggests David has probably stopped off for a beer! He adds, though, that David deserves it, as he works twice as hard as any of the other blokes. When Leyton has gone, Patricia tells David that he can come back in. David asks what would have happened if it had been John, Rosie, or someone who wanted to hang around. He says he shouldn't have stayed in the first place. Patricia says, though, "Hey - aren't you glad you did?" "Yeah, of course I am." David adds that he'll be at the Reid house, and he tells Patricia to come over later. He asks if she understands, and she says, "I'll see you at five thirty."

Fiona calls at Dural with Plan C. Jill answers the door and invites Fiona in. When Wayne sees the kitten, he welcomes his visitor, but neglects to say 'hello' to Fiona. Jill excuses his behaviour by saying that Miss. Brooks is a noisy eater, and it rubs Wayne up the wrong way. Fiona has brought some renovation papers with her. She says she reckons that, with Patricia on the job, and Wayne very nearly up-and-about, having her as well would be too many cooks. Miss. Brooks shouts to Wayne that he should lie down after coffee. Wayne complains that his nurse yells from one end of the house to the other. When Wayne has gone to his room, Jill tells Fiona that they could get Florence Nightingale and Wayne would still moan! Fiona asks how things are between Jill and Wayne, and Jill explains that she hasn't seen much of him - she's been keeping out of his room. Fiona suggests that Jill should stop giving into him, and tells her that she's part of the relationship, too, and she adds that she doesn't want Jill to turn into the mousey little girlfriend. She tells Jill that she's not a hospital nurse, or Miss. Brooks, who Wayne can boss around, and adds that if Wayne loves her, he'll prove it. She tells Jill that she'll keep Miss. Brooks busy, and Jill must have it out with him. Fiona says she thinks it's time Wayne stopped getting his own way, and when Miss. Brooks says she's going out by the pool, Fiona decides to keep her chatting so that Jill can speak to her boyfriend. When Jill goes into Wayne's room, she tells him that he's been spoilt, and expects to get everything his own way, never thinking of anyone else. She says she likes having her way sometimes, too, so to avoid arguments, they'd better get their act together. Jill tells Wayne that he's making the problem. Wayne takes Jill's hand and says, "I suppose I am." He invites Jill to stay the night.

At the Palmers', the picnickers get home. Kevin is dripping wet, as he fell in the lake! Beryl sends Kevin and Lynn to get changed, and Angela tells Beryl that Stevie enjoyed himself. She then says she wants to talk to Beryl about David and Patricia.

Patricia pulls up at the Reid place, where David is making tea. When she puts her arms around him, David says they could be heading for trouble if they don't watch out. He says he had to tell Leyton that his car broke down. Patricia asks if David wants to call it a day. She says this morning was wonderful - well, she thought so - but David's acting like a kid who's been caught smoking. David says, "I'm sorry." Patricia asks if David doesn't think that she's concerned too, but she says they have to go with their feelings, and she knows how she feels. She then asks how David feels. David says, "I'm worried, that's all." Patricia reiterates, "How do you feel?"

Angela tells Beryl about her talk to Gordon, and Beryl says she's glad that she knows the truth. Angela says she trusts David, but not her mother. Beryl decides that she'll fly up to Sydney first thing in the morning - "If something's going on, I want to know about it." Angela asks, "What if it is?", to which Beryl replies, "If it is, I'll fight for him. I don't know how, but I'll fight for him."


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