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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

Patricia and David are getting dressed after making love on the riverbank. Patricia asks David what he's thinking about, and he says, "Just how pretty it is down here." Patricia sits down next to David and tells him that she's sorry for the things she said yesterday. David tells her it's OK. Patricia says she hasn't really stopped thinking about David since the barbecue last week, and David says, "Same here." They kiss, and David suggests that they ought to get going, otherwise a search party will be sent out. Patricia comments that that'll be the last thing Rosie will be guilty of! They head off, with their arms round each other.

John is making a 'phone call when Rosie comes in. He tells her that he's been trying to ring David, but he doesn't know where he is. Rosie asks what she's supposed to do with the fish John brought back to Woombai, and John suggests she cook them! Rosie points out that it's Sunday, and that's beef day. John tells her that fish taste their best on the day they're caught, and Rosie relents. John decides to ring home, and when he tells Beryl that the strike's over, she says, "Thank heavens for that." She adds that she's glad it didn't last too long. She asks John when David's coming home, but John says his father doesn't know about the end of the strike yet. He adds that he'll be sorry to see his father go, as they've been getting on well. However, he says he realises that his mother must be missing David, and Beryl agrees that she is. When Beryl puts the 'phone down, she looks very happy.

Jill calls at Fiona's to catch up on the news. Fiona is on her own, and she says things couldn't be better. She tells Jill that Scott knows everything - about the baby, and about Fiona having been on the game, and he's accepted it all. Fiona's really happy that she won't end up an old maid after all! She then asks how things are with Jill, and is told that Jill and Wayne are having a few problems - mainly that Wayne's bedroom is downstairs, and Jill's bedroom is upstairs - and Wayne is glad of that. Fiona asks why people always have to complicate things with hangups!

Walking in the country, Patricia asks David what's wrong. David tells her that he's thinking of what will happen. Patricia says that, if they're careful, nobody needs to know. David tells her that he meant with the strike. John pulls up in a jeep, and realises that David must already know about the strike being over. Patricia tells John that she and David met at the swimming hole. John says he rang Beryl, and David comments that he'll have to get back or he'll lose his job. Patricia suggests David stay a day longer, and John reckons his father may be able to wrangle something with Batesy, but David doesn't sound keen, and just says he'll think about it. John says he'll see them at the house, and, as he's heading off, Patricia asks him to tell Rosie that she's on her way. David thanks John for coming with the news.

At the Reid property, Patricia tells David that she wishes he didn't have to go, as she never wants it to end. She tells him to stall going back, but David is reluctant to speak to Bates. Patricia suggests David stay until the end of the week. She tells him that she doesn't want to break up his marriage or cause trouble - she just thinks they owe it to each other. David asks, "How can I, without Beryl getting suspicious?" He points out that his wife doesn't know Patricia is at Woombai, but if she found out, she'd soon put two and two together. However, he says that if he can think of a way, he will stay. Patricia says, "Whatever happens, today was wonderful." They kiss again, and Patricia says she'd better go, or John will be wondering where she is.

Vic Hardy calls in at the Palmers', but Beryl is on her own. Vic says his father wants to see Kevin and Lynn, but Beryl says they only have tomorrow, and they'll have to be back for Stevie's picnic. She thanks Vic for trying harder with the kids. She tells him that they don't say much, but they really like him coming in. She adds, "So do I." Vic comments that one day, Beryl will make a man feel welcome. Angela then comes in and half-jokingly says that it's a good job David didn't hear that or he'd get the wrong idea! Vic hurriedly makes his excuses and leaves, and when he's gone, Beryl chides Angela for embarrassing him like that!

Patricia tells Rosie that dinner was delicious. John thinks Rosie should have joined them for the meal, and Patricia says she agrees. Rosie says she'd rather stay out in the kitchen. Patricia comments that if she'd know being nice to Rosie would get a rise out of her, she'd have done it years ago! John realises they've missed the news, where there might have been something about the strike. He says he bets Beryl will be glad to have David home again. The smile on Patricia's face disappears.

Beryl's 'phone rings - it's David calling. He says John told him about the strike, and he wondered if the depot had called. Beryl says they haven't, and she asks when David will be home. David tells her it will be as soon as he can get a flight. Beryl tells David that he doesn't have to come home straight away. David comments that he thought that's what Beryl wanted, and Beryl says it is what she wants, but John was saying how well he and David were getting on, and she thinks she can manage longer on her own, so David should stay up there for a while longer. David agrees that the money's pretty good, but Bates will expect him. Beryl tells David that he has some time owing to him, and David agrees. He remarks that things are pretty good up there. When the call is over, David looks relieved.

Next morning, Susan calls at the Palmers'. Angela tells her that she and Beryl are the only ones there as Kevin and Lynn are away. Angela says she wants to talk about Stevie - she asks what will happen, and says she wants to know what to expect. Susan offers to find something for Angela to read on it. Angela invites Susan to Stevie's picnic, and Susan says that'll be nice.

David calls at Woombai, and Rosie answers the door. David says he's there to see John. John comments that he thought his father wouldn't be coming to Woombai anymore, but David says he talked it out with Patricia. He adds that he's spoken to Beryl, and he's staying on. John says that's great, but he thought his father couldn't wait to get back. David says he'll take some leave. John says he'll let Patricia know.

Vic calls at Beryl's with some pamphlets for Kevin on banking as a career. The 'phone rings, and Beryl, whose hands are covered in flour, asks Vic to get it. It's John calling, and he asks Vic to tell Beryl that he's heard about his father staying on, and he's really glad. Vic hears someone calling John, and John responding. When the call is over, Vic tells Beryl that John couldn't hang on as he was called by someone: "Patricia - would that be right?" Beryl looks perturbed.

Beryl is kneading bread when Susan comes in. She asks her mother if Angela is home, and is told she's in her room. Susan can sense all is not right with Beryl, and although she initially denies it, Beryl finally tells her daughter that Patricia is staying at the property where David is working. She says she's furious that David didn't say anything about it. Susan asks her mother if she thinks David's having an affair. Angela overhears Beryl telling Susan that Angela told her that Patricia rarely goes to Woombai. Susan says she can't believe her father would have an affair. Beryl says she's seen Patricia, and she's a very beautiful woman - David loved her once, and he never got over it. Angela comes in and says, "Just because they're out there together doesn't mean something's happening." Beryl replies, "But it could." Angela says there are perfectly ordinary reasons why Patricia could be there, and David probably just didn't think to mention it. Susan asks what happened to trust? Angela offers to ring her father and find out why Patricia's at Woombai, but Beryl says, "No." Angela tells Beryl that it would stop her being silly, but Beryl says she doesn't want anyone else dragged into it. She says she'll stop herself being silly.

Having spoken to Wayne on the 'phone, John has a message for Mal Leyton. Patricia offers to take it to the Reid place. As she's on her way out, Rosie tells her that the road is being mended - by Steve Henderson - and she helped him get the job. Patricia says, "I'll have to give him a whistle as I drive past!" Rosie comments to John that something's up, because Patricia is being too friendly.

Patricia arrives at the Reid property with the message for David to give to Leyton. David takes Patricia to look at the wallpapering he's done, and shuts the door behind him. When they're alone, Patricia tells David that she's happy he's staying. David says that, if Beryl knew Patricia was there, she wouldn't be too happy. Patricia asks if David isn't happy that it's worked out, and David says, "Oh yes." They kiss, Patricia goes, and David smiles.

The 'phone rings at Dural, and Gordon answers. It's Angela calling to see how everything's going. Gordon tells her that Wayne is out of hospital, and Jill is staying with them. Angela asks if Patricia is there, and is told that she's at Woombai. Angela asks how things are between Gordon and Patricia, and Gordon tells her that they've broken up, and hadn't told her before because they didn't want to upset her. He says they've gone their separate ways, and explains that Patricia is at Woombai, and he's not optimistic that they'll reconcile their differences. When Beryl enters the room, Angela tells her that the 'phone call was just about a cancelled job. However, she sits down and looks very thoughtful.


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