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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

At Woombai, Patricia tells John that she'll make up the man's wages and tell him she wants him off the property at once. Rosie overhears the conversation and asks John which man got the sack. When she hears it was Steve Henderson, Rosie comments that he's a nice young man from a good family. She adds that there'll be trouble over it, and Gordon will have to come and sort things out like he should have in the first place.

Wayne has finally been discharged from hospital, and Gordon welcomes him home to Dural, as he's pushed in a wheelchair by Jill. Gordon tells Wayne that they have a surprise for him. Wayne wickedly says, "Hope it's a sexy nurse!", but it actually turns out to be a scale model of how Woombai and the Reid property are expected to look after the renovations. Wayne says it's great, and adds that he can't wait to get up there. He comments that it's a pity Patricia couldn't be at home to meet him.

John tells Patricia that he thinks she's wrong about Steve Henderson, and Patricia admits that she may have overreacted. John is surprised at Patricia's honesty, but Patricia says she wants the two of them to get along, so she's trying to be more open. John tells his mother that she should re-hire Steve, and Patricia says she hates to admit it, but she thinks Rosie may be right about the men's attitude. However, she has to be seen to be a female who can deal with the men when they get out of line. John tells her that men work better for someone they respect. Patricia says it's naive to assume they'll never respect her, and she's going to do things her way. John says, "You're the boss." Rosie comes in and says she's going into town, and will look in on Mrs. Henderson. When Rosie has gone out, Patricia admits to John that she was terrified she'd bitten off more than she could chew. John asks why she took it out on the men, and Patricia tells him that it won't be her last mistake, but she will try, and she wants to do a good job. She says she needs John's help, if he can swallow his pride.

Jill has chucked Gordon out of his study to make up a room for Wayne. She offers to show Wayne his new room, but Wayne tells her he'll see it later. He then tells her that he has a surprise for her - which turns out to be a watch. Jill says it's great. She jokes that she bets the nurses were glad to see the back of Wayne. Wayne tells her that he likes having her around, and asks her again to give up work. Jill says she has to work, and even though Wayne offers to pay all Jill's bills, and even though he tells her that he wants to be with her all the time, Jill refuses, and Wayne asks why he had to pick someone so stubborn! Wayne asks what he's going to do when he goes to Woombai. Jill replies that she'll drive down to see him at weekends. Wayne says, "In your old bomb?! It'll never make the distance!" He tells her that he wants her all the time, but Jill demands to know how she's going to get a job in the country. Wayne tells her that there's plenty to do at the riding school, and Jill humourously says, "Oh, do you want me to fill out an application?!" to which Wayne replies, "I think we can waive it in your case!" Jill says, "There's nothing wrong with being in with the boss!" They kiss, but Wayne pulls away, and asks for another drink. Jill looks upset. Later, the doorbell at Dural rings, and Wayne says to his father, "Don't let her in if she's not a 10!" Jill immediately says, "Don't let her in if she is!" Jill tells Wayne that she wants him all to herself, but it's not to be, as Wayne's nurse, Miss. Brooks, has arrived. Gordon goes to show her her room, but Miss. Brooks is more concerned that Wayne hasn't had his scheduled sleep. Jill tells Wayne that it's bedtime, and wheels him to the study, where she comments that Miss. Brooks is perfect! She lifts Wayne onto his bed, and manages to fall on top of him! She tries to kiss him, but Wayne snaps, "You sure know how to pick your time." Jill again looks perplexed by Wayne's behaviour, but she apologises, and says she guesses it can wait until tonight. Wayne says he'll tell Jill when he's in the mood. Jill says she'll be out by the pool.

At the Palmers', it's Kevin who's doing the eating for two! He notices that his mother has wiped the height marks off the doorframe, but Lynn says they'll start doing them for their baby. Vic Hardy comes in the back door with a box of fresh fruit for Lynn. Beryl tells him that it was very thoughtful. Vic says his wife is away, and he suggests to his daughter and Kevin that they might like to pop over to see him. Lynn says they'll see, and Vic leaves. Beryl tells Kevin that she could strangle him, as Vic was going out of his way to be nice, and Kevin had just stood there juggling oranges! She decides to invite Vic for lunch tomorrow.

At Woombai, Patricia jokingly tells John that the men were just about tugging their forelocks and calling her ma'am this afternoon! She says she's getting on well with Mal Leyton, and there have been no more wolf-whistles. John goes off for a shower, and there's a knock at the door. When Patricia answers it, the visitor turns out to be David, who says he wants to talk. Patricia says she doesn't appreciate him inviting himself over, but David says it's taken a long time for them to be friends again, and he doesn't want to argue. He suggests he buy Patricia tea in town, but she blows up about it leading to gossip about the boss dating the workers. David says he reckons that's what all the bull was about this morning, and tells Patricia that he'll try not to get in the way the rest of the time he's there.

At Dural, Jill joins Gordon for breakfast. Gordon comments that Jill doesn't look very cheery, and adds that Wayne has been taking things out on Miss. Brooks. Jill says she didn't sleep very well. Gordon tells Jill that he knows she's got Fiona, but he's not as tough as he looks, so if she wants to talk... Jill declines the offer. The 'phone rings, and Gordon answers it. He's told that it looks as if the strike is over.

John arrives at the Reid place to prepare to go fishing with his father. David snaps that John took his time, and he tells his son that he won't be going to Woombai too much now. He tells John that he was talking to Patricia about Steve, and he copped an earful. John says he thought he heard arguing. David says he bent over backwards to be nice, and adds that he wishes it was time to go home.

Vic arrives for lunch, having mowed Beryl's lawn - he tells Beryl that he couldn't see Kevin doing it. In the kitchen Kevin overhears this, and says to Lynn, "He's asking for it!" Vic says his wife called - her father wanted to know what Kevin and Lynn's baby is going to be called, but the kids say they have no idea yet. Vic suggests 'Ernest', if it's a boy, and, after seeing the incredulous looks on Kevin and Lynn's faces, Beryl says they'll put it on the list. She sends the kids to the kitchen, where Lynn explains to Kevin that it was a promise to his father that Vic would call his grandson 'Ernest". Lynn says her grandad has been rather sick recently, and it would be nice if they could call the baby 'Ernest'. They go back into the lounge, and Kevin asks Vic how 'Ernest' is spelt - E-a-r-n-e-s-t or E-r-n-e-s-t. When Vic says it's the latter, Kevin suggests they use it as the baby's middle name. Beryl says to her son, "Good on you, love," and she tells him that he's growing up.

Gordon 'phones Patricia to tell her about the strike, as he thought David might like to know. Patricia asks about the reliability of the source, and is told it's totally reliable. She tells her husband that he made the wrong move in selling the business, but Gordon says he's happy with the way his investments are shaping up, and he has less work. He adds that he doesn't know why he didn't do it years before. He asks how Patricia's getting on, and she says she's doing fine. Gordon tells her that she could have rung Wayne, and Patricia suddenly realises that she totally forgot about the homecoming with everything that was going on. She asks to speak to her stepson, but Gordon says he's just settling down for a nap, but he'll tell Wayne that Patricia rang. Patricia says, "That was a cheap shot, Gordon." She adds that she'll call later.

Miss. Brooks tells Wayne to have a good sleep. As the nurse leaves the study, Jill is standing on the stairs, watching. She sneaks into Wayne's new room and says, "Can we talk?" She says she's sorry she hassled Wayne, and Wayne says he did carry on a bit. Jill says she understands, and tells Wayne to see how he feels when she gets back tomorrow - she says she's going back to the boarding house tonight. Wayne says, "I'll miss you," to which Jill replies, "You'd better!" They kiss, and Wayne tells Jill to take care. Jill says, "You, too," and goes, leaving Wayne looking thoughtful.

At Woombai, John comes in with some fish. Patricia tells him that the strike seems to be over, and John says he'll call David, as he's missing home. Patricia goes out for a swim. John dials the Reid property, but there's noone there. David is out swimming in a river, and as he climbs out, Patricia is approaching with a horse. She sees David as he's getting dressed, and David tells her that she doesn't have to worry about him as he's got the message. Patricia tells David that the strike's over, and David says it couldn't have been better timing - he'll get the first 'plane home in the morning. Patricia stares at David getting dressed, and her eyes follow him as he walks off past her. She softly says, "David." He turns round and they walk towards each other, until their lips eventually meet and they kiss passionately.


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