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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Jill gets breakfast for Fiona and Beryl, then goes off to feed Plan C. Fiona tells Beryl that she doesn't know why Jill's so miserable. Beryl announces that she's going to go home today, as Fiona didn't catch her out once last night, and she's missing the kids. She thanks Fiona, and Fiona's glad Beryl trusted her enough. Beryl remarks that at least David couldn't have been told that she knows, otherwise he'd have been there through guilt by now. Fiona asks if Beryl will mention it if - when - David comes back, but Beryl says David's a very proud man, and it'll be easier to wait until he brings it up. Fiona tells Beryl that she's amazing!

Charlie tries to compliment Rosie on the quality of the food, but Rosie's as rude as ever. Patricia asks John to tell Mal Leyton to put a rocket under the workers, as they've been slacking. When Patricia and Charlie have gone, Rosie asks John how long Charlie is staying for, but John has no idea. Rosie says she doesn't know how Gordon puts up with them all! Outside, Charlie chases after Patricia, but Patricia says she feels like being alone. Charlie asks for five minutes, though. She reminds Patricia about how she once told her that 'outside forces' broke her and David up when they were kids. She says they still have a variation of the same problem now. Patricia says she and David are totally different now, but Charlie asks how they'd live, and where, and what on. Patricia says they'll cross those bridges when they come to them. Charlie says, "It's called burying your head in the sand." Patricia says, "It's called trusting your feelings." Patricia tells Charlie to spend more time coming up with the answers, and thinking less about the problems, and she storms off. A smile appears on Charlie's face, and she goes back indoors and calls John. She asks if he can take her to see the Reid place, and adds that she'd like to meet his father...

John and Charlie pull up at the Reid property, and Charlie and David are introduced. Charlie explains that she wants to see the renovations, and she asks David to show her around. David agrees, as it'll give him a break.

When Jill and Fiona get back from taking Beryl to the airport, Fiona remarks to Jill about how she was very quiet, but Jill just says the airport run and the traffic got to her. She then confesses, though, that she saw Richie Miller at the bar last night. Fiona asks if he was there deliberately, but Jill says he was with some girls, probably looking for business - "It's that sort of place, you know?" Fiona asks if Richie talked to Jill, but Jill says he didn't - he just gave her some smart looks. Jill asks Fiona if she used some of her contacts from the old days to scare Richie off before, and Fiona admits that she did. Jill asks, "Why didn't you tell me?", to which Fiona replies that it would have meant telling Jill about herself, and, at that stage, she wasn't sure she wanted to. Jill says, "At all?", and Fiona says she'd helped pull Jill together, and didn't know how she'd handle finding out the truth - she adds that Jill did handle it, though. Jill says she did have an idea by then, and she asks who Fiona called. Fiona says it was, "A Mr. Steve Caplan." Jill says in awe, "Some contact." Fiona explains that she did a favour for Caplan many years ago, and he never forgot. She adds that, with Richie having a threat like that hanging over his head, she doesn't think he'll get smart. Jill asks Fiona if she'll come down to the bar tonight, just in case, and Fiona says, "Of course - it'll be fun to see the look on his face!"

Beryl gets home, and appears cheerful in front of the kids. Angela, Mick, Stevie and Susan are off to the football, and, when everyone else has gone out, Angela asks how things were. Beryl says that, even if they wanted to, there were too many people around for David and Patricia to get up to anything. Angela says she's glad she was wrong, and Beryl says, "So am I, love." When the house is empty, Beryl picks up her suitcase, and, looking slightly lost, heads off to unpack.

Scott invites Fiona for dinner with some of his friends, and when Fiona explains that she's promised to accompany Jill to the bar, Scott says Jill will understand. Fiona tells him that he shouldn't have accepted the invitation without consulting her, but Scott says he tried to 'phone her, only there was no answer. He then asks what's so important about a drink with a girl that Fiona sees every day. Fiona says sharply, "There's no need for that." She says it's more than just a drink - and decides that it's time Scott heard the truth about her boarder. When she's finished relating the story, she says she didn't go through all that rigmarole of getting Jill back on her feet for some creep like Richie Miller to come along and undo all the good work. Scott says he didn't realise that Fiona still kept in touch with those people, and Fiona says she doesn't see them much - she never sees Steve, but when Richie Miller came back on the scene, she knew Steve would be able to help. She says she only keeps in touch with a few of the old girls now, adding that, to see them on the street, you'd think butter wouldn't melt in their mouth - and it wouldn't any more! Scott tells Fiona that he's worried about her, but Fiona says she can look after herself. She adds, though, that she doesn't want to let Jill down. Scott tells Fiona to talk to Jill, saying she'll understand, and Fiona reluctantly agrees. Jill does understand, though, although Fiona warns her to keep a low profile until the big guns arrive tomorrow! Jill asks how Scott took her life story, and Fiona suggests that he took it OK, although she adds that she thought she'd better not mention Bunty and Thelma! Jill comments that Scott would probably have thought Fiona was running a home for wayward women! Fiona says she's not ashamed of her friends, but Scott's not used to it. She tells Jill that dinner is going to be very boring.

Charlie tells an annoyed Patricia that she couldn't advise on David if she'd never seen him, to which Patricia says, "You knew I wouldn't like it." Charlie replies, "I was doing you a favour." She adds that she thinks she has the answer - Woombai. She tells Patricia that David loves being in the country, and if she were to offer Woombai as well as herself, she'd have a lot better chance. Patrica says Woombai belongs to Wayne and Gordon, and Charlie tells Patricia to go for it in the divorce settlement - she then realises that Patricia hadn't even thought that about that side of it. She points out that, faced with a choice of losing his half of Woombai, or having to pay out a massive cash settlement, and if Patricia was willing to take Woombai, then what does Patricia think her husband would do? Patricia says Woombai is very important to Gordon, but Charlie says Patricia will be surprised when the lawyers get to work. Patricia still doesn't see how it solves anything, so Charlie points out that David's a good, solid citizen, and Patricia has to offer him a future - one that's better than Melbourne. She tells Patricia that David's wife is plain compared to Patricia, and David is a trucker who'd prefer some responsibility, plus, in the country, he doesn't have to meet her friends. Patricia asks about the rest of David's family, and Charlie says he's in his late-thirties, his family are branching-out on their own, and where does that leave him?: "Alone in Albert Park, with his frumpy wife, driving someone else's truck to make a living." Charlie tells Patricia that, if David wakes up to that, she's in like Flynn!

Patricia arrives at the Reid place, and finds that she and David are alone. David gets beers for the two of them, and Patricia decides to drink from the can for once in her life! David comments that Patricia's in a good mood, and then says he met Charlie, which he remarks is a funny name. Patricia tells him that it's 'Charlotte', but she hates that! David says he didn't like all that 'darling' stuff, but Patricia tells him to take Charlie with a grain of salt. He asks if Charlie knows about the two of them, but Patricia says she doesn't, as she has a mouth bigger than the entrance to Lunar Park! She looks at some family photos on the table, including one of Angela, and comments that she misses her daughter. She adds that it will be lonely when Wayne comes up. Patricia tells David that he's in the same boat as she is - she's lost Angela, and Wayne will soon be up at Woombai, and he's lost John and Susan, and Kevin and Lynn will probably get a place of their own - she says it eventually boils down to just the two of you in the marriage. She tells David that it's better for the man, as he has a job to give him some satisfaction, but David says he doesn't get much satisfaction from driving a truck around the country. Patricia remarks that she thought David liked it, and David replies, "It pays the bills." She asks him if he likes working in the country, and David says he loves it up there. Patricia says she supposes it boils down to loving the one you're married to. She gives David his photos back, and they smile at each other.

Susan, Mick, Stevie and Angela are leaving the football ground after their team lost. Stevie says he feels sick - real sick. He then starts crying and clutching his head. Mick picks up his son and rushes to the car.

Beryl gets a 'phone call from Angela at the hospital, who says Stevie is being operated on tomorrow. Beryl tells Angela to keep her posted, and asks if she'll be alright. Angela says, "Yeah." She then joins Susan and Mick as they go in to see Stevie, who, the nurse tells them, is asleep. Mick says he supposes it had to happen. Angela tells him that the operation is going to work, but Mick just agonisingly says, "Why?" He suddenly notices that Stevie doesn't have his cuddly kangaroo with him, and he goes out into the corridor to retrieve it. Angela joins him, and puts her arm round him. As tears well in Mick's eyes, he jokingly says he thought Angela was supposed to be the one cracking-up - "Men aren't supposed to cry."


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