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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Phillip Bowman

At the hospital, Wayne is undergoing physiotherapy on his legs. He asks the therapist why she talks to him like he's a backward two-year old. She says it's called the bedside manner and tells him to cheer up! Jill arrives to brighten Wayne's day, and Wayne says it's good to see a human being, as the nurses talk like refugees from a Noddy book! Jill says she's been talking to Bunty and Thelma about a surprise birthday party for Fiona. Wayne reckons Fiona will never fall for it.

At the boarding house, Bunty and Thelma persuade John to go along with their plans. Fiona knocks on her front door, and John opens it to find his landlady struggling with several bags of shopping. When Fiona asks Bunty and Thelma what they're doing in her flat, they say that John was telling them about the wedding, before making a hasty exit! Fiona asks John if he rang the Hamiltons - he says he'll do it later. Fiona has bought more bottles of champagne!

David tells Beryl that their house could do with a paint job. Beryl says it looks OK to her, and adds that she can think of better things to do with the money, such as doing up the kids' room. David suggests they maybe need a bigger place. The telephone rings - it's Kevin and Lynn. After brief chat with David, Kevin asks to speak to Beryl. He says they only rang to say hello, but he also asks how things were after he and Lynn left. Beryl tells him that Vic even managed to raise a smile! Before he hangs up, Kevin reminds David to make sure their beds are ready for their return. After he's hung up, Kevin asks Lynn how many times you can say hello, goodbye and thankyou. He also wonders what their parents would think if they knew their kids were studying on their honeymoon. Lynn says, "They'd think we're mad!"

John and Jill have made Fiona a birthday breakfast. They both tell her that they won't be around much today, which is why they've made her breakfast. They also give Fiona some small presents - perfume from John and stockings from Jill. In the kitchen, John tells Jill that he feels awful, even though he knows a big party is planned for tonight.

At the hospital, Jill tells Wayne that it was funny seeing Fiona's expression. Wayne says he had Patricia in earlier, telling him about her friend who's returning from overseas, and now Jill's telling him about Fiona - he's fed up with hearing about other people.

David is looking through adverts in the newspaper, but quickly turns the page when Beryl enters the kitchen. When she's gone again, he continues his browsing, and eventually circles one ad. He tells Beryl to get dressed, as they're going for a drive...which ends up outside a house. David asks Beryl what she thinks of the place, and explains that he saw it advertised in the paper. He says he reckons it's time they got something better for themselves.

Jill joins Fiona for afternoon tea. Fiona asks what's going on. She says Bunty and Thelma have lined-up card games for the evening, and she can't bear the thought of it. Fiona says she knows something else is planned, as she found a dress she'd told Jill she wanted, in Jill's room when she was looking for some matches. She adds that she turned down the card game, and Jill says that that will really put Bunty and Thelma in a flap! Fiona guesses she'd better go and tell her friends that she will play. Shortly after, Fiona says Jill should have seen the look on their faces. She goes to unpack the expensive bubbly so that she can replace it with cheaper stuff for the guests! The 'phone rings - it's Scott. Fiona tells him that she'd been hoping he'd call.

Lynn has morning sickness. Kevin looks down at Lynn's belly and says, "You'd better be worth it, kid!" Lynn says she hates being sick, and Kevin replies, "Don't worry - it won't last long," just as Lynn dashes upstairs! Kevin looks thoughtful as he picks up a book - "The Joys of Parenthood"!

Scott tells Fiona that he's been up to her property and he has something important to talk over. When the call is over, Fiona tells Jill that Scott must have found the grave. She says it's too soon for him to know yet, as it's likely to scare him off - he won't think Fiona's a fun lady any more. Fiona says she's really missed Scott. Jill says it's probably something else.

Back at home, David tries to persuade Beryl that they should move. Beryl says their mortgage is almost paid off, and points out that David had planned to buy his own truck. David says he won't rush into anything, and he tells Beryl that she's an old stick-in-the-mud. Beryl says David is an old devil!

Jill tells Fiona to eat her lunch and buck up. Fiona says she doesn't get miserable very often, but she should be able to wallow in it when she does. She says she was hoping for marriage to Scott if things worked out. She tells Jill that Scott's late wife was very elegant and sophisticated - a perfect politician's wife, and everything that Fiona wasn't and isn't. She says she never gets to meet his friends - "I don't pass muster." She says it's the first time in thirty years that she hasn't been able to handle the way she feels. There's a knock at the door - it's Scott. It turns out that he just wants to tell Fiona that her financial worries will be over if they find a way to use her property properly. Fiona is relieved. Scott says that, as Fiona's 'financial adviser', he thought he'd take a look. Fiona asks him if he went for a ride. He says he did. She asks, "Did you see the little family graveyard?" He says he did, but he didn't stop because it depresses him. Fiona tells Scott that he's back just in time for her surprise party!

Later, the party is in full-swing, and John and Jill are in the kitchen lighting tens of candles on top of a cake! They hear Fiona approaching, so Jill rushes out to stop her. Fiona says she feels wonderful, and Jill says she reckons things will turn out just fine for Fiona and Scott. John walks in with the cake, and the assembled guests sing 'Happy Birthday'. Fiona, John and Jill blow out the candles together and, when there are calls for a speech, Fiona just says, "Thankyou for one of the happiest days of my life."


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