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    Written by: Christine McCourt    Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Phillip Bowman

While David is reading the newspaper over breakfast, Angela comes in and says she's had no luck findng a job, so she's decided to go to an employment agency, as she only has $100 left. David wishes her luck, and Beryl says she's sure Angela will walk it in. David is still looking at property adverts in the newspaper, and when he sees one he likes, he suggests to Beryl that they take a look. Beryl says she can't because it's market day, but David assures her that they'll just be looking, so she relents.

At the agency, the interviewer points out that Angela has only had two jobs. Angela says she reckons she can pick anything up, but she won't work for a boss who treats her like a slave. The interviewer says Angela is the employee, not the employer, she's not very well qualified, and she must therefore learn to take orders. The two women agree that they are wasting each other's time.

At Dural, Patricia tells Gordon that Wayne shouldn't take his frustrations out on them. Charlie Bartlett is back from overseas, and she arrives with a present which she gives to Gordon. She tells Patricia that they have a lot of catching up to do. Patricia says she and Gordon are off to the hospital to see Wayne, but she invites Charlie for lunch.

Jill is at the hospital with a piece of leftover birthday cake for Wayne. Wayne is grumpy as usual, and although he says he's trying to be more cheerful, he's finding it difficult. Jill says they have this conversation again and again and again... Out in the corridor, Patricia comments about Jill being with Wayne, and Gordon says Jill must have to make a living somehow. When they go into Wayne's room, Patricia tells her stepson that Charlie turned up, and Wayne sarcastically replies, "It's a wonder you could tear yourself away." Gordon tells Wayne that Rosie sends her love and is looking forward to Wayne getting Woombai going again. Wayne says he can't do any strenuous work, which rules out his chances with Woombai. He adds that he's fed up with everyone pretending nothing has happened, when it has. He orders Gordon and Patricia out of his room.

Back at Dural, Patricia tells Charlie that Wayne's carrying-on is getting a bit much. Charlie comments that Patricia normally has everything so well organised. Patricia says her social life is practically non-existant, and as for Gordon... She remarks that at least she's getting on with John. Charlie says she wants to meet John, and Patricia wants some fun, so why doesn't she hold a pool party?

At the stud, Alan Pascoe's 'phone rings - it's Patricia, wanting to speak to John. She asks her son what he's doing later this afternoon, and she invites him to her social gathering. John says it will be late by the time he finishes, gets home and changes, but Patricia tells him to tell Alan Pascoe that it's alright for John to use the Land Rover. John says he wouldn't fit in, and wouldn't have anything in common with the other people at the party. Patricia eventually manages to persuade him, saying he'll get to meet a lot of useful contacts.

When John shows Fiona how he is smartly dressed, she tells him that he may even have a good time. Fiona herself, is having a sort out. Jill tells her landlady that Scott likes her the way she is - changing will probably put him off - but Fiona says she wants Scott to introduce her to his friends. She adds that she's not used to being confused about things.

At Patricia's party, Charlie is flirting with Trent Martin and Ashley Davis, two of the guests, even though Ashley's wife, Jane, is there. John arrives and Charlie flirts with him as well, before leading him off. Later, John looks bored as Charlie tells the guests about her travels. Charlie suddenly realises she hasn't had a swim yet, so she and the other guests go outside, leaving John and Patricia indoors. Patricia asks John what the matter is. John says Charlie is a cradle snatcher, and he thinks it's not very dignified. Patricia asks John what he thought of her initially. He says he thought she was a snob, and he reminds her of how she made him feel at the infamous dinner party. He says he still thinks she's a snob, but he knows her better now. Patricia says, "Exactly." She tells John that when she first met Charlie, she felt the same, but she adds that beneath all that rubbish, there beats a heart of gold. John agrees to give Charlie a second chance.

At the hospital, Gordon thanks Jill for spending so much time with Wayne. He says Wayne was right about not being able to pull his weight, and Jill says Wayne really wanted to prove himself. Gordon says Wayne needs a way of running the property with less activity - he comments that it needs some lateral thinking. Gordon says he'll be back later to see the specialist.

At Dural, the guests have all gone. Patricia tells John it'll be easier next time, but John says he'll give socialising a miss from now on - all he can be is him, and they didn't like him any more than he liked them. John says he just wants to learn about the business, and he won't do that by sucking up to people he doesn't like. Patricia says, "They're my friends you're talking about." John says he and they don't have anything in common. Patricia says she doesn't understand how he wants to get ahead, but is spoiling his chances. She tells John that if he keeps up that attitude, he might as well go back to Melbourne, as he won't make it in Sydney.

Jill gets back to the boarding house. Fiona has made a list of how to improve herself. Jill says Fiona's mad, and Scott won't like it. John comes in and says the party was even worse than he thought - the guests were all rich friends of Patricia's talking of tans and holidays. He reckons he's blown it with Patricia. Fiona says Patricia's line about 'getting on' is garbage, and it's best to be yourself - she says it's a waste of time trying to be something you're not. She then bursts out laughing as she realises she's ignoring her own advice. Fiona makes a deal with John - he won't change for Patricia, and she won't change for Scott - or anyone else.

As the Palmers have lunch, Angela asks how the househunting went. David says he didn't see anything such as what he had in mind. He adds that he hopes they'll have something by the time Kevin and Lynn get back. He suddenly spots an advert in the paper. Beryl isn't interested, but David says he'll 'phone the agent. A while later, Beryl and David have had a look round the house, and although Beryl just says it's 'nice', David decides it's perfect. Beryl tells the estate agent that they'll think about it, but David says there's nothing to think about, and they'll take it. Beryl looks annoyed.

After a game of tennis, Charlie tells Patricia that they're getting to an age! Patricia asks her friend what she thinks of John, and Charlie says he's either a prude, or he's naive, as she felt he didn't approve. Patricia says he didn't. Charlie says she's more interested in John's father - and so is Patricia, judging by her last letter. She asks Patricia why she didn't do anything about it while David was up there, but Patricia says she couldn't; even though she thought he was interested, she didn't want to spoil his marriage; she can't help thinking about him, though. Charlie says a good fling would probably do David's marriage a world of good, and would make Patricia more relaxed, but Patricia says, "No." She tells Charlie that if David has any sense, he'd have gone home and forgotten about her. She says it would be crazy to risk what he's got for an affair - and that's all it could ever be - an affair.

David and Beryl storm into their house. Beryl is angry over David agreeing to purchase the new house, and she says she doesn't know what's got into him. David says he's entitled to have something to show for all his hard work. Beryl suggests his own truck would mean more to him, and then she tells him that he just wants a new house to keep up with the Joneses. David says, "That's not true." Beryl says, "Alright then - to keep up with the Hamiltons." David looks slightly guilty, and Beryl walks off, saying, "I thought so..."


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