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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Phillip Bowman

It's the morning of the wedding, and David asks Angela what's keeping Beryl. He adds that he wishes it wasn't so hot and says he want a beer. Angela does up his tie for him. Beryl enters the room and David says her dress looks really nice on her.

Susan is standing outside the church when Fiona and John pull up in a cab. While John goes on home, Fiona gets out. She remarks to Susan that she's there early, and Susan said she decided to walk. Fiona sees Susan with a box, and suddenly realises she has no confetti. Susan says she's glad Fiona and John could make it, and says she doesn't blame Fiona for Bill going to prison. She adds that Kevin is looking forward to Fiona being there.

John arrives home and rings the front door bell. David answers, and snaps, "You're late." John explains that the 'plane was delayed. David tells John that the less the two of them have to do with each other, the better. As David walks off, Beryl and Kevin come in and Kevin gives John the ring, telling his brother not to blow it! Beryl tells John to hurry up and change. In the kitchen, David is having a beer. Beryl sees this and, before she even has a chance to say anything, David snaps, "I'm thirsty." Beryl says she didn't say anything. David promises there'll be no trouble.

Aileen is taking some photos outside the church. A woman Kevin doesn't recognise walks into the church, and Susan tells him it's the organist. Everyone goes into the church and takes their seats. Kevin looks around him nervously and John sits and looks thoughtful. The organist starts playing and the wedding cars pull up outside. David opens the door for Muriel Hardy and Angela, and Vic Hardy and Lynn get out of the other car. Beryl comments to David that Vic doesn't look too happy, and David says, "At least he's here." Beryl tells Muriel that Lynn looks lovely. Beryl and David greet people as they walk to their seats and sit down behind their two sons. The vicar signals to Kevin and John to stand and to the congregation to rise. As the organist plays 'Here comes the bride', Vic Hardy walks Lynn down the aisle, with Angela behind. Kevin looks around, nervously. The vicar conducts the service and Kevin and Lynn say their vows. Angela looks at John, but he doesn't look back, and Susan looks downcast. The vicar declares Kevin and Lynn to be man and wife, and they kiss. Beryl and David smile at each other.

At the reception, John reads the telegrams, including messages from Doug Palmer and Kevin's football team. Kevin and Lynn cut the cake and everyone cheers and applauds. Later, Kevin thanks Fiona for coming, and Fiona tells him that Lynn's a lovely girl. Lynn thanks Aileen for her veil, the lucky horseshoe she passed on for luck, and the house. Kevin tells John that he's glad he made it and he thanks Beryl for everything. Beryl tells her son that his and Lynn's room will be ready when they get back. Kevin says goodbye to David, and Lynn thanks Angela for all her help. Vic Hardy finds it hard to look Kevin in the face, but Muriel gives Kevin a cheque as a wedding present. Kevin shakes Vic's hand. As the young couple leave the reception hall, confetti is thrown.

Later, back at the Palmers', David tells Fiona that it was fine while it lasted, but he's glad it's over. Fiona is opening a bottle of champagne, but David says he'd prefer a beer. He remarks that Beryl and Angela are taking long enough to change, and he also comments that Fiona could live on champagne. She says, "I think I do!" She reminds David that she taught him to pour champagne properly - and says she's also taught John, who, she points out, David ignored at the wedding. David says he went out of his way to arrange the job for John, and it was thrown back at him. Fiona reminds David that John is Patricia's son, too, and points out that he probably shares her ambition. She says David can't blame John for wanting to make something of himself. David says going from job to job isn't the way to do it. Beryl comes in and Fiona hugs her. John comes in and David walks off. John calls, "Dad," but he is ignored. Fiona leaves the kitchen to speak to John in the lounge. She says she talked to David and thinks John should tell him why he really left. John says it would make things worse, and David wouldn't understand - and things would be bad for Angela. Fiona says she's sure David would understand, and says John is taking the coward's way out. She suggests they see what Angela thinks. John demands to know why Fiona's made it her business all-of-a-sudden, and Fiona says she saw how the twins ignored each other at the wedding, and she doesn't like to see John unhappy. They go and see Angela, and she agrees they can tell David - she says the worst he can do is kick her out. Angela goes to get her father and Fiona makes herself scarce - but not before asking John if she has ever been wrong. John replies, "There's always a first time!"

When David hears the truth, he yells, "I don't believe it!" John says he knows he did the wrong thing, but he also knows that he and Angela need to stay away from each other. David says he needs a stiff drink - he adds that it's hard news to understand. However, he supposes that what John did was right. He admits he's been unfair on John, and he says he's sorry. They shake hands. Out in the lounge, Fiona says she knew the extra bottles of champagne would come in handy! Beryl reminisces about when she and David were on honeymoon, and David's mates put a can of oil outside their bedroom door because their bed kept squeaking!

Fiona and John's cab arrives. John asks Angela if she's alright. He says goodbye and kisses her on the cheek. He also bids farewell to David and Beryl and David tells his son to look after himself. Inside, Angela says it was a great day, but she needs some sleep. She adds that she felt like one of the family for the first time since she's been there. She hugs David and says, "I love you, Dad." Beryl tells David that she's proud of how he took the news about John and Angela. David tells Beryl that he doesn't say it very often, but she's very nice today. David reckons he owes Beryl an apology. Beryl says she didn't know what she was supposed to have done. David says he only realised today how much he's got. Beryl says, "I don't want to lose you, David." As he hugs his wife, David says, "Don't worry - you won't."


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