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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

John wants to celebrate his new job. He gets some expensive champage out of Fiona's 'fridge, but she tells him to put it away and get out some cheaper stuff - she says she's saving the good stuff for her birthday on Sunday, which, she points out, is two days after Kevin's wedding. John says he's not going, but Fiona says he must be able to cope with Angela for a short time like that. John says they agreed not to see each other. Scott arrives. He wants to take Fiona out to dinner, but she says she's entertaining. She introduces him to John, and she thanks John for playing his part in helping to get her and Scott together again.

At the hospital, the specialist tells Gordon and Patricia that there were no complications, the splinter was removed and Wayne's spine now needs time to heal. He describes a course of therapy that Wayne will need in order to recover. He says Wayne will walk again in time, but he mustn't undertake any more strenuous sport - including sailing. Patricia and Gordon thank the doctor and Gordon tells Jill that he's sure she'll help Wayne through it. She says she'll try. Gordon offers her a lift home as Jill looks exhausted.

As Fiona, Scott and John enjoy their champagne, the telephone rings and John answers. It's Kevin, who says Beryl wants to know if she needs to hire a suit for John. John says he won't be coming. Kevin says he's fixed things with David, and John says he'd like to come, but things wouldn't work out. Kevin tells John that he's his brother, and he doesn't want anyone else for his best man. He reminds John about the fun they've had in the past, including when John climbed the television tower before Susan's wedding, and says it wouldn't be the same without him. John says, "What the hell," and agrees to go. Fiona, who overheard, says, "Persuasive little monkey, isn't he!" Later, as Fiona, Scott and John are about to have dinner, Jill knocks at the door. She says she needs a couple of hours' sleep before work, and she asks Fiona to wake her at nine o'clock, otherwise she's liable to sleep through her alarm.

In Melbourne, Kevin is trying to persuade his parents not to make him go to school the next day because he'll have to face lots of ball-and-chain jokes. Beryl tells him he's going, and David snaps, "You heard your mother." Beryl asks Angela if things have been arranged for Lynn's dress fitting. They have. Angela says she didn't think John would come, and David comments that he's surprised his son has the hide. He adds that John's scared of a hard day's work. Angela retorts, "Give him a break, will you?" Beryl tells David that he's getting as bad as his dad. She adds that Doug Palmer won't come to Kevin's wedding unless David apologises to him for the arguments at Susan's wedding. She says they used to be a close family, but everything's changing.

Fiona shows Scott some photos of the country. Scott asks to see her property near Woombai. John asks Scott about how he and Fiona met, and Scott relates the story about the argument in the Domain. Scott says he's glad he met Fiona again. Fiona goes off to wake Jill, but Jill is dead to the world, and Fiona decides to let her sleep and 'phone her boss to say Jill is sick. Scott says he'll leave them to it, and Fiona takes the opportunity to say she'll be away at a wedding on Saturday and she'd like Scott to accompany her. However, Scott says he has something on - and on Sunday as well. He suggests to Fiona that she stay in Melbourne for a while, to get her money's worth.

Beryl is helping with Lynn's dress fitting. Kevin gets home, but is banned from entering the kitchen where Lynn is. Beryl overhears Kevin saying his mate, Nelson, has arranged a buck's night for him. Beryl tells him not to get into too much trouble. When Kevin reminds Beryl not to forget John's suit, Angela suddenly looks downcast. When the room is clear, Beryl tells Angela not to worry. Angela says she can't understand how Beryl can be so nice to her, seeing as she virtually drove John away. She comments that Beryl is stuck with her, but Beryl says, "You'll do."

Fiona has arranged the flight to Melbourne for early the next morning. John says he reckons Scott is keen on Fiona. He's off to get a wedding present, and Fiona tells him to get something to remember them by. Jill has woken up, and Fiona explains that she tried to call her but she didn't stir so she called her boss. Jill says she's just been talking to her boss - and she's been fired. She explains that she's had four days off since Wayne's accident, so it's understandable. She says she's decided to take a break from work, as Wayne needs her. Fiona says, "You've got it bad." Jill replies, "Look who's talking!" Fiona complains, though, that Scott only drops by when he has nothing better to do. She wants him to fall in love with her again. Jill says she's off to the hospital, as she wants hers to be the first face that Wayne sees when he wakes up.

Lynn shows Kevin a magazine article about choosing the sex of your child. Kevin says it's stupid. Lynn asks Kevin if he wants a boy or a girl, but Kevin doesn't know. Lynn says she wants a boy. Kevin says he can't imagine them with a kid. Lynn says he'll feel differently when he's a dad.

At the hospital, Jill tells a semi-conscious Wayne that he looks great. She shows him a photo of Plan C, and tells Wayne that she misses him. She tells him that she's lost her job and says trust Wayne to get his own way! Wayne dozes off, and Jill humourously says, "Thought you'd be interested!"

Kevin is wolfing down his dinner. His mate, Nelson, arrives with some other friends. Beryl tells Kevin not to stay out too late. David tells his son to be home by 3am! He gives Kevin some cash for a cab in case he gets a bit merry. As Nelson has trouble starting his car, Beryl reminds David of his first car. She says, "We had some good times in that, didn't we." David says, "Yeah... I'd better finish dinner." The next morning, Kevin jokes that he was chained to a lamppost and had to saw through the chain with a nailfile. Lynn arrives, but she doesn't look well - she has morning sickness. Kevin asks how long it lasts, and Beryl says, "Weeks." She gives Lynn advice on how to cope. Angela tells Kevin to make himself scarce and, as he leaves the room, Kevin tells Lynn not to stand him up. She replies, "I'll be there, even if they have to carry me." Kevin goes to his bedroom, looking lost, but thoughtful. David comes in and asks Kevin how he feels. Kevin says he's not exactly nervous, but was wondering what it's like being married. "Is it better than being single?" David says it's different - you don't get much time to yourself any more. You have responsibilities, and kids add to them further. However, David says he wouldn't change it for quits. He says, "You kids think you know it all, but you don't." David tells Kevin to be thankful he married Beryl. Kevin says she's not bad, is she. "No." David says he thinks Kevin turned out OK. Kevin smiles, and says, "Thanks, Dad."


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