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    Written by: Geoffrey Atherden    Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

John goes to visit Wayne at the hospital. He explains that he's back in Sydney for a while, and he heard about the accident. Wayne jokes about his condition and asks after Angela. John tells him that she's fine, and that she said to say hello. A nurse comes in to give Wayne a wash. Wayne is annoyed at the interruption, accusing the nurse of driving his visitor away. He also makes other rude comments about the staff, but says he'll cooperate if the nurse will do something for him - some shopping...

...which turns out to be some flowers, which are sent to Jill at the boarding house. She explains to John that only she and Patricia have been seeing Wayne regularly. Jill bemoans the fact that she doesn't get enough sleep what with visiting Wayne during the day and working at night.

Patricia arrives at the hospital. When Wayne asks about John, Patricia says he's changed his mind about Melbourne. She says she wants to help her son, but adds that it won't affect Wayne, saying there won't be another heir to the fortune. Patricia reminds Wayne that he still has Woombai, but Wayne says it's a dud, and, after his accident, he won't be able to make it pay. His own father wouldn't believe he could make a go of it, even though he had planned to. Wayne asks Patricia not to tell Gordon that he really did want to get Woombai up-and-running again.

John rings Susan to apologise for not saying goodbye. Susan says she guesses John's recent moods were due to him being worried about quitting his job. John says it's something like that. He tells his sister that he still wants to fulfill the promise he made to Bill to look after her in her husband's absence, and he adds that he'd like Susan to give Angela a go. Susan says she thinks Angela is a stuck-up little snob, but she agrees to try to get on with her.

At Dural, Patricia has told Gordon about Wayne's plans for Woombai, and Gordon has got Brian Ingleton round to confirm it's true. Ingleton says Wayne won't be able to make Woombai pay now that he's had the accident, so there'll be no need for him to bother Wayne at the hospital. As Gordon ushers Ingleton out, Patricia looks pleased. She comments to her husband, "Wayne's word wasn't good enough?" Gordon admits he was wrong, and he asks Patricia to talk to Wayne, but she refuses. She tells Gordon that he's too self-righteous for her and Wayne, and adds that Wayne has learnt his lesson, so maybe it's time Gordon did, too.

Beryl has made Angela's bridesmaids dress, but Susan isn't impressed. She is put out that Lynn didn't ask her to be matron of honour, but Beryl suggests that she shouldn't have said Kevin and Lynn are too young to get married, and she shouldn't have refused to let them live with her. Beryl says she's fed up with Susan's constant sniping. Angela, who walked in during the middle of the row, apologises to Susan for interrupting. She tells Susan that David and Beryl had a big row last night over John, and says she's only saying this in the hope that Susan will know what to do. When David gets in later, Beryl tells him about progress with the wedding preparations. She apologises for last night and says she trusts David and doesn't blame him for being worried about Patricia. David says, "That's big of you." As Susan and Angela listen in the kitchen, they hear David yell, "Just drop it, will you?" Susan snaps to Angela, "About John going to Sydney, was it?" Later, Susan tells Beryl that she heard the fight, and she asks her mother if she's alright. Beryl replies that David wouldn't have said anything if she hadn't guessed. She says David has changed since Patricia came to dinner. Susan reminds Beryl that it was her idea, and half-jokingly comments on her mother wanting to check on the competition. David is late home, and Beryl says, "Anything not to be around me." She reminisces about past fights and how David has always bought her a gift to make up. David does eventually come home, and he has a bunch of roses - which he gives to Angela...

At the hospital, Wayne asks the nurse why he hasn't had breakfast yet. The nurse tells him he has to fast for his operation, and offers him a drink of water, which he refuses. He complains about being treated like he's only two years old. Jill arrives, and Patricia says she'll leave them alone.

At Dural, Gordon has called Brian Ingleton. He tells Ingleton that he wants to buy him out. Ingleton says it depends on Gordon's offer, but when Gordon only offers what Ingleton himself paid, he refuses. Gordon says he's offering to buy Ingleton out and cut his losses, and Ingleton evenutally accepts. He comments that he thought Gordon needed the money. Gordon says, "I do, but some things are more important than money."

Jill leaves Wayne, telling him she'll see him before the operation. Patricia wants to talk to Jill and comments on the fact that Wayne is being rather difficult. She says the surgeon told her it's a normal side effect and Wayne might get worse before he gets better. Patricia tells Jill that Wayne has become very dependent on her, and will need her even more after the operation. She offers Jill the chance to back out, but Jill says she'll stick with him, and that's a promise. Later, Gordon shows Wayne a document certifying that he has bought Brian Ingleton's half of Woombai, making the two of them business partners. Gordon says he's glad Patricia told him the truth. He tells his son that he wants him to make the place work, and adds that there's no catch. Gordon tells Wayne that he disappointed him, but says he hasn't been the ideal father and he wants the two of them to give it a go. He says he's trying to say sorry. Wayne says, "Guess I'd better get these legs working." Out in the corridor, Gordon tells Patricia that everything is fine with Wayne, and says that perhaps it's now time the two of them made up. Patricia, though, says she's happy with the way things are. As far as everyone else is concerned, she'll continue to be Gordon's wife, but for the two of them, the arrangement is strictly formal and nothing will change.

At the boarding house, Gordon arrives to see John. John says he's in a hurry as he has a job interview, but Gordon tells him to listen. Gordon offers John his job at the stud back - but this time he wants to train John in the overall management of the stud. After a while, he also wants John to get involved in the Hamiltons' transport business, and he wants him to give Wayne a hand when he tries to get Woombai going again. John accepts the offer and thanks Gordon.

Wayne is about to have his operation. Patricia wishes him luck, but Jill isn't there and Wayne says he can't go until she arrives. She does get there in time, though. Wayne tells her he's scared - he didn't care about the operation, but now he does. He says he wants him and Jill to work, and he wants to walk again. Jill says, "You will." Patricia puts her arm around Jill as the two of them watch Wayne being wheeled off.


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