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    Written by: Christine McCourt    Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

John has reached Sydney and is walking towards the boarding house when Jill pulls up in her VW. She tells him it's great to see him, and when John says he wants to stay as long as possible, Jill says that Fiona will think all her Christmases have come at once! John goes indoors to surprise Fiona and cook her breakfast. She doesn't believe him, though, when he says he missed Sydney, and wants to know the real reason why he's left Melbourne. He explains that he and Angela couldn't sort out their feelings for each other, and Fiona is rather gobsmacked - she says she thought it was something like John not getting on with David. She adds, "Out of sight, out of mind, huh?" John says that he and Angela decided together. He tells Fiona that Beryl guessed the truth and will sort it out with David, although she'll just say that John wanted to make it on his own. John says David will go berserk when he finds out his son quit his job. Fiona tells John that she's pleased he's there. John says that, first, he wants to ring Patricia, as she came down to Melbourne last week and seems to want to get to know him. Fiona won't believe Patricia suddenly wants to make things up, and she warns John to be careful.

Patricia and Gordon eat breakfast in silence until Patricia pipes up that Wayne was very depressed last night. Gordon says he tried sympathy, but Wayne didn't want him there. Patricia remarks that it lets Gordon off nicely, and says, "It must be nice, being so perfect." The telephone rings - it's John, who tells Patricia that he's in Sydney. Patricia says it's nice to hear from him. She invites him over, and, although John offers to leave it until Wayne is better, she insists he comes tomorrow at 10am. She tells Gordon about the call and he comments about how Patricia has changed her attitude. Patricia says, "He's my son, Gordon. Maybe you could take a leaf out of my book for a change!"

David gets home from Sydney, but pauses before he goes in the kitchen to see Beryl. She is preparing the wedding invites, but when she tries to talk to David, he isn't really listening. He comments that he didn't see John at the depot. Beryl says she's surprised he wasn't told, but John has quit, and gone to Sydney. David asks why Beryl didn't try to stop him, but she says, "You know what he's like when he makes up his mind." David angrily retorts, "That's great. That's bloody great!" He points out that he went to a lot of trouble to get John the job, and he reiterates that Beryl should have stopped him. Beryl replies that, if David hadn't decided to take the extra Sydney job, he could have stopped John. David immediately goes off at his wife, telling her that he works hard, he has to earm enough to support Kevin and Lynn as well, and when he's not there, he expects Beryl to handle things. He storms out, to get some peace.

Later, Kevin tells Beryl that he reckons John did the right thing, and comments that he'll probably be able to line up a great job through the Hamiltons' connections. Kevin suddenly realises that he and Lynn will be able to have John's old room, but his enthusiasm is dampened when Beryl points out that he'll have to find a new best man. Kevin is disappointed, but Beryl tells him to see things from John's side. She says, "What does it matter who's there to hand you the ring, as long as Lynn is there to wear it?" Angela comes in and tells Beryl that she's walked out of her job because her boss insulted her and yelled at her in front of a client. She says she's not going back until he apologises. Beryl asks if it was because of John, but Angela says she was just mad. She's certain her boss will ring, because she's too good to lose! Lynn comes to see Kevin. He tells her not to come in his bedroom; instead, he picks her up and carries her over the threshold to his bed! He tells her that the room is all theirs, as John has gone to Sydney. Kevin proudly shows off the cupboard and the desk. Lynn tells him he's crazy! Angela asks Beryl if David would calm down if he knew the real reason for John leaving. Beryl says that, once David gets it out of his system, he'll calm down. Lynn shows Angela and Beryl her wedding veil, which was given to her by Aileen Keegan. Kevin tells his fiancée that she looks beautiful. Angela and Lynn look at some pictures of wedding dresses, and Angela draws a rough sketch of Lynn's ideal gown. She asks Beryl if she'd be able to draft a pattern. Kevin remarks that David is late home, but Beryl just reckons he's at the pub with his mates. David walks in but says he isn't hungry when told that dinner is ready. He goes off to watch TV. Beryl tells the kids to start without them in the kitchen and she goes to talk to her husband. David says he went back to the depot and copped a lot of flack from Mr. Bates over John leaving. Beryl says it's happened, they should get over it, and get on with the wedding plans. David walks off, saying, "Yeah, Beryl - you write me a letter."

The next day, Patricia tells John she's surprised that he's in Sydney for good, as she thought he and Angela wanted to be together. John says they got on well, but he missed his independence. He adds that his being at home probably made David think of Patricia. Patricia remarks, "You'd think he would have mellowed by now." John says, "I don't think Dad's the mellowing type." Patricia says, "Sounds like a few other people I know..."

At the hospital, Jill has been seeing Wayne, and when she leaves his room, she spots Gordon in the corridor. He remarks that Jill really cares about Wayne, then tells her that he's there to see the specialist. He says that, after the other night, he won't risk seeing his son again. Gordon asks Jill if she thinks he's cold, and if she knows what Wayne really did. Jill says that Wayne lied to her and Fiona too. Gordon says Woombai is precious to him, yet Wayne was eager to destroy it to make a quick buck. He says he's sorry about the crash and the injury, but that's it.

A 'For Sale' sign is being put up outside the boarding house. Inside, Fiona tells Scott that she's sick of running the place and of listening to other people's problems. Scott doesn't believe her, though, and he asks for the truth. Fiona warns him he's in for a very long story.

John gets ready to leave Dural. He tells Patricia that she's not so bad, and Patricia says she feels the same about him. She tells John to keep in touch. Gordon comes in and says to John, "Good to see you again." He says the operation will be taking place the day after tomorrow. John asks if he can visit Wayne, as they had made up, and agreed on no hard feelings. He goes, and Patricia tells Gordon that John is very nice. She asks her husband if they could help give John a proper job, possibly at the stud again. Gordon says he'll think about it. Patricia remarks that, when John was "Scott Edwards", Gordon couldn't do enough to help him, but now he's being very casual. She says she'll find a way to help John without Gordon's cooperation.

Fiona has told Scott the full story. Scott thinks it's ridiculous that Fiona is selling up over a measly $20,000. He says he'll 'phone her bank to get a stay of execution - and he's going all the way to the top.

Lynn is modelling Beryl's rough first attempt at the wedding dress. David comes in and slams the door. Kevin asks if he can help him measure his new room, but David mutters, "Let me catch my breath." In the kitchen, David asks Angela if she's heard from Patricia. She says she hasn't. David says he thought she might have called, and he suggests Angela rings to check up on Wayne. She duly 'phones home, and David tries to listen, but Beryl starts asking what he thinks about Lynn's veil. David says it looks old-fashioned. He wanders into the lounge to listen to Angela's call. When it's over, Angela tells David that Wayne is OK and Patricia's fine, and she said to say hello. Beryl listens as David asks if Patricia said anything else, but Angela says she didn't. Beryl tells David she was talking to him and he ignored her. David angrily says, "I wanted to find out how Patricia was going." Beryl asks, "Why didn't you see her in Sydney," before realisation suddenly dawns that David took the trip just so that he could see Patricia. David yells, "Get off my back, Beryl." He storms off as tears start welling in Beryl's eyes.


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