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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

David calls Patricia from a public 'phonebox. He tells her that he's in Sydney, and he has time to kill before he goes home, so he wondered if Patricia might like to talk. Patricia says, "I don't think so," but then changes her mind and says "...alright." She tells David she'll be at the hospital for most of the day, and David says he'll be there. Gordon, who overheard Patricia's conversation, asks who it was, but Patricia says it was one of Wayne's friends showing a damn sight more concern than Gordon.

Wayne is conscious, and Jill brings Plan C to see him. Wayne, who has two black eyes, tells Jill it's great to see her, although he didn't think she'd want to see him. Patricia arrives at the hospital and sees a doctor in the corridor, who asks her to wait while they take Wayne to X-ray. The doctor tells Patricia that nothing has yet been said to Wayne about his condition. David arrives, and Patricia suggests the two of them get some fresh air. Jill hears the doctors approaching Wayne's room, and she quickly hides Plan C in her bag before leaving. Out in the hospital grounds, Patricia tells David that she drove all the way there with her car stereo turned up really loud so that she wouldn't have to think. She complains that Gordon expects her to do everything and she can't get straight answers from the doctors, before telling David that his is the most soothing voice she's heard all day. Patricia comments that Angela's lucky she's not there. She says that, one moment you think you have it all and the next minute, you've lost it. She tells David that, after the truth came out, she tried to keep her family together, but you can't go on fighting for something that isn't there any more. Patricia breaks down, sobbing, and David comforts and cuddles her. He tells her that he doesn't want to go back to Melbourne, but he wants to stay with her. Patricia tells David that he has so much to lose, whereas she doesn't, but David says he knows Patricia is interested in him. Patricia says she's too long in the tooth to think love is the answer to everything. She tells David that his being there will help her manage, but says that they must leave it at that. David decides that coming up to Sydney was a waste of time, but Patricia assures him it wasn't - she says she is interested but it would be silly. She tells David that she won't forget today in a hurry, and thanks him. He gives her a kiss on the cheek and walks off.

In Melbourne, Beryl is preparing a barbecue for Mick and Stevie. John is in a bad mood, but he won't tell Beryl why, and Kevin and Lynn are staying with Beryl's parents. Angela gets all dressed up, and John asks her why she bothered going to so much trouble. Beryl tells her son to cheer up.

At Susan's flat, she and Mick are getting ready to pick Stevie up from his mother's before going to Beryl's. Susan has bought a book as a present for Stevie - it describes the experience of staying in hospital - but Mick doesn't like the idea of alarming his son. He asks Susan if she'll wait in the car when they pick Stevie up.

At the hospital, Jill and Patricia are sitting in the corridor, waiting. Jill wonders why the doctors are taking so long, and she suggests that Patricia go home for a rest. However, Patricia says she couldn't sleep. Jill asks Patricia if she minds her being there, but Patricia says she doesn't. The doctor comes up to talk to Patricia, and takes her to Wayne's room as Jill waits outside. The doctor says the x-rays show Wayne has a tiny splinter of bone lodged near his spinal column, and he will need an operation. After the operation, Wayne will be flat on his back for a few weeks, then he'll need intensive therapy to teach him to walk again. He'll need to use a wheelchair and then a cane. However, there are risks - if the operation isn't a success, the future will be totally different. Wayne angrily realises that he could be stuck in bed or in a wheelchair for the rest of his life...

It's pouring with rain in Melbourne, so Beryl decides to have the barbecue indoors. Angela, Mick and Stevie are playing with toy cars on the floor. Susan is upset that Angela appears to be coming onto Mick, and John just looks sullen. Beryl tells him to make himself useful. John looks at Angela, and she looks back at him. John and Mick have an arm wrestle, and Stevie cheers his father while Angela stares at John. When John loses, he storms off to his bedroom. Beryl comments that her kids are such lousy losers. Angela follows John to his bedroom, where he tells her that he is jealous. They tell each other that they love each other, but John realises that living in each other's pockets is just making the problem worse. Angela says she can't switch her feelings off, and John suggests they talk to someone. Angela asks, "What are we going to do?" She offers to move out, but John says they'd still bump into each other. He says he'll move out - he'll go back to Sydney and see Fiona. Both twins decide noone else must know the real reason why this is happening.

Patricia tells Gordon that Wayne is taking his condition badly. Gordon asks if it would make a difference if he went to the hospital and told his son he's sorry about how bad things are.

Wayne orders Jill to go, as he needs to sleep. He's angry at his condition and at doctors who just 'give the patient hope.' When Jill tells Wayne to think positively, he replies that he can't 'think' the accident away, or 'think' himself to walk again. However, he realises that he can't get rid of Jill easily. Gordon arrives, and Wayne snaps, "You took your time getting here." Gordon says, "Sorry." Wayne tells his father to buzz-off and take his pity with him, as he already has someone who cares - Jill.

John is packing a suitcase when Beryl walks into his bedroom. He tells his mother that he's sick of his dead-end job, but Beryl says she didn't come down in the last shower, and realises it's really because of Angela. John says they'll never sort things out when they're always around each other, and he asks his mother not to tell David, as he'd never understand. He says he'll keep in touch and tells Beryl to get David to shout her a trip to Sydney! He tells Beryl that he loves her, and gives her a hug. Beryl tells John that Angela is in the lounge, and everyone else is out. She looks upset. John goes to the lounge where he tells Angela that they can't be in touch with each other for a very long time. He kisses Angela on the forehead and whispers, "Bye." Angela murmers, "Bye," as, devastated, she watches John leave.


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