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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Alister Smart

Gordon and Patricia are at the hospital. The receptionist needs some of Wayne's details - they were able to get some from the papers he had with him, but still require some more. Wayne is being prepared for surgery, but Patricia tells the receptionist that she and Gordon want to see him. Gordon, though, has different ideas, and he tells his wife that he does not want to see Wayne. Patricia reminds Gordon that Wayne has a possible spinal injury, but Gordon says that a broken back doesn't make up for what Wayne has done.

Mick Ryan tells David that, what with alimony and Stevie's medical bills, he can't afford to buy his own truck. David comments that he wants to buy his own truck once the house is paid off. David asks what's wrong with Stevie. Mick says it's a brain tumour, but he doesn't really want to talk about it. He just says that complications mean the operation keeps getting postponed, and even after the operation, there's only a 50/50 chance. The telephone rings - it's Patricia, wanting to speak to Angela. She tells her daughter that Wayne may have a broken back. Angela thinks she should do something, such as flying up to Sydney, but then realises that if it had been her, Wayne would probably have cheered.

Patricia is pacing up and down the hospital corridor. A doctor arrives to tell her and Gordon that Wayne is out of immediate danger, but his back could still cause a problem, and more tests are needed before surgery. Gordon tells Patricia that he'll go once they've seen the specialist. Patricia tells Gordon that he's pathetic - one mistake, and up go the walls. Gordon reminds his wife that it wasn't just one mistake - there was the embezzling from the stud, the blackmailing of Angela, and the plan to get the miners to tear through Woombai. Patricia says Wayne will need both of them. Gordon says he'll pay the medical bills and get the best doctors, but he won't see Wayne, and he won't forgive him.

Angela can't decide whether to call home. Beryl tells her that she finds it hard to understand how she and Wayne can hate each other so much. Angela says they've never got on. She only wants to 'phone home to speak to Gordon, as she misses him a lot. Angela asks Beryl what gets David mad. Beryl says that Kevin's drums and his father, Doug, tend to set him off. Angela asks about David's relationship with John. Beryl says they've been better lately, and maybe having Angela there helped. Angela smiles and says, "Good..."

David takes Mick to the warehouse and introduces him to John, who vaguely remembers him. David's foreman, Tommo, tries to get David to take an extra driving job to Sydney, but it's Saturday and David declines. David takes Mick to meet Mr. Bates.

At Dural, the 'phone rings. It's Angela, who wants to find out how Wayne is. Patricia tells her that he's not too good. Angela asks if he'll be able to walk, but Patricia just says everything is very hazy. She adds that she appreciates Angela calling. Patricia calls Gordon, shouting deliberately loudly so that Angela hears her mother saying that Angela's wondering why he isn't at the hospital.

Jill is out looking for Plan C. When Bunty asks how the kitten got lost, Jill says she left the door open by accident. Bunty says she'll keep her eyes open. Later, Jill tells Fiona that she could kick herself. Fiona says, "I hate to tell you so..." She adds that Wayne is the original charming rogue. Jill realises she made a mistake accepting his gifts, but says he changed over the last few days, and he even invited her home for dinner. Jill says not to worry - there's plenty more where he came from. Fiona says, "And if he rings you?" "I'll tell him to take a running jump - the further the better!"

Patricia is sitting next to Wayne's bed at the hospital, staring at him.

Angela tells David that she doesn't know what Wayne did, but it must have been pretty terrible if Gordon won't see him. David asks if Patricia has any friends. Angela says there's only really Charlie Bartlett, but she's been away for months. Angela says she knows David doesn't like the way things are between her and her mother, but that's just how it is. David asks if Angela would go up to Sydney. She decides not to, though, saying she was being stupid when she thought of it before. David looks thoughtful. He asks Angela when Beryl is coming back from Susan's, and Angela says it'll be some time. When Angela goes into the kitchen, David shuts the door behind her, picks up the telephone receiver and dials the warehouse. He tells Tommo that he wants to take the trip to Sydney.

Mick is busy moving into Susan's, with Beryl and Kevin's help. Kevin invites Mick to the wedding. Mick comments to Beryl, "Nice kid." He adds that he hopes things work out. He asks Beryl if she's worried, and she says, "Of course I am." Angela arrives and meets Mick, saying Beryl's told her lots of stories about him. Angela is there to tell Beryl that David's going away. When Mick mentions that it must be a trip to Sydney, Angela suddenly realises what's going on.

At the hospital, a nurse gives Wayne an injection as Patricia watches. The nurse says it will help with the pain. Patricia looks at Wayne and realises he wants something. She bends down and tries to hear what he's saying, but he's too quiet. He takes off the mask over his face, and whispers, "Jill." At the boarding house, Jill's telephone rings. Patricia introduces herself and tells Jill that Wayne wants to see her. Jill explains that she and Wayne aren't seeing each other any more, but Patricia says Wayne needs all the support he can get. Jill says she's made her decision, and it would be best if she stuck to it. She tells Fiona about the call, but Fiona realises Jill just wants to jump in her car and do her Florence Nightingale act. She says, "You really love him, don't you." "Yeah." Fiona tells Jill she won't be happy until she goes to the hospital, but Jill refuses, and decides she and Fiona should go to the beach. Fiona says some feelings won't lie down and be quiet, no matter how hard you try.

John gets in from work, but only Beryl is at home. Beryl tells John that Angela has taken quite a shine to Mick. John says, "He's married, isn't he?" "Separated." Beryl says she's glad Angela's not just relying on John for company. John looks thoughtful. When Angela and Kevin get home, Angela shuts the kitchen door to be alone with John. She asks him if he's mad at her for cancelling a movie date they had. John tells Angela not to complicate things for Susan by coming on to Mick. Angela says, "You're jealous, aren't you!" John denies it, and tells her to shut up, but Angela says, "I love you more than anyone - you know that, so stop being silly." She walks into the kitchen and John looks thoughtful again.

At Dural, Patricia asks Gordon if he knew Wayne was interested in Jill Taylor. Gordon says she's a nice girl, and he likes her. He asks Patricia if Wayne asked for him. She replies, "What do you think?" She says she told Wayne about Gordon's decision, and the only person Wayne has left in the world now is her. She says, "That's not much consolation, is it?!"

When Jill and Fiona return from the beach, Bunty has found Plan C in a tree. Jill is overjoyed and cuddles the kitten. She decides to go to the hospital. She stands next to Wayne, but the nurse says he may not know Jill's there. Jill bends over Wayne, kisses him on the cheek, and, as she fondly watches him, whispers, "I love you."


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