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    Written by: Christine McCourt    Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Brian Faull

Fiona tells John that Bill won't be able to help, and that John is going to the worst possible place to get an answer. She reminds him that he has no money, and says he's throwing away his life (not to mention the job she's set up for him). Fiona says she's going to bed, and tells John that if he's not there in the morning, he can go to hell for all she cares.

A while later, John is hitching a lift at the roadside. A car eventually stops, and an attractive woman driver lets John get in. She tells him she's driving to Melbourne from Surfer's Paradise, then adds that she's going to Russell Street, where she's a police cadet!

Patricia tells Angela that she's an inverted snob and likes "Scott" because he has no money. Angela says that "Scott" makes her feel happier than anyone else, and adds that she wants to invite him over to Dural again. She calls the boarding house and Fiona answers. She tells Angela that "Scott" has gone back to Brisbane because of a family problem. Angela asks if he's coming back, to which Fiona replies that she would say if she knew.

Lynn and Kevin lie on Kevin's bed. Kevin tells his girlfriend that he's glad he's best man, and she's bridesmaid, so they can spend the wedding day together.

At Bill's house, Bill tells Susan that he's had a heavy day at work, and wants to unwind. Susan offers to pay for a trip to the movies, and Bill suggests they go at once as he wants to avoid his mother. He says he's looking forward to moving out after the marriage.

Angela turns up at the boarding house. Jill answers the door, and, not knowing that Fiona told Angela that "Scott" had gone to Brisbane, tells Ms. Hamilton that "Scott" is probably out with Fiona.

John has reached Melbourne and catches up with Bill. He explains that he needs help to clear himself by finding out who really killed Sam Selmar. John wants Bill to go around asking questions such as whether Selmar had any enemies, or whether Mrs. Selmar could have murdered her own husband. Bill tells John that Mrs. Selmar has re-hired him and that she couldn't kill anyone. Bill advises John to give himself into the police, as they won't convict him if he's innocent. John accepts that Bill won't help him. Bill gives his friend some money, tells him to find somewhere to stay, and says he'll call him in the morning.

Jill tells Fiona that Angela visited. Fiona tells her boarder that "Scott" has gone away for a while. Jill says Angela might be alright if she didn't act as if there was a permanent bad smell all the time.

At the Hamiltons', Patricia answers the 'phone to Simon. He wants to speak to Angela, and he invites her out that night. She agrees to go. Patricia tells her daughter to cheer up as it's no use moping for "Scott".

The next morning, Susan and Beryl discuss the wedding - there's still so much to arrange. Susan offers to drive her mother to the market to get the shopping.

John rings Bill from a callbox. Bill says he will help John, and John says he's staying at the Rembrandt Hotel, in room 23. Bill tells John to stay in his room to keep out of danger.

Angela tells her mother she had an OK-ish time last night. Patricia says she realises Angela thinks she takes too much interest in her daughter's social life, then adds that she's happy Angela is seeing Simon. Patricia tells Angela it was so unusual for her to be interested in someone like "Scott"

Angela goes back to the boarding house, wanting to see "Scott". Jill comes to the door and, when she sees who's there, she calls Fiona. Angela introduces herself and Fiona looks startled. Angela wants to know who out of Fiona and Jill was lying the previous day. Fiona says she won't tell Angela where "Scott" is, and adds that it would be better if Angela didn't see "Scott" any more. When Jill leaves the room, Fiona tells Angela that Jill is pregnant to "Scott"! Fiona says "Scott" wanted one last fling to blot out his responsibilities. Angela asks if "Scott" is going to marry Jill, to which Fiona replies that "Scott" is very fond of Jill but isn't sure if he loves her. Fiona says she's sorry Angela had to find out. Angela tells Fiona that she knows she isn't really sorry, and won't be bothering her again.

In Melbourne, John watches Beryl from a distance. When she leaves the market to head home, John runs towards her, and they have an emotional reunion. John tells his mother he's going to sort things out by himself and says he'll explain everything when it's all over. Beryl tells John to stay in touch; she is overwhelmed to see him.

At Bill's flat, Bill makes a telephone call: he calls the police, and tells them John's hotel address. Bill won't reveal his name, but says he's not a crank and that he's telling the truth.


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