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    Written by: Rick Maier   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Brian Faull

Fiona tells Jill that "Scott" is lovesick. Jill makes fun of the dreams John had about Angela, and wants to know why he isn't calling Ms. Hamilton. Fiona explains that she asked him not to . Jill says "Scott" is a loony, but she thinks he's cute. Fiona seems pleased at Jill's interest.

Susan tells Beryl that she wants to scale down the wedding plans so it's not a freak show, and so that people don't stand around mentioning (or trying not to mention) John. Susan says that Bill has agreed to this, and suggests the wedding be held in the Palmer house. She still hasn't found another bridesmaid, though, and tells her mother that she was holding out for Lynn.

Beryl goes round to see Lynn's father, Vic Hardy, and asks him to reconsider letting his daughter be there for Susan's big day, but Hardy says he doesn't want Lynn getting a name for herself by associating with the Palmers. Back in her house, Beryl sounds off at Kevin over Hardy's attitude, and says that at least Mr Wood had given her the time of day at the school.

At the Hamiltons', Angela sits and waits for the telephone to ring. Gordon tells his daughter that it might be easier if she called "Scott".

The telephone rings at the boarding house, but it's a wrong number. Fiona asks John if he's going through withdrawal symptoms - 'Angela-itis!'. John says he can't stop thinking about her - he's angry at Fiona and asks her how he can tell her nicely to get off his back!

Angela tells Gordon that she's going to a dusk-to-dawn party. Just after she leaves the house, the 'phone rings. It's "Scott" - Gordon answers and tells "Scott" that Angela would be sorry she'd missed him, and that she had been waiting on his call.

Bill's mother, Nora, asks her son if he's looking forward to going back to work, but Bill is in a bad mood. When Mrs. Todd says she's going to see Beryl to offer help, Bill tells her to leave it, and just get him some beer. Mrs. Todd goes to see Beryl anyway, and tells her of Bill's strange behaviour. Beryl says Susan is marrying the best looking bloke in the district, and tells Nora that Susan has had a calming influence on Bill. When Mrs. Todd goes home and tells Bill she saw Beryl, Bill shouts at her. Nora asks her son if there's something he wants to tell her, and says he can trust her.

Beryl tells Susan that she needs to find a bridesmaid so she can make the dress. David arrives home from a trucking job. Beryl stresses out at him and tells him about the new wedding plans and the run-ins with Mr. Wood and Mr. Hardy. She's really upset because everything has been dumped in her lap, and all David wants to do is watch TV.

David storms round to see Vic Hardy. Hardy initially doesn't want to talk, but when David gets back into his own kitchen, he tells his wife that Lynn can be bridesmaid after all. Beryl tells David about John's call. She says it was an STD call, and adds that she didn't tell the other children so as not to upset them. She tells her husband that she's so unhappy.

Angela arrives home from her party, and Gordon tells her that "Scott" 'phoned and will call back this morning. "Scott" duly does this, and apologises for taking so long to ring again. He tells Angela that he'd like to take her out this afternoon, and she agrees to go. She is told they are going to the most exclusive joint in Manly - which turns out to be the beach, where they eat fish and chips and drink cheap white wine from plastic cups! Angela asks "Scott" why he took so long to call. He tells her that he wasn't sure she was interested, but adds that it's better when you have to wait!

David, Susan and Kevin have a talk about Beryl, and they all agree to help her as much as they can. David tells his kids that John called, and instructs them to keep a closer eye on the telephone in future, so as not to upset Beryl. Susan says John is running away from what he's done.

In Manly, "Scott" points the boarding house out to Angela. They play silly games and have fun with each other, and eventually end up kissing.

After the date, John tries to creep into the boarding house, but Fiona hears him. She tells him he looks as if he had a fun night. John says Angela's nothing like Fiona says - she's not stuck-up, and doesn't care that he's penniless. Fiona tells John that he mustn't forget the police are after him, and says it's not fair on Angela in the circumstances - he must think about what he's getting himself and Angela into. John says that maybe it's time he did something about it. He goes to his room and packs some clothes, telling Fiona that he's going to Melbourne to prove his innocence and find out who really killed Sam Selmar. He says his family won't know he's there, but he has a mate who will help him for sure - Bill Todd...


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