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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Brian Faull

Patricia continues her attempts to make "Scott" feel out-of-place at the dinner party. Conversation at the table reveals the fact that Wayne hopes to take part in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race later in the year. "Scott" and Gordon hit it off well, much to Patricia's annoyance - Gordon even offers "Scott" a lift home, although he declines in favour of the bus. Patricia is angry at Gordon for inviting "Scott" to the Hamiltons' stud when she had made it quite clear she didn't want Angela to see him. She tells her husband to put "Scott" off, but Gordon asks Patricia to give "Scott" a chance.

At the Palmers', Kevin shows Beryl the article he wrote for the school newspaper, defending John. Kevin tells his mother he didn't get the school's permission to write the piece, but Beryl says she'll kick up a fuss if the headmaster (Mr. Wood) kicks up a fuss.

When John gets back to the boarding house, he tells Fiona that Patricia is a snob, and doesn't approve of him. He says that Gordon's a nice guy, though. The next morning, Fiona is woken by Jill, who tells her landlady that "Scott" has gone to the Hamiltons' stud. Fiona hadn't been aware of this...

John joins Gordon, Angela and Wayne at the stud, and is impressed by the horses. Wayne explains about breaking-in the horses. "Scott" apologises to Wayne for taking up his time, but Wayne says he likes to keep his sister happy! He also says Patricia only rides for its snob appeal, and then tells "Scott" that Angela is only after one thing from a 'guy like him', not realising that Angela is listening close-by.

Back the the Hamiltons', Angela slaps Wayne and tells him she's not interested in a one night stand with "Scott". She adds that "Scott" is important to her, and tells Wayne that if he says anything else, she'll tell Gordon his son is ripping him off.

Fiona confronts John about not taking things slowly as he had promised. John tells his aunt that she wouldn't have been able to sleep if he'd told her about the planned visit to the stud. Fiona makes John promise not to make any more calls to Angela before the end of the week. Fiona then tells John that she's made up a history for him: "Scott Edwards" has been working for the past two years in Woop Woop, building a dam. His employer was Allied Constructions, and "Scott" was an unskilled labourer. The job has now finished, and "Scott" is on holiday in Sydney. Fiona says she's having dinner with her friend from Allied Constructions that evening, and will make sure his story becomes rock solid.

John tells Fiona that Beryl is nothing like her. He reminisces a bit, but Fiona tells him it's no good wishing he was back there. John says "Unless things get lucky, I don't think I'll ever get back there."

In Melbourne, Kevin tells Beryl he's been taken off the paper, but adds that it was worth it. He also says he was nearly expelled. Beryl says she'll see Mr Wood to sort the problem out, but when she goes to the school, the headmaster tells her that Kevin broke the rules and had to be punished. Beryl asks Mr Wood if he would stand by and do nothing if people called his brother a murderer. The headmaster says John should have stayed and faced the music if he was innocent. Beryl is furious.

Back at home, Beryl picks up a photo of John and looks at it sadly. She goes to talk to Kevin in his bedroom, and her son apologises for the headmaster giving her such a hard time. Beryl says that at least she tried; she just wished it had done some good.

At Fiona's, Jill tries to get "Scott" interested in going out raging, but he doesn't even feel up to a game of Scrabble. When Jill leaves, John picks up the telephone handset and dials a number. The 'phone rings at Beryl's - she is overjoyed when she realises who's calling. John won't tell her where he is, though - he just says he's OK. Beryl asks him when he's coming home, and tells him he has to clear his name - she says she knows he'll find a way to do it. When the call ends, Beryl starts crying uncontrollably.


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