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    Written by: Geoffrey Atherden    Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Wayne Cameron

A police car pulls up outside the Rembrandt Hotel. John is not inside, though; he is actually watching proceedings from nearby. Four policemen get out of the car and one of them notices John. He shouts, "Hey, you!" John immediately panics and starts to run. As the policeman chases him, John climbs over a fence, darts into a shop and out again and eventually manages to lose his pursuer.

David shows Susan another newspaper article about John. Susan tells her father that Beryl saw her son at the market. David says John is acting as if he's guilty. Susan points out a car outside the house on the opposite side of the road and says she's sure it's the police keeping watch.

John 'phones Fiona and tells her about the police. Fiona gives John the address of some friends of hers in Beach Street, East Bentley, where he can go and stay in safety until she arrives in Melbourne on the first flight from Sydney the next morning. Fiona says somehow or other, she'll get John out.

Fiona duly arrives the next morning and tells John that she's hired a car to get them back to Sydney. John can't work out who dobbed him in, saying that Bill was the only person who knew where he was. He can't believe Bill would call the police, though, and decides it must have been the hotel owner. Fiona says Bill must have done it; John says Bill had no reason to.

Nora Todd points out the newspaper article to her son. She says "John was here, wasn't he?" She tells Bill she heard John's voice, but Bill denies it was his best mate, saying it was another mate, Andrew Blaxland, whose voice she heard. Nora tells Bill that she doesn't like his secretiveness and wants to know why she had to tell people Bill was with her when Selmar was killed. Bill won't talk, though, and says there's nothing to worry about.

Wayne shows Patricia a picture of her in the newspaper from a social party she attended. Angela is in a bad mood - Gordon asks if it's because of "Scott". As Wayne stands in the doorway of Gordon's office, Angela tells her father she's never been so unhappy. Gordon instructs Wayne to leave him and Angela alone; Wayne immediately goes and tells his mother that Gordon gave him the evil eye when he was only trying to be sociable. Gordon tells Angela he still liked "Scott". Angela says "Scott" humiliated her because he knew Jill was pregnant when they were having fun on the beach the other day. Angela asks her father not to tell Patricia or Wayne what she'd just said. When Angela leaves the office, Wayne enters and asks his father for $50 for dinner at the yacht club. Gordon wants to know where all Wayne's money has gone. He also tells his son that his timing was lousy over Angela.

Fiona and John get back to the boarding house. They look in the Sydney newspaper, but there is only a very small article about a man evading capture in Melbourne; there is no name or picture.

Wayne tells Patricia he asked Gordon for money, and says he feels like a schoolkid who has to ask for pocket money. Wayne says Gordon should give him his grandad's trust fund money. Patricia tells Wayne he'll get the money when he's 25, but Wayne says that's another two years off yet. Wayne asks Patricia for $100 and she gives it to him. Patricia goes and asks Gordon about the trust fund. Gordon tells his wife that Wayne is immature and the money will be frittered away. He says Wayne has no concept of the value of money.

John tells Fiona that things don't make sense, and says he needs a good night's sleep.

Patricia is freezing out Gordon. He apologises for earlier and says he credits Patricia for a lot of his business success. Gordon tells his wife that he wonders how things would have turned out if they'd never left Woombai. Patricia tells Gordon he's a country boy at heart. Gordon says he remembers the first time he saw Patricia at Manly Terrace, holding Angela and trying to stop her crying. Patricia says "You always have to spoil it!"

John pores over a set of newspaper clippings Fiona has kept. He tells Fiona that Bill told him Sam was on the 'phone when he was attacked. The only way he could have known this was if he was the attacker. John then realises that Bill could have been told by the police or by Mrs. Selmar. Fiona asks if Bill was mad at Selmar too. John says Bill had a very bad temper, to which Fiona replies that Bill is as guilty as hell. John says he thought Bill was his mate. He suddenly realises Susan can't marry Bill, and immediately 'phones home. The line is engaged, however.

David is on the 'phone, talking to his father who's trying to find out if the wedding is still on. After the call, David tells Susan he shouldn't have told his father the wedding was on. The 'phone rings again and Susan answers. This time, John has got through, and tells Susan to call off the wedding. Susan tells John he's gone round the bend, but John says he knows Bill is trying to cover things up and Susan mustn't marry him. Susan tells John to go away and leave them alone.

Susan goes round to Bill's. As he comforts her, he tells his fiancée, "We know the rumours are not true." Bill tells Susan not to repeat to anyone, what John said. Nora is standing in the doorway and overhears the conversation. Bill cuddles Susan, with a very guilty look on his face.


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