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    Written by: Reg Watson and John Alsop   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Ross McGregor

Fiona arranges for John to take on a new identity. She introduces him to a doctor who comes to remove a plaster cast from her leg, as her nephew, "Scott Edwards". In Melbourne, David thinks John should return to face the music - it's the day of John's birthday, but he isn't with his family to celebrate it. Bill tells David that he has been questioned by the police several times, and he keeps telling them he can't believe John would kill someone. Bill says he almost went back to the warehouse, but didn't because his Mum was ill. Fiona offers to buy John some new clothes, but John doesn't like being a charity-case. Fiona reads John's palm, and John wants to know about his real mother, but Fiona sidesteps the issue.

Angela Hamilton is also celebrating her birthday, at the party organised by her mother.

Fiona cuts John's hair, and gives him a new top as a birthday present. She tells him to remember he's innocent. John goes out to buy some food, and, on Fiona's suggestion, rings his parents from a 'phone box to let them know he is safe. Beryl and David try to persuade John to return home, but he refuses. A policeman appears outside the 'phone box, but he is looking for a lost child, and John heaves a sigh of relief.

The next morning, Wayne reads a newspaper report about Angela's party. There is a picture in the paper of Angela, Patricia and Gordon. Angela asks Wayne when he's going to leave again, and wants to know how Wayne could cheat on Gordon. Wayne says noone will ever know, if Angela doesn't say anything...

John has another dream about the girl on horseback. He is woken up by Jill Taylor, who rents a room in Fiona's boarding house. Jill cooks breakfast and gives John the paper. John spots the picture of Angela and sees that she lives at 'Dural'. He wants to go there.

Kevin Palmer is upset by other kids at school giving him a hard time about John. He asks Beryl why John ran away if he was innocent. He refuses Beryl's offer of some tea, and says he is going next door to see Lynn.

John and Jill are out in the countryside, when John suddenly spots a girl on a horse. He quickly realises it's Angela Hamilton, but Jill doesn't believe him and teases him about it. John starts to tell Jill about his dreams, but suddenly realises Angela has disappeared. He senses that Angela is hurt, and suddenly sees a riderless horse bolting across the field. John and Jill run across the field and find Angela lying on the ground, motionless.


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