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    Written by: Reg Watson and John Alsop   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Ross McGregor

In Sydney, a young man and woman leave a restaurant in a sports car. As they are driving along, they start kissing, totally oblivious to the fact that a lorry is heading straight towards them! At the last moment, the woman notices the lorry, and her companion swerves and avoids an accident.

In Melbourne, John and Bill are at work, loading some delicate china onto a lorry, using a pulley system. At the exact moment the near-miss takes place in Sydney, John 'sees it' in his mind and lets go of the pulley, causing the china to smash to the ground. Both he and Bill are given the sack. Bill goes home and talks to Susan about what happened. He decides to return to the warehouse to plead for his job back, but Selmar says he's hired two new workers. In a fit of rage, Bill picks up a crowbar that's lying nearby, and strikes Selmar with it.

John also decides to ask for his job, but when he gets to the warehouse, he finds Selmar lying on the ground and thinks he's dead. He picks up the crowbar, then hears the police arriving and runs away. He is spotted, though.

John goes home and tells David what happened. The police turn-up, asking to speak to John, and they tell David what they think happened. David has a showdown with John in his bedroom, and appears not to believe John is telling the truth. When David leaves the bedroom, John leaps out the window. He sneaks onto the back of a lorry and makes his way to Sydney. While he's on a boat, he thinks back to when he was a little child, being taught by Fiona to remember her address. He makes his way to the address - 22, Manly Terrace - and finds Fiona still lives there. He tells her what has happened and she believes him.

Elsewhere in Sydney, the girl from the car accident turns out to be Angela Hamilton, the daughter of Patricia, and her husband, Gordon. Patricia is organising a birthday party for Angela, but Angela is not happy. She thinks something is 'wrong', but doesn't know what exactly.

Gordon and Patricia give Angela a horse for her birthday. The horse is in the grounds of their garden, and so is someone else - Wayne Hamilton - who has flown home for Angela's birthday. Patricia is less than pleased to see him.


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