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    Written by: Reg Watson and John Alsop   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Ross McGregor

Angela is taken to hospital, and John and Jill wait while she is treated. A doctor tells them Angela probably just has concussion. While they wait, John tells Jill about his dreams of a girl on a horse, and how this made him the family joke at home.

When Angela wakes up, John is standing at the end of her bed. John tells Angela that her mother is on her way, and that her horse is OK. He introduces himself to Angela as "Scott Edwards". He asks her if he can see her again, and she tells him to give her a call. Patricia, who arrives and hears this, tells Angela not to encourage "Scott", as she knows nothing about him.

Susan Palmer 'phones Bill, but he's out job-hunting - his mother tells Susan that Bill is having a tough time, as job opportunities disappear when he mentions Selmar. Susan decides to tell Bill that she's calling off the wedding.

Patricia complains about the hospital conditions, and she decides she wants to get Angela her own room, although Angela doesn't want this. Back at Dural, Patricia tells Gordon that "Scott Edwards" is scruffy. She also decides she doesn't want Angela riding the horse again.

David tries to talk to Kevin, but just ends up asking if his son is OK before leaving him. Kevin is disappointed that his father can't communicate better. Susan asks Beryl how she could get married with all the publicity, and all the gawpers that would turn up at the wedding. Beryl tells Susan about how she first saw David when she was working in a cafe, and he had stopped there for a break from his lorry-driving job. Beryl relates how hard she tried to get David to notice her. She ended up accidentally spilling a pavlova over herself, and, as she stood crying, David had come over and comforted her. Beryl tells Susan that her and Bill's problems could be sorted out together.

John tells Fiona about how he went for a drive with Jill, and ended up meeting Angela. Fiona tells John she doesn't want him to have anything to do with Angela; she fears the Hamiltons will check up on him, and discover he's on the run.

Particia tells Gordon she thought she'd faint when she heard Angela had had an accident. She adds that she doesn't know what she'd do if anything really serious happened to her daughter.

The next morning, Fiona tells Jill she wants to get the problem with John sorted out, but when she goes to his bedroom, he pretends to be asleep.

Gordon tells Wayne to collect Angela's horse, but Wayne tries to get out of it by saying he has a lunch to go to. The telephone rings. It is John calling, but Wayne doesn't realise this, and lets him speak to Angela. John asks Angela if he can see her, and she tells him to come up to Dural. John asks Jill to take him and she agrees, but says she won't lie to Fiona if she asks her.

At Dural, Wayne answers the door when John rings the bell. Angela explains to Wayne that "Scott" is the person who saved her when she fell from her horse. Wayne tells "Scott" they must have a good long chat sometime. Angela explains to "Scott" that Wayne gives everyone the third degree.

Out on the verandah, Angela tells "Scott" that she's been riding since she was 6, and knows how to fall. John tells her he's not used to the richness of the Hamiltons. He tells her he wants to find out about her. She says "What do you want to know?"

Jill tells Fiona that she took "Scott" to the Hamiltons'.

John and Angela compare birthdates, and discover they were both born on the same day. John tells Angela about his fantastic aunt, and Angela says she'd like to meet her. John and Angela agree to meet again tomorrow. John says he'll call Angela in the morning.


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