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    Written by: Don Battye   Executive Producer: Don Battye   Directed by: Alister Smart

It's evening-time. Gordon walks into the lounge room at Beryl's as Beryl sits with Robert next to her on the couch, reading him a story: "'Then instead of scolding Thumper, the mother rabbit beamed with pleasure. And as she took her little son home, she vowed she would never again scold him for thumping too much. All of the birds and animals of the forest agreed with her, and now Thumper thumps whenever and wherever he likes!'" She gives Robert a kiss and asks, "You like that story?" Gordon, standing and watching from the doorway, smiles, "I thought it was terrific!" He then goes and picks Robert up, adding, "Come on, young fella. Time for bed." Turning to Beryl, he comments, "He must be wondering who I am these days." Beryl, however, assures him, "Oh, I don't think so." Gordon heads off to the bedroom, saying, "Back in a minute." Beryl calls after him, "Like a port?" Gordon nods, "Yeah. Lovely." Beryl has a contented smile on her face.

Wayne is standing by the bar in the lounge room at Dural, a sour look on his face. Greg, Todd and Andy are all standing by the hallway doors, and Greg is teasing, "How did you get away, Andy? I thought being a dad was a full-time job!" Andy explains, "Fiona's minding her for me. Couldn't miss out on Todd's buck's night! Not every day you get a chance to destroy a mate, eh?!" Todd laughs, "You're not going to get far with me, buddy!" Andy chuckles, "You want a bet?!" He turns towards the bar and adds, "What do you think, Wayne? You reckon we can deliver him to Charlie in two or three pieces?!" Wayne just murmurs, "Yeah, we'll do our best." Andy asks in surprise, "What's wrong with you, Wayne? I thought you'd be looking forward to a night out on the town." Wayne just shrugs, "Getting a bit old for that sort of thing." Todd throws his arm around Andy's shoulder and smiles, "I'm surprised you made it anyway, mate. Haven't you got a pile of nappies to wash?!" At that moment, the front door opens and Sarah wanders in. She says, "I'm glad I caught you all before you left." She then looks at Wayne and adds warmly, "Hello." Wayne just nods, "Hi. What are you doing over here?" Sarah explains, "Charlie's worried about Todd. I'm to tell you all she wants him left alone." Andy just laughs, "Fat chance of that!" Sarah, looking at Wayne again, adds, "And to give you the ring. You have to make sure you put it somewhere safe." She hands Wayne a small jewellery box. Andy then suggests brightly, "OK! Let's get the show on the road!" The 'phone starts ringing suddenly and Wayne says quickly, "I'll catch you all outside." Greg, Andy and Todd head out. Sarah lingers and tells Wayne softly, "You look after yourself now." Wayne assures her, "I will." He then blows her a kiss and she heads out. Once he's sure he's alone, Wayne picks up the 'phone on the bar. He says, "Wayne Hamilton... Yeah, what have you got?" He listens and then exclaims, "What?... A hire car? She would've left an address... Moved? When?... Did she leave a forwarding address?" He listens again before snarling, "That could take months... Are you telling me there's no chance of finding her?" He listens once more before snapping, "Yeah, OK. Thanks a lot, Pryor." He slams the 'phone down furiously. Andy calls suddenly from the hallway, "Come on, Wayne, we're wasting time." Wayne makes his way out to the hallway, where Greg, Andy, Todd and Sarah are waiting for him. As Wayne joins them, Todd chuckles, "There's only one consolation for me tonight: that's knowing that, soon, it's going to be Wayne's turn!" Wayne stands there, looking less then impressed.

It's the next morning. Charlie is sitting on the couch in her lounge room, tying a blue bow around Isabella's neck and cooing, "My little baby's going to be the star attraction, aren't you, darling!" Greg, who's sitting on the arm of the other couch, muses, "I reckon Todd might take those honours!" Charlie comments in surprise, "You could at least have said it would be me." Greg, however, tells her, "You haven't seen Todd's condition!" Charlie sighs, "You didn't really get him drunk, did you?" Greg says, "Let's put it this way, Charlie: I hope there's something for him to lean on - apart from you!" Sarah calls across from the corner of the room, where she's doing some ironing, "Take no notice, Charlie - he's having you on." Charlie murmurs, "I sincerely hope so." Greg then says, "I hear he might not make it at all." Charlie gasps, "Why not?" Greg tells her, "The last I saw of him, he was tied to the fence outside the Opera House." Charlie gasps, "Oh no..." Greg adds, "Wearing a ball and chain..." Charlie exclaims, "What?" Greg goes on, "And nothing else." Charlie cries in horror, "You're joking..." A smile crosses Greg's face! Charlie sighs, "Oh stop it! I'm bad enough as it is - and Isabella's getting all nervous, aren't you, darling?" She gives Isabella a loving kiss!

Todd is standing behind an ironing board in the lounge room at Dural, ironing a shirt and saying, "Won't be long until I have someone else doing this for me!" Wayne, who's holding a hand to his head, wanders over to him and comments, "You think Charlie's going to do your ironing?!" Todd laughs, "Probably better at it than she is, anyway!" He then puts the iron down - on the shirt - as he adds excitedly, "I can't believe it, mate: I'm about to marry the best woman in the world!" Wayne just mutters, "Good for you." Todd looks at him and remarks, "You really hit it last night, didn't you?" Wayne points out, "It was supposed to be a buck's night." Todd laughs, "For me!" He then adds more seriously, "But I think I can understand how you feel. Me getting excited about getting married and all that: it must be hard for you; I put your day with Susan was--" Wayne interrupts suddenly and growls, "I wouldn't talk about that." Todd says quickly, "Sorry." Wayne sighs and says, "That's OK - it's just my nerves. Must have caught them from you." Todd exclaims, "Me? Nervous?!" He then looks back down at the ironing board and realises the iron has burnt a mark on his shirt. He exclaims, "Oh no! Look at that, will you? What am I going to do?" Wayne mutters, "I'll get you another one from upstairs - pre-ironed!"

Beryl and Gordon are standing with Fiona in her room at the mansion. They're wearing their wedding outfits Beryl is holding Robert and saying to Fiona, "I thought we were going to be late with the hold-up at the airport." Fiona smiles, "You've all made lightning-quick changes, I must say!" Gordon comments, "I can't believe that Charlie's actually getting married!" Fiona points out, "She has done it before, you know, Gordon - and more than once, too!" Gordon muses, "I know - but a long, long time ago." He adds, "I'm very happy for her." Beryl chips in, "She's a funny stick, but her heart's in the right place." Fiona nods, "It certainly is this time - she is besotted with Todd! And he's such a nice young man. They both have a lot to thank Wayne for." Gordon remarks, "Yes, I believe that he had something to do with them getting back together again." Beryl mutters coolly, "I doubt that he'd have that much influence." Fiona, however, insists, "Oh, he's changed, Beryl; much more than I could imagine." Gordon comments, "Surprising to hear you say that, Fiona." Fiona tells him, "For example, he's letting me do what I like with this place." She indicates the mansion. She then goes on, "We're turning it into a sort of a haven: you know - for people who have nowhere else to go; kids and so on who find their life in a crisis - and he's not even worried about the money." Gordon remarks, "Really? Well, he certainly seems to have turned over a new leaf." Beryl comments suspiciously, "Yes... It makes you wonder what's behind it, though, doesn't it?" The door to the room opens suddenly and Janice comes in. She says, "Hello, there. I just thought I'd let you know Andy and I are ready when you are." Fiona nods, "Right, dear. Coming!" She, Beryl, Gordon and Robert start heading out of the room. Out in the hallway, Janice is talking to Andy, who's standing by the front door, holding Madonna: "Now, Andy, as I was saying, you simply must do something about having Madonna christened. Jodie told me it's never been done. It's not right." As the others join them, Fiona suggests to Andy, "You could get the Minister to do it before he does the wedding." Janice exclaims, "That's a good idea! Then I could be there for it. I simply have to go up to Neville after the wedding." Beryl recalls, "That's right. Congratulations, Janice!" Gordon adds, "From me too." Janice smiles, "Thankyou." Fiona then tells her niece, "It's important that you're there for Madonna's big day." Andy looks at his daughter and smiles, "It certainly is. There'd be no show without Aunty Janice, would there, darling?" Janice then looks at her watch and says, "Come on - Charlie will be wondering where we are!" With that, they head out.

Sometime later, Sarah and Greg are standing by the french windows in the lounge room at Charlie's. Greg is saying, "Come on, we mustn't panic the bride. Everyone outside for drinks!" Janice, Fiona, Andy and Madonna head outside. Beryl - carrying Robert - and Gordon linger in the room as Sarah appeals, "Charlie, will you please change into your dress?" Charlie insists, "I just want to make sure Isabella looks alright." Greg murmurs, "Anyone would think she was getting married, the fuss you've been making!" Charlie sighs, "I just don't know where I am!" Sarah warns her, "You're going to be late if you don't pull yourself together!" With that, she and Greg follow the others outside. Beryl and Gordon go to head outside as well - but Wayne walks in from the hallway at that moment, holding a bouquet and saying brightly, "There you go, Charlie: flowers for the lady--" He breaks off as he spots Gordon and Beryl standing there. He murmurs in acknowledgement, "Dad. Beryl." Gordon replies hesitantly, "Wayne. How are you?" Wayne smiles, "Fine! Fine! It's a bit difficult organising this lady!" He indicates Charlie. Charlie, however, beams, "He's been absolutely marvellous, Gordon. You should be very proud of him." Gordon nods, "Yes, I believe you have something to thank him for." Charlie insists, "So have you, darling. The way he came up with the money for the airline when Alison couldn't help was absolutely wonderful!" Wayne looks at her, his face dropping. Gordon looks at his son and says, "You're behind Seaboard Investments?" Wayne looks at Charlie and sighs, "You said you wouldn't say anything." Charlie replies, "Oh, I'm sorry, darling, but I think Gordon had a right to know." Wayne turns back to his father and insists, "I wasn't looking for thanks or anything; I just wanted to help out, that's all." Gordon nods, "I understand." Beryl chips in curtly, "It still doesn't make up for what you did to Susan, Wayne." Wayne looks at her. He then tells her coolly, "I happen to know Susan's still alive." Beryl glances at Gordon. Charlie looks down at the floor. Wayne realises, "You all knew too, didn't you?" Charlie explains hesitantly, "Alison told us - but she swore us all to secrecy." Wayne says quickly, "I don't know why you bothered. I knew all along too. I didn't do or say anything because I knew Susan had to lead her own life, if that's what she wanted." Charlie turns to Beryl and exclaims, "You see, Beryl? What did I say?" Beryl murmurs coolly, "You do seem to have changed for the better, Wayne. We'll have to see how long it lasts, I suppose." Gordon puts his hand on her shoulder and smiles, "I have a feeling it's going to." Sarah walks back in suddenly through the french windows and says, "Excuse me - if I could interrupt... Charlie, if you don't go and change, we'll have to put the service off 'til tomorrow!" Charlie claps her hands to her face and exclaims, "Oh my goodness!" She looks at her watch and gasps, "Oh yes, look at the time! Why didn't somebody tell me?" With that, she dashes off to her room. Everybody else stands there with broad grins on their faces!

Out in the garden, Janice, Andy - who's holding Madonna - and Fiona are standing with a Minister. He's asking, "Who's to be the child's Godmother?" Andy replies, "Um..." He then turns to his left and asks, "Fiona, would you mind?" A look of astonishment crosses Fiona's face. She murmurs, "Andy... are you sure? I thought Janice..." Janice is standing there, looking sour-faced. Andy insists, "I think it's only fair; you're the one who's going to be stuck with helping me look after our baby while Janice is out raging!" Janice retorts indignantly, "What are you talking about? I don't go out raging." Andy assures her, "You will, up with Neville!" Turning back to Fiona, he asks, "What do you say?" Fiona nods hesitantly, "Oh... well..." Andy turns to Janice again and sighs, "Stop looking like that; you haven't been left out." Janice retorts, "I wasn't." Andy tells her, "You were!" He then turns to the Minister and says, "I'd like to have her christened 'Madonna Janice Green'." The Minister nods at him. Andy then looks at Fiona again and asks, "Will you be in it?" Fiona smiles warmly, "I'd love to, Andy."

Inside, Charlie waltzes from the hallway into the lounge room, followed by Sarah. Gordon is standing in the lounge room and he smiles, "Charlie, you look ravishing!" Charlie beams, "Thankyou, darling. That means a lot to me - you've always had such impeccable taste!" The 'phone starts ringing suddenly and Charlie comments in surprise, "I wonder who that could be." Sarah tells her, "I'll get it." Charlie, however, insists, "It's alright, darling - I've got it." She goes and picks up the 'phone and says, "Hello?" The caller is Alison, who's standing in the public callbox near her motel. She has tears in her eyes as she says, "Charlie? It's me. I just wanted to wish you the very best of luck and let you know that I hadn't forgotten about you." In her lounge room, Charlie just murmurs hesitantly, "Oh. That's very kind of you." Alison cries, "Please, Charlie, I do care very much about you." Charlie just says, "Thankyou for ringing," and she hangs up. She then turns to Gordon and shrugs, "It was a wrong number." She looks upset, though. In the callbox, Alison leans her head against the 'phone, tears flowing freely...

Wayne and Todd are standing in the garden at Charlie's. Greg, Janice and the other guests are standing behind them. Sarah joins her brother and Janice a few seconds later. They then all watch as Gordon escorts Charlie across the lawn. Charlie is holding Isabella. They pass the assembled guests and Charlie joins Todd, in front of the Minister. She puts Isabella down gently on the lawn and stares into Todd's eyes, dreamily. The Minister clears his throat and says, "Excuse me - shall we begin?" Charlie and Todd continue staring at each other! Gordon eventually steps in and says quietly, "Charlie..." Charlie looks at him and then at the Minister. She mouths in realisation, "Oh!" She hands her bridal bouquet to Sarah and then turns to the Minister and says, "I'm terribly sorry." The Minister assures her, "It's nice to see such devotion." Charlie beams, "Isn't he gorgeous?!" The Minister, looking slightly embarrassed, then begins, "We are gathered here today..."

The door to Alison's motel room opens slowly. Alison steps inside and throws her handbag down on one of the beds. She goes and sits down on the other one and stares at the floor, sadly.

In the garden at Charlie's, the Minister is saying, "To love, honour and cherish 'til death us do part." Todd repeats, "To love, honour and cherish 'til death us do part." Behind them, Fiona leans across to Janice and whispers, "It'll be your turn soon, my darling." Janice whispers back, "I'll be terrified. I can't wait!" The Minister carries on, "I hereby take this man as my lawfully-wedded husband." Charlie repeats, "I hereby take this man as my lawfully-wedded husband." The Minister says, "To love, honour and cherish 'til death us do part." Charlie recites, "To love, honour and cherish 'til death us do part." Andy wipes some dribble from Madonna's mouth as they watch. Sarah stands staring at Wayne. Greg stands watching his sister. The Minister nods to Wayne, who removes the ring from his own finger and hands it to Todd. Todd places it on Charlie's finger. She looks down at Isabella. The Minister then says to Todd and Charlie, "I now pronounce you man and wife." Charlie looks at Todd fondly as the Minister adds, "You may kiss the bride." Charlie and Todd turn to each other and start kissing passionately! There's a trickle of laughter as the kiss continues for several seconds!

Alison is standing in her motel room, looking upset. There are tears on her face. She sighs heavily.

Greg opens a bottle of champagne in the garden at Charlie's. It flies everywhere, causing Fiona to exclaim humorously, "What a waste!" Janice comments, "I don't know that Neville would approve..." Fiona just sighs in exasperation, "Oh Janice!"

In her motel room, Alison sighs heavily. She then picks up her handbag and heads slowly out.

Charlie and Todd are kissing passionately in the marquee in Charlie's garden. Everyone is gathered around and Andy smiles, "Take it easy, Charlie - you'll smother him!" Charlie and Todd pull apart and Charlie beams, "I've never been so happy in my entire life." She then looks down at the ground and picks up Isabella, exclaiming as she does so, "I just realised: you've got a daddy at last, haven't you, little darling!" Todd looks round at Wayne, who is standing there with a broad grin on his face! A few yards away, Gordon gives Beryl a warm hug as he says, "I do hope things will be better between you and Wayne." Beryl tells him, "I can't promise anything, but for your sake I'll try." Gordon smiles, "What more could I ask?" In the centre of the marquee, Greg hands Charlie and Todd glasses of champagne. They clink them together, lovingly.

The door to Alison's motel room opens again and Alison heads inside. She's carrying a pile of newspapers. She sits down on one of the beds and turns the pages in one of the papers until she finds what she's looking for. It's a notice reading:

'BANKRUPTCY ACT 1966. NOTICE OF MEETINGS. ALISON CARR. Take notice that Alison Carr of Dural, Sydney, has on the 19th Day of August, 1987 signed an authority under Sub-section (1) of Section 188 of the Bankruptcy Act 1966 authorising Blogs, Bloops and Associates of Bluesville Road Sydney to call a meeting of her creditors (and to take control of her...'

Alison stares at it, flatly.

Someone else is also reading the bankruptcy notice. It's a guy wearing a blue checked shirt. He stares at the notice and then throws the newspaper in a bin. He heads across to a car, opens the door and climbs inside. He then puts the key in the ignition, starts the engine and drives off.

The wedding guests are all standing in the lounge room at Charlie's. Charlie throws the wedding bouquet - and it's caught by Janice! Charlie beams, "Congratulations, darling! I couldn't have wished for a better catch for myself!" No one notices as Wayne slips out through the french windows. Janice announces, "I must go now. Bye bye, everybody." The assembled guests murmur, "Bye! All the best! Good luck!" Charlie calls, "Give my love to Neville." Janice and Fiona head out into the hallway. As Janice goes to open the front door, Fiona stops her and says, "Janice..." Janice turns to her. Fiona gives her a loving hug and tells her, "I'm going to miss you." She then adds quickly, "I wasn't going to say that!" Janice, tears welling in her eyes, murmurs, "Oh Aunt Fiona, I'm going to miss you too - so much... But I'll be back." Fiona nods quietly, "Yes, I know." Janice goes on, "I think the luckiest day of my life was the day I met you. You've taught me so much." They pull apart and Fiona puts her finger to Janice's lips. She says with tears in her eyes, "Don't say any more. I know. I feel exactly the same way. Have a wonderful life..." With that, Janice turns and heads out. Fiona blows her a loving kiss...

Wayne is sitting on a small wall out in the back garden when Sarah joins him and smiles, "Getting some fresh air?" Wayne, who looks annoyed to see her, turns away and mutters, "Yeah." Sarah goes on, "Charlie looked gorgeous." Wayne nods, "Didn't she jus--" He breaks off suddenly as he spots something in the distance. It's Susan, who's creeping along behind some trees nearby. Wayne stares at her as Sarah smiles, "I can't wait for the day when we're doing the same thing." Wayne runs off suddenly and starts chasing after Susan. Sarah calls after him in surprise, "Wayne? What's wrong?" Greg joins them, saying, "You two better hurry: Charlie and Todd are about to leave." Sarah has grabbed hold of Wayne's arm. Wayne just starts pushing her away, snarling, "Get away from me, you stupid kid. You don't mean a thing to me, alright?" With that, he runs off. Greg stands there, staring at Sarah, who has tears streaming down her cheeks. He walks over to her and puts his arm around her. Sarah cries, "Did you hear what he said?" Greg just tells her gently, "Take it easy. I'm not surprised." Sarah, breaking down, sobs, "He said he loved me." Greg soothes, "Come on... we've got a mother to get to know." With that, he starts guiding Sarah back towards the house.

The front door at Dural is flung open and Wayne pushes Susan inside. She cries, "You're insane! You can't keep me here against my will." Wayne just pushes her up against the wall and snarls viciously, "I don't care what I have to do. You're never going to leave me again." Susan's stares at him, her eyes wide with terror.

It's evening-time. Fiona opens the front door at the mansion to find a young man and woman standing there in the rain. She says, "Yes?" The man replies, "We were told you might have a room." Fiona smiles, "Oh yes, come on in." The young man adds, "My wife's pregnant." Fiona looks down at the woman's bump and chuckles, "Yes, I can see that!" A distant look appears on her face suddenly. The man asks, "What's wrong?" Fiona tells him quickly, "Oh nothing. Nothing. You've just taken me back a very long time..." She then adds, "Come on - I'll show you your room."

In Melbourne, Beryl and Gordon - who's carrying Robert - head into the kitchen at Beryl's, having just arrived home. Beryl smiles, "Here we are!" Gordon puts Robert down on one of the kitchen chairs as Beryl heads over to the sink and starts putting on an apron. Gordon looks at her in surprise and asks, "What are you doing?!" Beryl indicates some dirty cups on the side and replies, "I hated leaving them this morning. I'm not going to go to bed without doing them." Gordon bursts out laughing. Beryl looks at him and asks, "What are you laughing at?" Gordon replies, "You! You can't help yourself, can you?" Beryl smiles warmly, "Well... I've realised that, over the years, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a housewife." Gordon looks down at Robert and says, "And mother?" Beryl nods fondly, "And mother." Gordon walks over to her and gives her a hug as she concludes, "I'm a very lucky woman. I have you... I have my son... and I have my home. I couldn't ask for any more." Gordon asks, "Would it surprise you if I said I feel exactly the same way?" Robert calls out suddenly from the kitchen chair, "Daddy!" Beryl and Gordon look at him. Beryl then looks back up at Gordon and says lovingly, "Oh Gordon, that's the first time he's called you that. I'm so happy."

Fiona is sitting in her room at the mansion, chuckling as she watches TV. There's suddenly a knock on the door and she calls, "Yes, come on in." The door opens and the young man dashes in. He cries at Fiona, "It's my wife - she's got pains." Fiona turns the TV off quickly and tells him, "You call the doctor; the number's in the book. I'll keep an eye on her." With that, she heads out of the room. The young man goes and picks up the 'phone.

Alison is sitting on one of the beds in her motel room, staring into space. There's suddenly a knock on the door. Alison looks round sharply, but doesn't move. The person knocks again. Alison cries out, "Go away." The catch on the door starts turning. Alison stares at the door as it then starts to open. As she sees who's standing there, a look of astonishment crosses her face. It's David! He tells Alison, "I read about you in the paper. I thought you might need some help." A smile of relief crosses Alison's face. She stands up and goes and flings her arms around David, giving him a loving hug. The two of them then start kissing passionately.

Wayne is standing in the lounge room at Dural, tears streaming down his face. He's staring at the floor and murmuring, "Susan... Susan... I'm sorry... I didn't mean it." Susan is lying on the floor. She's dead. Wayne bends down to her and starts lifting her towards him as he sobs, "Susan... I love you... I love you so much..." He places his cheek against hers and holds it there. He then places Susan gently back down on the floor. Turning towards the bar, he goes and picks up the 'phone. He dials three digits slowly: '000'. When the call is answered, he says tearfully, "Can you get me the police?"

The young man is sitting at the desk in Fiona's room at the mansion, an anxious expression on his face. He hears a baby crying suddenly, and he looks round towards the open door as Fiona comes in. She's wiping her hands with a towel. She looks at the young man and says to him warmly, "Well, what did you want? A boy or a girl?" The man just blinks at her and replies, "I don't care." Fiona says, "Good - 'cos you've got one of each." A wistful look crosses her face as she thinks back 25 years, to the birth of John and Angela, and concludes, "Twins..."



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