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    Written by: Don Battye   Executive Producer: Don Battye   Directed by: Alister Smart

As Wayne goes to turn the ignition on, Charlie runs out of the house suddenly, yelling, "Wayne, darling, could you hold on a moment?" Wayne turns and looks at her as she adds, "I've been so frantic I forgot to take Isabella to the beauty parlour! You couldn't give us both a life, could you?" Wayne smiles and reaches across to open the passenger-side door. Charlie and Isabella climb in. From her hiding place in the bushes, a look of horror crosses Alison's face. She gasps to herself, "No, Charlie. No... don't get in the car. No..." All-of-a-sudden, she leaps out from her hiding place and runs towards Wayne's car, yelling, "Don't turn on the ignition." Wayne and Charlie both turn to look at her. Charlie asks Wayne blankly, "What does she mean?" Alison stops running as Wayne stares at her, realisation dawning. He then yells, "Go on, Charlie, get out of the car." He and Charlie both climb out quickly. Alison starts running off down the driveway. Charlie and Wayne watch her go.

A short time later, Wayne is helping Charlie into her lounge room. Charlie is crying, "I just find it so incredible. She was actually going to... to blow you up. Isabella too..." She looks down at the dog she's holding in her arms. Wayne helps her to the couch, telling her, "You'll be alright, Charlie. Just relax." He then looks over at the 'phone and snarls, "She's not going to get away with it. The cops will nail her good and proper this time." He starts to dial. Charlie, however, says quickly, "No. Wait. Just a moment." Wayne turns and looks at her. Charlie sighs, "I know it was an appalling thing for her to try and do, but do we have to call the police? She looked as if she was in a terrible state." W stares at her.

The door to the dingy motel room is flung open and Alison dashes in. She grabs a suitcase and starts piling her clothes and other belongings into it - including the photo of her and Charlie. She looks over at the budgie and sighs, "Sorry, bird - you're going to have to fend for yourself. The door to the room opens suddenly and Wayne walks in menacingly. Alison turns to look at him. Wayne grabs her shoulders and pulls her towards him, snarling, "Almost got away with it, didn't you?" Alison starts to say, "No, no, I wasn't going through with it; I just wanted to scare you. I wasn't going to let it happen." Wayne just glares at her and snaps, "You're gutless, aren't you? I really think you would've saved me if it had come to the crunch." He then snarls, "Would've cost you to organise it, too; you don't get a job done like that these days for peanuts. If my guess is right, you don't have much cash left. In fact, you don't have much of anything left. No family... no friends... no money... which all adds up to no future - which is exactly what I was after." He pushes Alison down onto the bed. He then points a finger at her and says coldly, "You're finished." He steps over to the door, but then turns back to Alison and adds gleefully, "One small thing: I've decided to marry Sarah. You won't get an invitation. See ya." With that, he heads out. Alison sits on the bed, looking horrified.

A while later, Wayne is back with Charlie in the lounge room at her house. Charlie asks in concern, "What did you do to her?" Wayne, however, tells her, "Not a thing. Don't worry - I took your point: the woman's a mess. I was firm with her, of course - made sure she won't ever try anything like that again..." Charlie asks, "But is she alright?" A smile crosses Wayne's face and he comments, "You're amazing, Charlie! After everything she's done, you still care about her." Charlie insists, "I can't forget how long we were friends. I'm only glad that nobody else knows about it - and I think it would be wise if we kept it between ourselves." Wayne nods, "I agree. How that woman sleeps at night, I just don't know." Charlie murmurs distantly, "She's a tragic figure, Wayne. Underneath it all... oh, I can't help feeling sorry for her..."

It's nighttime. Alison is lying asleep in the bed in her room at the motel. She's tossing and turning. She starts dreaming - about Charlie making a fuss of Isabella... about Gordon putting his arm around her... about David... about Greg and Sarah... and about John and Angela..." Her eyes open suddenly and she sits up, looking devastated.

The next morning, Gordon is sitting at the dining table at Beryl's. He's wearing his dressing gown, but has some books open in front of him and is writing on a sheet of paper. Beryl emerges from the kitchen and asks in surprise, "What are you doing? It's a bit early for work, isn't it?" Gordon sighs, "I woke up two hours ago, thinking about things." He then admits, "It, er, wasn't an accident when we lost that aircraft engine; it was sabotage - and because of it, the insurance company won't cover the cost of a replacement - which means we're in rather a difficult financial situation at the moment, to say the very least. In fact, we could have to shut up shop." Beryl puts her arms round him and soothes, "Why didn't you say something before?" Gordon tells her, "There was no sense in you worrying too." Beryl muses, "I might be old-fashioned, but I believe a problem shared is a problem halved. To think I've been flying around like a kid with a new toy and you've had something like that on your mind. I feel so selfish." Gordon, however, insists, "Don't be silly - it's been a joy watching you. You're the one bright spot in my life." Beryl asks, "You mean that?" Gordon nods, "You and Robert." Beryl kisses him on the top of the head and smiles, "I love you!" The 'phone starts ringing suddenly and Gordon says, "I'll get it." He heads over to answer, saying, "Gordon Hamilton... Yes, Greg, what can I do for you?" He listens before exclaiming, "You're kidding! You've actually got the money?... No, it's wonderful! It's saved our collective necks!... Yes, I certainly will - and Greg, thanks for calling." He hangs up and tells Beryl, "Greg Stevens, the company accountant. We're back in the air again: Seaboard Investments have come up with the money for the new engine!" Beryl queries, "Seaboard Investments?" Gordon explains, "The outfit that bought Doug and Bill's shares. I don't know who's behind it, but I'd certainly like to shake his hand! For a start, he's saved me my job!"

Sometime later, Beryl places a plate of toast on the kitchen table and says to Craig, who's sitting at the table, "I thought you might like some more." Craig, however, murmurs, "No thanks - I've had enough." Beryl sits down with him and sighs, "Not talking about your dad isn't going to help." Craig just retorts, "I can't see what there is to talk about. I knew what would happen anyway: he panicked and thought I'd wreck his family. I don't want to know him." Beryl sighs, "Craig--" There's suddenly a knock on the front door and she breaks off. She mutters, "Who could that be?" Gordon calls out, "I'll get it." Out in the hallway, he heads to the front door, putting his jacket on as he does so. He opens the door to find Doug standing there. Doug smiles, "Morning! Sorry to call so early. I thought you might've heard something from Caroline." He steps inside and he and Gordon head into the lounge room as Gordon tells him, "Not a word." They head through into the kitchen and Beryl says, "Morning, Doug." Doug replies, "Beryl. Craig. How are you?" Craig stands up and mutters, "OK. I'm just going to go for a jog. See ya." With that, he heads out. Beryl explains to Gordon and Doug, "My fault, I'm afraid - I tried to get him to talk about something he didn't want to face." Doug grins, "It's pretty obvious you didn't tell about Debbie coming back from the States, then!" Beryl comments, "Did Gordon tell you?" Doug nods, "Yeah. He said she 'phoned last night." Beryl tells him, "We thought it would make a nice surprise - but with the mood he's in, I doubt Debbie's in the mood for very good reception..."

Caroline is standing in the lounge room at her house, staring at a photo of her and Doug on their wedding day. She then looks away and walks over to some packed bags on the coffee table. Apparently having second thoughts, she goes and places the photo on top of the stereo system at the side of the room. She then walks over to the 'phone and starts dialling.

Gordon and Doug are standing with Beryl in the lounge room at Beryl's. Beryl is warning Gordon, "When you pick Debbie up, don't say anything about Craig, will you?" Gordon smiles, "No, I'll let them sort it out!" With that, he and Doug head out to the hallway. The 'phone starts ringing suddenly. Beryl picks it up and says, "Hello? Oh, Caroline!" Doug stops in his tracks and looks round. Gordon follows him back into the room. On the 'phone, Beryl says sympathetically, "Yes, I know, you must be feeling lonely. Where are you calling from?... And you're leaving this morning?" She listens. She then turns to Doug and says quietly, "She's at home. Quick. I'll keep her talking." Doug dashes out. Beryl turns back to the 'phone and says to Caroline, "Are you sure there's nothing I can say to help you change your mind?... You'll be a lot happier with your friends around you, love."

A short time later, Doug is driving along in his car. He turns a corner and pulls up at the side of the road. He turns off the engine, climbs out of the car and stares at it. It has a flat tyre. Doug kicks the tyre in fury, hurting his foot in the process! Making a sudden decision, he reaches into the back of the car, pulls out his briefcase and starts hobbling down the road on foot.

A while later, the front door opens at Caroline's and Doug bursts in, calling, "Caroline! Caroline?" There's no answer. Doug heads into the lounge room, but finds it empty. He suddenly spots the photo on the stereo of him and Caroline on their wedding day. He picks it up and stares at it, sadly.

Beryl is tidying away Robert's toys in her lounge room when the front door bangs and Craig comes in. Beryl looks at him and asks, "Did you run the cobwebs off?" Craig nods, "A bit." He then says sincerely, "Look, I'm sorry I've been such a louse." Beryl smiles, "You don't have to say anything - but you could give me a hand, if you don't mind." Craig nods, "Sure." Beryl goes on, "One of the taps in the kitchen has sprung a leak. Could you have a look at it for me?" Craig nods, "Uh huh." He heads through to the kitchen and approaches the sink. From behind the kitchen door, a voice yells suddenly, "Surprise!" Craig spins round to find Debbie standing there! She cries, "Oh God, I missed you!" She then flings herself at Craig, who picks her up and spins her around. When he puts her down again, he replies lovingly, and with a broad grin on his face, "Same here, believe me!" They hug tightly.

The front door opens at Caroline's and Caroline walks in. She heads into the lounge room and goes to pick up the photo of her and Doug on their wedding day - only it isn't on the stereo. Doug appears behind her, suddenly. He's holding the photo and he asks, "Looking for this?" Caroline turns to face him. Doug goes on, "I was about to get a cab to the airport, but I thought I'd see if I stood one last chance with you." Caroline turns away and murmurs, "It's obvious you didn't get the tape I sent you." Doug just says, "Oh? And why's that?" Caroline retorts, "Because you wouldn't be here now if you had." Doug sighs, "Is that all you honestly think of me? I got the tape - and it doesn't matter a damn. The baby is ours, Caroline - and I love you. And I'm proud you're going to make me a dad. And I love you. And we're going to be happy. And I love you!" Caroline stares at him. A smile of relief then crosses her face. She throws her arms around Doug and beams, "Oh God, I love you too!"

Wayne is sitting with Charlie in the lounge room at her house, laughing, "It's your wedding; seat them where you like!" Charlie, who's staring at a pad of paper, sighs, "It's truly the most complicated decision I've ever made in my life!" Wayne grins, "I'm sure whatever you decide will be right." Charlie declares suddenly, "And if it's not, too bad!" Wayne smiles, "Good for you!" He then says more seriously, "There is one thing I think you should be worried about." Charlie looks at him and asks blankly, "What?" Wayne replies, "Me." Charlie exclaims in surprise, "Why?" Wayne tells her, "I'm just a little concerned about being best man with dad and Beryl there. Things could be a bit strained." Charlie, however, assures him warmly, "Don't be ridiculous, darling - if it wasn't for you, there wouldn't be a wedding. I've already told you that!" Wayne insists, "Love would've found a way, Charlie." Charlie, however, muses, "I doubt it. You've been absolutely marvellous and I won't even contemplate you not being there beside Todd." Wayne murmurs, "I don't know... It's been hard trying to convince people I'm turning over a new leaf." Charlie smiles, "You've convinced me, darling, and that's a pretty good start. If only you could tell Gordon about getting him out of strife with the airline company." Wayne, however, says sharply, "No. No, he's not to find out - and you're not say anything either, Charlie." Charlie assures him, "You know me, darling. My lips are sealed." Wayne adds, "He'd hit the roof if he found out. He'd see it as charity." Charlie cries, "Not necessarily. Oh I'm sure your father would understand. Why don't you tell him?" Wayne just shakes his head and replies, "Uh uh." Charlie persists, "If he knew how much you'd changed, I'm sure he'd be eternally grateful. I could speak to Gordon on your behalf, if you really wanted me to." Wayne, however, insists, "No. I don't want any chance of things going wrong at your wedding." Charlie smiles at him fondly and says, "Darling, I really can't get over how much you're considering other people these days; I really can't! You know, just between yourselves - not that I have any intention of interfering, of course! - but I have a very strong feeling that everything is going to be just fine between you and Gordon before very long!" Wayne smiles at her, warmly.

Alison is standing in the public callbox near the motel. She dials a number. When the call is answered, she says, "Hello? It's Alison. I'm... I'm not very well. It's because of Wayne." Tears well-up in her eyes as she goes on desperately, "I... I wondered if you might be able to help me. You're my only hope. Please..."

Craig is sitting with Debbie at the kitchen table at Beryl's. He's telling her, "It's been so hard to come to terms with it, Deb. I mean, he said what I thought he'd say, but it's from your own father... It would've been better if I'd never gone near him. I was just a problem, not a son. At least Ruby treated me a bit more like a human being." Debbie says sympathetically, "Even though you think you shouldn't have got in touch, it's better to know the truth, don't you think? Otherwise you'd have gone on being obsessed about him and done it anyway. It's better to at least know where you stand." Craig murmurs, "Yeah. The main problem's been how I've handled it. You should've seen the way I've been treating people - especially Beryl. All she wanted to do was help, of course." Debbie insists, "You can make that up." A smile crosses Craig's face as he says, "I will too!" They hear a noise out by the front door, suddenly, and Craig comments, "It sounds like Doug and Caroline have arrived." Debbie exclaims, "Great! I've missed them too!" Craig teases, "More than me?" Debbie leans towards him and smiles, "Of course more than you, you dummy!" With that, they kiss passionately!

A short time later, Caroline, Doug, Beryl, Gordon, Craig and Debbie are all out standing around the dining table. Debbie is cutting into a heart-shaped cake, which is covered in pink icing. She looks at Craig and says, "Are you sure you didn't remember this was the anniversary of the day we met?" Craig replies hesitantly, "Er... sorry - it's true. I've had a lot of things on my mind." Debbie teases, "You just keep your mind on me from now on, thankyou!" Doug looks at Craig and remarks with a glint in his eye, "She's a tough one, mate; you want to watch her. You got to keep your woman in line, you know." Caroline remarks, "Charming!" Doug adds quickly, "Or she can keep you in line; it doesn't matter which way it works!" There's laughter all round! Beryl then says, "If I might just interrupt... I would like to say how nice it is that we're all together and all happy, for a change! Wouldn't you agree?" Craig nods, "Couldn't agree more. I was crazy going out looking for my family. I should've realised it was here all along." Gordon says, "I'm glad you feel that way, Craig. I'm sure we all feel the same." He then turns to Doug and Caroline and adds, "And when are you two going to get your act together, hmm?" Caroline laughs, "Oh, we understand each other!" Doug muses, "Most of the time!" He then says more seriously, "Look, I don't want to sound like a party-pooper or anything, but it's time for us to go." Looking surprised, Caroline asks, "Go where?" Doug tells her, "Surprise." Caroline sighs wearily, "Oh Doug, not another surprise. I don't think I could handle--" Doug just interrupts and insists, "It's a good one - honest!" Beryl tells him, "We don't doubt it, Doug, but really - you two are impossible!" Caroline slips her arm through Doug's as he laughs, "I know!" He then says to his wife, "Don't just stand there! Come on!" With that, they start to head out. As they do so, Caroline smiles at Beryl, "Thanks for the afternoon tea." Beryl assures her, "It was a pleasure." Caroline adds sincerely, "And thankyou for just being you." Beryl smiles, "You just get going!" With that, Caroline and Doug head out. Gordon looks at Beryl and muses, "You're right: they really are impossible!" He then turns to Craig and Debbie and orders, "Now, you two behave yourself. We've had enough arguing to last a lifetime!" Debbie, however, looks at Craig and comments, "Oh, I don't know. I think a good argument's fun!" Craig looks at her fondly and smiles, "Yeah - especially when you make up!" Beryl looks at Gordon, happily.

Doug and Caroline are walking briskly across a shopping arcade. Caroline demands, "Doug, will you tell me what you're up to?" Doug replies, "Just be patient." Caroline retorts, "I'm petrified!" Doug insists, "It's nothing bad - ridgy didge!" Caroline says coolly, "I know that look on your face. You're always up to something suspicious." They stop walking. They're standing outside the shop on which the signwriter was working as Doug was watching the day before. Caroline demands, "Well? Why have we stopped here? I couldn't eat another thing, and I don't fancy fish and chips." Doug explains, "I've just bought it." Caroline stares at him and murmurs, "You what?" Doug points to the window of the shop and says, "Look!" The signwriter has painted a large picture of a pearl sitting in the middle of an oyster. Doug tells Caroline, "I figured we needed something safe and solid as an investment - and you and our daughter can have as many pearls as you like." Caroline turns to look at him. She comments fondly, "Oh, Doug!" She then demands mockingly, "What makes you think it's going to be a girl?" Doug crosses his arms and sighs, "Of course it is!" Caroline goes on curtly, "I had my mind set on a boy - and I think I should decide." Doug retorts, "Well I'm the father." Caroline snaps, "And I'm the mother and I demand equal rights." Doug tells her, "Equal, yes, but not all your way." Caroline gasps, "I don't know! You haven't changed, have you?" Doug retorts, "And neither have you!" The two of them then both burst out laughing! Caroline throws her arms around Doug. Doug picks her up and spins her around, happily.

The 'phone rings at Dural. Wayne picks it up at the bar and says, "Wayne Hamilton." Alison comes on and replies coolly, "Guess who." She's standing in the public callbox. She goes on gleefully, "I just thought I'd tell you you're not quite the mastermind you thought you were. There's just one thing you've overlooked - and I'd say there's every chance it's going to bring you to your knees." At Dural, Wayne mutters in a disinterested tone, "Oh yes? And what's that?" Alison tells him, "It to do with Gordon." Wayne growls, "Tell me another one, Alison. Stop bothering me. It's over. And don't try bluffing me again, either." In the callbox, Alison shrugs, "If that's what you think - but if you're not in the park near my hotel in an hour, you're going to regret it for the rest of your life." She then adds quickly, "Oh - bring your chequebook." Wayne just growls, "No deal," and he hangs up. He looks back down at some papers on the bar. A thoughtful look begins to cross his face, though.

An hour later, Alison is sitting on the bottom of a climbing frame in a park. Wayne wanders over to her and she muses, "I knew if I mentioned Gordon I'd get you here. Don't want daddy to find out what we've been up to, would we?" Wayne retorts, "What's it all about? What do you want?" Alison smiles, "It's not to do with Gordon. There's someone I want you to see." She indicates the road in front of them. Wayne turns to look. A car pulls up in the road. It's red - and it's driven by Susan. She stares at Wayne and then drives off again. Wayne watches her go, the expression on his face not changing. Alison taunts, "So much for my not having any ammunition left. How does it feel knowing she's still alive? It was because of me she got away from you." Wayne turns back to look at her. He then mutters, "Big deal. Think I was fooled by that fake suicide? It was just a chance to get sympathy from people. Nice try, Alison - but it didn't work." With that, he marches off, leaving Alison looking disappointed.

A short time later, the front door at Dural flies open and Wayne dashes in. He runs over to the telephone in the hallway and dials a number. When the call is answered, he says quickly, "Ron, it's Wayne. I want you to track down the owner of a Toyota Corona, 'NBC 343'." He then snaps, "Do it now. I want the information as soon as possible."

Susan is standing with Alison in her motel room, saying curtly, "I don't believe for a minute he knew I faked my death." Alison retorts, "Then it was a very good act." Susan cries, "You know what he's like: he can look as if butter wouldn't melt in his mouth while he's shoving in the knife. You've known him longer than me." Alison insists, "Sometimes he's for real." Susan retorts, "Not this time." Alison tells her, "In that case, we've still got a chance to nail him. Could you stay around for a few more days? If he could just see you two or three more times it'll break him; he wouldn't be able to stand up to it and then I can move in on him again." Susan, however, sighs, "Alison, I only came back because of you. You've been good to me over the years and I'm grateful so I repaid the debt. I'm happy to help you out in any other way that I can; I don't have much cash--" Alison interrupts and insists, "No, no, I can get by. It's more important to me to get Wayne - and you're the only one that can help me." Looking worried, Susan cries, "Please, I can't." Alison says quickly, "Charlie's wedding's coming up. Your mother will be there... Gordon... Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could arrange for them to see you for a few moments? Wouldn't that be marvellous for all of you?" Susan hesitates before murmuring, "Yes, it would. It would make peace with mum, finally." Alison presses, "Then stick around. Help me." Susan, however, shakes her head and cries, "No, I can't. I couldn't risk going back to Dural. This time I've got to vanish for good - and I won't be letting you know where I am, either, in case Wayne tries to force it out of you." She turns towards the door. Alison cries, "Please, Susan, you're my last hope." Susan just says, "I'm sorry. It's final. You're a survivor. You'll make it." Alison whispers, "But I'm afraid." Susan retorts, "So am I. I have to take my chance." With that, she gives Alison a quick hug, says, "Bye," and heads out. She leaves Alison standing there, devastated and all alone.


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