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    Written by: Bruce Hancock   Executive Producer: Don Battye   Directed by: Mark Piper

Sometime later, Alison approaches Greg and Sarah, who are standing outside a building signposted 'University Union'. She smiles, "Hi! I hope you've both recovered from yesterday." Sarah remarks, "Quite a day, wasn't it?" Greg adds, "I think you should visit a bit more; I love watching Phyllis squirm!" Alison, however, tells him, "I'm not going to be able to visit for a while; I'm heading back to Sydney soon." Greg asks, "Why?" Alison explains, "Business. I came down here to tie something up and it's almost done." Sounding disappointed, Greg comments, "I thought you'd be staying for a while." Alison tells him, "I'd love to; it would be nice to see more of you two. Still, I haven't gone yet; why don't you both come over and have dinner with me tonight?" Greg smiles, "Sounds great!" Alison adds, "Get your homework done early - I don't want you getting into any trouble!" With that, she leaves them. As she walks off, Sarah says to her brother, "I'm not sure that it's such a good idea, Greg. Phyllis'll hit the roof if she finds out." Greg retorts, "I hope she does." Sarah sighs, "We shouldn't provoke her - it'll only make things worse." Greg just retorts, "Sarah, Phyllis has been walking over us for years; you know that. We've got to stand up for ourselves a bit more." Sarah, however, cries, "We've also got to live together. I can't take any more arguments; it's driving me crazy." Greg asks calmly, "Does that mean you're not coming tonight?" Sarah just shrugs, "I'm not sure." Greg says, "I don't understand why you don't like Alison." Sarah, however, insists, "I do; I like her a lot - and I want to find out everything she knows about our real mother. It's just..." Greg growls, "Phyllis." Sarah nods, weakly. Greg mutters, "Why the hell should we worry about Phyllis? She doesn't give a damn how we feel; as long as we're well-dressed and smile in front of her friends, she's happy." Sarah retorts, "I don't like it either, but she'll freak if we keep seeing Alison, and the arguments will just get worse." Greg just retorts, "Let them. What we do is our business - not Phyllis's, not anybody's. If you want to come to dinner tonight, you should. For the first time in your life, do something you want to do."

Gordon and Beryl are standing outside the front door at Beryl's. As Gordon unlocks the door, Beryl looks around and comments, "I wasn't sure I'd ever be standing here again." As Gordon opens the door, he smiles, "Welcome home!" The two of them head inside - to find the lounge room in a mess! Gordon muses, "Oh dear... I don't think Craig and Debbie expected you home so soon." Beryl exclaims, "I can't believe Debbie would allow it to get so filthy in the first place. Heaven knows what the kitchen looks like." She heads out there to find that it's also a mess. Gordon tells her, "They have been flat-out - Craig studying, Debbie working. I'm sure it was just a lack of time." Beryl mutters, "That's no excuse to leave the place looking so filthy. I don't know where to start." Gordon offers, "I'll give you a hand." Beryl, however, tells him, "No, don't be silly. You go and see Doug." Gordon asks her if she's sure. Beryl insists, "It's alright - I don't mind. Besides, I'll know I'm really home with a mop in one hand and a dishcloth in the other!" Gordon smiles, "Alright - I'll see you soon." With that, he gives Beryl a kiss and heads out. Beryl takes off her cardigan.

Doug is talking on the 'phone in the lounge room at Caroline's, saying, "Fine so far - although Gordon hasn't been out to the airfield yet. I'm a bit worried I've made it all sound a little flashy; he might get a bit of a fright when he sees it... Let's hope you're right." He then asks, "How are things going up in Sydney?" Caroline, who's sitting at the desk in Fiona's room at the mansion, sighs, "Exhausting. Would you believe I've done 25 radio and TV interviews for the book in the last couple of days? I don't know how I'm going to keep this smile pasted on my face!" She listens to Doug and then says, "I'm glad it's finishing soon... Day after tomorrow, I think; why - is there something wrong?" Doug says quickly, "No! It's just that I didn't expect you home so soon, that's all... Of course I'm glad; just, you don't have to rush, that's all." There's suddenly a knock on the door. In Sydney, Caroline comments, "You sound as though you're deliberately trying to keep me away... Good, I can't wait to see you too, either. Bye, my darling." She hangs up. In Melbourne, Doug does likewise and then goes to answer the door - to find Gordon standing on the step. As he lets him in, Doug remarks, "You're early! I thought you and Beryl would still be settling in." Gordon, however, replies, "She seems to have everything organised in that department - which is great: gives me a chance to have a look at the set-up I've heard so much about. You all set?" Doug says in concern, "I hope I haven't made our little operation sound like some sort of international carrier; we're not all that flash." Gordon insists, "It doesn't matter." Doug adds, "And we're not, probably, as big as I described it, either - but it'll grow." Gordon assures him, "It's alright: I'm not going to back out!" Doug says quickly, "I wasn't worried about that." Gordon replies, "Good. Let's get out of here!"

A while later, Gordon and Doug are standing with Bill Sanders in the office at Sanders Air Charter. Doug introduces Gordon and Bill to each other. As they shake hands, Bill tells Gordon, "I've heard a lot about you." Gordon smiles, "Whatever Doug said, believe half of it!" He and Doug head over to a table and sit down as Bill goes and puts on a kettle. Gordon asks, "Where do we start?" Doug suggests, "How about a few basic job definitions?" He then says, "The way I see it, Bill takes charge of the flying side: dealing with students... maintenance of aircraft... that sort of thing. Gordon takes charge of management: running books... tax... cost-cutting... financial projections; anything to do with money. My job is to drum up new business and make sure we keep expanding." Gordon nods, "That's fine by me." From the kitchen area, Bill says, "We'll all be doing what we're good at - and I can't say I'd miss the paperwork!" Debbie walks in suddenly. She stops in her tracks as she exclaims, "Gordon! What are you doing here? When did you get back?" Gordon tells her, "This morning." Debbie starts to say, "But Craig and I--" She breaks off as she groans, "Oh no..."

Beryl has finished setting her house to rights. She plumps-up the cushions on the couch and then picks up a basket of washing from the armchair. Hidden underneath it is a book, which she places on the bookshelf. As she does so, she looks at a photo album lying there, and she picks it up. She opens it and looks at the photos inside: Kevin and Lynn on their wedding day... Beryl holding baby Davey... A look of longing appears in her eyes.

A while later, the front door bangs at Beryl's and Craig walks in, holding a box of groceries. Beryl stands up from the couch - where she's still looking at the photo album - as Craig stares at her in shock and says, "Beryl! You're not supposed to be here yet." Beryl muses, "So I gathered." Craig tells her, "I only stopped in to stock up the house before you got back; I'm on my lunchbreak. We didn't want you coming home to an empty cupboard - or a dirty house..." He looks around. Beryl comments, "I came back to both - but you don't have to worry about the cleaning: I've done it." Craig murmurs, "Sorry. We were going to have it spick and span. Anyway, I haven't even said hello yet. It's good to see you!" He gives Beryl a hug and she smiles, "It's good to see you, too - but I must say: I'm disappointed. Not only did I come back to the house looking a wreck, I found yours and Debbie's clothing in the same bedroom." Craig nods uncomfortably, "That's right." Beryl tells him, "Well, I think you should move back into separate rooms. I'm not really happy with you sleeping together." Craig says warily, "I don't want to sound rude, Beryl, but what Debbie and I do is our business." Beryl says curtly, "While you're under this roof, Craig, it's very much my business. You seem to forget you're guests here, and I want you back into separate rooms." Craig stares at her and points out, "We're not kids, Beryl - and we are engaged to be married. If you don't want us sleeping together under your roof, then maybe we'd better find another one." Beryl just shrugs, "If that's what you think."

The front door opens at Caroline's and Alison walks in, loaded down with bags. The 'phone is ringing. Alison dumps the bags and then goes and answers the 'phone, saying, "Hello?... Gordon! Where are you ringing from?... No, I just got it. Why, is anything wrong?... I see." From the offices at Sanders Air Charter, Gordon tells her, "I could tighten up a lot of areas; even so, it's not the golden goose we thought. My suggestion is that you don't do anything until we meet with Bill's accountant; have a look at the figures. How does tomorrow sound?" Alison, however, tells him, "I can't - I'm going back to Sydney tomorrow; I've got some urgent business. Don't worry - I'm sure you and Doug will make a go of it..." She adds, "Listen, Gordon, thanks for being honest with me - I really do appreciate that. Goodbye." She hangs up. At the airfield, Gordon hangs up and comments to Bill and Doug, "It looks like you're in luck - or rather we're in luck." Doug exclaims, "You mean the deal's still on?!" Gordon nods, "Yes - she thinks that we can pull it off, no matter what shape the business is in." Doug and Bill look at each other in delight.

Michael is sitting with Fiona in her room at the mansion. Caroline is standing behind them. As she pours some tea, Fiona asks Caroline, "What sort of questions do these interviewers ask?" Caroline replies, "Oh, mostly about my childhood family; something relevant to the book." Fiona hands her a cup of tea. Caroline takes it and says, "I'm not complaining - if it hadn't been for this promotional tour, I wouldn't have been able to come up to Sydney to see you all." Michael asks, "Did you get a chance to visit everybody?" Caroline replies, "Almost - except Wayne: he wasn't even on the list." Michael comments absentmindedly, "He's in no condition for visitors - not after trying to kill himself." Fiona and Caroline both look at him in shock. Caroline murmurs, "What?" Michael says hesitantly, "Apparently he's blaming himself for Susan's death. We found him unconscious two days ago up on the cliff where Susan died." Fiona asks, "Why was he unconscious?" Michael explains, "Sleeping pills. Fortunately, we got him in time to have his stomach pumped." Fiona sighs, "I knew he was devastated by Susan's death, but I didn't--" Michael interrupts and tells her, "You can't tell what people are feeling, no matter how well you know them." Caroline asks disinterestedly, "Is he still in hospital?" Michael replies, "No. He discharged himself this morning; I couldn't stop him." Caroline asks, "Where did he go?" Michael shrugs, "Home, I imagine."

There's a sharp knock on the front door at Dural. Wayne emerges from the lounge room, walking slowly and looking tired, and opens the door. Caroline immediately steps inside. She's holding a bunch of flowers. She says to Wayne, sounding 'concerned', "I'm sorry. I hope you don't mind me dropping in, but when I heard what you've been through, I couldn't bear the thought of you being on your own. I thought these might brighten the place up a bit." She indicates the flowers, adding, "They're Susan's favourites. I'll put them in some water." She heads into the lounge room. Wayne follows her and demands, "What do you want?" Caroline insists, "Nothing. I came because I was worried. It must be awful for you. Susan was very close to all of us, Wayne." Wayne murmurs in a tiny voice, "Please don't..." He sits down as Caroline carries on, "We'll miss her - very much. If it's any consolation to you, I know exactly what you were going through when you were trying to commit suicide. I don't know if you remember, but I was on the verge myself recently - in your nursing home. As a matter of fact, I've brought you a little memento of those days." She reaches into her handbag and removes a small bottle, telling Wayne, "Sleeping pills. I gather you finished all yours..." She then says coolly, "It must be frightful for you, Wayne, living the rest of your life without Susan." She puts the tablets down on the coffee table and adds, "I'll leave these here. " She head back over towards the front door before looking round at Wayne again and saying, "Just think: if they hadn't found you, it would all be over by now. No more pain. What you were trying to do was the best thing; by far the best possible solution." With that, she heads out. Wayne looks at the bottle of sleeping pills. He then picks it up...

A short time later, Caroline walks into Fiona's room at the mansion and smiles, "Back again!" Fiona, who's doing some ironing, tells her, "You must let me tag along to one of these interviews; I haven't heard one yet." Caroline, however, says, "I wasn't at an interview. I went to see Wayne." Fiona looks at her, sharply. Caroline goes on, "The temptation was too much. I couldn't resist rubbing salt into his wounds. And oh! did it hurt: just before I left, he was almost about to swallow a second bottle of sleeping pills." Fiona says warily, "Don't you think maybe that was a little excessive?" Caroline, however, retorts, "After everything that Wayne put me through? Nothing short of murder would balance the scales." Fiona sighs, "Caroline, Wayne is at rock bottom; no one deserves more than that." Caroline just growls, "Wayne deserves a lot more. I'll never forget how I felt when he set me up that night in that gym, watching me like some sort of a sadist, making me relive that time in prison..." Fiona murmurs gently, "That must have been horrible." Caroline tells her, "Wayne loved it - almost as much as he loved locking me up in that nursing home like some sort of an animal. I came closer to a much worse death than Wayne did, believe me. His only regret was that I didn't come close enough." Fiona pauses before saying softly, "I understand how you feel, Caroline, I really do, but there's no point in getting off at Wayne now; it will just go on and on and on, both of you getting hurt. Believe me: no one wins those sort of games." Caroline, however, just tells her, "At the moment, I think I've got a very good chance of winning; an excellent chance, in fact." Fiona stands there, looking worried.

Gordon is sitting at Debbie's desk in the offices at Sanders Air Charter. Debbie is standing behind him. He's saying to a young man standing in front of him, "You're the only driver that delivers petrol here, aren't you?" The man retorts, "Yeah. Any problem?" Gordon introduces himself, adding, "As of today, I'll be managing Sanders Air Charter." The man smiles, "Pleased to meet you. Bernie Cook." Gordon indicates to him to sit down. He then says to Cook, "This morning I was going through the books and I noticed a rather large fuel account - it seems that Bill is being charged for twice the petrol that he actually uses." Cook asks, "Why's he doing that?" Gordon points out, "You send him the invoices." Cook retorts, "I only charge him for what he uses." Gordon, however, says coolly, "Really? I'd say that he's paying for somebody else's fuel as well." Cook mutters, "Bull. I'd be the first to know if that was going on." Gordon muses, "I'm sure you would..." Cook stares at him and demands, "Are you saying I'm doing the dirty on him?" Gordon retorts, "Bill can prove that he hasn't been receiving the petrol that you reckon he's been getting; that's all I'm saying - but I believe that you're rather friendly with some of the other pilots; I'd say that somebody's been getting the odd free tank." Cook stands up and snaps, "You ought to be careful who you point the finger at, mate. Somebody might break it." He goes to walk out. Gordon calls after him, "I'd be perfectly happy to go to the police if you'd prefer that. On the other hand, if you tell me their name... as long as the company is reimbursed, we can forget the whole thing." Cook glares at him as he adds, "It's up to you: a little egg on the face or the risk of a criminal record and some time in jail..." Cook walks back over reluctantly and sits down again. He then admits, "I've been giving some to one of the other blokes. It started off as just a couple of gallons. I guess it got out of hand." Gordon asks, "His name?" Cook cries, "You don't need that, do you? Couldn't I just get the money from him and pay you back?" Gordon retorts, "No. I don't want this to happen again. Having his name is like a security deposit." Cook sighs before admitting, "Dave Whitton." Gordon looks at Debbie, who writes it down. He then turns back to Cook and says, "Thankyou. I'm sure that we can work together profitably and honestly; however, if anything like this happens again, I will hand you straight over to the police." Cook nods at him. He then stands up and walks out. When he's gone. Debbie smiles, "That was telling him!" Gordon just comments, "I hope he took it seriously." Debbie then says, "Bill is lucky to have you; it would've taken him ages to get around to sorting that out, even if he knew he was losing money hand-over-fist." Gordon asks casually, "Does he spend all his time on the 'planes?" Debbie nods, "Every minute - he's either fixing them or flying them. He's very good, but he really doesn't have a clue about how to run a business." Gordon shakes his head and murmurs, "No..."

Sometime later, Alison, Gordon, Doug and Bill Sanders walk through the front door at Caroline's, Doug saying to Gordon as they do so, "You've got something up your sleeve; I can smell it!" The four of them head into the lounge room and sit down as Gordon explains, "I wanted to discuss Bill's trip to America." Bill comments, "We covered most of it at lunch; I reckon it'll go off without a hitch." Gordon, however, tells him, "To be honest, Bill, I have reservations. I'm sure you can cope with the selection of a 'plane and the technical aspects of the trip, but I don't know that you have much time for the paperwork." Doug comments, "You mean the contracts and all that?" Gordon nods, "Mmm." Looking at Bill again, he goes on, "With due respects, I think you need a hand." Bill replies, "You're probably right: I'm not too good with the old accounts." Doug suggests, "Why doesn't Alison go?" Alison, however, tells him, "No, no, I have business in Sydney." Gordon, however, tells Doug, "It doesn't matter." Doug looks at him and asks, "You got someone else in mind?" Gordon nods, "I think you might be surprised. I thought young Debbie would do an excellent job." Everyone looks at him. Gordon points out, "You've seen her operate - she's very efficient; and she gets on well with Bill. The accounts are meticulously organised and she's got a good business head to boot. I think she'd be perfect." Bill remarks, "I've got to admit: she's been a Godsend in the office." Doug adds, "You're right: she would be good." Gordon smiles, "I'm glad we all agree. I'll see what she says tonight."

It's evening-time. The front door bangs at Beryl's and Debbie walks in - to find the place neat and tidy. A look of guilt crosses her face. Beryl emerges from the kitchen and says stiffly, "Hello, Debbie." Debbie grins, "Beryl! Gee, it's good to see you!" Beryl murmurs, "It's good to be back." Debbie then gives her a warm hug before then saying, "Gordon told me you got home early. I'm so sorry about the mess; it wasn't like this the whole time, honestly." Beryl just retorts, "That didn't bother me much - not as much as the fact that you and Craig have been sleeping together." Debbie looks down at the floor before murmuring, "I didn't think that would bother you; I mean, we are adults." Beryl retorts, "Adults or not, you're not married, are you?" Gordon emerges from the kitchen as Beryl adds, "I know that seems old-fashioned, but it is my house and that's the way things are." Gordon smiles, "Hello, Debbie." He then says to Beryl, "Can you have a look at the dinner? That recipe doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever, I'm afraid." Beryl nods, "Yes, alright." She heads off to the kitchen. When she's gone, Gordon tells Debbie gently, "Don't worry about it. She's just keyed-up about being home; it'll be OK." Debbie comments warily, "I hope so. I wasn't really expecting to come home and be told all that." Gordon pauses before then saying, "You know that Bill is heading to America soon... well, how would you like to make a second booking for yourself?" Debbie stares at him in surprise. She asks, "Go with him?" Gordon nods, "He needs someone to keep him organised, and we decided you'd be best." Debbie gasps, "America?!" Gordon smiles, "I take it that means yes!" Debbie exclaims, "Yes! Of course!" Her face then falls, though, and she murmurs, "No. Wait a minute. I can't." Gordon asks, "Why not?" Debbie explains, "Craig." Gordon points out, "You'd still be on a salary; he wouldn't be without support; and it wouldn't be forever." Debbie, however, sighs, "No, that isn't it. We've had a little bit of trouble lately - there was another girl; she was a friend of mine. She tried to win him over; she almost did." Gordon suggests, "Maybe the trip is just what you need? A short break from each other." Debbie, however, tells him, "No. That's what the problem was last time: I was away at work so much that Craig never got to see me. I'm really flattered you asked me, Gordon, but I'll have to say no. Craig's got a lot on at school and we need time together at the moment." Gordon nods at her, looking disappointed.

Sarah and Greg are sitting in the lounge room at Caroline's. Alison hands them both drinks and asks, "How was uni?" Sarah replies, "Not bad." Alison comments, "You're doing Arts, aren't you?" Sarah nods, "I'm doing to do BET next year." Alison asks, "Teaching?" Sarah replies, "Should be great; I'm looking forward to it." Greg, however, mutters suddenly, "Rubbish. The only reason Sarah's studying to be a teacher is because of Phyllis. She really wants to be a hairdresser; Phyllis won't let her - it's not 'respectable' enough." Alison asks, "What about you?" Greg retorts, "Same problem. Thanks to Phyllis I'm doing Law. It bores the pants off me. There's no way I'm going to finish, let alone practice." Alison pauses before saying, "I want you to think about something after I leave. The offer might seem a bit rushed, but how would you feel about coming up to Sydney?" Greg asks, "For a holiday?" Alison smiles, "To live - with me." Sarah and Greg stare at her in surprise.


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