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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Executive Producer: Don Battye   Directed by: Mark Piper

The next morning, Nick emerges through the front door of Charlie's and walks over to his car. He climbs in, starts the engine and starts heading down the driveway. As he heads towards the main road, he doesn't notice a taxi stopping to let him go by. Pamela is sitting in the back seat of the taxi. She stares at Nick's car as it heads away from Charlie's. She looks furious.

A short time later, Alison opens the front door at Charlie's to find Pamela standing on the step. Pamela says curtly, "Spent the night here, didn't he?" Alison asks 'innocently', "Who?" Pamela retorts, "Nick." Alison just shrugs, "What if he did?" Pamela mutters, "I thought so." Alison tells her curtly, "Just getting my own back." She heads into the lounge room. Pamela follows her, going on tersely, "Like you did last night? Sending out bad vibes for all you were worth." Alison sits down as she retorts, "Just proving two can play at the same game. Now you know how I felt when you did it to me." Pamela warns coolly, "Just keep your hands off Nick; is that clear?" Alison muses, "I thought sisters were supposed to share!" Pamela, however, growls, "Don't pull that stunt. I don't think of you as family; I never have." Alison comments sourly, "Now we're showing our true colours. You set out to use me from the start; you were never interested in family. Hardly the type, when I think about it. No wonder your husband and children don't want anything to do with you." Pamela snaps, "Leave my children out of this." Alison asks lightly, "You bit touchy about it, are you?" Pamela just retorts, "I'm warning you." She then goes on, "Anyway, your children aren't exactly beating a path to your door, are they? I may have lost my husband and my children, but I'm not going to lose Nick - so if you want a fight, you've got one, and don't expect me to back off, because I won't." With that, she turns and walks out, leaving Alison looking annoyed. After the front door has slammed shut, she murmurs to herself, "Neither will I, sister dearest..." She then stands up and heads to the telephone. She looks up a number on the index and dials it. When the call is answered, she says, "Hello, it's Alison Carr... Yes, it has been a while. There are a couple of people I'd like you to try and track down for me..."

Sometime later, a 'plane lands at an airport in Melbourne.

A while later again, Alison pulls her car into the car park of a university and brings it to a halt. She takes out two photographs from her handbag and looks at them. One shows a young man in his late-teens and one shows a young woman of a similar age.

A short time later, Alison is heading towards the main campus building on foot. A young man and woman pass her. They're not the people from the photos. Another young woman passes her, but it's still not who she's looking for. A further young man approaches and Alison says to him suddenly, "Greg? Greg Hudson?" It's the guy from the photo. He looks at Alison in surprise and says, "Yes?" Alison tells him, "We've got something to talk about." Greg says, "We have?" Alison nods, "Yes." Greg then smiles, "You've got me at a bit of a disadvantage! You know my name but I don't know yours." Alison explains, "Alison Carr - but you can call me 'Aunt'" Greg stares at her!

A few minutes later, Alison and Greg are walking in the grounds of the university, Greg saying as they do so, "It's come as a bit of a surprise to discover I've got an Aunty - and to find she's a pretty hip lady!" Alison smiles, "I'm just coming to grips with the fact that I've got a nephew who's quite handsome!" Greg then asks, "How did you recognise me? Or where to find me, for that matter..." Alison replies, "Your grandmother: I went to see her in Albury." She then tells him, "You're probably wondering why I came to see you at all. Apart from the fact that I was curious to know what my nephew looked liked, I'm trying to locate your mum. Unfortunately, grandma couldn't help us there. You see, she's been released from jail not long ago and no one seems know what's happened to her." Greg stops walking and remarks, "I didn't even know she was out." Alison replies, "About six weeks ago. I thought you might like to help me find her." Greg tells her, "I'd love to. I feel a bit guilty about her, really." Alison asks in surprise, "Why?" Greg explains, "When I was younger, I couldn't understand why she never wrote or tried to get in touch with me or my sister. I always thought one day I'd try and find her, but I just got bogged-down in my uni course and never had time." Alison asks, "Are you sure you've got the time now?" Greg points out, "There's going to be two of us looking, isn't there? And you seem to have some pretty good contacts: you pulled me out of the woodwork..." A smiles crosses his face as he then continues, "I've just had a thought: the family's having a barbecue later on this afternoon. Why don't you come?" Alison asks warily, "Are you sure that's a good idea?" Greg points out, "You're part of the family, aren't you? You might find it fun!" He then takes out a sheet of paper to write down the address. As he does so, he asks, "Do you need directions?" Alison, however, assures him, "No, no, it's alright. I know Melbourne: I grew up there." She then asks, "What time?" Greg hands her the address as he replies, "After four." Alison smiles, "Good. I'll see you then!" With that, she walks off. Almost immediately, a young woman walks up to Greg and asks, "Who was that?" It's the girl from Alison's photo. Greg tells her, "That was a relative." The young woman remarks, "I've never seen her before." Greg just smiles, "Don't worry: you'll meet her at the barbie." The young woman stands there, looking surprised.

An older man and woman are putting a drinks table together for a barbecue. The young woman from the photo joins them and the woman asks her to help move a table. As they move it, the woman remarks, "I hope there's enough food..." The man just replies, "I wouldn't worry, Phyllis: you always over-cater." The girl chips in, "I won't be here, so that's one less mouth to feed." Phyllis asks in surprise, "Why won't you be here?" The girl explains, "I managed to get a ticket to the INXS concert." Phyllis says curtly, "Well you can't go." The girl, looking annoyed, asks, "Why not?" Phyllis tells her, "Because your father has some very important business people coming to this barbecue; he wants to make a good impression." The girl retorts, "They won't know whether I'm here or not. Please, mum, I really want to go." Phyllis just shrugs, "I don't care. I want you here as part of the family." Greg joins them, holding a box of drinks, and tells his mother, "Sarah's right: if they haven't met her, they're not going to miss her." Phyllis Hudson, however, retorts coolly, "One day, young man, you'll realise the importance of the family unit when it comes to business. Sarah's not doing it for me; she's doing it for your father - and that, in turn, is helping us all." Greg stands there, sheepishly. His mother walks off back to the house. Greg then turns to Sarah and tells her quietly, "You should stay, you know, for the barbie?" Sarah sighs, "I really wanted to go to that concert." Greg tells her, "I know - but if you stick around, you're going to see a much better show when our relative arrives..."

Pamela is sitting with Michael in his room at the mansion. She tells him, "It's about Nick." Michael sighs, "What's he done this time?" Pamela replies, "I've discovered he's seeing someone else." Michael remarks, "That's typical of my brother. I don't think he's ever been honest in any relationship. It isn't the first time this has happened and I'm sure it's not going to be the last." Pamela says, "You know him better than anyone else. What do you think I should do: time to get out?" Michael nods, "Yep." Pamela sighs, "Easier said than done." Michael tells her, "It might seem difficult right now, but in the long-run you'll find it's the answer. End it now before you get hurt any more." He then adds, "Perhaps there's one or two other things I should tell you about my brother..." Pamela looks at him in surprise.

Sometime later, Pamela is sitting at the bar at Dural, a glass of scotch in her hand. Nick is standing staring out through the lounge room window. Pamela tells him, "I'm very sorry about last night." Nick tells her, "No need to apologise. Feeling alright now?" Pamela nods, "Yeah - I had a good day." Nick walks over to her and suggests with a twinkle in his eye, "Then perhaps we can make it a good night..." Pamela, however, just asks bluntly, "What did you do after you left me last night?" Nick shrugs, "I went home, of course." Pamela snaps quickly, "Liar. You went next door - because I saw you leaving this morning; and Alison took great delight in telling me that you'd spent the night with her. I thought we were supposed to be having a one-to-one relationship." Nick, however, retorts, "No - you wanted that. I never committed myself to you or Alison." Pamela growls, "So it's musical beds: you just sleep with whoever's available." Nick says curtly, "I'm out for a good time; I told you that at the beginning. If you've chosen to read something else into it, that's your fault." Pamela mutters, "Feelings don't count?" Nick retorts, "Of course they do - at times - but I'm not looking for some full-on commitment, so don't make me feel guilty about it." Pamela stares at him and says coolly, "That's something you've never felt. Never in your life..." Nick demands, "What's that supposed to mean?" Pamela, however says quickly, "Forget it. Frankly, I've just about had enough. I don't know where this relationship is going anymore. Either you want to see me or you don't - but you're going to have to make up your mind very soon..."

Bill Sanders lifts a heavy box onto a table at the offices of Sanders Air Charter. Doug walks in, suddenly, and looking around, comments curtly, "I thought you were going to clean this place up a bit; it looks more like a warehouse than an office." Bill just shrugs, "I've got to stack this freight somewhere." Doug asks, "Where's Debbie?" Bill replies, "Out delivering some stuff." Doug growls, "I told you Alison was coming here to case the joint. It's important we make a good impression." He then takes off his jacket and starts moving the boxes across the room as he goes on, "You've got to look like you're running an efficient operation here; that's what I sold her on. OK, maybe I did go overboard a bit with the profit potential, but I had to do something to get her interested. If she finds out the truth before we've got her signed up, we've had it." He adds, "When she gets here, let me do all the talking, alright?" Bill remarks, "There must be easier ways of getting finance." Doug retorts, "There was - but Gordy put the kibosh on Wayne, so we're stuck with Alison."

A while later, Doug is stuffing some papers into a desk drawer as Alison walks in and says, "Sorry I'm late - I got caught-up." Doug smiles, "That's OK! Glad you could make it." Alison replies, "I was determined to get here. If I'm going to be a shareholder, I want to know what I'm buying into." Doug indicates the office and tells her, "What you see is what you get. As you can see, we've got more freight than we can handle, and heaps of enquiries from people who want to use the service - but we can't help them without the new jet." Alison asks, "Where do you keep the books?" Doug tells her quickly, "Everything's in order." Alison, however, insists, "I'd like to see them." The office door bangs suddenly, and Bill walks in. Doug introduces him and Alison to each other. As they shake hands, Bill smiles, "You're a bit of a surprise." Alison asks, "Why?" Bill explains, "I hadn't expected someone quite so attractive!" Alison looks at Doug and asks, "What have you been doing: painting me as some sort of dragon-lady?!" Doug asks, "Me?! Of course not!" He then asks her, "How long are you staying in Melbourne?" Alison replies, "Today... Maybe tomorrow. It depends." Doug asks, "On whether you sign with us or not?" Alison tells him, "That and something else I've been following up." Doug then tells her, "If you're looking for somewhere to rest-up, you can use our place." Alison comments, "Caroline won't mind?" Doug smiles, "She's off doing a book promotion." Bill then chips in and asks Alison, "Would you like to go for a joy flight?" Alison asks, "When?" Bill replies, "Now, if you like." Alison, however, tells him, "Some other time." Bill asks, "Can I show you around? Have a look over the rest of our set-up." Alison glances at her watch and nods, "Yes, I think I've got time for that."

Sometime later, the barbecue at the Hudsons' is in full swing when Greg walks into the back garden with Alison. He tells her quietly, "I'll just call the family together." He calls out to those who are gathered nearby, "Dad... Sarah... Phyllis... there's someone I want you to meet." The three members of the Hudson family approach and Greg tells them, "This is Alison Carr." Mr. Hudson says, "How do you do." Greg adds, "She's a relative of ours: our mother's sister." Mr. Hudson says in surprise, "Pamela?" Alison nods, "That's right." Sarah says eagerly, "Do you know my mother? Have you seen her?" Alison, however, tells her, "No. I'm trying to contact her, though." Sarah beams, "That would be wonderful." Phyllis Hudson says coolly, "That's all very interesting, isn't it? Still, I don't think this is the moment to discuss the subject." Greg asks, "Why not?" Mrs. Hudson retorts, "Because I have no intention of being rude and neglecting my guests. Your father has to do business with these people." Turning to Alison, she adds, "I'm sure you understand, Miss. Carr." Alison nods, "Of course." Mrs. Hudson then suggests to her, "Why don't you stay and have something to eat with us?" Greg says curtly, "That's why she came: I invited her." A look of concern crosses Mrs. Hudson's face. Alison tells her, "I'd like to. Thanks."

Sometime later, Greg is pouring himself a drink when his mother walks over and tells him, "We need some more ice." Greg mutters, "Can't someone else get it?" Mrs. Hudson sighs, "I'm asking you." Greg retorts, "So?" Mrs. Hudson points out, "Greg, I'm your mother--" Greg, however, interrupts and says loudly, "No you're not. My real mother just got out of jail for embezzlement. You know that." The guests turn to look at him as they overhear what he's saying. He turns to them and goes on angrily, "Oh, I'm sorry - I thought you all knew that Phyllis was only our stepmother." Mrs. Hudson says quietly, "And it's times like this I wish to God I wasn't. How dare you embarrass your father and me in front of our guests." Greg snaps, "That's all you care about, isn't it? Your precious image." Mr. Hudson calls over, "That's enough, Greg." Greg, however, retorts, "No it's not. Has she ever done anything for me and Sarah that she didn't complain about?" Mrs. Hudson glares at him and snaps, "You ungrateful brat." Greg just retorts, "That's right: go for it, Phyllis. I'll tell you what: I don't know what my real mother was like, but I'm sure as hell she couldn't have been any worse than you." With that, he storms off. Sarah follows him. Alison stands where she is, a sly smile beginning to cross her face...

A short time later, the front door opens at Caroline's and Alison and Greg walk in, Alison asking as they do so, "Why didn't you just walk out?" Greg explains, "I couldn't leave Sarah - not to cope with Phyllis on her own." Alison asks, "Why not take her with you?" They head into the lounge room as Greg explains, "I couldn't: she was too young - and she loved dad." He goes on, "We tried everything to split them up - without success. I don't know why he stays married to her, because underneath it all I really don't think he likes her." Alison suggests, "He felt his kids needed a mother figure, and anyone was better than none." Greg mutters, "Even the wicked stepmother." Alison then asks, "How does Sarah feel about her?" Greg replies, "Same as I do: she can't stand her. First she used to put up with it, but eventually Phyllis knocked it out of her. Now she just puts up with it to keep the peace." Alison pours two glasses of scotch as she says, "I'd like to talk to her again; it wasn't any good today - there were too many people around - but she seems like a nice kid." Greg nods, "She is." Unknown to Alison, Doug is standing in the hallway, putting on a tie, listening as she goes on, "I only hope we hit it off like you and I have." She then goes on, "Tell me: if it was possible for you to leave home, would you?" Greg nods, "I'd be out like a shot!" Alison muses, "You never know: I might just be able to work something out..." In the hallway, a smile crosses Doug's face. He looks impressed!

It's evening-time. Alison walks into the kitchen at Caroline's, where Doug is doing some cooking. She remarks, "Something smells good." Doug tells her, "Toasted cheese sandwiches. You like one?" Alison replies, "I wouldn't say no to half; I didn't eat much at the barbecue - the food was hideous." Doug grins, "Is that where you picked up Greg? I knew Charlie was into cradle-snatching, but I didn't know you were! Asking the guy if he'd leave home if he could...!" Alison just shrugs, "Sometimes the direct approach is best..."

It's the next morning. Phyllis Hudson is clearing away the empties from the drinks table in the Hudsons' back garden. Greg joins her and remarks, "I thought dad would have cleaned this mess up last night." Mrs. Hudson retorts, "After the spectacle you made of him in front of his guests, he was too embarrassed to do anything; and thanks to you he drank far too much and now he's trying to sleep off a terrible hangover." She adds curtly, "I'm sure he's going to have something to say to you when he gets up." She walks across the garden to where Sarah is cleaning up another table. Greg follows her as she growls, "I don't know why you went off with that woman." Greg shrugs, "She wanted to talk." Mrs. Hudson mutters, "It was bad enough you invited her here in the first place." Greg points out, "You asked her to stay." Mrs. Hudson growls, "What choice did I have?" Greg tells her, "She was family." Mrs. Hudson, however, mutters, "Don't be so ridiculous. We don't know who she is - or what she wants, for that matter." Greg snaps, "Come off it. The only reason you don't like her is because she's related to dad's first wife: our real mother." Mrs. Hudson glares at him and cries, "Why do you go out of your way to be so unpleasant?" Greg retorts, "Maybe it's because you bring out the worst in me." Sarah chips in suddenly, "Stop it, Greg." Mrs. Hudson stares at Greg and says coolly, "It has always been understood that that woman's name was never to be mentioned in this house. I'd like you to remember that, Greg." With that, she marches off. Sarah glares at her brother and demands, "Why do you bait her?" Greg sighs, "I can't help it." Sarah points out, "It doesn't make it any easier." Greg just tells her, "Don't worry: you won't have to put up with it for much longer..."

Doug walks into the office at Sanders Air Charter to find Bill asleep in his camp bed. He sighs heavily as he calls, "Bill, get up. I got a 'phone call from Gordon this morning: apparently he and Beryl are coming back earlier than I thought. Beryl decided that she wanted to get back to Melbourne as soon as possible, so they're coming on a stand-by flight this morning. I'll bring him around as soon as they've settled in." From his bed, Bill murmurs, "Alright." Doug then looks around and sighs, "This place is worse than I left it yesterday." Bill explains wearily, "I've been working." Doug goes on curtly, "If Gordon walks into this mess, it's not going to leave a very good impression, is it?" Bill assures him, "I'll fix it up; don't worry." Doug, chucking a shirt at him, mutters, "You'd better get a move on."

Alison opens the front door at Caroline's to find Mr. and Mrs. Hudson standing on the step. Mrs. Hudson says curtly, "May we come in, Miss. Carr?" Mr. Hudson adds, "We've got something we'd like to say." Alison indicates for them to head into the lounge room. She closes the front door behind them and then joins them, inviting them to sit down. As she does likewise, she says, "I'm sorry I couldn't stay last night." Mrs. Hudson retorts, "That was quite alright: enough damage was done in the time you were there." Alison stares at her and says blankly, "I'm sorry?" Mrs. Hudson growls, "I've never been so embarrassed and humiliated in all my life." Alison smiles, "You obviously move in the wrong circles!" Mrs. Hudson ignores her, going on, "Everything I've worked so hard for for all these years, to rid this family of the disgrace your sister brought up it, went down the drain last night. How do you think Barry felt having his work colleagues discover his first wife has been in jail?" Alison shrugs, "I don't know. Why don't we ask him?!" Mrs. Hudson just goes on, "I've given the best years of my life to Barry and the children, and I am not about to see them wasted. It hasn't been easy with the children, but I've coped with their faults... the disobedience... and I pride myself on the fact that I've managed to instil in them a decent set of values. Sarah was more successful than Greg; unfortunately, he has more of his mother's traits than she has. They'd forgotten all about Pamela until you turned up - with is the way we wanted it: Barry and I believe it's no good dragging up the past; so in future, we'd like you to stay away. In fact, we both think it was very rude of you to have even turn up in the first place." Alison points out, "I was invited." Mrs. Hudson retorts, "Oh yes - but I'm sure you had a fair idea of the trouble that was going to cause." Alison suggests, "Surely Greg's allowed to invite anyone he wants to the house - or isn't that allowed?" Mrs. Hudson says coolly, "You know exactly what I mean." Alison tells her, "One thing I do know is that they're not terribly fond of you. Besides, it's only natural they should have an interest in trying to find their real mother; anyone who tries to wipe out the fact that she existed is plain naive." Mr. Hudson stands up suddenly and says, "I think this discussion has gone far enough." Alison taunts, "Why? You feeling uncomfortable? Yes, Pamela told me about all the support you gave her while she was in prison. How many times did you go and visit her? None." Mr. Hudson snaps, "I had to think of the family." Alison comments, "But not of the family's mother." Mrs. Hudson stands up and says to her husband, "Come on, Barry - it's time we left." She then turns to Alison and adds, "Just remember: don't bother calling again, Miss. Carr: next time, you won't get inside the door." Alison shrugs, "I wouldn't want to. One afternoon with your circle of friends is enough to last a lifetime. But don't bargain on me not seeing Greg and Sarah again; that I can't promise." She escorts the Hudsons to the front door. She opens it - to find Doug on the step. He heads inside as the Hudsons head out, grim-faced. Inside, Doug asks Alison, "Who was that?" Alison retorts, "No one interesting; just the barbecue hosts." Doug grins, "Checking on their son? You are playing with fire, Alison." Alison shrugs, "Living dangerously." Doug changes the subject and asks, "Did Caroline 'phone?" Alison replies, "Nope. Scared of what she might say when she found out you asked me to stay?" She then adds, "Don't worry - I won't mention it. I don't want any trouble now we're going into partnership." Doug declares, "Even if you did, I doubt she'd believe you." Alison grins, "Come on: we both know how jealous she is!" Doug replies, "Yeah - but once I tell her about the young stud you've got your eye on, she'll think differently. Don't you have any pride? You're old enough to be his old lady." Alison just shrugs - with a hint of a smile on her face - "The important thing is I'm not." Doug tells her, "He's only a kid. Why don't you leave him alone; let him find someone his own age?" Alison replies, "I was going to give him to someone else. Now I've changed my mind: I think I'll keep him all to myself..."


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