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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Clive Fleury

Pamela's horse keeps on going, gathering speed. Alison watches in horror. Pam, looking scared, tries again to slow down her mount, but it refuses to stop. Alison, meanwhile, gradually catches up with her on her horse and she's eventually able to grab Pamela's horse's reins. She manages to bring the creature to a halt. Pamela looks at Alison and says a reluctant, "Thanks." Alison comments, "It's lucky you didn't fall." She smiles at Pamela, weakly.

Nick is standing in a visitor's room at the Bendala Detention Centre. The door to the room opens and Beryl walks in, accompanied by a prison guard. Nick shakes Beryl's hand and introduces himself. He then adds, "I suppose you're wondering who I am." Beryl nods, "A little." Nick explains, "Gordon asked me to come and see you - I'm a psychiatrist." Beryl gives him a look. Nick adds quickly, "Don't be alarmed - he doesn't think that anything is wrong; he thinks that I can help you." Beryl asks in surprise, "How?" Nick replies, "By using hypnotherapy. Do you know much about it?" Beryl admits, "No, not really." Nick tells her, "Basically, it works on the theory that we take in much more than the mind consciously registers. Under hypnosis, we can often recall things we've previously forgotten. Now, Gordon believes - and so do I - that you could remember something that could help prove your innocence." Beryl shrugs, "If it'll do that, I'll go along with it." Nick declares, "Good." He then adds, "I have to say from the start that success rates aren't one hundred per cent, but they are pretty high." He sits down at a table with Beryl and asks, "Have you been hypnotised before?" Beryl replies, "No - and I must admit I've always been rather sceptical of it. I have also heard that people that feel that way... well, they're difficult to put under." Nick agrees, "They can be - but if the doctor-patient relationship is working, we shouldn't have too much trouble. Are you willing to give it a go?" Beryl nods eagerly, "Anything to get out of this place. When do we start?" Nick tells her, "As soon as you can organise it with the Superintendent. It's part of the red tape around here: the prisoner has to request it." Beryl smiles, "I'll get onto it straight away."

Pamela is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at the Woombai homestead. Alison hands her a drink and comments, "This should calm you down a bit." Pamela takes a sip. As Alison pours herself a drink, she remarks, "A scare like that really shakes you up, doesn't it?" Pamela mutters, "It was my own fault, really." Alison comments, "You obviously know how to handle a horse, though." Pamela shrugs, "Usually." There's silence. Alison then says, "Look, I want to apologise for the way I behaved when we first met. There are no excuses; it was simply unacceptable. I was wondering if we might just sweep all that under the carpet and start again from scratch." Pamela sits there, staring at her. Alison carries on, "I know what you think of me; I just want a chance to show I'm not as black as I'm painted." Pamela hesitates briefly before shrugging, "Yeah, well, maybe I've just seen another side of you. I owe you one." Alison insists quickly, "I don't think of it like that." Pamela, however, retorts, "I do. Something I learnt inside: always pay your debts. OK - back to square one." Alison smiles weakly, "Thanks."

It's evening-time. Janice walks into the homestead from outside and goes and places some small logs in the fireplace in the lounge room. She comments as she does so, "Even in the warm weather, it gets cold up here at night." Pamela is lying back on the couch, reading a magazine, and Janice asks her, "How are you feeling now?" Pamela smiles, "Much better. The whisky did the trick!" Janice murmurs, "Yes? Well, it's not what I would have given to calm the nerves, but if it worked, that's the most important thing." She adds, "Some of those horses get very frisky at times; it's just your bad luck you scored the wrong one." Pamela replies, "The stablehand said he's been giving trouble all week; something to do with the mare in the back paddock. Anyway, I'm just glad Alison was there to help; could have been very nasty otherwise." Janice stands up from the fireplace and smiles, "Yes. Well, I might go and see about organising dinner." She heads off to the kitchen as Alison comes in from the hallway. Alison comments to the reclining Pamela, "Having a bit of a nap?" Pamela, however, replies, "Not really; Janice has just been setting the fire." Alison goes and pours herself a drink before suggesting, "Why don't we eat out tonight?" Pamela indicates the kitchen and says, "I think she's doing something about a meal now." Alison, however, asks, "Do you really feel like grilled chops and three veg, 'cos that's what you'll be getting; she's a very plain cook, so I'm told. I rather fancy something a little more spicy; what about you?" Pamela shrugs, "I wouldn't say no. I've been eating grilled chops and three veg for the last ten years!" Alison smiles, "There's a very good Indian restaurant the other side of town. The food is fantastic." At that moment, Janice emerges from the kitchen and says, "I couldn't find any chops, so we'll have to make do with sausages." Pamela, however, tells her, "Alison was just suggesting that we eat out." Her face dropping, Janice comments, "Oh. I'll have to put everything back in the freezer then." She then asks, "Where are we going?" Alison tells her, "The Rajah's Turban." Janice exclaims, "That Indian place? The last time I went there, I was up all night. I vowed I'd never go back." Alison tells her, "We feel like something a little more exotic." Janice mutters, "I thought a night at home would be nice." Alison retorts, "I'd hardly call that 'exotic'." Pamela chips in, "I must admit: I feel like going out." Janice smiles, "Of course - I'm being selfish. You go and get stuck into the curry and I'll enjoy my sausages!"

Wayne is sitting in the lounge room at Dural with his bodyguard. He's looking at the newspaper as the bodyguard watches TV. Wayne comments, "I see there's been another scare on Wall Street. You follow the money market, do you?" The bodyguard, still staring at the TV, just mutters, "No." Wayne sighs and then suggests, "How about a drink?" The bodyguard replies, "Just something soft for me." As Wayne walks over to the bar, he asks, "Never touch the hard stuff?" The bodyguard tells him, "No good for you." Wayne mutters, "That's right - I forgot: you're a health freak." He bends down behind the bar and then sighs, "Looks like we're out of OJ. I'll just nip down the shops and get some." He picks up his car keys. The bodyguard leaps up from his seat and says, "I'll come with you." Wayne tells him, "I'm only going down the corner." The bodyguard retorts, "You can never be too careful." Wayne insists, "I'll only be gone ten minutes." The bodyguard, however, points out curtly, "You hired me as a bodyguard; let me do my job. I'll go first." With that, he heads out to the hallway, leaving Wayne looking bemused.

Charlie is standing in Fiona's room at the mansion. As Fiona closes the door, she remarks, "Two visits in the one day; I'm really popular!" Charlie smiles, "I was looking for Michael." Fiona tells her, "He's at work, I'm afraid. Is there anything I can do?" Charlie explains, "I was hoping he could tell me something about that gorgeous new hunk Wayne's got staying with him." Looking puzzled, Fiona asks, "Why should Michael know?" Charlie points out, "He and Wayne are pretty good friends." She then adds with a smile, "I caught a glimpse of him this morning and I couldn't take my eyes off him! I'm going to call in there on my way home; get Wayne to introduce us!" Fiona comments warmly, "Gym instructor material, huh?" Charlie beams, "And the rest!" Fiona chuckles before changing the subject and saying, "Actually, I was trying to get in touch with you earlier on. I was looking for Alison; have you any idea where she is?" Looking suddenly nervous, Charlie shrugs quickly, "'Fraid not." Fiona comments, "Never mind. I'll try and get in touch with her later." Charlie says quickly, "She still won't be there." A look of annoyance crosses her face as she realises she's almost given the game away. Fiona asks her, "Why?" Charlie replies, "I think I remember her saying something about staying over somewhere." Fiona stares at her and says sharply, "Charlie... you're fibbing." Charlie insists, "I am not." Fiona, however, retorts, "Yes you are! You certainly know an awful lot more than you're letting on." There's suddenly a knock on the door to the room. The door then opens and Andy steps inside. Charlie smiles at him quickly, "Andrew!" She then turns back to Fiona, says, "If I see Alison, I'll tell her you wanted to see her," and dashes out! Fiona looks at Andy and sighs wearily, "What do you want?" Andy tells her, "I came to apologise." Fiona mutters, "I'm not interested." Andy pleads, "Will you at least give me a hearing?" Fiona, however, retorts, "Why should I? You've said some very hurtful things." Andy murmurs, "I know - and I'm sorry. I know I've done some rotten things - and hurt a lot of people; but I just want you to know I'm telling the truth when I say I want to put that part of my life behind me. I am trying to turn over a new leaf; I really am - but I need another chance. I know you gave me that before, and I blew it, but this time I promise I won't. I'm finished with Wayne and I'm not having any more to do with him. I know it's better if I just keep well, well away from him." Fiona points out, "A lot of people have tried to tell you that, Andy, but you just wouldn't listen." Andy shrugs, "I know: people my age... you can't tell us anything. I had to find out for myself. I also haven't got anywhere to live. I was wondering if you'd let me have a room." Fiona retorts coldly, "There are no vacancies." Andy asks, "How about the broom cupboard?" Fiona tells him, "There's hardly room in there for the broom!" Andy insists, "I bet you haven't been able to let it." Fiona shrugs, "No... I just keep it there for emergencies." Andy presses, "That is what I am talking about. Please, Fiona?" Fiona hesitates for several seconds. She then sighs, "Oh, alright, you can move in in the morning." Andy smiles gratefully, "Thankyou."

Pamela and Alison have arrived back at the Woombai homestead after their meal. As they head into the lounge room, Pamela is laughing, "I'll never forget that look on the waiter's face!" Alison asks, "Do you feel like a nightcap?" Pamela shrugs, "Why not?" She sits down as Alison goes to the drinks cabinet. She comments, "It was good food." Alison nods, "It's one of the best restaurants in the area." She pauses before then asking, "You given any more thoughts about what you're going to do?" Pamela replies, "I'll eventually get back into business, I hope - once I get myself together." Alison asks, "What, start something yourself?" Pamela, however, tells her quickly, "Oh, no, no, I'm not ready for anything like that. I'll try and get in with a company that's got lots of potential, so I can make a lot of money." Alison hands her her drink and then raises her own glass, commenting, "Best of British." Pamela insists, "I've got a good head for business; I should be able to make a go of it." Alison, sitting down, says, "I might be able to help: I've got a lot of contacts and I know my way around the corridors of power. I might be able to set something up for you." Pamela looks at her and says sincerely, "Thanks. I'd really appreciate that. Look, I'm sorry we got off to such a bad start; it was as much my fault as it was yours." Alison insists, "Water under the bridge." She then goes on, "So, what are we going to do tomorrow? Feel game enough to get back on a horse again?" Pamela nods, "I think so." Alison suggests, "We could go to the Lookout: there's a fantastic view from there; we could take a picnic lunch." Pamela smiles, "Sounds great!" Alison tells her, "I'm glad we've finally broken the ice." She then holds out her glass and proposes, "To friends." Pamela chinks the glass with her own and repeats, "Friends."

There's a knock on the front door at Dural. The bodyguard heads out from the lounge room to open the door. Charlie is standing out on the step, dressed in a slinky red dress! The bodyguard stares at her and asks, "Can I help you?" Charlie steps inside and, running her finger up his shirt, smiles, "You certainly can, darling! I've come to see Wayne." The bodyguard just retorts coldly, "Sorry - you didn't say who you were." Charlie beams, "Charlie Bartlett: Wayne's next door neighbour." With that, the bodyguard pushes her back out through the door and shuts it. He then turns to the study and calls, "Wayne. There's somebody here called Charlie Bartlett. You know her?" Wayne calls back, "She's OK." The bodyguard turns back to the door, opens it and tells Charlie, "It's alright: you can come in." Charlie, however, snaps furiously, "I'm not sure I want to, now, thankyou." She then turns and marches off. The bodyguard closes the front door as Wayne emerges from the study. The bodyguard shrugs at him, "Sorry." Wayne, however, smiles, "It doesn't matter - it's good to see you doing your job properly." He then adds, "Come into the study and I'll explain you what I want you to do tomorrow."

It's the next morning. Nick is standing in Fiona's room at the mansion. Fiona is telling him, "Gordon's not here, I'm afraid - he's taken young Robert for a walk, I think." Nick says, "Could you tell him that the prison authorities have given us the go-ahead?" Fiona, looking blank, repeats, "The go-ahead. Right." Nick adds, "He can give me a call, if he likes." Fiona just says, "The go-ahead for what?" Nick explains, "Hypnosis." Fiona asks in surprise, "For Beryl?" Nick nods, "Yes. Why - what's wrong?" Fiona says, "You think Beryl might have had some memory loss too?" Nick tells her, "She could have forgotten something; you never know. Sometimes, the smallest detail can be vital in proving someone innocent." Fiona says sincerely, "And she is innocent, isn't she?" Nick replies, "I think so - for what it's worth. A good prosecutor could shoot holes in that opinion, though." Fiona asks, "Why do you think that Wayne is doing it? Do you know? Is it just sheer vindictiveness?" Nick just shrugs at her. Fiona insists, "He is mad, isn't he?" Nick, however, tells her, "Oh no; I wouldn't exactly say he's mad." Fiona asks, "What would you say?" Nick retorts, "Ethically, I shouldn't say anything." Fiona shrugs, "Don't say it ethically; just say it quietly!" Nick tells her, "There are some people, Fiona - and I'm not saying that Wayne is one of them - but some people never develop emotionally, and confronted with an emotional conflict, they respond as would a four-year-old when told it can't have another jelly bean. There's nothing cold or premeditated about it - even though sometimes you think there is; it's just an impulse: if your security is threatened, his instinctive response is to inflict suffering. It is, if you like, an adult tantrum - silent, granted, without the tears and the screams, but nevertheless an emotional tantrum." He goes on, "Generally, it can be traced back to when he was a four-year-old - not to one single cathartic moment of rejection, or anything; I mean, that's a Freudian myth; well, it can happen, but really; usually, it's an abnormality with the whole upbringing - and abnormalities are pretty common, believe me: there's a lot of strange people out there, Fiona." Fiona just stands there and remarks, "Wayne is one of the strangest." Nick smiles, "I didn't say that!"

Sometime later, Nick is sitting with Beryl in the visitor's room at the Bendala Detention Centre. A guard is standing by the door. Nick is telling Beryl, "The important thing is to feel relaxed." Beryl murmurs, "That's very difficult; it would be a lot easier if it was just the two of us." Nick just says, "I'm afraid that's not possible." Beryl goes on, "I can't help feeling tense." Nick, however, assures her, "That's OK - we'll sit and talk some more." Beryl explains, "I think what my problem is... I don't really believe in it." Nick tells her, "A lot of people think as you do - but honestly, it does work; and who knows? Locked away in your subconscious could be the clue as to the identity of the gunman. Hypnotherapy is the only way we're going to get it out." Beryl smiles weakly as she says, "I'll give it a try." Nick assures her, "That's all you have to do."

Caroline arrives back at her house in Melbourne and heads into the lounge room - to find Wayne sitting on the couch. He smiles gleefully, "Surprise!" Caroline glares at him and snaps, "What are you doing here? Get out!" Wayne stands up and retorts, "I'm not going anywhere." Caroline demands, "How did you get in here?" Wayne looks towards the kitchen and calls, "Could you come in here for a minute, please, Vince?" Vince - the bodyguard - steps into the room. Caroline looks at his burly figure as Wayne smiles, "He can get in anywhere!" Caroline glares at him and growls, "I could have you up for breaking-and-entering. What do you want?" Wayne replies, "I want to talk some more about our money deal - and get you to call off Susan's investment in the Talking T-Shirt gimmick." Caroline asks, "What if I don't?" Wayne just shrugs, "That wouldn't be wise." Caroline snaps furiously, "I am just about getting fed up with you and your threats, Wayne." Wayne ignores her, going on, "This time, you're going to do as you're told. If that proves difficult, I'm sure Vince could show you how easy it is...."

The 'phone is ringing in the lounge room at Charlie's. Charlie answers it and says, "Hello?" Caroline comes on and says, "I've got to speak to Susan. Is she there?" She listens before asking, "Would she have gone across to the Hamiltons'?" Charlie retorts coldly, "I doubt it. And don't ask me to go over and look for her there; I am never going to set foot inside that place again. Wayne has gone and got himself a bodyguard - who has to be the rudest man I have ever met." Charlie asks, "Could you take a message for me, then?" She doesn't notice as Doug walks into the room, behind her. She goes on, "Tell her that I'm sorry, but she won't be able to invest in Doug's business after all." Doug stares at her in surprise as she adds, "There's a problem with the shares and the amount of paid-up capital: it's oversubscribed, and as she was the last one in, she'll have to be the one that misses out... Thanks, Charlie. Bye." She hangs up. Doug says suddenly from behind her, "What are you trying to do to me?" A look of horror crosses Caroline's face. She turns to face Doug and exclaims, "I didn't hear you come in." Doug tells her curtly, "I need Susan's money, Caroline." Caroline just retorts, "You'll have to look elsewhere for it, because you can't have it." Doug asks in surprise why not. Caroline replies, "Because Wayne says so."

At the Detention Centre, Nick is telling Beryl, "I want you to think back to the day of the shooting... when you were at the Hamilton house." Beryl is sitting at the table with her eyes closed. Nick says, "Tell me everything that happened from the moment you arrived." Beryl starts to think back. As she replays the events of the day of the shooting, she murmurs, "I arrived by taxi... I went to the front door." Nick asks gently, "What happened?" Beryl tells him, "I knocked, but there was no answer." Nick says, "Alright. Go on... but this time try and concentrate on anything that was out of the ordinary that might have caught your eye." Beryl murmurs, "I started walking towards Charlie's... there's nothing out of the ordinary." Nick prompts, "Keep trying." Beryl recalls, "I'm still walking towards Charlie's... there is something." As she recalls what happened, Beryl spots a hand by the side of a wall at Dural. One of the fingers has a ring on it. Nick asks her, "What is it?" Beryl murmurs, "I don't know... a hand... a ring. The ring caught the sun." Nick says, "Describe it." Beryl tells him, "A man's ring... oval... chunky, with clouds on it." Nick then says, "Alright. Now, open your eyes. Three... two... one..." Beryl opens her eyes to find Nick sketching on a piece of paper. He then shows her a picture of a ring and asks, "Anything like this?" Beryl stares at his sketch and exclaims, "Yes!" Nick asks, "Have you seen it before?" Beryl murmurs, "I think so. Yes." Nick asks, "Where?" Beryl, however, sighs, "I don't know. I can't remember." Nick presses, "Someone close? A friend?" Beryl nods, "Possibly." Nick pushes, "Someone you know?" Beryl murmurs, "I think so." Nick smiles, "We're halfway there. We have the ring; now all we have to find is who was wearing it."

Janice is clearing away her breakfast things from the living room table at Woombai. Pamela walks in and sits down. She's whistling to herself and Janice comments, "You seem on top of the world this morning." Pamela explains, "I had a good sleep. It was the first time I haven't kept waking up all night. Must be the country air!" Janice then asks, "How was the curry last night?" Pamela beams, "Fine! It was a good night all round. Alison and I even managed to clean the slate. She's taking me out to look at the property today; we're riding out to the Lookout." Janice asks warily, "Do you think that's a good idea?" Pamela shrugs, "Why not?" Janice replies quietly, "Let me give you a friendly warning: don't get too involved with Alison; she can be very dangerous if crossed." Pamela comments, "She seems alright to me." Janice asks, "Have you managed to read My Sister My Love?" Pamela nods, "Yeah, Beryl lent me a copy." Janice explains, "She's the one referred to as 'Pamela' in the book." Pamela stares at her, a look of shock on her face. She gasps, "She's Pamela?" Janice nods, "Yes - so I'd be careful if I were you." With that, she heads off to the kitchen, leaving Pamela looking thoughtful.

Alison is sitting on a deckchair outside when Pamela comes marching out of the homestead and demands, "How long did you think you could get away with it?" Alison asks in surprise, "What?" Pamela snaps, "Alison... Patricia... Pamela... whatever your name is." Alison comments, "I'm sorry - I don't know what you're talking about." Pamela yells, "The book." Alison muses, "Oh that." Pamela goes on furiously, "You really played me for a sucker, didn't you, all that sweetness and light - and you're the biggest bitch of all time." Alison growls, "The book's nothing but lies." Pamela retorts, "Not according to Beryl." Alison retorts, "Yes, well, Beryl would say that, wouldn't she? You'd be a fool to take any notice of her." Pamela demands, "Why?" Alison retorts, "The woman's mad, that's why. Anyway, you know what authors are like: they take real-life situations and embellish them beyond belief. Half the book's rubbish, the other half isn't much better." Pamela just says coldly, "From what I've heard of your track record, I'd say you're the one that's lying." She goes to walk off, but then hesitates and goes on, "Let me tell you something: I don't make the same mistake twice. You've conned me once - but you won't do it again." She storms off.

Fiona is holding the sketch that Nick drew of the ring Beryl saw under hypnosis. Nick is standing in her room at the mansion, saying to her, "Gordon and I thought that, under hypnosis, she might be able to remember something to prove her innocence." Fiona comments, "And this is what you've come up with? Beryl thinks she remembers someone wearing a ring similar to this?" Nick nods, "Uh huh - but she only saw the person's hand. Beryl thinks she's seen the ring before, but doesn't know where. I thought maybe you had some idea." Looking thoughtful, Fiona remarks, "You know, I've seen it before somewhere too. I don't know where; don't ask me; I've got no idea." Nick tells her, "Eyes peeled. We're looking for someone who wears a ring similar to this one." Fiona exclaims, "You mean I've got to rat on my friends?" Nick nods, "Yes - so you can keep an innocent person from going to jail." Fiona sighs, "There's no argument when you put it like that, is there?" The door to the room opens suddenly and Andy walks in, holding his bags. He puts them down on the table and says, "G'day. Is it alright if I leave my bags here for a tick? I just want to pop down to the bank and draw out some money." With that, he heads out again. When he's gone, Nick asks Fiona, "Did you look at his hand?" Fiona admits, "No - why, was he wearing a ring?" Nick, however, smiles, "No! I took particular note he wasn't wearing any ring." Fiona comments, "That's good - although I must admit: Andy has got as much motivation for shooting Wayne as anybody else - the boy hates him." Nick remarks, "But he doesn't wear expensive, chunky jewellery?" Fiona smiles, "Oh no! He couldn't afford it, for one thing." Her face becomes suddenly more serious, though, and she murmurs, "Then... on the other hand..." Nick asks, "What?" Fiona explains, "There are certain women who've been showering Andy with expensive gifts lately." Nick asks, "Do you think it's worth searching his luggage?" Fiona gasps, "Good heavens, no. Not without his permission." Nick, however, walks over to one of Andy's cases and says, "We're looking for a murderer, remember?" He then indicates the strap on the case and asks, "Do you have a knife to break this?" Fiona stands there, looking worried.

There's a hammering on the front door at Dural. No one answers it. The hammering is repeated. Wayne calls, "Vince... there's someone at the door." Vince doesn't materialise. Wayne emerges from the lounge room and opens the door himself - and Doug barges in. Wayne calls for Vince again. Doug, however, snaps, "Save your breath. He's not around to help you anymore - I made him an offer too good to refuse." He then says coldly, "You made a mistake when you picked on Caroline, mate. See, I can play just as dirty as you. Now, if you don't lay off her and free Beryl from jail, I've got a couple of guys who are going to be very rough on you. You've got 24 hours. If you haven't started pulling a few strings by then, you could very well end up dog's meat." With that, he turns and marches off, leaving Wayne standing looking worried.


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