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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Clive Fleury

Charlie gasps, "You never mentioned you had a twin." Alison explains, "I didn't know. She was supposed to have died when we were babies." Charlie asks, "Are you sure?" Alison retorts, "How else would a total stranger look so much like I did?" Charlie presses, "If your sister died--" Alison interrupts and points out, "Obviously she didn't. No, it all adds up." She then goes on, "You know, my parents never even mentioned her at all until one time - I remember I was about nine or ten - I was going through a box of my mother's costume jewellery - you know: playing around, dressing up - and there was a photo in the bottom of the box. It was of two babies - except it could have been me in front of a mirror." Charlie asks, "Did you ask your parents about it?" Alison replies, "Of course I did. My mother didn't want to talk about it, but I kept on at her and she finally confessed I'd had a twin who died. I never thought any more about it - until now. Talking to her mother cleared up any doubts I might have had, though." Charlie queries, "Her mother?" Alison explains, "That's where I've just been. There was a book in Pamela's luggage with her name and address in it. She lives in Albury." Looking puzzled, Charlie says, "I don't understand: if she's her mother..." Alison clarifies, "Not real; adopted. I pretended I was a social worker; she couldn't wait to tell me everything I wanted to know. All the times and dates fitted. No, it's her - I'm sure of it." Charlie mouths, "Goodness, darling - that's quite a revelation." Alison exclaims, "You're not kidding! It's weird." She carries on, "After the surgery, it was so strange seeing a new face every time I looked in the mirror. I was finally getting used to it and now this happens. It's like being confronted with my own ghost." Charlie asks carefully, "Are you going to tell her? Who you are, I mean." Alison starts to say, "I don't see how I can just break it to her--" She breaks off quickly, though, as Susan walks in and smiles, "Hello, Alison! Coffee anyone? I'm halfway through unpacking and I thought I'd take a break for five minutes." Alison comments to her, "Charlie tells me you've just moved in." Susan nods, "Things are kind of uncomfortable down the road." Alison says, "I think you're better off away from Wayne." Susan just shrugs, "At the moment, at any rate. Now, who's for coffee?" Charlie replies, "Me for one, darling - after what I've just heard, I need it!"

Gordon is playing with Robert in Fiona's room at the mansion. The door to the room opens suddenly and Pamela walks in. Janice is up on a ladder in the middle of the room, reaching up to the ceiling, and Pamela asks her, "What's happening?" Janice replies, "I'm hanging a plant for Fiona." Pamela tells her, "You're getting plaster dust on the floor." Janice looks down at the mess and says, "I'll vacuum when I finish." Pamela asks tersely, "Why don't you just put some newspapers down?" Janice insists, "The floor has to be vacuumed anyway." Pamela shrugs at her and goes and sits down on the couch. Gordon starts looking at her. Pamela notices and sighs, "Don't take it the wrong way, but it's sort of unnerving the way people keep staring at me." Gordon smiles and replies, "I'm sorry! I can't quite get used to you... all those years married to Patricia." Pamela looks back at Janice and says, "Helps if you drill a hole first." Janice retorts, "I'm doing alright." Pamela mutters, "Could have fooled me." Janice comments sourly, "Don't you think it would be nice if you did something to help instead of just sitting there criticising?" Pamela retorts, "Nice for who?" Janice tells her, "This isn't a jail, Pamela; you're not the boss around here." Pamela just shrugs, "I don't have to prove anything to anyone, do I." Janice steps down from the ladder - and treads on a plant pot that's lying on the floor in the process." Dirt spills over onto the carpet. Janice growls at Pamela, "Look what you made me do." Pamela just grins, "You said you had to vacuum anyway!" Janice glares at her and snaps, "Thankyou very much - everything was going perfectly well until you started--" Gordon interrupts her quickly and says, "Janice, um... don't get excited, eh? I'll help you with the vacuum cleaner." He then turns to Pamela and asks, "Can you keep an eye on young Robert?" As he escorts Janice out into the hallway, Janice mutters, "Who does she think she is, anyway?"

Fiona is setting out some fresh towels in Michael's room next door. There's suddenly a knock on the open door. It's Nick, and he asks, "Michael around?" Fiona looks at him and retorts coldly, "No, he's not." Nick asks, "At the hospital, is he?" Fiona mutters, "I imagine so - but if he is, I'm sure he's far too busy for visitors." Nick explains, "I just wanted his advice on something. Guess I'll take care of it myself." Fiona comments, "Wayne, I suppose..." Nick nods, "Yes. I'm on my way to talk to him. Couple of points I thought Michael might be able to fill him in on before I do." Fiona says sharply, "If you like, I'll give you some advice." Nick replies, "Please." Fiona goes on, "Don't just charge in and confront him; he'll never tell you anything. You've got to be indirect; trick him into giving away something." Nick smiles, "I think you're right." Pamela appears in the doorway suddenly and tells Fiona, "There's someone in the hall wants to know about a room." Fiona heads out to deal with it. Nick glances at Pamela and says, "Morning." He then walks off. Pam stands there, looking disappointed.

Susan and Charlie are sitting on the couches in Charlie's lounge room. Susan is looking at a standing Alison, telling her, "I had a talk to Doug while I was in Melbourne. I'm thinking of putting money into his T-shirt venture. What do you think? I said I'd ask your advice." Alison tells her, "I'll look into it. I don't see why it shouldn't work." Susan smiles, "Good." She then suggests, "I'd better finish unpacking," and she heads off back upstairs. When she's gone, Alison says to Charlie, "I'll make friends with her first; that'll be the safest way. I'm already off to a bad start with her; I can't just go over there and announce we're twins. Can you imagine how she'll react to that?" Charlie insists, "I'm sure it'll turn out alright. After all, she is your sister." Alison retorts, "And how's she going to feel about that? Look at the life she's had compared to mine - I mean, it's just sheer chance I wasn't the one put up for adoption." Charlie points out, "She can hardly blame you for that." Alison sighs, "Yes, I know; I just can't help feeling... I don't know... I'm scared I'm going to blow it. There's a sort of negative gravity in our family that sort of pushes people apart. Even my children hate me. The only person who didn't was my sister, Margaret; heaven knows I gave her reason enough." Charlie suggests, "Why don't you let things happen naturally? Don't force the issue with plans and strategies." Alison, however, retorts, "I have to. Pamela is my last chance for some sort of real family relationship. This time I cannot afford to make any mistakes."

Sometime later, the front door of the mansion bursts open and Alison walks in. She goes to head into Fiona's room. Fiona waylays her in the hallway, though, and asks suspiciously, "Where do you think you're going?" Alison retorts, "I'm looking for one of the tenants." Fiona demands, "Who?" Alison tells her, "Guess." Fiona sighs, "I'm sorry, Alison, but I really haven't got the time to play games." Alison shrugs, "Good. I'm looking for Pamela; is she inside?" Fiona tells her curtly, "She doesn't really want to talk to you, so I suggest you turn around and go back home." Alison, however, retorts, "I'm not interested in your suggestions; it's none of your business." With that, she turns the handle on the door of Fiona's room and heads inside. Pamela is sitting on the couch, looking at a magazine. She rolls her eyes in annoyance as Alison barges in. Alison looks at her and says brusquely, "I want to apologise about yesterday: I was completely wrong to go through your things like that." Pamela just mutters, "Rack off." Alison glares at her and demands, "Why can't you accept my apology?" Pamela growls, "Because I can't stand the sight of you; people like you make me sick. Now, if you want any more reasons, give me twenty seconds and I'll think of half a dozen." Alison snaps, "You could at least give me a chance; you don't know anything about me." Pamela retorts, "I know enough." Fiona chips in, "If you want to know any more, I'll be only too happy to--" Alison turns to her and snaps, "You keep out of it, Fiona." Pamela stands up suddenly and growls at Alison, "This happens to be Fiona's flat - and in the interests of your health, I suggest you leave it." Alison hesitates momentarily before replying sharply, "Alright. I wasn't going to tell you this, yet, but there's something important you should know." Fiona looks at her and sighs, "Look, no one here is interested, whatever it is. Can't you get that through your head?" Pamela, however, muses, "No, no, let her say it. I'd be interested in what sort of yarn she's going to spin me." Alison stands there, looking suddenly uncomfortable. After a few seconds, she mutters, "Nothing. It doesn't matter." With that, she turns and heads out, looking annoyed.

Wayne is escorting Nick into the lounge room at Dural, commenting as he does so, "I didn't know you guys made house calls." Nick tells him, "We don't, normally, but I was in the neighbourhood, so I thought I'd drop in to see how you were getting along." Wayne assures him, "Fine. You helped me a lot; I really appreciate it." They sit down. Nick then says, "Of course, our sessions were never really conclusive. The more I think about it, the more I feel we ought to follow them through." Wayne frowns, "I don't know what you mean." Nick explains, "My thoughts are that I should put you under again and take you through what happened in more detail." Wayne stands up, looking suddenly uncomfortable, and murmurs, "What's the point? I've remembered everything." He goes to the bar as Nick tells him, "I'll record these sessions on tape. The police might use it as corroborative evidence against Beryl." Wayne picks up the decanter of scotch and starts pouring himself a drink as he murmurs nervously, "I don't think so." Nick stands up and walks over to him, asking as he does so, "Why not? So far, most of the evidence is only circumstantial." Wayne tells him hesitantly, "Yeah, well, I'm just not too keen on being hypnotised again. For all anyone knows, it could have harmful side effects." Nick smiles, "Come on - it's been used therapeutically now for more than two hundred years. I guarantee no side effects." Wayne just mutters, "I'll have to think about it." He then holds out the decanter and says, "Would you like a drink?" Nick nods calmly, "Sure. Soda water." He stares at Wayne.

Charlie is sitting on the couch in her lounge room, stroking Isabella, as Alison paces the floor and cries, "I was going to tell her - it was on the tip of my tongue - then I couldn't be sure how she was going to take it, especially with Fiona there doing her best to wreck everything." Charlie suggests, "Perhaps you shouldn't try and rush it so much. Give her time to settle down." Alison, however, retorts, "I need more than time; I need to be alone with her - away from Fiona. At least then we'd get a chance to know each other." Susan walks in suddenly and announces, "I'm going over to the house for a while." Charlie warns her sharply, "Try not to get into any arguments, will you?" Susan, however, retorts, "Why do you think I'm going over? I want to keep the pressure on; make sure Wayne doesn't forget I'm around. Won't be long." With that, she turns and heads out. When she's gone, Alison remarks to Charlie, "And I thought I was bad." Charlie just sighs, "She used to be such a sweet little thing, too." She then goes on, "You know, I was thinking this morning we should make sure she takes a real holiday - somewhere well away from Wayne. Perhaps Woombai." Alison stares at her for a few seconds before exclaiming, "That's it! You've just given me the idea of how I can get to Pamela - but I'm going to need your help." Charlie warns her quickly, "I'm not stringing up any more dolls in people's living rooms." Alison smiles, "No, no, don't worry - this will come very naturally." She sits down as she explains, "You are going to be Lady Bountiful..."

Standing by the bar in the lounge room at Dural, Nick is telling Wayne, "There's an added benefit: if I put you under again, I can implant a suggestion to help your stress condition." Wayne puts down his glass of scotch as he retorts, "I don't have a stress condition." Nick, however, sighs, "Come on... everything you've been through in the last couple of weeks? No one can go through that without a lot of residual anxieties." They suddenly hear a noise at the front door and Wayne says, "There's someone here. Hang on a sec." He heads out to the hallway - closing the lounge room doors behind him - to find Susan standing there. He mutters at her, "Might have known. Thought I'd got rid of you." Susan, however, retorts, "No way. 'As long as we both shall live', remember?" Wayne crosses his arms and demands, "What do you want?" Susan tells him, "I thought I'd let you know: Alison agrees with me about the T-shirt business - she thinks it's a very good bet." Wayne snarls, "You shouldn't even be discussing it with her." Susan snaps, "She's my advisor - and at least her opinion's worth something, which is more than I can say for yours." Wayne just growls, "I'm not interested right now. I'm busy." Susan retorts coldly, "Oh? Doing what? Dreaming up more plans for sending people you don't like to jail?" Wayne looks round at the lounge room doors and says quickly, "Don't be stupid." In the lounge room, Nick hears as Susan yells, "You managed to get mum locked up, didn't you? You've been waiting for your chance to get rid of her for ages and it finally came. Who's next on your list?" Wayne snaps back at her, "I don't have one - and if you want to throw our money away on some harebrained idea of Doug's, go right ahead." Susan retorts, "I already have." Wayne goes on furiously, "Just don't come crawling back to me when you're broke." Susan snarls, "Even if I do lose my money, at the rate you're collecting enemies, I doubt you'll live long enough to see it." With that, she storms out of the house." Wayne pauses before heading back into the lounge room. He says quickly to Nick, "Sorry about that." Nick just says sharply in reply, "You wanted Beryl in prison, did you? And you used me to put her there." Wayne replies quickly, "No! Don't listen to what Susan said; she carries on like that all the time." Nick just raises his eyebrows and mutters disbelievingly, "Really?" He then turns and walks out. Wayne stands behind the bar, looking annoyed.

Pamela, Fiona, Janice and Gordon are sitting in Fiona's room at the mansion, eating. Pamela comments, "This salad tastes great." Fiona explains, "Janice made it; actually, Janice fixed all of the meal - I think it's her way of saying she was sorry she knocked over my plant this morning." Pamela, however, says, "Oh, no, that was my fault. I'll replace it as soon as I can." Janice, though, insists, "It was my fault, really - I should have been watching what I was doing." The door to the room opens suddenly and Charlie totters in, trilling, "Hello, darlings! I heard you had a new guest here, so I thought I'd come over and say 'welcome'!" She walks over to Pamela and smiles at her. Pamela looks at Fiona blankly. Charlie smiles at Pamela, "I really do feel like part of the family here, so when anyone new comes along, it's quite an event!" Fiona tells Pamela pointedly, "This is Charlie Bartlett - Alison's friend." Charlie holds out her hand as Pamela mutters, "Oh." She shakes Charlie's hand as Charlie goes on, "You must be so glad to be... living here, among such nice people!" She then trills quickly, "That's not to say there weren't nice people in... wherever you were before!" Pam snaps, "The slammer." Charlie asks 'innocently', "Oh! Were you in the slammer? I didn't realise! It must have been awful - locked away all the time... no fresh air..." Gordon chips in warily, "I don't think Pamela really likes talking about it, Charlie." Charlie smiles, "Silly insensitive me!" She then tells Pamela, "You know what you should do to celebrate? Take a real holiday - in the country; somewhere where there are open spaces and blue skies. Somewhere like... Woombai!" Pamela stares at her, a bemused look on her face, and asks, "What's 'Woombai'?" Charlie trills, "The most wonderful property you can imagine!" Pamela just mutters, "Maybe one day." Charlie looks at Gordon and asks, "Don't you agree?" Gordon pauses momentarily before replying, "It's not a bad idea, actually; it's a beautiful place. I go up there whenever I have a chance; in fact, if it wasn't for looking after young Robert and wanting to be near Beryl, I'd be there right now." Janice looks at Pamela and adds, "It is a good idea. You really ought to go." Charlie smiles, "As long as it's fine by Gordon - it's more up to him than any of us." Gordon tells her, "You'll find no objection from me." Pamela stands up suddenly and, looking irritated, exclaims, "Hang on! Apart from anything else, I can't afford holidays in the country." Charlie, however, insists, "It will be my treat. It'll be a sort of 'coming out' present." Pamela points out, "I don't even know you." Charlie smiles, "You're a friend of Gordon's and Fiona; that's good enough for me! And besides, I always think we should all do our little bit for 'rehabilitation'." Pamela raises her eyebrows and muses, "Oh yes?" Charlie goes on, "As a matter of fact, a friend of mine's flying a light aircraft up that way this afternoon; there's plenty of room and he'd be glad of the company." Fiona comments to Pamela, "There you go, now: you can't give up on an offer like that." Pamela shrugs before remarking, "It does sound good. Alright, I'll go."

Sometime later, Charlie and Susan are walking along the track between Charlie's house and Dural. Charlie has Isabella on a lead, and she asks Susan warily, "Are you sure it's alright if we walk Isabella over here? I mean, there could be trouble if Wayne sees us." Susan retorts, "I hope he does. I don't want him to forget that I'm still keeping an eye on him. He won't cause trouble while you're with me." Charlie murmurs, "I hope not." They stop suddenly as they spot Wayne walking into Dural with a young man. Charlie beams, "My goodness! Who's Wayne's friend? Isn't he gorgeous! He'd made a wonderful instructor at the gym - the girls would just adore him!"

By the front door at Dural, Wayne says to the young man, "The house is fairly secure, but you'll want to check it." The man nods, "I will." Wayne goes on tersely, "Just remember: this person has tried to kill me more than once. It's up to you to make sure they don't get another chance." The man insists, "I know my job." Wayne retorts, "Good."

A short distance away, Charlie smiles at Susan, "I can't stand it, darling: I can see the muscles rippling from here! Wouldn't you just love to get your hands on him?!" Susan just murmurs, "I wonder what he's doing here..."

Pamela is standing in Fiona's room at the mansion, packing some clothes into her suitcase and commenting, "It's going to be cold up there, isn't it?" Fiona smiles, "Oh yes! In the mornings you'll freeze!" Janice walks in from the hallway and asks, "How we going?" Pamela tells her, "Ready." Janice beams, "Good! We're going to have a ball." Fiona says, "I hope so. Just be careful, that's all." Janice asks in surprise, "What's there to be careful about?" Fiona tells her, "Maybe nothing; I don't know. It just gets odder every time I think about it; it's... I don't know... it's the first time Charlie's talked about Woombai in a very long time." Janice asks, "So?" Fiona replies, "Maybe she was told to talk about Woombai." Janice demands, "By who?" Fiona sighs, "By Alison; they are the best of friends." Janice, however, sighs dismissively, "Really, Aunt Fiona - Alison's behind everything, according to you." Fiona just muses, "Yeah, well, I've had my fingers burned just once too often not to be suspicious." Pamela asks, "What do you think they're up to?" Fiona shrugs, "I don't know. Probably nothing. Look, forget it: I'd walk on cracks in the pavement and think that Alison had organised it all! Just enjoy yourselves!" With that, Pamela and Janice pick up their cases and head out.

Sometime later, Pamela is standing in the grounds at Woombai as a taxi drives off. She stares at a paddock of horses in the distance. Janice asks, "What do you think?" Pamela smiles, "I reckon I could get to like this!" Janice tells her, "Wait 'til you see the rest of the place." Pamela goes on, "Looks like some good riding stock." Janice comments, "You know about horses?" Pamela explains, "I lived in the country for a while, when I was a kid. Did a bit of riding then." Janice asks, "Where was that?" Pamela doesn't answer her, though. Instead, she continues staring out at the vast expanse of surrounding countryside and murmurs, "It's so quiet and peaceful." Janice nods, "It is. No worries and no one to hassle you." She then suggests, "Come on - let's get our things inside and then we can have a good look around." The two of them head off up to the homestead. Neither of them notices Alison duck out from where she was watching behind a nearby bush, a smile crossing her face as she does so...

A short time later, Janice and Pamela put their cases down in the lounge room inside, Janice commenting as they do so, "Imagine you being a country girl! I'd never have thought it; I mean, you can usually tell: country people have something about them. So do city people. I could have sworn you were from the city. Were you very young when you left the country?" Pamela just sighs, "Honestly, Janice, does it really matter?" She sits down as Janice shrugs, "No... I was just making conversation." She then suggests, "Why don't we go for that walk and see what's happening?" Pamela, however, tells her, "You go. I'd prefer just to sit here and relax." Janice tells her, "I'll stay and keep you company." Pamela growls, "I don't want any company; I just want to sit here and relax. You go." Janice insists, "I don't like leaving you." Pamela sighs and snaps, "Janice... go." Janice says meekly, "If you want anything, I'll be outside." With that, she heads out, leaving Pamela shaking her head in disbelief.

Gordon is looking at the newspaper in Fiona's room at the mansion when there's a knock on the door. He turns to find a silver-haired man standing there. The man says, "Gordon Hamilton?" Gordon nods, "That's right." The man tells him, "Dr. Nick Benson - Wayne's psychiatrist." Gordon shakes his hand and says, "Come in, come in." As Nick steps inside, he tells Gordon, "I've just come from Wayne's. Apparently, he used me to set your wife up. The odds are she had nothing to do with the shooting." Gordon gasps, "Can you prove that?" Nick replies, "Unfortunately, no - but I do have an idea. It'll require your permission and we'll have to arrange a visit with Beryl tomorrow. Can you arrange that?" Gordon asks, "What exactly do you have in mind?"

Pamela is sitting in front of the verandah outside the front of the Woombai homestead, reading a magazine. Alison walks up to her suddenly and smiles, "Good lord - what are you doing here?" Pamela looks at her in annoyance before replying, "Getting away from people like you, I thought." Alison tells her, "I've got a couple of days' break from the business. I'm staying in the guest house; thought I had the place all to myself." Pamela mutters, "You have, as far as I'm concerned: keep out of my way and I'll keep out of yours." Alison, however, goes on, "Since we've been thrown together, we might as well try to be friendly; you never know: give it a chance, we might even find we like each other." Pamela looks at her in disbelief. She growls, "Want to put money on it?" Janice approaches them suddenly. She stops in her tracks as she finds Alison standing there, and she smiles, "Hello! What are you doing here?" Alison tells her, "Same as you. Great minds..." Janice accepts this. She then tells Pamela, "I've just been talking to the property manager and he says that, as long as we can ride, we can take a couple of the horses out." Alison smiles dismissively, "Oh, Janice! Who wants to ride horses? Smelly, sweaty things!" She looks at Pamela, knowingly. Pamela, however, stands up and tells Janice, "Sounds great to me. Let's go." With that, she and Janice walk off, leaving Alison looking annoyed with herself.

A short time later, Pamela has put on some riding gear. As she goes to climb onto a horse, she says to Janice, "I'd forgotten how much I enjoy doing this. I hope I can remember how; it's been so long." Janice smiles, "They say it's like a bicycle, don't they: you don't forget." Pamela smiles, "Soon find out!" Alison joins them as Janice looks at Pamela's horse and says in concern, "Maybe I should take that one. The manager said she's a bit frisky, and if you haven't ridden for a while..." Alison chips in curtly, "A while? She can't have been near a horse for at least ten years. She ought to take a few lessons first." Pamela glares at her and retorts, "You should try keeping your advice to yourself." With that, she climbs onto the horse. It gallops off. Janice murmurs to Alison in concern, "I hope she knows what she's doing." Alison mutters, "You should have thought of that before. If she hurts herself, remember: you suggested going riding." With that, she grabs the hard-hat that Janice is holding. Janice demands, "What are you doing?" Alison puts on the hat and retorts, "I'm going to see she doesn't break her neck." She heads over to Janice's horse, climbs on and rides off after Pamela.

A few minutes later, as she gallops along through the Woombai countryside, Pamela looks round. She spots Alison coming up behind her and a smile crosses her face. She urges her horse to go faster and it picks up speed. As Alison watches, she mutters, "Hell." Pamela starts trying to slow her horse, suddenly, crying, "Woo! Whoa, boy." It refuses to respond, though, leaving Pam on the saddle, looking horrified...


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