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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

A while later, Susan is sitting alone with Wayne in the lounge room as he says, "I can still hardly believe all this." Susan murmurs, "I know." Wayne, however, tells her, "No - you don't know. No one could unless they'd been through it: to have someone you love so much come back from the dead..." Susan stands up and says, "I didn't do it to hurt you, Wayne; it's just the way things were between us, I thought you would have been glad to see the end of me." Wayne gasps, "How could you even think that? I know things came off the rails a bit, but... I love you. Surely you must have known what losing you would do to me." Susan looks at him and replies, "I was confused. I needed time to think." Wayne says sincerely, "As long as you've got whatever it was out of your system. I'm glad you're back." Susan tells him, "I was going to come back anyway - but when I saw you last night on the telly, I could see the pain I'd caused you. I couldn't put you through any more." Wayne comments, "I must admit: I didn't expect you to turn up with a TV crew." Susan explains, "I wanted you to see I meant it; that I was really coming back. Somehow, with the camera, it was more of a commitment." Wayne nods at her. He then steps towards her and says, "You gave me a hell of a shock at the funeral; you know that?" Susan murmurs, "I said I was confused. I've been blaming you for things that, really, were my fault. All I want to do now is put it all behind us; make a new start. Can we? Did you mean what you said last night?" Wayne tells her gently, "I meant it."

Beryl is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at her house, reading My Sister My Love. The 'phone starts ringing and she gets up to answer it. She then cries, "Susie. Is that you?" In the hallway at Dural, Susan replies, "Yes, it is. Mum, I'm sorry." She listens and then says, "I'm fine - honestly. Are you?" Beryl tells her, "I am now, love." She then appeals, "Oh, Susie, why?" She listens again before asking, "Where are you now?" Looking astonished, she then gasps, "Why? Wasn't that the reason for all of this? To get away from him?" Susan sighs, "It's not that simple. I'll try and explain when I see you." She listens and then cries, "No, mum, don't come up. Please. God knows I want to see you, but I've put you through enough." Beryl, however, just says, "I'll be there in a few hours; the first 'plane I can get." With that, she hangs up. She then picks up My Sister My Love and hides it in her bag on the dining room table before heading out.

Charlie puts a suitcase down in the lounge room at her house and sighs to Alison, "This is the worst part about coming home: the unpacking." Alison is already unpacking a bag in the room. She removes a copy of My Sister My Love from her bag and asks in surprise, "Is this mine?" Charlie smiles, "No, darling, it's mine. I bought it just before we left, but I was already packed, so I whipped it in with your things." Alison flicks through the book and comments, "You don't think it's time you outgrew these schoolgirl romances?" Charlie grabs the book and cries, "It's not, darling! It's a turbulent tale of adult human emotions, full of profound and controversial insights. At least, that's what it says on the dustjacket!" There's suddenly a hammering on the front door. Charlie goes to get it. Alison remains in the lounge room - and suddenly hears a piercing yell. She dashes out to the hallway to find Charlie lying unconscious on the floor and Susan bending over her. Alison stares at Susan and gasps, "My God!"

Andy, Craig and Doug are sitting at the table in Craig and Debbie's flat. Craig looks at Doug and snaps, "How long are we just going to sit here? She's been missing two days and the police haven't done anything." Doug points out, "They're doing what they can. Like they said, they can't start a full-scale search without some sort of evidence." Andy asks, "What evidence do they need? The girl is missing; anything could have happened." There's suddenly a gentle knocking at the front door. Craig leaps up to answer it - to find Frank standing on the step. Looking disappointed, Craig sighs, "Frank. What's the matter?" Frank tells him, "Nothing, nothing. I just want to know if I could borrow a couple of teabags; I've run-out again." As Craig gets the teabags, he asks, "How's your daughter enjoying her stay?" Frank replies, "She's fine. She'd like to get out of the flat more often, but I like to keep her inside; you know how things are these days." Craig murmurs, "Yeah - I guess." With that, he hands Frank the teabags and Frank heads out again. When he's gone, Andy comments to Craig, "Daughter, eh? Good-looker?!" Craig, however, warns, "Don't get excited - I got the feeling the other day she wasn't much more than ten!" He then sits down again and suggests to Doug, "Maybe we should call the cops; see if they've heard anything." Doug, however, insists, "There's no point, mate: the minute they've got something, they'll call us."

Next door, Frank unties a gag from around Debbie's mouth. She's sitting at the kitchen table and she cries, "Frank, please, you've got to get let me go. I can't take any more of this. Please - it just isn't fair. I've never done anything to you." Frank mutters, "You broke my heart when you went away, Amy; don't you think that's something?" Debbie cries, "I'm not Amy, I'm Debbie." Frank snaps, "You're lying. You're turning into a liar, just like your mother. That's why I've got to keep you away from her. You just sit there and I shall make us some tea." He heads over to the kitchen area. Debbie stands up and says, "I won't tell the police. If you let me go right now, I won't tell anyone." Frank, however, retorts, "Don't you talk to me about the police: keeping a man from his own child..." Debbie sighs, "I don't know anything about that. I'm not your daughter." Frank says, "I almost wish that were true: no daughter of mine would cheapen herself by living in sin with that boy next door. That's your mother in you, and that's why I've got to save you." Debbie shouts suddenly, "For heaven's sakes, listen: I am not your daughter. My name is Debbie Halliday. I never saw you before I moved in here." Frank glares at her and snaps, "Don't raise your voice to me. If you have no respect for yourself, at least have some for other people." He then goes on more calmly, "You think I'm mad; well I'm not. I know that you're not a child anymore; bringing you fairy floss... making you say your prayers... that was just to help you remember." Debbie asks, "Remember what?" Frank replies, "How you used to be my little girl - before she took you away." Debbie says, "I'm sorry that happened to you - I know that you must have loved her - but that has got nothing to do with me. Keeping me here isn't going to help you." Frank mutters, "I'll keep you away from him." He glances at the wall to Craig and Debbie's flat. Debbie repeats, "I am not your daughter." Frank, however, snaps, "Heaven help me. I am not a violent man, but if you say that again, I shall whip the hide off you. Just 'cos your mother trampled all over me, don't think you can. The reason you're here is to learn." Debbie mouths, "Learn what?" Frank retorts, "Something your mother never taught you: the difference between right and wrong. How long it takes and how much it hurts is up to you - but the first thing you have to face up to is who you are and how much of your mother's wickedness is in you. Do you understand?" Debbie just stares at him. Frank yells, "I asked you a question, Amy: do you understand?" Debbie replies quickly, "Yes, yes." Frank growls, "Good." Debbie stares at him, fearfully.

Susan is sitting in the lounge room at Charlie's. Alison comments, "You even went to Glen's funeral." Susan explains, "I knew everyone would be there. It was my chance of saying goodbye without anyone knowing." Alison remarks, "Obviously you changed your mind about disappearing." Susan explains, "That's what I want to talk to you about: I've got money coming to me from Glen's will - a lot - and I know exactly what I'm going to use it for." Alison remarks, "To help your mother and Gordon." Susan, however, tells her, "That'll have to wait. First, I'm repaying Wayne for all he's done. I'm going to use the money to destroy him." A look of surprise crosses Alison's face and she asks, "You hate him that much?" Susan growls, "You can't imagine it. The one real chance at happiness I've ever had and he took it from me. He pushed me down and made me into a piece of property. Well, from now on, it's the other way around." Charlie looks across from where she's lying on the other couch, an icepack on her head, and murmurs, "I'm not quite sure I understand, darling." Susan asserts, "It's simple: I'll let him have the money to build the company back up - but all the time, I'll be the one in control. I'll see to it that he can't even buy a newspaper unless he comes to me for the money." Looking puzzled, Alison asks, "Why risk it all? Why tie yourself to a man you hate? You really can afford to start a new life. You can find someone you can be happy with." Susan stands up and sighs, "Glen's gone. There won't be anyone else - so why put myself through the pain, trying? The only satisfaction in life now will be seeing Wayne suffer." Alison muses, "I can't say I have any sympathy for Wayne, but it seems very self-destructive from your point of view." Susan retorts, "The company is as good an investment as I'll find once it's moving again. I'll probably make a lot of money out of it - and if I do, I can use it to help Gordon and mum. The thing is, I'm not smart enough to take Wayne at his own game. I need a person to advise me on the business side." Charlie says from the couch, "I'll do anything I can to help, darling." Susan, however, looks at Alison and says, "It's you I want. Can we work together?" Looking worried, Alison stands up and says hesitantly, "Look, Susan, I really don't think it's a good idea." Susan cries, "Yes you do; you're just worried it's going to backfire on me. The way to see it doesn't is to help me. If you don't, I'll just get someone else - but we both know that you're the ideal person." Alison muses, "I must admit, I'd hate not to be there when Wayne does get what's coming to him..." Susan smiles weakly, "Then you'll do it?" Alison nods, "With pleasure!"

Debbie is still standing by the kitchen table in Frank's flat as Frank says, "Don't you remember how wonderful it was? We used to go for picnics in the park, and you used to wave to all the people as they went past in the train. Then, one day, I couldn't take it any longer - the thought of you going back to that house - so we went away together; just the two of us. Don't you remember?" Debbie shakes her head at him, sadly. Frank goes on, "You loved it because now we were on the train and you used to wave to all the people as we went past. We rode for days - and then we got off." He pauses. Debbie asks gently, "What?" Frank cries, "They had no right." Debbie probes, "Who? What happened?" Frank retorts, "They were waiting for us at the station. They said I couldn't see my little girl ever, ever again. I tried to explain; I pleaded with them; I said how much I loved you - but they wouldn't listen. Then she took you away. I couldn't write to you; I didn't know where you were; I didn't know what to do. I was so lonely; I missed you so much I wanted to die. But I didn't. I knew that one day I would find you and save you from them - and thank heaven I have..." He begins to break down in tears at the table. Debbie strokes his arm and he sits there, sobbing. She looks worried.

The front door opens at Dural and Susan steps inside. Wayne emerges from the study and tells her, "I was just coming to see if I could find you. Your mother's here." Susan asks, "Is she angry?" Wayne replies, "A bit scratchy - but that's normal when I'm around." Susan murmurs, "Best get it over..." She goes to head into the lounge room. Wayne opens the door for her. In the lounge room, Beryl turns to look at her daughter. Susan says gently, "Hello, mum." Beryl stares at her, lovingly. She then asks Wayne, "Would you mind leaving us, please?" Wayne turns and heads out of the room. Susan then runs into Beryl's arms. Beryl cries, "I thought I'd lost you." Susan tells her, "I know. I'm sorry - I know you must be angry." Beryl just cries, "Angry? Oh, love, I suppose I should be, but it's just such a miracle you're alive." Susan says, "I know I should've told you; Caroline and Doug wanted me to, but I was terrified Wayne would find out. I know you wouldn't have told him, but... I can't explain it; I just wasn't being rational." Beryl murmurs happily, "It's alright. I think I understand. But there is one thing that doesn't seem to make any sense - and that's why you're here; why you came back to him." They pull apart and Susan asks uncertainly, "Where else would I go?" Beryl tells her, "You could come home with me." Susan, however, murmurs, "No. I owe Wayne too much to just walk away." Beryl stares at her in shock and gasps, "If you mean getting even, that's the kind of thing that made Wayne the way he is. You don't want to end up like that." Susan just nods coldly, "If that's what it takes." Beryl cries, "Do you realise what you're saying? Can't you see how much he's changed you already? You come back with me before it's too late." Susan just shrugs, "It already is." Beryl whispers, "Susie... I have been through too much. I can't take anymore. If you insist on staying here, don't look for me to pick up the pieces when things go wrong. You're going to have to make a choice between Wayne and me." Susan gasps in shock, "Mum! Please!" Beryl, however, just says, "I don't think there's any sense in talking anymore, until you've made your choice." Susan sighs heavily. She looks worried.

Debbie finishes a meal in Frank's flat and says, "That was great." Frank tells her, "I'm sorry there's no dessert." Debbie insists, "That's OK - I'm full." She then adds, "There is one thing I'd like, though." Frank asks, "What's that?" Debbie tells him, "Some fresh air. Any chance we could go for a walk? We could go to the park, like we used to, and watch the trains." Frank, however, says quickly, "No, no, I don't think so, no. You're still under your mother's influence, and until I'm sure that that's gone...; anyway, how do I know you won't go back to that boyfriend of yours?" Debbie tells him, "I give you my word." Frank stares at her. He then says, "If there's any trouble, we'll come straight back and I'll be very angry." Debbie nods, "I know." Frank looks at the dinner plates and says, "We'll clear these things and we'll go."

Andy is standing just inside the front door of Craig and Debbie's flat, commenting, "There's something funny going on. I was just talking to one of the other tenants--" Craig interrupts and mutters, "Tell us later. I've got enough to worry about without some gossip from the rest of the building." Andy insists, "I reckon this might have something to do with it." He goes on, "I mentioned to this bloke about Frank's daughter and he said she can't be staying with him; he's known Frank for years and said that there is a restraining order stopping him from seeing the kid." Doug chips in, "Maybe he gets lonely? Likes to pretend?" Craig remarks, "He's got to have someone up there; look at all the extra teabags he's been borrowing - and that fairy floss I saw him with." Doug chuckles, "He's nuts about the stuff; too embarrassed to admit it so he pretends it's for his kid!" Craig, however, retorts, "It can't be that; he told me he doesn't eat sugar." Andy goes on, "I got thinking: I don't really know the guy, but don't you reckon he's been acting a bit strange; kind of twitchy?" Craig gasps, "You think he knows something?" Doug comments, "Probably shouldn't jump to conclusions - but he is somebody Debbie knows... she'd let him in without being suspicious..." Andy remarks, "It's a wild shot." Craig, leaping up from his chair, suggests, "Let's find out."

Next door, Frank picks up a clip of bullets and loads it into his pistol as Debbie stands and watches. She comments, "Still don't trust me?" Frank replies, "I think I do - but there's still the police and your mother: if they see you, they'll want to take you back, and I won't let them do that." There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Craig calls, "Frank?" Debbie calls back, "Craig!" Frank grabs her. Debbie says quickly, "I just want to tell him I'm alright." Frank growls, "That's a lie. You want to go back to him, to live with him." Craig calls again, "Debbie!" Debbie looks at Frank and cries, "Listen to me: I'm not Amy. I love Craig but I care about you, too." Frank snaps, "Don't lie. You're just like your mother: you care about nobody else but yourself and never have and never will." At the door, Craig yells, "Open the door or I'll break it down." Debbie yells back, "No, Craig, he's got a gun!" Out on the landing, Craig hisses at Andy, "Get the police - quick." Andy dashes back to Craig and Debbie's flat." Craig then says to Doug, "What are we doing to do? If we try breaking in he's going to hurt her." Doug suggests, "Let's keep a lid on things until the cops get here, eh? Maybe we can sort it out without anyone getting hurt." Craig looks at him warily.

A short time later, two police cars pull up outside the block of flats. A number of police officers head into the building as a photographer takes snaps. Craig is standing with Andy by the front door. He cries to a police officer standing there, "I won't get in the way. She's my girlfriend; I can help." The officer just tells him, "I'm sorry, son. We'll get your girl back for you. There are men inside there now who are trained negotiators. Let them do their job - alright?" Andy grabs Craig's arm and pulls him down the path. Craig sighs, "If I only knew what was happening..." They join Doug, who tells Craig, "The best thing you can do for her is just keep out of the way." Andy points out, "At least we know she's not hurt." Craig, however, retorts, "For how long? The nut has got a gun; he can use it any time." Doug reminds him, "He's had her up there for two days now; if he was going to do anything to her, he'd have done it by now. Just have to wait and hope for the best." Craig glares at him.

Two police marksmen, holding rifles, are standing on the landing outside Frank's flat. One of them calls through the closed door, "We'd like to hear what your problem is, Frank. Why don't you let the girl out, then we can talk about it?" Inside, Frank is holding his pistol close to his chest. He cries at Debbie, "I knew they'd come for you, just like they did before." Debbie appeals, "Frank, please--" Frank interrupts and snaps, "How did they find you? You must have got a message to them. A proper fool you took me for, wasn't it? All that 'I love you, dad; I want to stay with you, dad.' Your mother's daughter through-and-through, that's what you are. The world would be a better place without you." Debbie cries, "No, honest, I swear, I don't know how they found me." One of the marksmen calls again, "Frank..." Frank yells at him, "Go away. Just go away and leave alone. I'll kill her before I let you take her." He then corrects quickly, "No... Go away. Shut up; just shut up and let me think." Debbie cries, "Frank, you're only making things--" Frank glares at her and yells, "You shut up, too. Is this what you wanted? You and your sick excuse of a mother. I wish I'd never met her. I wish you'd never been born." He then walks over and grabs the photo of his ex-wife and his daughter. He holds it out to Debbie and yells, "Look at her. Take a look. I should've got rid of you both years ago." Debbie cries through tears that are welling in her eyes, "Frank, please calm down." Frank just yells, "Shut up. I told you to shut up. You are staying with me and that is that. Shut your lying mouth or I will shut it for you."

Outside, Craig is talking to the police officers by the front door again. Looking defeated, he turns and heads back down the path. Andy and Doug are standing by a small wall and Doug comments, "No joy, by the look of it." Andy murmurs, "I guess not." He walks over to where Craig is leaning on a wheelie bin and asks, "Any news, mate?" Craig cries, "I can't hack this much longer. I just want to know what's happening." Andy tells him, "If it's any help, I know what you're going through: you know how I feel about Deb, and if I couldn't split you two up, some nutcase up there with a couple of bags of fairy floss isn't going to." Craig looks at him and says, "Andy... I appreciate you sticking around." Andy tells him, "No sweat. I was hoping when this is all over, maybe we could become better friends." Craig nods, "That would be good. When this is over, I'll tell you one thing: if she comes through this, I'm never going to let anything take her away from me again."

Inside, in Frank's flat, Frank is still holding out the photo and ordering Debbie, "Look at her. Take a good look." Debbie cries, "Alright. I don't know what you want me to say. I don't know what you want." Frank yells, "I want you back the way you were before; before she poisoned you. Such a sweet little girl. Now look at you; I'd hardly know you were the same person." Debbie cries, "Because I'm not. Please--" Frank interrupts and snaps, "You're not even sorry. I wanted to take you back; I've have tried to make you into a decent person - and look at the way you repay me: you lie and then you get your boyfriend to call the police." Debbie insists, "I did not do that." A marksman calls suddenly, "Everything alright in there, Frank?" Frank yells at the door, "I told you to go away." Debbie yells, "Do as he says. He won't hurt me if you do." There's silence from outside. Frank, however, murmurs suddenly, "No... they're not going to go away. They want the satisfaction of giving you back to her and making me stand and watch. Oh no..." Still clutching the photo, he puts his arm round Debbie and cries, "Not again. I let them do it once. If I can't share my life with you, then..." He starts to lift the pistol, pointing it towards Debbie's chest. Debbie gasps in horror, "No! Please..."

Outside, the police officers, Craig, Andy and Doug hear a shot being fired inside. It's followed quickly by another one. Looking horrified, Craig, Andy and Doug start to race up the path, but are restrained by the policemen. Craig cries, "That was shots up there." Several policemen run up the path behind him and go streaming into the flat. Andy grabs Craig to restrain him.

Inside, the two marksmen kick open the door to Frank's flat and burst inside, holding out their rifles in front of them. They then relax their arms and look at each other, sadly...

Outside, Craig is struggling with Andy and yelling, "Let me go. I want to see her." A police officer emerges from the flats and says to him, "Come on now, son, take it easy." Craig demands, "Tell me what's happened." At that moment, Debbie appears in the main doorway, looking shaky. Two police officers help her down the steps. Craig stares at her and then runs and puts his arms round her. The photographer takes a shot of them. Doug asks the police officer, "What happened?" The officer tells him, "Porter's dead. Shot himself. Almost took the girl with him, apparently." In Craig's arms, Debbie murmurs, "He had the gun hard up against my head. I could see the trigger. He started to pull it... then at the last minute he couldn't... then he shot the photo... then he... then he..." She breaks down in tears as Craig soothes gently, "It's all over. I promise I'll never let anything like that happen to you again." Debbie cries, "He didn't mean to hurt me; he was just... he was just lonely." She starts panting heavily as shock begins to overwhelm her.


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