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    Written by: Colin Tregenza   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

Caroline starts to bluster, "You're making a mistake, Wayne. You've got it all wrong." Wayne, however, just replies lightly, "Really? Why's that? Tell me." Caroline says, "I don't know whether Susan's alive or not. I told the girl that I spoke to her just to keep her on the 'phone; keep her talking. I put the ad in the papers on the off-chance that you weren't seeing things at the funeral; that you really did see her. I know it was a long shot, but it was a chance I couldn't pass up. Susan was a very close friend." In Sydney, Wayne retorts, "Very good, Caroline. Quite a performance. But you'll have to do better than that, I'm afraid. You see, your reaction was all wrong: when Sherry said she was calling on Susan's behalf, you should have been more excited - but you weren't: you acted as though you knew all along that Susan was alive. So all that's left for you to do is to tell me where she is." Caroline doesn't respond. Wayne demands, "What's the matter, Caroline? You going silent on me?" Caroline growls, "Typical of you, isn't it, Wayne? All you're thinking about is the money." Wayne says, "I simply wish to be reunited with my dear wife. Where is she?" He listens, but then laughs, "I don't think so! Come on, Caroline, be a sport: don't hold out on one of your old mates!" Caroline just retorts curtly, "If I knew where she was, I wouldn't have run the ad, would I? And if I did know, you're the last person I'd tell." Wayne asks, "Who else knows she's in the land of the living?" He listens and then murmurs, "You and Doug - and me." Caroline warns, "If you feel anything for Susan, please keep it that way. It's what she wants; you've got to respect her wishes." Wayne, however, says, "Don't be ridiculous: we should be celebrating her resurrection. As far as I'm concerned, I'm letting the whole world know about it." With that, he hangs up.

Gordon and Beryl are sitting in the lounge room at Beryl's. Beryl is commenting, "A whole night without a word? Craig must be out of his mind with worry." Gordon points out, "At least the police are out looking for her, now." Beryl muses, "I think I should go to their flat and see what I can do." Gordon reminds her, "Doug seems to have everything under control." Beryl, however, insists, "I just can't sit here doing nothing." Gordon suggests, "Give Craig a ring; let him know you're thinking of him." Beryl nods, "I will." She stands up. As she goes to the 'phone, though, it starts ringing. She picks it up and says, "Hello?" Wayne is reclining on the couch in the lounge room at Dural, and he smiles, "Hello, Beryl, how are you?" He listens and then says, "Good. I've got some news for you." Beryl retorts, "Oh yes?" She listens and then mutters, "No, I do not believe in ghosts, Wayne. What do you want? I'm in a hurry." Wayne says, "Do you remember Glen's funeral, when everyone thought I was mad? My visitor from The Twilight Zone?" Beryl growls, "That rubbish about you seeing Susan? Yes, I have been told." Wayne nods, "That's right: your daughter. My wife. Only she isn't a ghost. She's alive." Beryl gasps, "Is this some kind of sick joke?" Wayne assures her calmly, "No joke - unless you believe in reincarnation - and I doubt that." Gordon leaps up from the couch at Beryl's and takes the 'phone from her. He demands from his son, "What are you babbling on about?" Wayne tells him, "Just spreading the good news: about ten minutes ago, I found out Susan was alive... God's truth - I'm not lying. I just thought Beryl would like to know." Gordon asks warily, "Have you any proof?" He listens and then says, "Why should we ask Caroline?" Wayne retorts, "Because it's my bet she knew Susan was alive from almost day one. She certainly does now. Why don't you give her a ring?" With that, he hangs up." Gordon does likewise in Albert Park. He then says gently to Beryl, "I think he's telling the truth?" Beryl stares at him and cries in relief, "Oh, Gordon..." Gordon gives her a hug.

Caroline is vacuuming the lounge room at her house when she hears a knock at the front door. She turns off the vacuum cleaner and goes to answer the door - to find a furious-looking Beryl standing on the step. She marches inside and demands, "Is it true?" Caroline asks, "Is what true?" Beryl snaps, "What Wayne just told me." A look of guilt crosses Caroline's face. Beryl demands, "How long have you known?" Caroline murmurs, "Almost from the beginning." A look of hatred in her eyes, Beryl lashes out suddenly and whacks Caroline round the face. As she does so, she yells, "Thanks very much!"

A short time later, in the lounge room, Caroline is explaining to Beryl, "I promised Susan I wouldn't say anything. She didn't want me to tell anyone." Beryl gasps, "Not even her own mother?" Caroline shrugs, "She was afraid. She couldn't face people." Beryl snaps, "You had no right to let me go on thinking she was dead. Can you imagine what it was like packing her belongings for the last time?... going to her memorial service?" Caroline murmurs, "I couldn't break my promise." Beryl retorts, "Of course you could." Caroline insists, "You don't understand. She was very mixed up; if she thought I'd betrayed her, she might have done something crazy. She almost committed suicide once; I didn't want her to have a second try." Beryl growls, "You could have told me. You know how close Susan and I were; are." Caroline murmurs, "I did what I thought was best at the time." Beryl asks, "Where is she now?" Caroline admits, "I don't know." Beryl gasps, "I thought you were supposed to be looking after her." Caroline explains, "She wanted to make a new start." Beryl cries, "And you let her go? Just like that?" Caroline retorts, "She'd made up her mind. There was nothing I could do to stop her. I am trying to look for her, though - I've put advertisements in all the major newspapers." Beryl says coldly, "You should have told me, Caroline. Right from the start. You should have told me." Caroline stands there, looking guilty.

Susan sits down on a bench at the side of a road. She's holding a newspaper. She opens it at the 'Personal' section...

Michael, Janice and Fiona are trekking through the bush. Michael comments, "It must be nearly lunchtime." Fiona smiles, "Goody! I'm looking forward to a nice cup of tea!" Michael points out, "I warned you: all that extra weight takes its toll!" Fiona, however, sighs, "Expressing interest in a cup of tea doesn't necessarily mean I'm exhausted!" Michael grins, "Alright. We'll stop soon and I'll set up the stove." Janice, however, chips in, "We shouldn't use the stove to make the tea. We should conserve fuel in case of emergency." Michael tells her, "I wouldn't worry - we've got extra fuel, and a fire will take longer." Janice insists, "We should practice our bush skills at every opportunity." She adds, "You can make a fire, I take it?" Michael nods, "Of course." Janice asks, "What if it had been raining for three days?" Michael replies, "I know a few tricks. You forget: I was brought up in the bush." Janice stops walking and asks, "Could you live off the land?" Michael nods, "If I had to." Janice declares, "Let's do it, then!" Michael comments, "And forget all the lovely dehydrated food we've brought?!" Janice replies, "Yes. For the whole time we're camping. Let's see who can survive. I challenge you!" Michael insists, "I want to relax." Janice murmurs pointedly, "It's easy if you know how." Michael retorts, "I do know how, but I'd rather not. Sorry." Janice shrugs, "I'll have to do it alone, then. I will prove that it's not only possible, but an enriching experience which strengthens both the mind and the body." Fiona muses, "You're going to be sorry you said that." Janice, however, just says arrogantly, "Don't ever wear your wishbone where your backbone ought to be. It is a maxim full of wisdom and applies to you and me." With that, she starts trekking again. Fiona looks at Michael in concern!

Bernie Young is at Dural. As Wayne shows him into the lounge room, he offers him a drink. Bernie, however, just snaps, "Say what you want to say, Hamilton. I haven't the time or the patience." He stands there as Wayne nods, "Very well." He then goes on, "Susan's suicide was a fake. She's alive." Bernie raises his eyebrows and asks sharply, "How do you know?" Wayne replies, "I just do." Bernie asks, "She alright?" Wayne tells him, "As far as I know." Bernie asks, "Where is she?" Wayne replies, "I don't know exactly. She's been hiding-out in Melbourne." Bernie murmurs, "All this time... she must really hate you." Wayne gives him a look. Bernie then asks him, "Do you hate her?" Wayne gasps, "Of course not. In fact, I called you here to do something on her behalf." Bernie says disbelievingly, "Really?" Wayne starts to say, "I believe the will--" Bernie interrupts and snaps, "Whose will?" Wayne says meekly, "Your son's. Glen's." He goes on, "It has a bequest to Susan." Bernie comments, "News gets around. Well?" Wayne continues, "It's obvious, isn't it? You should call your solicitors and tell them not to negate the will." Bernie nods sarcastically, "Of course. Wouldn't want your wife to miss out, would you?" Wayne tells him, "I think you should just respect the wishes of your son." Bernie smiles coldly and says, "It's quite a generous bequest." Wayne shrugs, "I don't know any details." Bernie tells him, "Susan would be a very wealthy woman - if she were alive." Wayne insists, "She is." Bernie, however, snaps, "I have no evidence for that except your word - which is worth nothing - so I see no reason to speak to Glen's solicitor." Wayne tells him, "You will. I'll get all the proof you want." Bernie growls, "You're only thinking of the money." Wayne retorts, "I'm thinking of Susan." Bernie, however, snarls, "Don't come the raw prawn with me. If you try to lay your hands on one cent of my son's money, I'll take you through every court in the land." With that, he turns and marches out. Wayne stands there, looking worried.

Beryl is standing in the lounge room at her house, exclaiming, "And after all that, she simply let Susan disappear without a trace. Goodness knows where she is now." Gordon, who's sitting on the couch, holding a newspaper, suggests, "Let's hope she sees the advertisement." Beryl sighs, "I always thought Caroline was more responsible." Gordon says, "I can understand why she kept quiet to begin with. Put yourself in her shoes: she didn't want to go behind Susan's back, and no doubt she was eventually hoping that Susan would find the courage to tell everybody herself." Beryl cries, "It's been weeks. Caroline should have told me before now; that's all there is to it. If anything happens to Susan, I will hold her personally responsible." Gordon, however, points out, "Her motives were good. She found herself in a difficult position and tried to help Susan as much as she could." Looking annoyed, Beryl mutters, "I'll make some tea." She storms off to the kitchen.

Wayne is standing in an office. There is a sign on the wall: Australia Today. Wayne sits down in front of a young woman, who says, "Good morning." Wayne holds out his hand and replies, "Good morning. Wayne Hamilton." The woman shakes it and says, "Gail Jones. What can I do for you?" Wayne tells her, "I have a story for your programme..."

A short time later, Wayne is showing Gail a photo of him and Susan on their wedding day. Gail looks at it and comments, "She's lovely." Wayne tells Gail, "Three weeks ago, she disappeared without a trace. We'd only been married two months. The police found her car eventually - near a beach: keys still in the ignition... jewellery in the glovebox... and down near the water, they found her shoes. They said it was suicide. I don't believe them." Looking interested, Gail asks, "Why not?" Wayne explains, "She was carrying our child. She had so much to live for." Gail asks, "Were there any problems at home?" Wayne insists, "No. Sure, we had some minor disagreements - like any married couple - but nothing serious." Gail stands up from behind her desk and says, "It's a very sad story, Wayne, but from an audience point of view it doesn't go anywhere. Our viewers like to see--" Wayne interrupts, though, and says, "I haven't finished." He continues, "This morning, a friend from Melbourne called me and told me she'd seen Susan." Gail asks, "A reliable friend?" Wayne nods, "Yes." He adds, "I have more evidence now." Gail comments, "So you think the suicide was a set-up. Any idea where your wife is?" Wayne replies, "No - but I have to get in touch with her. You see, last week, a friend of hers died and left her a fortune. If she doesn't turn up soon, she could lose the lot." Looking thoughtful, Gail muses, "Quite an interesting tale, isn't it?" Wayne tells her, "All I know is: I love my wife and I want her back." Gail nods, "Of course. Maybe we can help. I'll just get a researcher to take down the details." With that, she heads off across the office, leaving Wayne with a smug smile on his face...

Fiona is lying back on a rug in the middle of a clearing in the bush. She stretches and smiles at Michael, "This is just what the doctor ordered! Lots of wide open bush and plenty of fresh air!" Janice heads over to them and Michael calls, "How did you go?" Janice tells him, "I found a creek down the bottom of the hill." Fiona smiles, "That's miles away! You must be exhausted!" Janice just shrugs, "There's no such thing as a free lunch!" She crouches down on the rug and hands Fiona a tin cup. Fiona looks inside and comments, "Ugh! That's full of all squiggly things!" Janice tells her, "I'm not afraid of a bit of protein!" Michael asks warily, "You sure they're OK?" Janice nods, "Course." Fiona asks, "What if they're poisonous?" Janice, however, insists, "They're fine! Anything you see the birds eating, you can eat." Michael remarks, "There's not much there." Janice shrugs, "I'm not very hungry." Michael looks at her and then picks up one of the packs of dehydrated food. He pulls back the wrapping and bites into the food. Janice looks at him and puts another grub in her mouth!

Gordon is standing with Beryl in her kitchen. He tells her, "I'm sorry I was so inconsiderate before." Beryl, however, says, "I'm the one that should be apologising - for getting so hot under the collar." Gordon insists, "I should have been trying to comfort you instead of arguing over some trivial point that can't be changed anyway." Beryl tells him, "What you said makes sense now; it's just I was too angry to see straight." Gordon smiles, "You'd think at my age I'd know when to keep quiet!" Beryl grins, "And I should be able to control my temper!" With that, Gordon gives her a warm hug.

Janice, Michael and Fiona are standing by a stream. Fiona looks around and says, "Why don't we set up the camp right here? This is a lovely spot." Janice, however, tells her, "No. I've considered all the pros and cons and we'll get the sun for longer on the other side - and if there's a flash flood, we won't be swept away." Michael looks at the water and remarks, "It looks pretty shallow." Janice tells him, "We'll go first." With that, she and Michael step down into the water. Fiona says uncertainly, "I'm going to find a way to walk around it." Janice and Michael continue treading through the water. As they do so, though, they lose their balance suddenly and fall backwards! Fiona bursts out laughing!

A while later, Michael is standing behind a bush on dry land, wrapping a sleeping bag around his lower half! He joins Janice and Fiona on the rug, which has been laid out again. Fiona asks him, "You quite sure you're warm enough?" Michael smiles, "I'm fine. My pride's a bit damp - among other parts of my anatomy!" Fiona then turns to Janice and asks, "Are you still a bit wet." Janice, who has another sleeping bag wrapped right the way around her, retorts, "If you hadn't baulked at crossing that stream in the first place, this would never have happened." Fiona comments, "You mean you wouldn't be walking around in your birthday suit!" Janice glares at her and growls, "Aunt Fiona..." Fiona, however, grins, "Come on, darling! Laugh at yourself. It's funny!" Janice mutters, "I'm glad you think so." Michael suggests quickly, "Let's boil the billy. Fancy a cuppa?!"

It's evening-time. Wayne sits down on the couch in the lounge room at Dural with a ready meal. He switches the TV on.

Gordon is sitting in the lounge room at Beryl's, doing the crossword in the newspaper. Beryl wanders in from the hallway. Gordon asks, "Asleep?" Beryl replies, "Won't be long. It only takes him about five minutes to drop off." She then asks, "What's on the telly?" She switches it on as Gordon replies, "I don't know. The news must be finished." A male voice starts speaking from the TV, saying, "It must have been a shock for you to hear that she was alive." Gordon and Beryl then hear Wayne's voice saying hesitantly, "Well, no - you see, I never accepted that she was dead." They both stare at the screen and Gordon gasps. "What the hell...?" On the TV screen, Wayne goes on, "They never found her body. Besides which, I couldn't believe she'd take her own life - and our child's. It doesn't make sense." The presenter asks, "Why would she fake her suicide, then?" Wayne shrugs, "I don't know. I relived the time between our marriage and her disappearance, trying to work out why she'd do it. I'm at a total loss." The presenter smiles, "At least you know she's alive now." Wayne says, "I only hope she's watching." The presenter then says, "I believe that you have some good news and some bad news for your wife." Wayne says quietly, "Yes. Sadly - tragically - one of her friends has died. The good news is he left her some money." Beryl looks at Gordon as the presenter says to Wayne, "A fortune, in fact." Wayne nods, "I believe so." The presenter asks, "Do you have any idea where she is?" Wayne whispers, "I'm afraid not." Susan is sitting on the bed in a motel room, watching the TV. The presenter says to Wayne, "If you could speak to her now, Wayne, what would you say?" Wayne takes a sip of water and turns to the camera. He then appeals, "Please come home, Susan. If there's something wrong... a problem... some unhappiness... share it with me. We can work it out. I want to look after you. I love you." Susan climbs up from the bed and switches the TV off. She looks worried.

The next morning, Beryl is sitting on the couch in her lounge room as Gordon comments, "I hate to say it, but it's the sort of thing I've come to expect from Wayne now." Beryl suggests, "Surely no one would believe that performance of his." Gordon shrugs, "Maybe not - but the general public don't know his track record. He was pretty convincing as the aggrieved husband." The 'phone starts ringing suddenly and Beryl stands up to answer it. As she does so, Gordon mutters, "If that's Wayne, I want to talk to him." Beryl picks up the 'phone and says, "Hello?" She listens. She then shakes her head at Gordon. He heads off to the kitchen. Beryl then growls down the 'phone, "What did you want to talk about?" She listens again and mutters, "Is that absolutely necessary?... Alright, about twenty minutes." She listens further and growls, "I'll be there." With that, she hangs up. She then calls to Gordon, "I have to go out for a while." Gordon rejoins her and says, "Nothing wrong, I hope?" Beryl says quickly, "Just one of my friends is in a tizz. In-law problems!" Gordon asks, "Should you be taking on other people's problems right now?" Beryl, however, tells him, "Don't worry - I'm sure it's just a storm in a teacup." Gordon accepts this and says, "I'll look after Robert." Beryl thanks him and heads out.

At the campsite in the bush, Fiona hands Michael a bowl of breakfast. He comments, "It smells great!" Fiona then looks at Janice, who's sitting there stubbornly. After a few seconds, she snaps at her niece, "This has gone on quite long enough." Janice warns, "It'll be wasted." Fiona just retorts, "You're being very selfish." Janice demands, "Why?" Fiona tells her, "Because my whole holiday's being ruined worrying about you." Janice mutters, "That's moral blackmail." Fiona sighs, "You're as thin as a rake and you're getting skinnier every second." Janice insists curtly, "I know how to look after myself." Fiona retorts, "Really? And where's your breakfast?" Janice stands up and mutters, "I'm just going to collect it. I've just been composing myself." Fiona growls sarcastically, "Composing yourself? Your stomach's not very composed; it was rumbling all night!" Janice snaps, "Rubbish." Michael stands up and says warily, "Janice, there's no need to go on." Janice turns to him and snaps, "I said I'd survive and I will." Michael insists, "As far as I'm concerned, you've proved your point - and you should be rewarded." He holds out his breakfast bowl and continues, "Well done! First prize! Please accept the winner's trophy!" Janice mutters, "I could go on for days, if I had to." Michael, however, asks, "What's the point? You've won the challenge." Janice grabs the bowl from him and shoves a mouthful of food into her mouth. She then turns to Fiona and says, "I'm only doing this to stop you nagging!"

Gordon is feeding Robert at the kitchen table at Beryl's. The front door opens and Beryl comes in. She joins Gordon and tells him, "Sorry I took so long." Gordon replies, "That's alright. Everything sorted out?" Beryl nods, "More or less." Gordon looks at her and asks, "You OK?" Beryl murmurs, "Yes. I'm sorry - worrying about Susan's taking its toll." Gordon accepts this. He then picks Robert up and takes him off to the bathroom to get cleaned up. Beryl heads into the lounge room, picks up the 'phone and dials a number. When the call is answered, she says sharply, "Hello. It's me. I've thought it over: it has to be stopped for Gordon's sake." She listens before snapping, "I don't care how you put it." She listens again before sighing, "Alright - I will read it, but I won't be changing my mind." With that, she hangs up. She then goes over to the couch and puts her bag down on it. She reaches into the bag and removes a hardback book, entitled My Sister My Love, written by someone called Angela Johns.

Gail Jones is talking on the 'phone in the office of Australia Today. Susan walks in suddenly and sits down in front of her. Gail says quickly on the 'phone, "I'll have to go. I'll ring you back." She hangs up. She then says to Susan, "Susan Hamilton, right?" Susan nods and replies, "I want to see the presenter of the show." Gail replies, "Max? Certainly." She picks up the 'phone again and dials a number. Susan sits there, a knowing smile on her face...

There's a rapid knocking on the front door at Dural. Wayne emerges from the study, muttering, "Alright, keep your shirt on." He opens the door to find Susan standing on the step. He gasps, "Susan!" She steps inside - followed by the presenter of Australia Today and a camera crew. Wayne asks in surprise, "What's going on?" Susan throws her arms round him and cries sincerely, "Wayne, it's so good to see you. Please forgive me." Wayne stands there, looking dumbstruck!


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