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    Written by: Bruce Hancock   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Pino Amenta

The next morning, Caroline and Doug are sitting at the kitchen table, having breakfast. Caroline smiles, "I still can't believe you did it - and in front of all those strangers!" Doug points out, "The main thing is you said 'yes'!" Caroline laughs, "For the second time!" Doug then tells her seriously, "Nothing's going to go wrong this time, believe me. First off, we're going on a holiday - to celebrate." Caroline asks in surprise, "Where?" Doug replies, "Mexico. Where else? I've still got the tickets; I can't waste them." Looking suddenly concerned, Caroline says, "It might be better to wait, Doug." A look of surprise crosses Doug's face and he asks, "Why?" Caroline replies quickly, "You know: Susan." Doug murmurs softly, "Susan's gone, love. No point dwelling on it. Best if everybody tries to get over her death as soon as they can." Caroline insists, "It just wouldn't feel right if we left now. Couldn't we postpone it for a couple of months - just out of respect?" Doug smiles at her warmly and nods, "Righto." He then adds, "Anything else? I'll do anything you say this morning!" Caroline grins, "Now that you come to mention it... why not let Debbie stay on for a while?" Doug asks, "Isn't she moving in with Craig?" Caroline replies, "Probably - but not straight away, and I don't want the girl to feel pressured that she has to go." Doug sighs, "OK - though I was sort of hoping that we'd have the place to ourselves for a while." Caroline muses, "Yes, well, if Billie hadn't left with her casino friends, the place would still be crawling with gamblers." Doug nods, "Yeah." He then goes on, "I can't say I'm sorry she's gone. I will miss her money, but not Billie." Caroline asks, "Any idea how you're going to cover that extra payment on the land deal?" Doug shrugs, "I'll just have to come up with some fast cash somehow, that's all." He adds, "The way I've felt since last night, I can't lose. In fact, why don't you come down to the estate agent with me? I'm going to try and have the payment deferred. I tell you: I'm going to pull off this land deal, Caroline; you'll see. Make Wayne Hamilton laugh on the other side of his face, that's for sure..."

The front door opens at Dural and Wayne heads inside. Beryl is standing on the stairs, holding Robert. She and Wayne glare at each other. Wayne then snarls, "I bet you think you're sitting pretty, don't you?" Beryl sighs, "What are you talking about?" Wayne retorts angrily, "Spare me the innocence, Beryl; you know exactly what I'm talking about: telling dad how I kidnapped Robert." Beryl retorts, "I told you, Wayne: I had no intentions of telling your dad; it just happened." Wayne growls, "It's funny how kidnappings just pop up in conversation, isn't it? Almost as often as the weather." Beryl insists curtly, "It's the truth. Besides, you're the last person on earth who should be throwing accusations around. You're the one who did the kidnapping. Now, if you'll excuse me..." She goes to walk off. Wayne snaps after her, "You're milking it for all it's worth." Beryl turns back to him and snaps, "That doesn't even deserve an answer." Wayne, however, goes on, "Admit it, Beryl: you're busting your guts to turn dad against me. Well, you go your hardest, sweetheart; badmouth me all you like - because dad won't buy it. He has too much faith in me." Beryl just looks at him and heads out of the house.

In the lounge room, Gordon is talking on the 'phone at the bar, saying, "We'll be up tomorrow, after the memorial service." Wayne opens the door and steps into the room. He listens as Gordon adds, "Oh, could you have some work done on the garden? I want it looking nice for Beryl... Thanks, Alan. Good. OK. Bye." With that, he hangs up. He then turns to look at Wayne, who walks over and says a cheery, "Good morning." Gordon just turns away. Wayne tells him, "I just came from the hospital. Richard's really picking up." Gordon murmurs, "Good." Wayne continues, "Some bad news, though: he isn't my son." He goes on, "It won't change anything - for me, at least. Richard needs a family and he feels like mine. I'm going to stick by him." Gordon nods, "I see." Wayne continues quickly, "I was hoping you'd feel the same. He mightn't be related, but as far as Richard's concerned, you're still his grandpa." Gordon, not looking at Wayne, says, "He can stay here as long as he likes. There's plenty of room. In fact, you'll have the house to yourselves." Wayne asks in surprise, "You going somewhere?" Gordon nods, "Woombai. Tomorrow. Beryl and I are going to live up there permanently. We want a happy, trouble-free life and I really can't see you fitting into those plans." He turns and looks at Wayne, who demands angrily, "What's she been telling you?" Gordon retorts, "Probably what everybody wanted to tell me for years and didn't have the heart." Wayne cries, "It's lies, dad. Don't you see? She sees me as competition. She wants me out of the way." Gordon, however, retorts coldly, "Don't you dare talk about Beryl like that. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't realise what you're truly capable of." Wayne cries, "If you're talking about the kidnapping, I had good reasons to do it." Gordon just tells his son, "No reason is good enough. Not ever." With that, he goes to walk out. Wayne calls after him, "Oh, I see. Simple as that. Someone from outside the family comes in and starts slinging mud, and overnight you're prepared to move out, marry her and pretend we've never known each other." Gordon turns and looks at his son. He then says tersely, "I wish to God we hadn't." With that, he walks out, leaving Wayne looking horrified.

Beryl and Robert are picking flowers out in the grounds when Gordon emerges from the house. He walks over to them and Beryl asks, "Are you OK?" Gordon murmurs, "Could be better." Beryl remarks, "I gather you told Wayne about Woombai. How did he take it?" Gordon, however, tells her, "It doesn't matter how he took it. He's got his life to live, we've got ours." Beryl insists, "I don't want you to feel bad." Gordon just says, "Please, let's just not talk about it, eh? We'll leave for Woombai tomorrow, as planned, after the memorial service." Beryl suggests, "How about we go inside and have a cup of tea?" Gordon, however, replies, "If you don't mind, I'll go for a walk. Nothing to do with you; I just want some time alone." With that, he walks off, leaving Beryl looking worried.

In Melbourne, Doug and Caroline are walking along a street, approaching a building with the sign 'Folio Real Estate' outside. Doug is smiling, "I've been thinking: we should decide on a place for our wedding reception." Caroline points out, "There's plenty of time for that." Doug, however, tells her, "You can't leave it 'til the last minute." They approach the front door of the estate agent - to find a note in the window saying 'Sorry. Closed due to illness." Doug reads it and comments in surprise, "What's the story? It doesn't make sense: these blokes don't just shut up shop." Caroline points out, "Someone's ill." Doug insists, "They can't all be sick. I'm going to go and check around the back." Caroline sighs, "There's no point." She then adds, "Besides, why aren't you grateful? It'll give you time to come up with a reason for deferring the payments." Doug smiles at her and muses, "I suppose you're right. Better still, it might give me time to come up with the rest of the money. I'll whip around and see some money men this afternoon. You want to come?" Caroline, however, replies hesitantly, "I can't, I'm afraid: I've got myself a couple of appointments." Doug asks, "Can't they wait?" Caroline just gives him a kiss and smiles, "You'll be fine. I'll see you back at the house tonight." With that, she walks off.

A short time later, Caroline is sitting in the lounge room at Beryl's as Susan paces the floor, exclaiming half-heartedly, "Mexico? That's fantastic. When are you going?" Caroline tells her, "We're not. I talked him out of it. I wouldn't leave you here by yourself." Susan insists, "I'd be alright." Caroline, however, replies, "Don't be silly. Anyway, the marriage licence will come through in a month. We don't need to go to Mexico." Susan sighs, "I'm beginning to feel like a real burden on you." Caroline, though, tells her, "You're nothing of the sort. Remember: I need you, too. In any case, it would be wiser if Doug stays here - he's got a mountain of business to do." Susan says, "I must admit, I am glad you're staying." Caroline smiles, "So am I." She then goes on, "What you need now is a bit of cheering-up - and I've got the perfect therapy." Susan, looking surprised, asks, "Where are we going?!" Caroline just tells her, "No questions. Just get changed and grab your handbag!"

Sometime later, Caroline and Susan are standing watching a horse race. As several horses run past them, they look in their race guides and Caroline smiles, "Let's have a splurge. What do you fancy?" Susan shrugs, "Maybe I should wait a while; I don't know anything about racing." Caroline insists, "It's easy: you just pick a horse and put your money down." Susan tells her nervously, "You go ahead. I'll watch." Caroline, however, takes some money out of her bag and, handing it over, says, "I won't hear of it. It's my treat. Now you can't say no!" Susan warns, "I'll lose it..." Caroline just shrugs, "What's it matter? Somebody's got to make the bookmakers rich!" Susan murmurs, "Thanks. I've got about $3 to my name."

Wayne is standing with Michael in Michael's room at the mansion. He's sighing, "I've never seen him so... cold." Michael asks, "What did he say?" Wayne replies, "That he was going to Woombai with Beryl. He couldn't even stand to look at me." Michael comments, "You know who to blame." Wayne retorts sharply, "Of course I do, but there's no way I'll get her to admit it." Michael smiles, "I didn't mean Beryl. What she told Gordon was true, wasn't it?" Wayne snaps, "Wait a minute." Michael points out, "I'm only judging by what you said." Wayne snaps, "Thanks a lot. I came here for a bit of support and you stick the knife in too." He goes to storm out. Michael calls quickly, "Hang on, Wayne. I'm not taking sides, believe me, but you're not going to get anywhere by kidding yourself. When something's wrong, you can't just sweep it under the carpet. If you do, it only gets worse. You've got to face facts, mate; the real reason why things are going bad between you and your father. And you want to think about what's happening with Tick, too." Wayne demands, "What's he got to do with it?" Michael tells him, "You're making the same mistake with him: pretending nothing's wrong." Wayne insists, "There isn't." Michael reminds him, "He tried to con you about being your father. You can't act as though it never happened." Wayne retorts, "I'm not. I even told dad about it." Michael, however, points out, "You haven't told Tick. If he's going to be living with you, you've got to be honest. He's going to find out, you know, sooner or later - and later is always too late." Wayne looks at him and murmurs, "I couldn't risk it. The kid would freak. He's the last person I can afford to lose right now." Michael shrugs, "Have it your own way - although if you don't start cutting all the lies, you're going to end up very lonely. I reckon you're a fool not to tell him..."

Tick is sitting on the edge of his hospital bed, playing a game on his new computer, when the door to the room opens and Wayne walks in and says, "G'day." Tick exclaims, "Dad! Come and watch me on this computer. It's great! I love it!" Wayne just walks over to him and sits down on the edge of the bed. He then says hesitantly, "Tick, er... you don't have to call me 'dad' anymore. I know I'm not your father." Looking taken aback, Tick cries, "You are." Wayne, however, tells him, "I found out last night. There's proof. Blood tests." Tick cries, "You can't say that. They'll take me back." Wayne asks in surprise, "Who'll take you back?" Tick tells him, "The Home. You don't know what they're like." Wayne asks, "Why are you so afraid of them?" Tick replies, "'Cos it's terrible. Everybody's stuffed up in a little room. The big kids do what on earth they want: steal your toys, bash you up, everything." Wayne looks at him in concern and then asks, "What about your real mum? Why don't you live with her?" Tick retorts, "She's the worst. Dumped me in the Home whenever she could. I never want to see her again." Wayne pauses before saying, "Then you won't have to. The only place you're going is home with me." Tick asks, "Is it going to be the same? Like we talked about?" Wayne nods, "Exactly. We'll go to the memorial service tomorrow, then we'll go home." Tick flings his arms round Wayne and grins, "You beauty!"

A short time later, Wayne emerges from Tick's room to find Michael standing in the corridor outside. Michael asks, "Did you tell him?" Wayne nods at him. Michael asks, "How did he take it?" Wayne replies, "He went off the rails at first; said I was going to send him back to the boys' home. He's OK now." Michael smiles, "Glad to hear it." Wayne goes on, "Those places must be a nightmare. Tick's a tough little customer; he's terrified by them." Michael comments, "I don't know. Tick's probably a little bit biased. You have to remember welfare houses operate on a shoestring budget. They do a pretty good job, considering." Wayne murmurs, "Sound like underage prisons to me." Michael asks, "You ever seen one?" Wayne retorts, "No - thank God." Michael tells him, "I reckon you ought to check one out. You might be surprised. Welfare homes aren't half as bad as people think they are." The door to Tick's room opens slightly and Tick sticks his ear to the gap, listening as Wayne replies, "I wouldn't think so." Michael suggests, "Why don't we take you on a little visit?" Wayne mutters, "What's the point?" Michael tells him, "You might learn something." Wayne shrugs, "Fair enough. I suppose I am kind of curious." With that, the two men walk off down the corridor. Tick heads back into his room, looking worried.

At the races, Susan is cheering-on a horse. As the race comes to an end, Caroline throws her ticket on the ground. Susan, however, squeals in delight, "Woo hoo! What did I tell you? With a name like Calypso, it just couldn't lose!" Caroline tells her, "Beginner's luck." Susan, however, grins, "Rubbish! It was a highly-calculated selection! I don't believe it: I've won $45!" Caroline points out, "You should count your blessings and call it quits." Susan, though, tells her, "I'm just getting started. Let's go again." Caroline warns "You'll blow it, Susan." Susan cries, "Come on... take a chance." Caroline, however, insists, "Count me out. I'm going to have a cup of coffee. The excitement is too much!" Susan says, "You order me one and I'll meet you at the Club." Caroline sighs, "Don't say I didn't warn you." Susan insists, "I'm on a winning streak. There's a horse in the next race that's called Tickled Pink. It couldn't possibly lose!"

In Sydney, Wayne, Michael and a woman emerge from an austere-looking building. A football comes winging its way towards Wayne and a boy calls, "Watch out, mate!" Wayne catches the ball and then hands it back to the boy who runs up to him. The boy takes it and runs off again. Wayne then comments to the woman, "Bit of an uphill battle, isn't it?" The woman replies, "We do our best, but you're right: it's not easy." Wayne asks, "Why don't councils or the government do more to support you? Surely they could provide better facilities?" The woman muses, "I spend my life asking the same question. They keep telling me this is a holding place for the boys 'til their court case comes up or until they can get foster parents - except foster parents are as scarce as the funds. It's a problem both ends." Wayne remarks, "With the kids caught in-between." The woman tells him, "Some of them have been here for years without even a hint of a normal family life. It's not the best upbringing they can have." Wayne murmurs, "No." He then asks, "Do you mind if I have a look around the grounds?" The woman nods, "Feel free. There's not much to see." Wayne says, "Thanks. Thanks for your time." The woman walks off, leaving Wayne and Michael to continue heading down the path. As they do so, Wayne tells Michael, "I take back what I said." Michael comments, "I thought you might. I've got a lot of respect for these people." A young boy runs over to them suddenly and says to Wayne, "Hey, mister, Mrs. Regan says you're Tick's dad." Wayne nods, "That's right." The boy holds out his hand and says, "I'm Wally - his best mate." Wayne shakes his hand. Wally goes on, "Say g'day to him for me, will you?" Wayne smiles, "I will." The boy then looks down at a marble in his hand and adds nervously, "Um... give him this, will you? Please?" Wayne takes it and asks, "What's it for?" The boy tells him, "Just so Tick remembers me." With that, he runs off again. When he's gone, Michael tells Wayne, "That marble's probably the most valuable thing the kid owns. Giving it up wouldn't have been easy. That's why Tick likes his lap-computer so much: it'd be the best thing he's ever owned."

Gordon heads into Dural through the front door, to find Beryl dusting the hall table. He smiles, "You shouldn't be doing that - you are now the Lady of the Manor!" Beryl shrugs, "I could never sit around doing nothing. Besides, you're the one that needs relaxing." They head into the lounge room and Beryl asks, "How was your walk?" Gordon muses, "It helped." Beryl tells him, "There's no need to try and be cheery - I know how hard it's been with Wayne." Gordon declares, "All I want to do is get to Woombai and forget all about him." He sits down. Beryl then says warily, "Er... Gordon... I've never told anybody this, but the same thing happened in our family. Years ago, when I was about seven, my dad had a falling-out with one of my brothers - Terry. It blew-up into a huge row and dad threw him out of the house. We've never heard from him since." Gordon remarks, "You've never mentioned Terry." Sitting down, Beryl tells him, "No one does. We weren't allowed to talk about him when we were growing up." Wayne mutters, "That's exactly the way it's going to be with Wayne." Beryl sighs, "I am telling you this so that you don't make the same mistake. Dad might have cut Terry off for all those years, but it didn't stop him thinking about him. I'd catch him, sometimes, looking at old family photos of all of us kids when we were together. It was terrible for him. But he was too proud to try and patch it up - and I suppose Terry was, too." Gordon mutters, "Wayne won't affect us." Beryl insists, "You can't just block him out; not talk to him." Gordon retorts, "I have to. What he did was unforgivable." Beryl nods, "It was, but that's not the point; don't you see?" Gordon comments, "I don't understand why you're sticking up for him: you're the one that he hurt." Beryl insists, "I'm not sticking up for him, Gordon. It's you I care about - and our future. If you don't make your peace with Wayne, it'll eat at you for years. I don't want you to end up like my dad."

Wayne and Michael are playing with a football, together with Wally and some of the other boys at the Home. Mrs. Regan suddenly calls over, "Afternoon tea!", though. The boys groan, "Can't we have another five minutes?" Mrs. Regan tells them, "Tomorrow." Wally looks at Wayne and asks, "Will you be coming back?" Wayne assures him, "You bet!" With that, the boys head off inside. When they've gone, Wayne smiles at Michael, "They give you a run for their money, don't they?! It's a pity someone doesn't do more to help them." Michael comments, "At that age, we used to reckon we had it rough if we only got four presents at Christmas. Imagine how we'd have felt if they'd dumped us in there." Wayne murmurs, "It makes you wonder." Michael goes on, "I reckon it would do people good to come out here once in a while; see what it's really like." With that, he walks off. Wayne stands where he is, looking thoughtful.

Another horse race is in progress. Caroline is sitting watching when Susan dashes over to her and beams, "You're not going to believe it!" Caroline asks, "Haven't you had enough yet?" Susan just grins, "I won $920! I won the tri-sector. I didn't realise how easy it was!" Caroline stares at her and gasps, "It is not - believe me. You'd have a grown man in a puddle of tears if you could see him now!" Susan hands over a £20 note and says, "The $20 you gave me. Thankyou - it was a good investment." She then turns to walk off again. Caroline asks in surprise, "Where are you off to?" Susan tells her, "I've missed this race; I don't want to miss any more." Caroline, however, grabs her wrist and warns, "Oh no. After I have finished my coffee, we are going home." Looking disappointed, Susan asks, "Why?" Caroline tells her, "If you make another bet, those bookies are going to throttle you." Susan pleads, "Please... one last fling." Caroline just sighs, "Any more flings and you'll make Zsa Zsa Gabor look like a nun! We are going home."

Doug is talking on the 'phone in the lounge room at Caroline's when Caroline arrives home. He's saying, "Yeah... well try and get a good night's sleep, anyway... Yeah, I know, love. Talk to you tomorrow." With that, he hangs up. Caroline looks at him and asks with a smile, "Just who were you telling to get a good night's sleep?" Doug explains, "Beryl. She 'phoned to let us know about tomorrow, rather than have us find out about it in the paper." Caroline asks, "What's on tomorrow?" Doug tells her, "Susan's memorial service. It starts at midday. Goodness knows how Beryl's going to handle it." Caroline stands there, looking worried. Doug then asks her, "What did you get up to this afternoon?" Caroline replies quickly, "Nothing much. Shopping, mainly." She then adds, "I thought I'd whip out and buy us something for dinner." Doug asks in surprise, "What for? The place is stacked with food." Caroline replies quickly, "I meant takeaway." Doug asks, "There's nothing wrong with our kitchen, is there...?" Caroline pouts, "I just don't feel like it. I've been on my feet all day." Doug smiles, "Alright. But I hope it doesn't mean we're going to live on takeaway for the rest of our lives!" With that, Caroline kisses him and heads out.

A short time later, at Beryl's, Susan asks an agitated-looking Caroline, "What's the matter?" Caroline tells her, "I don't want you to get upset, but when I went home, Doug was on the 'phone - to Beryl. She's arranged for your memorial service - for tomorrow. Susan, you've got to call her. Tonight." Susan cries, "I can't." Caroline, however, insists, "You must - for your own sake as well as your mother's. If the service goes through, it'll make it twice as hard for everyone when you do decide to tell them you're alive." Susan cries, "I know. But it's too soon. I couldn't face all those people... all the questions..." Caroline suggests, "Maybe if I stayed with you while you made the call? I'll even spend the night, if you want." Susan, however, just pleads, "Please... I'm not ready. I need some time alone." Caroline takes her hands and nods, "I understand. Call me the moment you need company, OK? I don't care if it's in the middle of the night." Susan nods at her. Caroline then heads out.

Wayne and Michael walk cheerily into Tick's room at the hospital, and Wayne smiles at his 'son', "Got you a present." He stops in his tracks as he finds the room empty. He looks at Michael and asks, "Where can he be?" Michael suggests, "Must be in the bathroom." Wayne, though, points to the clear bed and asks, "Where's the computer?" He then goes to the wardrobe and looks inside. It's empty. He exclaims, "What the hell?" He then dashes out into the corridor and asks a passing nurse, "Have you seen Richard Bradley?" The nurse replies, "He was here a while ago. Maybe he's gone for a walk?" Wayne cries, "His stuff has gone." Looking concerned, The nurse tells him, "I don't know where he is." Wayne turns to Michael and murmurs in horror, "He's run away."


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