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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

Debbie, looking wary, murmurs, "I don't know." Craig points out, "We love each other. Everybody does it these days; it's not like it's a big deal." Debbie, however, murmurs, "Living together... that's..." Craig insists, "It's a fantastic idea. We can save money... and it's better that way - when you love someone..." Debbie tells him hesitantly, "The thing is... it's a commitment." Craig asks, "What's wrong with that?" Debbie replies, "Like marriage." Craig, however, laughs, "It's nothing like marriage. It's... living together!" Debbie pauses and then tells Craig, "What I'm trying to say is that if I move in with you, it means something important. I know it's not like marriage, but it is a commitment." Craig says, "You know I love you - and you know I want to live with you because I do. You know that, don't you?" Debbie nods at him, slowly. Craig goes on, "Then there's no worry. It'll be great! Believe me!" He continues, "I'll tell you what: I'll look round for a place, and if I find one that suits you, you'll look at it; and if you think you'll be happy there, we'll take it." Debbie goes to speak. Craig, however, says quickly, "Don't make up your mind now. Just wait and see what I find." He then tells Debbie, "I love you." He kisses her. Doug walks in suddenly and asks, "What's going on?! And what's all this clapped-out CB gear doing here?" He nods his head towards the kitchen. Craig explains, "That's my new business: delivering pizzas." Doug asks, "What's all that junk got to do with delivering pizzas?" Craig tells him, "Andy takes the orders and he radios them through to me on the CB and I deliver them - except sometimes I don't because Andy messes things up." Doug muses, "Clear as mud!" Craig goes on, "I'll discuss it over dinner - but right now, I've got few things to do, like find Deb a new flat. See, Deb's lost her job and we're trying to save money. It's OK if she stays a while, isn't it, just until we find our own place? Thanks, Doug. I knew you wouldn't mind. See you both later!" With that, he dashes out! Debbie stands there, a bemused expression on her face. She says to Doug, "It is alright if I stay, isn't it?" Doug nods, "Yeah - although I reckon it would be great if you could be out tonight..." Debbie smiles, "Yeah! Sure! You want to be alone with Caroline, do you?!" Doug, however, tells her, "Oh no. I've just got a couple of mates coming round, that's all. No big deal; you know what it's like. Reckon it would bore you rigid, anyway." He smiles to himself...

Janice is doing some stitching in Fiona's room at the mansion. Fiona emerges from the kitchen, holding a tray of tea things, and she smiles, "Here we go. Get this into you. If my herb tea doesn't perk you up, then you're just beyond help!" Janice murmurs, "I think I am." Fiona sits down and sighs, "That's what I like about you, Janice: you're so positive!" Janice mutters, "What's there to be positive about?" Fiona laughs, "You're alive! You're healthy! You're young! You're attractive!" Janice tuts at her and retorts, "The only time you've ever convinced me of that was the day of the party - and look where that got me." Fiona tells her tautly, "The world is not going to come to an end, my darling, because you woke up in the room with a strange man. I know it's not what you wanted to happen, but it did, and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it." Janice mutters, "Thanks for the sympathy." Fiona sighs, "Forget about it." Janice stands up suddenly and cries, "I wish I could." Fiona looks at her and asks in surprise, "Why on earth can't you?" Janice cries, "Because it's not just my life I've got to worry about now. I'm carrying a baby, aunty. I'm pregnant." Fiona stares at her and gasps, "Are you sure?" Janice retorts, "Of course I'm sure! You don't think I want it to happen, do you? What's father going to say? His own daughter's a trollop; a Jezebel." Fiona stands up and tells her quickly, "We'll cross that bridge when we have to tell him. Now, what exactly did the doctor say?" Janice replies, "Nothing." Fiona stares at her blankly and asks, "What do you mean, 'nothing'?" Janice retorts, "What do you think I mean? 'Nothing' means 'nothing'; I didn't go to one." Fiona comments wearily, "Then how on earth do you know--" Janice interrupts and cries, "Because I sent for one of those mail-order pregnancy test kits. I was going to go to a chemist to get one, but I felt too ashamed." Fiona pushes, "You mean to say that the only actual proof you've got that you're pregnant is by some shonky pregnancy test kit?" Janice cries, "It's not shonky." Fiona, however, snaps, "Of course it is. The best thing you can do is get yourself to a gynaecologist and have a thorough examination." Janice gasps in horror, "No!" Fiona demands, "Why not?" Janice retorts, "Because the whole thing's shameful enough as it is." Fiona sighs, "Come on, Janice; the doctor's not there to judge you, he's there to help you." Janice snaps, "I don't need a doctor. I know what's happening: the test was positive. I've just got to live with my shame; that's all there is to it." Fiona stares at her, open-mouthed.

In Melbourne, Susan and Caroline are in a building called 'Fun Factory'. Susan is holding the trigger of a machine that fires balls at a target, and she says coldly, "This is for being such a lousy husband, Wayne." She pulls the trigger angrily - and hits the target! She and Caroline both squeal in delight! Caroline then says, "My turn, my turn!" She takes hold of the machine and says tersely, "Billie, you slinky home-wrecker. Go back to Vegas, where you belong!" She pulls the trigger - but misses. Susan muses, "Looks like Billie's going to hang around!" Caroline, however, retorts, "Not if I have my way." She fires again - and hits the target! Susan exclaims, "That's telling her! It's a shame it's not that easy in real life." Caroline murmurs, "Yes. It's fun dreaming, though, isn't it?" She then asks, "Have you had enough?" Susan, however, picks up her purse and smiles, "No! I'm just getting started!" Caroline laughs, "You big kid!" Susan tells her seriously, "It's just good to have some fun." Caroline nods, "I know." She then says, "I've got to go home for a minute. Would you like to stay here until I come back? Doug's got an awful lot of paperwork on; he suggested I go to a movie. Do you want to come?" Susan nods, "Sounds alright to me." Caroline smiles, "Buy a few more balls; give Wayne another pounding!" Susan assures her, "Just what I had in mind!" With that, Caroline heads off. Susan puts another coin in the machine and fires!

Billie is jogging along a path in a park. She approaches Doug, who laughs, "You're going to end up killing yourself, if you're not careful!" He then adds, "They tell me at the hotel that you do this every day." Billie sighs, "Shame on you, darling! You're my husband and you don't even know your wife is a jogging junkie?!" Doug comments, "I don't ever remember discussing exercise routines during our whirlwind romance!" They start walking along. Billie then tells Doug, "I'm glad you're here: I want to talk about tonight." Doug replies, "It's all set. I had a bit of a worry for a while that Craig and Deb might be hanging around, but I've sorted that out." Billie asks, "And...?" Doug replies, "I've organised for Caroline to be going to a movie." Billie suggests, "Maybe we should can the whole idea?" Doug, however, asks, "What are you talking about? You came up with it in the first place." Billie replies, "Sure I did - but I've been thinking about it a lot since then." Doug cries, "You can't pull out on me before I've got the money for the land deal; I mean, I need you to help me run the operation." Billie remarks, "It's important, huh?" Doug nods, "This deal could be my meal-ticket for the next twenty years." Billie sighs, "OK. We'll do as many nights as it needs to get your stake, then that's it." Doug asks in surprise, "What made you change your mind all-of-a-sudden?" Billie just tells him, "Things have come up... It's not worth talking about - at least, not until the gambling nights are over. I'll see you tonight, OK?" With that, she runs off, leaving Doug looking puzzled.

Debbie is standing with the CB gear in the kitchen at Caroline's. Andy walks in and asks, "You sure you don't need me anymore?" Debbie retorts, "No - but look, Andy, be on time tomorrow, OK? We don't want Craig having to wait around for you to arrive before he goes." Andy stares at her and asks, "What's got into you?" Debbie sighs, "I'm sorry. I've just got something on my mind." Andy starts to say, "I didn't mean to mess you around today--" Debbie interrupts, though, and insists, "It's got nothing to do with earlier, right? I'll see you later." She then adds, "And Andy, if your arm's sore, see somebody about it." Andy murmurs, "Fair enough." He goes to head out. As he does so, Caroline comes into the house. She smiles, "Hi, you two. Doug home?" Andy replies, "No - but see what you can do with Debbie." With that, he walks off. Caroline joins Debbie in the kitchen and asks, "What did he mean by that?" Debbie sighs, "It's just him being him." Caroline looks at her and asks, "Where's the smiling Debbie we all know and love?" Debbie, sitting down at the kitchen table, murmurs, "I'm so confused, Caroline. I don't know what to do."

A short time later, Debbie and Caroline are sitting in the lounge room. Debbie asks Caroline, "Did you ever live with a guy before you were married?" Caroline, however, tells her, "It wasn't the done thing in those days." She then smiles, "Goodness, listen to me! 'Those days.' How old does that make me sound?!" Debbie explains, "Mum and dad have sort of brought me up to feel the same. I know I have lived in the same place as Craig before, but that was different. It wasn't like... living together. Trouble is, I love him so much, so half of me wants to... but the other half's just old-fashioned, I guess." Caroline tells her, "You don't have to apologise for that." Debbie insists, "I'm not." Caroline, however, points out, "You are, in a way. You're saying things like 'really straight' and 'old-fashioned'. You make it sound as though you don't like yourself for it." Debbie murmurs, "I guess I worry what Craig will think." Caroline tells her, "If he loves you, he'll understand." Debbie replies, "He does love me." Caroline says, "Then trust him to respect your decisions." Debbie points out, "I haven't made a decision yet; that's the problem! That's why I'm so confused!" Caroline comments, "And taking it out on poor old Andy..." She then goes on, "I can't advise you one way or another, but I'm sure you'll know what to do when it comes to the crunch." Debbie murmurs, "I hope so." Caroline then comments with a smile, "It seems to be my day for giving advice!" Raising her eyebrows, Debbie asks, "Who else have you been talking to?" Caroline, however, says quickly, "Oh, just a girlfriend of mine. You don't know her." The front door bursts open suddenly and Craig comes in. He dashes over to Debbie and says, "Guess what: I've found a place! It's great - and really cheap, too!" He then acknowledges Caroline briefly with a, "Hi!" Turning back to Debbie, he asks, "Do you want to have a look? It's not far - just a few streets away." Debbie looks at Caroline and then tells Craig, "OK!" She adds quickly, though, "I'm not saying that I will; I'll just look." Craig insists, "You'll love it!" Turning to Caroline, he adds, "We'll be out of here in no time." He heads out again. Debbie looks at Caroline and murmurs, "It can't hurt just to look..."

At the Fun Factory, Susan looks at a china doll in a pile of prizes on a stand. She calls over to the man running the stand, "Another lot, thanks." The man asks her warily, "Reckon it's worth it?" Susan retorts, "I'm going to do it even if it kills me." The man tells her, "You've spent about twenty bucks; the ruddy thing's only worth five." Susan, handing over a note, snaps, "I want to win." The man shrugs, "It's your money." He then tells her, "I reckon you'd be a goer on the track." Susan looks at him blankly, and he clarifies, "The race track. Betting on the nags?" Susan mutters, "I don't bet." The man comments, "Spend all your money in Fun arcades, eh?" Susan just looks down, guiltily.

Glen and Ginny are standing in the main exercise room at the gym. A woman is exercising behind them. Ginny is holding Glen's arm and smiling sweetly as Glen looks into a camera and reads from a script: "Hi, folks. Glen Young here, from Charlie's gym - better known as 'Bumps and Grinds'. In a marketplace of ifs, buts and maybes, Charlie's gym can promise you one thing: we'll take your tired, worn-out body and make it new again - and we'll give you a fun time while we're doing it. So why delay? Act now! Call us and let us put the zip back in your life!" Charlie walks over to him suddenly and demands, "That's it?" Glen nods, "Yeah. What's wrong?" Charlie snaps, "Who wrote it?" A young man watching on a monitor nearby says, "I did." Charlie tells him, "It's hideous. Where's the flair? Where's the je ne sais quoi?" The man tells her curtly, "Last time I checked, je ne sais quoi didn't go well with the market. You asked for an ad to get to the masses and that's what I've written." Charlie snaps, "I don't want anyone at my gym who'd respond to 'worn out old bodies'. Where's a pen? Someone give me a pen!" Glen says quietly, "Charlie, what are you doing? We're paying by the hour here." Charlie just retorts, "I don't care. If no one else can do it with any flair, I'll write my own copy - and I don't care how long it takes." The ad man stares at her.

The front door opens at Caroline's and Doug comes in - to find Caroline just about to head out. Looking sheepish, Doug asks his fiancée, "What are you doing home?" Caroline just smiles, "Hello, darling. Nice to see you, too." Doug explains quickly, "I didn't mean that the way it sounded. I thought you were going to a movie." Caroline tells him, "I am - later. I just came home to get my chequebook." She adds, "You sound as if you want to get rid of me." Doug smiles, "Of course not. It was a surprise, that's all." Caroline then asks, "Started on your book-work yet?" Doug stares at her blankly and asks, "What book-work?" Caroline reminds him curtly, "You said you had a ton of book-work to do tonight; that's why you suggested I go out to the movies." Doug blusters quickly, "Oh, right, no, well, I was just about to start." Caroline looks at him suspiciously and asks, "Are you OK?" Doug nods, "Sure. Why?" Caroline tells him, "You seem a bit on edge, that's all." Doug shrugs, "Must be the wait on that land deal; must be getting to me." With that, he gives her a kiss and adds, "Have a good time." Caroline goes to open the front door - to find Debbie just coming in. A look of annoyance crosses Doug's face briefly. Caroline asks Debbie, "How did it go?" Debbie replies, "It's a great flat. I'm still not sure about moving in, though." Doug asks in surprise, "Why not?" Caroline says quickly, "It's personal, Doug." Debbie, however, tells her, "No, no, it's OK; I don't mind." Turning to Doug, she explains, "I'm old-fashioned, I guess. I think maybe Craig and I should marry before we move in together." Looking astonished, Doug laughs, "You are old-fashioned." Caroline warns, "Doug..." Doug, however, insists, "That's alright, isn't it? I mean, most girls wouldn't even worry about it." Debbie mutters, "I guess I'm not like 'most girls'." She walks off, glumly. Caroline looks at Doug and grumbles, "'Mr. Tact', they call you." Doug asks, "What did I say?" Caroline tells him, "Debbie is trying to get her mind clear about moving in with Craig. She doesn't need you making out that she's a freak of nature by trying to do the decent thing." Doug remarks in surprise, "You're being a bit prudish, aren't you?" Caroline retorts, "I'm trying to be a friend... a mother; I don't know. I'm trying to give her good, adult advice." Doug points out, "We're living together and we're not married." Caroline sighs, "For goodness' sake, Doug: I am an experienced woman; Debbie's a kid. There's a world of difference between us." Doug mutters, "Yeah, well, I don't think Craig's going to thank you for sticking your nose in." Caroline snaps, "Too bad. If he can't accept Debbie doing what's right for her--" Doug interrupts and retorts, "You can't blame me for taking his side. Us blokes have to stick together, you know?" Caroline glares at him and growls, "You can be so superficial sometimes." Doug demands, "What do you mean by that?" Caroline snaps, "It is a major decision for Debbie, and all you can talk is 'us blokes sticking together'." She goes to head out, but then turns back and adds curtly, "Don't go getting into her ear with stupid advice. If you can't say anything sensible, say nothing at all." With that, she storms off.

Glen is standing with Charlie, Ginny and the ad man in the main room at the gym. Various other people are working out on the machines dotted around. Glen is holding a clipboard, from which he reads Charlie's new script out loud: "Hi-de-hi, guys, gals and groovers! Grab your hips! Grab your thighs! Grab your waists - and ask yourself that burning question: 'Have I got a handful of fat in my hands?' Well, have you? Be honest with yourselves, darlings..." He looks at Charlie, warily. Charlie prompts, "Go on!" Glen continues reading, "If the answer is 'yes', run, don't walk, to Charlie's 'Bumps and Grinds', where our motto is 'Life wasn't meant to be flabby'." Ginny bursts out laughing and giggles, "Life wasn't meant to be flabby?!" The ad man snaps, "You can get yourself another director. If she thinks that's going to have the general public running through the front door--" Charlie interrupts and retorts indignantly, "I don't see why not." Glen pulls her to one side quickly and says, "Over here, Charlie." He then tells her quietly, "We just spent a few hundred dollars while you wrote that, and I'm sorry, but it's dreadful - so do me a favour: sit, don't say boo and leave it to the people we're paying to do it." Charlie sighs, "But that director's such a know-all." Glen tells her, "And we have to put up with it. Now sit, hmm?" Charlie, sitting down, sighs glumly, "Why do I always make things worse?" Glen shrugs, "I wish I knew!" With that, he returns to Ginny and the director and tells the director, "OK. Let's go. Version 1." The director mutters, "I should think so too." Over in the corner, Charlie mouths to herself, "'Life wasn't meant to be flabby'. I like it!"

It's evening-time. Craig is standing with Doug in the lounge room at Caroline's, saying curtly, "I get the feeling she doesn't trust me. She should know I want it to happen because I love her." Doug nods, "Sure she should. You know what women are like, mate." He then adds nervously, "She's taking a long time to get dressed." Craig mutters, "No more than usual." Doug looks at his watch and comments, "You're going to miss the start of the show, if you don't hurry." Craig tells him, "We missed out on the flat because she couldn't make her mind up. Agent couldn't keep it for us." Doug murmurs, "I guess not." Craig stares at him and asks, "Are you alright, mate?" Doug says quickly, "Yeah. Sure." Craig remarks, "You seem a bit edgy." Doug shrugs, "I don't know what makes you think that."

The front door opens at Beryl's and Susan and Caroline head inside. Caroline is holding a bag of takeaway. She says to Susan, "Sorry to dip out on the movie. Once we've eaten, I'll go back home." Susan comments, "Must've been a bad argument." Caroline, however, tells her, "It wasn't even an argument; it was just a bit of tension. But, the way things are at the moment, I'd like to go home for this evening and patch things up." Susan - who's holding the china doll from the Fun arcade - nods, "Probably a good idea. Why don't you give him a call and say not to fret, you're on your way over?" Caroline smiles, "Thanks, but I'd rather surprise him." Susan comments, "More romantic, that way, right?!"

At Caroline's, a game of poker is underway in the lounge room. Billie is sat at the table, surrounded by several men. Doug is standing, watching. Billie pulls some chips towards her and smiles, "Full House. Thankyou very much, gentlemen." One of the men looks at Doug and says, "You're a lucky mongrel, Fletcher: she's good." Doug smiles, "I won't deny that, George!" He then adds, "Refreshments in the kitchen, if you like, fellas - then I'll give you a chance to win some of your money back!" Billie stands up and the men do likewise. The front door opens suddenly and Caroline steps inside, saying as she does so, "Just me, darling. I came home early to--" She breaks off as she heads into the lounge room to find Billie, Doug and several strange men standing there. She demands, "What's going on?" Billie says to the men quickly, "Keep moving, fellas. Don't worry - it's not the law." The men head out of the room. Caroline looks at Doug and asks, "What's happening?" She then asks Billie, "What do you mean 'it's not the law'?" Doug blusters, "I can explain." Caroline snaps, "I thought you were having a quiet evening doing book-work." Doug says, "Don't be like that..." Caroline, however, snaps, "How do you think I should feel? I mean, I come home early because I'm upset about our argument and I find you've been lying to me. And what's she--" she indicates Billie "--got to do with this?" Billie says quickly, "Don't be mean, honey; he's only doing it for you." Caroline snaps, "I'd love to know how you figure that one out." Billie tells her, "I'd just like to say one thing before I join the boys: I'll be out of your hair after tonight. Even Doug doesn't know this: I've got myself another man with scags of money and a burning desire to marry me!" Looking astonished, Doug says, "But I thought--" Billie laughs, "You thought we were married?! Sorry, Dougie, I conned you! I needed a place to hole-up and a way to stay in Australia. The marriage certificate's a fake. But Laurie - that's my new man - he's willing to give me the real thing." Looking taken aback, Doug asks, "When did you meet him?" Billie replies, "Just a few days ago. Love at first sight, you might say." She then tells Caroline, "Doug's only been doing this--" she indicates the poker table "--to get the money for the land deal, and that's as much for you as it is for him. He loves you - and if you screw that up, you need your head read. He's one of the best." She then turns and heads out to the kitchen, calling, "Coming through, fellas!" Left alone with Doug, Caroline asks coldly, "Why did you lie?" Doug tells her, "I knew you wouldn't approve." Caroline snaps, "No. I don't. All the things you've done since I met you... I should pack all this in." Doug says sheepishly, "But you're not going to, are you?" Caroline warns, "Don't you pull your little-boy grin; it won't help." She then indicates the poker table and goes on, "This is illegal, you know?" Doug gasps 'innocently', "Really?!" Caroline goes on curtly, "And you let her con us. All the trouble she caused and you weren't even married." Doug retorts, "You can't blame a fella for getting so drunk that he was tricked into thinking he was married. The words are 'for better or for worse'. I reckon when you say them--" Caroline interrupts and snaps, "If." Doug goes on, "If you say them, you'll be taking on more worse than better - but I do love you. I reckon that should make up for a bit of it. Still going to marry me?" Looking exasperated, Caroline growls, "You still think it's that easy? You grin and make some stupid remark and you think I'm going to lay myself at your feet and say 'Take me, Doug, I'm yours again.' You really are the most arrogant, opinionated, chauvinistic man... Listen to me, Doug Fletcher: I have put up with that wretched woman for weeks, now, because I thought that you were doing all in your power to get us out of this mess. And what have you been doing? You'll been setting up illegal gambling games with her - and now I find out she's not even your wife; that we have been going through this entire rubbish because you got so drunk one night you couldn't remember what you were doing, and then she conned you into thinking that you married her. Well, I'm sorry, Doug: enough is enough, and I have had enough--" Doug leaps up onto the poker table, suddenly. He kneels on there and yells, "Will you shut up?" Caroline stares at him, suddenly silent. Doug then says, "Listen: are you going to marry me or not? Life will never be dull!" A smile crosses Caroline's face after a few seconds and she holds out her arms. Doug asks, "Does that mean 'yes'?" Caroline nods, "Yes!" Doug climbs down from the table and gives her a relieved hug. Billie and the men walk in suddenly and Billie smiles, "Couldn't help overhearing. Good on you, girl!" She and the men then give Doug and Caroline a warm round of applause!


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