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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Russell Webb

On the island, Ginny looks at Glen in concern. She then looks out to sea again - and spots the shark. She shrieks in horror, "Glen!" Glen leaps up and cries, "I've got to help him. Look after Tick." He runs off towards the sea. Wayne keeps swimming as Glen picks up a large tree branch and runs into the water after him, thrashing the stick about to attract the shark's attention. Wayne spots the shark finally and starts swimming harder. Glen yells to him, "Swim faster. Head for the rocks." He then makes his way back to the shore. Wayne starts swimming back towards the land. He clambers onto some rocks, coughing as he does so. He lets out a yell of pain as he catches himself on a jagged edge. Glen runs over to him and pulls him up. Ginny follows him and cries, "Is he alright?" Glen nods, "He'll be alright." He then adds, "See what you can do to fix his leg." Ginny examines Wayne's leg: his wetsuit has been cut open and there's a large gash in his right knee; blood is pouring out of it. Wayne lies there, crying out in pain.

Debbie pulls back up in Andy's car in the road next to the field where Andy found Sugar. She turns off the engine and climbs out. She then looks across to the field - and an expression of horror crosses her face. She starts running full-pelt towards where Craig is lying on the grass. Andy is saying to him, "Craig. Craig? Are you OK?" Debbie reaches them and cries, "What's happened?" Andy tells her, "I did all I could. It wasn't my fault." Debbie lifts Craig's head up, crying, "Please be alright. Please." Craig begins to come round and he murmurs, "It's OK, Deb. Now you're here, it's OK." Debbie tells Andy, "I've got to get him to a doctor. Quick, help him up."

A short time later, the passenger-side rear door to Andy's car is opened and Debbie and Andy help Craig in. Debbie then tells Andy, "We'll have to leave Sugar here 'til we can get the float back. Did you see where he went?" Andy points a finger and replies, "That way - but he can't get far with the fences." Another car suddenly roars up on the other side of the road, and a middle-aged man climbs out and charges over to them. It's the man who was watching them at the stud. He demands, "What do you think you're doing? You been mucking around with my horse?" Debbie, however, snaps, "It is not your horse - and I think the police might like to know that you stole him." The man retorts, "Prove it." Debbie growls, "Why don't you prove it to the police when they get here?" The man stares at her and then runs back to his car and drives off. Debbie looks at Andy and comments, "I think Sugar will be safe until we can get back. He's not going to be hanging around." Andy nods, "You certainly told him!" With that, he and Debbie climb into the car, Debbie sitting next to Craig on the back seat, looking concerned.

In the study at Dural, the snake keeps approaching Alison. She tries thumping on the study door, but there's no response. She starts yelling, "Help me! Somebody help me!"

Glen is standing on the island, looking out to sea. A few yards away, Ginny is tying a makeshift tourniquet around Wayne's damaged leg. As she does so, he growls, "I can't do anything. I should've taken the risk and kept swimming. The kid's the most important person in the world to me." Ginny just snaps, "Don't be stupid - it's better for Tick to still have his father." Glen rejoins them as Wayne points out, "It's not going to do him much good if we don't get help soon." He looks at Tick, who's lying unconscious next to them. Glen crouches there for several seconds and then announces, "I'll need the wetsuit. It's a long swim." Ginny stares at him and gasps, "What? You've got to be joking!" Glen, however, tells her, "I'm going to have a crack at swimming to the mainland." Ginny cries, "You can't be serious." Glen, though, insists, "It's the only way, Gin." With that, he heads off back down towards the sea.

In the motel room in Sydney, Janice cries to Fiona in horror, "I have never in my life felt so ashamed." She stands up as Fiona points out the young man in the bed and says, "But darling, he's fast asleep!" Janice, however, cries, "But what happened before he fell asleep? Before I fell asleep?" She starts putting on her dress as Fiona suggests, "Let's find out, shall we?" With that, she walks over and sits down on the edge of the bed. She then says, "Excuse me, young man. Wake up." The young man doesn't stir. Fiona then snaps, "Oi! Wake up, young man!" Janice warns, "I really don't think you should." Fiona tells her, "Don't get hysterical." Janice cries hysterically, "I'm not hysterical!" Fiona bends down over the young man's ear and yells down it, "Fire!" The young man stirs slightly, but doesn't wake up. Fiona bursts out laughing suddenly. She giggles to her niece, "All I can say, Janice, is, whatever did happen couldn't have been too exciting!" Janice stands there looking horrified. She cries indignantly, "It's not funny."

At Caroline's new house, Caroline asks Billie warily, "Who did you say you are?" Billie tells her, "I'm his wife, honey." She smiles knowingly at Doug as Caroline demands of him, "Is this true?" Doug tells her quickly, "Of course it's not true." Billie, however, insists, "Oh yes it is, sweetheart." Caroline glares at Doug and snaps, "You mean to say that not only were you unfaithful to me in the States, but you actually got married and didn't have the guts to tell me?" Doug replies wearily, "Alright, I admit I spent a weekend with her in Vegas - but that's it." Billie, however, tells him, "Oh no it's not - and I've got the marriage certificate to prove it." She reaches into her handbag and takes out a sheet of paper. Doug grabs it and snaps, "Give me a look at this." He reads it and then tells Caroline, "I swear: I don't know what she's on about." Caroline gasps, "Really?" Billie sighs, "You weren't in a very healthy state of mind at the time, Doug, but you did sign up with me." Caroline snaps, "I've heard enough." She marches into the lounge room. Billie follows her, insisting quickly, "I'm not here to cause any trouble." Caroline mutters, "You have to be joking!" Billie just suggests, "Why don't we all sit down and I'll explain it calmly and quietly? Come on - what have you got to lose?" Doug and Caroline sit down reluctantly. Billie then goes on, "The reason I'm here is because life was getting a little difficult back home. My boss in Vegas... well, let's say I found out more than I should about him and it seemed like a good idea to start off somewhere else - like here." Looking at Doug, she tells him, "It's a simple deal: I stay married to you long enough to get permanent residence, then I'll file for divorce." Caroline growls, "That could take years." Billie, however, retorts, "It usually takes about twelve months." Doug tells Billie, "I can't do that. Apart from it being illegal, I'm marrying Caroline." Billie just shrugs, "You can't, Doug. Not yet. I hate to put any pressure on you but if you don't co-operate, I'll have to work it via American law - and I'll take you for every cent you've got. I don't want it, but if that's the way you wanna play it..." Looking worried, Doug looks at Caroline and asks, "What do I do?"

There's a knock on the front door at Dural. It's Michael Benson. He calls, "Wayne? Anybody home?" He starts to walk round the perimeter house, calling, "Wayne? You there?" In the study, Alison hears his voice and, looking relieved, dashes over to the window. She yells out, "Please. Help me." Michael hears her and, making his way towards the sound, calls, "Somebody there?" Alison cries, "Help me. Please. I need a doctor. I'm locked in." Michael calls, "How do I get in?" Alison tells him, "Round the back. The french doors." Outside, Michael dashes off round to the back of the house. In the study, Alison, still panting heavily, collapses suddenly onto the floor. Michael makes his way inside the house and into the hallway. He then calls, "Which room?" Alison calls out weakly from the study, "In here." Michael goes and tries the door, but finds it locked. He then dashes across to the lounge room. In the study, the snake slithers towards Alison. Michael returns from the lounge room with a crowbar, which he uses to force open the study door. He spots Alison on the floor and bends down next to her. He then spots the snake and recoils away from it. Picking up the crowbar again, he starts laying into it, whacking it several times. He then returns his attentions to Alison, telling her, "I'm a doctor. Sit up. Come on. Wake up. You have to keep awake. If you don't, you'll die." Alison just murmurs quietly, "I can't... I'm too sleepy." Michael slaps her face. Alison mutters, "That hurts." Michael tells her, "I'm sorry about that. It's for your own good." He rips off some of his shirt and starts tying it around where Alison has been bitten on her arm. He then says, "We're going to go to a hospital. We'll walk." Alison murmurs, "I can't." Michael, however, insists, "You can." He then helps her on to her feet and adds, "My car's out there." He starts leading her outside.

At the motel, Fiona is saying to the young man lying asleep on the bed, "Rise and shine!" There's still no response, though, so she sighs, "Forget it." Looking at Janice, she adds, "He's in another world!" Janice just stands there, crying, "I've never been so embarrassed. I'm so ashamed... I wish I'd never been born." Fiona points out, "You don't know if you've got anything to be ashamed about, yet." Janice indicates the young man and snaps, "I'm ashamed about that, for a start." The young man stirs again and he turns over. His eyes open suddenly and he sits up slowly. Janice steps back, looking horrified as the sheet almost falls off him! He stares at her through bleary eyes and then says slowly, "I remember you! Yeah... I thought you were going to be a real disaster when Tony introduced us... Different with a couple of drinks, aren't you!" Fiona stands in front of a horrified-looking Janice and says, "Um... would you mind telling me exactly what happened?" The young man demands slowly, "Who are you? What have you got to do with it?" Fiona just says, "It doesn't really matter - I'm not here to cause any trouble - but could you tell me if anything happened between you two?" The young man looks down at the bed and then says, "I remember... she was trying to decide between me and two others." A look of horror crosses Janice's face again! Fiona points out to the young man, "The main question still stands: did anything happen?" The young man looks at her and then says, "To be truthful... I haven't got a clue." Janice looks away sheepishly. The young man goes on, "I was a very naughty boy... bit too much of the liquid amber! But I didn't drive! As far as anything else, though... your guess is as good as mine." Janice bursts into tears suddenly and cries, "Not knowing's even worse." With that, she turns and runs out. Fiona follows her. The young man lays back down in bed!

On the island, Wayne strokes Tick's face. He stirs slightly, but there's no other response. Ginny is with him, but she sighs, "I can't do any more. Sorry." Wayne just murmurs, "Thanks." Ginny looks out at the sea and cries, "Please be alright, Glen."

Out at sea, Glen is swimming strongly. He stops and looks around before carrying on.

Billie and Doug are sitting in the lounge room at Caroline's as Caroline clears away some tea things. Doug is laughing with Billie as he says, "Remember I made a complete dill of myself at the table?!" Billie asks in surprise, "What on earth's a 'dill'?" Caroline growls, "An idiot." Billie assures Doug, "Oh no, you weren't an idiot; just a little green, that's all. I soon changed that, didn't I?!" Doug smiles, "You sure did! You became my good luck charm; best streak I had in years!" Caroline mutters, "Must have been an exciting night." Billie enthuses, "It was! Then we kind of... well, you know... and we were hitched before we knew it." Doug comments, "I still don't know it." Billie tells him, "I've got the little piece of paper, blue eyes." Doug looks at Caroline and asks, "What are we going to do about that?" Caroline reminds him, "Billie seems to have made her terms quite clear." Billie just says, "I'm sorry to be such a party-pooper, but I really will stay a lot healthier in Australia." Caroline comments, "The United States is a very large country. Surely there must be somewhere you can vanish to?" Billie, however, replies, "The trouble is, you see, Caroline, I only have one line of business - and in the United States, you'd be surprised how everybody knows everybody else. I'd be traced; it might take a few years, but he'd find me." Caroline sighs, "Seems we don't have much option, do we?" Doug asks in surprise, "You mean you'll go along with it?" Caroline mutters, "Should have my head read." Billie adds, "If it means anything at all, I never really was after Doug for anything permanent; we just had a good time, that's all. And for the record, he talked about you a lot." Caroline remarks to Doug, "Must have been a bit embarrassing." Doug admits sheepishly, "I don't remember." He then says to Billie, "If you're going to be staying around, what are you going to do with yourself?" Billie shrugs, "Find myself a job. Apart from that, we just keep in touch and when I get residency I'll file for divorce with no strings attached." She then stands up as Caroline suggests, "In that case, we won't need to see each other too often." Doug comments to Billie, "I suppose I'd better organise a hotel for you." Billie, however, tells him, "Don't worry about it - I've checked into one already." She then adds, "I suppose I'd better leave you two lovebirds alone; I think I might have said enough for one day." Caroline mutters, "Let's just say you've made your mark." Billie smiles, "He's a nice guy, Caroline. I think he'll be worth the wait." With that, Doug goes to see her out, leaving Caroline standing there looking annoyed. Out in the hallway, Billie says quietly to Doug, "I'd like to have a few words alone with you, Doug. Could you call me at the hotel? There's something I'd like to discuss with you." Doug suggests, "You'd better give me the number." A wicked smile crosses Billie's face...

Andy is sitting in the corridor of a hospital in Melbourne. Craig emerges through a nearby door, his arm in a sling and a bandage round his head. Andy leaps up and asks, "How's your hand?" Craig murmurs, "It's fine. Nothing broken; just a sprain." Andy asks, "What about the bandage on your head?" Craig shrugs, "Just took a bit of skin off. Be alright in a couple of days." Andy hesitates and then says, "Look, I'd like to apologise for what I did, mucking up with the horse. If I hadn't have behaved like an idiot, you'd be OK now. And thankyou for coming to my rescue; if you hadn't, I would've been in a bad way otherwise." Craig just murmurs, "Yeah." He then asks, "So where's Debbie?" At that moment, Debbie walks through another set of nearby doors. Craig smiles, "There you are! Where have you been?" Debbie tells him, "I've been trying to find out about you!" She then indicates his bandages and murmurs, "Oh no... look..." Craig, however, assures her, "It's only a sprain. Don't worry about it. The x-rays didn't show anything - except for a bit of love sickness!" Debbie stares at him. She then throws her arms around him and smiles, "I've been suffering the same thing!" Andy steps away as Debbie tells Craig sincerely, "I do love you - so much." Craig murmurs, "I love you, too." He then reaches into his jacket pocket, removes the friendship ring and asks, "So... how about taking this back, huh?" Debbie nods lovingly, "It's still beautiful." She takes it as Craig tells her, "Just like you." With that, they start kissing. Andy stands there, looking disappointed.

On the island, Ginny is stroking the unconscious Tick's hair. Wayne is lying next to them, staring out to sea, and he asks Ginny, "Think he'll make it?" Ginny cries, "He has to. Tick's not good at all." Wayne asks, "What is it?" Ginny tells him, "He doesn't seem to be breathing too well." Wayne sits up, groaning in pain as he moves his leg. He then looks at Tick and gasps, "He looks terrible." He looks up at the sky and pleads, "Please, God, let him make it..."

Glen is still swimming strongly out at sea. He spots a speedboat nearby, suddenly, and he starts waving his arms at its driver, yelling, "Over here!" The driver spots him, pulls up to him, grabs him and pulls him in. As he does so, Glen gasps through tired breaths, "Listen... there's a boy on the island... get a doctor." As the boat driver looks down at him, Glen then passes out from exhaustion.


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