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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Mark Piper

Wayne is standing in the hallway at Dural, reading Susan's note, when Tick runs downstairs asking, "You ready? Are we going?" Wayne smiles, "We won't be going anywhere if you fall down the stairs and break your neck!" Tick then asks eagerly, "Can we go fishing? Catch dinner?" Wayne grins, "If you want to. We'll moor somewhere and drop a couple of lines overboard." Tick exclaims, "Great!" He then asks, "Do you reckon Susan will be home in time to cook them?" Wayne, however, says hesitantly, "Er... I'm not sure." Tick asks, "How come she wasn't at breakfast?" Wayne just shrugs, "Something came up." He then smiles, "Come on - let's go!" With that, he picks up a picnic basket and he and Tick head for the front door. As Wayne opens it and Tick goes to dash outside, he runs full-pelt into Alison. She gasps, "Run me down next time!" Tick says enthusiastically, "We're going yachting! Want to come?" Alison, however, muses, "I don't think Wayne would enjoy that very much!" Wayne tells Tick, "I'll see you at the car, Richard." He hands Tick the car keys and Tick dashes outside. Left alone with Alison, Wayne snaps, "What do you want?" Alison just smiles, "Isn't that nice: a day on the high seas for you and little Tick. Father-and-son outings are such a good idea - unless, of course, dad isn't dad at all." Wayne just snaps, "If you've come to see Gordon, he's gone out with Beryl. He won't be back 'til later." Alison, however, replies, "Actually, it's Susan I'm after." Wayne retorts, "She's out too." Alison asks, "When will she be back?" Wayne shrugs sourly, "How should I know? I'm just the husband. She only leaves me notes." Alison tuts, "Not another quarrel?" Wayne retorts, "None of your business." He then snaps, "Anything else?" Alison smiles, "No, no. Happy sailing." She goes to walk out. As she does so, Wayne says, "By the way: friendly warning: while I'm out, I wouldn't go sneaking around the study, if I were you. You might bite off more than you bargained for, this time." Alison smiles 'innocently', "Me?" Wayne retorts, "Don't say I didn't warn you!" Alison smiles, "I'll remember!" With that, Wayne opens the front door for her and she goes. Wayne then heads into the study, puts the picnic basket on the desk and heads towards the safe. He smiles to himself as he reads the note he's pinned to it: 'Don't say I didn't warn you!!' He then hangs up a picture on the wall, so that the safe is hidden, before unplugging the 'phone and picking it up. He then checks the new lock he's had fitted on the door and bends down to place an ornament against the door to hold it open. That done, he heads out...

Glen is lying on a small bed in a boat at the harbour. He wakes up and looks across to where Ginny is lying asleep. He calls, "Ginny! Wake up!" Ginny opens her eyes and, looking around, groans, "Where are we?" Glen tells her, "The boat." Ginny yawns, "Whose boat?" Glen replies, "The Hamiltons', remember? We came down here last night after Charlie's party." Ginny asks, "Why?" Glen makes his way over to her and smiles, "No reason, as it turns out. We were both too drunk. Life's full of lost opportunities!" Ginny tells him, "I'm still tired - I'm going back to sleep!" Glen climbs onto her bed with her and says, "Me too. I'll see you around midday!" With that, he lies down and closes his eyes.

Alison is standing in the lounge room at Charlie's, the 'phone to her ear. She says to the person on the other end, "Captain Dobbs? It's Alison Carr. I believe you're taking Wayne out in the yacht this morning." She listens and then says, "Actually, I wanted to talk to you about that pay rise Wayne's been holding out on. I know how expensive it can be to live these days..."

Sometime later, Wayne and Tick are standing on the deck of the Hamilton boat as it cruises along. Tick is steering. Wayne holds him and laughs as they share a joke. Down below, Glen sits up suddenly and cries, "Ginny! Wake up! We're moving!" Ginny comes-to as Glen adds, "What the hell's going on?!" He goes to clamber up onto the deck. On the deck, Tick exclaims to Wayne suddenly, "Look! A tooth!" He indicates a tooth in his hand as Wayne asks, "When did that come out?" Tick smiles, "Just now! See?" Wayne looks at the gap in his teeth and then chuckles, "Better leave it out. Don't lose it. Tooth fairy will probably come tonight!" Tick exclaims suddenly "G'day, Glen!" Glen and Ginny's heads appear from below-decks and Glen smiles, "Hello, Tick." Wayne glares at the two of them and snaps, "What the hell are you doing here?" He then taunts Glen, "I see: didn't take you long to find a replacement, did it?" Ginny snaps, "Nothing happened." Glen demands of Wayne, "Why didn't you tell us you were leaving?" Wayne retorts, "I didn't even know you were down there." Glen orders, "Turn around and take us back." Wayne, however, retorts, "I should throw you overboard. This is a privately-owned yacht. I'm perfectly within my rights to do that." Tick says suddenly, "We're going fishing. You should come with us." Wayne says quickly, "No they shouldn't. We're taking them back." Tick complains, "Glen's my friend. Why can't he come?" Wayne retorts, "Because he doesn't want to." Glen, however, smiles, "Hang on a minute! Maybe a day on the water wouldn't be too bad at that!" He turns to Ginny and asks, "What do you think?" Ginny shrugs, "Chance to catch up on a bit of sun." Glen turns back to Tick and smiles, "Thanks, Tick, we will come - unless your dad doesn't want us to, but I'm sure he wouldn't want to disappoint his son, would he...?" Wayne smiles at him in annoyance.

Caroline and Doug are kissing passionately in the lounge room at Caroline's new house when Craig walks in and says, "Finished putting up the trellis. What next?" He breaks off in embarrassment as he adds, "Sorry - didn't realise you were in the middle of something!" Doug assures him, "Just finished, actually." He then invites, "Come in and grab a glass." He pours Craig a glass of champagne as he goes on, "Caroline and I are off to Mexico this arvo. Decided I couldn't wait the month or whatever it is here to get a licence. Want to make sure she says 'I do' before she changes her mind!" Craig laughs in an impressed tone, "Wow! Talk about romantic! Taking a lady halfway round the world to marry her." Doug insists, "Nothing's too good for Caroline." The three of them sit down as Caroline then asks Craig, "How are things with you and Debbie?" Craig just murmurs, "I got a call just before you turned up. Looks like Andy's as good as tracked down Sugar." Caroline smiles, "That's wonderful!" Craig mutters, "For Deb, yeah. And Sugar. I just wish it was me who'd done it." Caroline sighs, "When are you two boys going to stop this stupid competition? If Debbie chooses one of you, it'll be because she decides which one she loves the most. Nothing else. Debbie's not some scatty little thing who's going to be thrown one way or the other by whoever finds her horse." Craig murmurs, "Maybe not. I just know Andy, that's all. He'll use everything he can to get the edge over me - and if he saves Sugar, that could just be the clincher." Looking exasperated, Caroline sighs, "Men!"

Janice is sitting in Fiona's room at the mansion, looking teary as she reads a note she's holding. Fiona sits down with her and comments, "It's not the end of the world, darling. In fact, you know, I think it could be for the best." Janice mutters, "How, pray tell, do you work that out?" Fiona tells her, "Because hiding never solved a thing. A governess in the country... that's a wonderful way of turning your back on the fact that you are a woman with the same needs and desires as any other woman of your age." Janice growls immediately, "Don't be disgusting, Aunty." Fiona sighs, "Oh, come on, girl, loosen up. What's so disgusting about that?" Janice retorts, "'Needs and desires'. You make me sound like some kind of hussy." Fiona, rolling her eyes, mouths to herself, "A little bit of hussy might help!" Janice gasps in horror, "What?" Fiona says quickly, "Forget it!" She then goes on, "The reason why I'm happy you didn't get that job is because I'm a very selfish old woman - and I love having you around. I love you. I could kill you sometimes, but I do love you!" Janice bursts into tears again as she sobs, "Oh, aunty. I thought maybe going away... well, you know: you read these novels and girls become governesses and they meet... I know it only happens in the books, but I want something romantic to happen to me." Fiona insists, "It will. It will. You're so young yet. You've got plenty of time to start... it's going to happen for you." There's a knock on the door of Fiona's room suddenly. Fiona tells Janice quickly, "Dry your eyes." She hands her niece a tissue. She then goes and opens the door. Tony is standing there and Fiona smiles at him, "Hi, Tony, come on in!" Tony steps inside and says to Janice, "I thought you might be in here! Look, I was wondering... I'm going to the uni revue this arvo. Would you like to come?" Janice asks in surprise, "Me?!" Tony points out, "You're the only Janice in the room, aren't you?!" Janice starts to say, "I don't know--" Fiona, however, interrupts and says, "She's got absolutely nothing planned for this afternoon. She'd just adore to go." She looks at Janice, who nods, "Yes, yes, I would. Thankyou, Tony." Tony smiles, "I'll pick you up at two, then. Just dress casual. Should be a great time." With that, he heads off, leaving Fiona with a broad smile on her face.

The Hamilton yacht is approaching an island.

A while later, Tick and Wayne are playing with a ball on the beach at the edge of the island. A short distance away, Glen and Ginny are sitting sunning themselves. Ginny comments, "I wish I had some proper beach gear." Glen tells her, "I wish Wayne wasn't here. It'd be good, just the two of us." Ginny points out, "It's going OK: he's ignoring us, we're ignoring him." At that moment, Tick calls over, "Come and play!" Glen, however, calls back, "Later!" Ginny comments to Glen, "Seeing Wayne like that, you'd think he was almost human!" Glen, however, warns, "Don't get carried away!"

A short distance away, on the boat, Captain Dobbs picks up the radio and says, "I'll be heading back now, Miss. Carr. What time do you want me to pick them up?" In the lounge room at Charlie's, Alison says down the 'phone, "Glen and Ginny are with them?... Right... Right... Well, that makes for an interesting combination!" She then tells Dobbs, "I'll double your fee if you're prepared to leave them there for a couple of days." She listens and then points out, "They've got food and water, don't they? What on earth can happen to them?" She listens again and then says, "I'll triple your fee." She listens to the response before smiling, "Good. Every man has his price, as they say... Anchors aweigh!" With that, she hangs up the 'phone, picks up her handbag and goes to head out. Charlie walks in through the front door as Alison steps into the hallway. Alison looks at the expression on her friend's face and asks, "What's the matter?" Charlie, looking upset, murmurs, "You were right: I've just been to see my accountant. I've been taken for hundreds of thousands of dollars and there's nothing they can do to prove that Wayne did it. I'm such a fool." Alison puts her arm around her, sympathetically.

On the beach on the island, Tick is watching Wayne as he dons a wetsuit. He asks, looking puzzled, "Why do you need to wear a wetsuit? How's it keep you warm?" Wayne explains, "A thin layer of water gets trapped between your skin and the suit, and your body heats up the water. It keeps you warm." Glen and Ginny walk over to them suddenly and Ginny points out to see to where the yacht is sailing away. She asks, "Why's it going, Wayne?" Wayne, looking puzzled, replies, "What?" Ginny tells him, "The boat. Why is it going?" Wayne looks out at the departing yacht and mutters, "It shouldn't be." He stands up and yells out to sea, "Dobbs! What are you doing?" On the boat, Dobbs just keeps sailing. On the beach, Wayne realises, "He's going! He's leaving us here." The members of the beach party start running into the water, trying to chase after the boat, but it's too late.

A while later, Tick is standing on a rock, a fishing line dangling into the sea in front of him. He waves across to where Wayne is lying on another rock. Ginny is with him, commenting, "Good thing Beryl Palmer's idea of a picnic is to fill a basket with mountains of food!" Wayne growls, "I don't see why you two should get any. You weren't meant to be here." Ginny mutters, "You're a charmer." Wayne just retorts, "Well you weren't... sneaking on board the boat to have it off." Glen walks over to them and says, "I just went to the highest point on the island. You can only just see the yacht now; there's no way he's coming back." Wayne asks, "Did you see any other yachts in sight?" Glen replies, "No. Looks like we're stuck." Ginny comments, "Only for a while, anyway." Glen asks Wayne, "Any idea why he'd do it?" Wayne retorts, "I'd say Alison put him up to it." Glen asks, "Why would she do that?" Wayne explains, "To get me out of the way. She was desperate to go into the safe and check out my computer files." He smiles gleefully as he then adds, "I warned her..." Glen demands, "About what?" Wayne replies, "Let's just say Alison's going to be a hell of a lot sorrier she arranged this little trick than we are..." With that, he stands up and walks off.

Tony is standing with Fiona in her room at the mansion, saying in concern, "This could be a pretty wild do, Mrs. T. I hope Janice doesn't flip out over some of the goings-on..." Fiona smiles, "I think she'll manage!" Tony, however, points out, "She can be a bit prudish at times, can't she?" Fiona nods, "Yes, she can, can't she - but I have a feeling that she is determined to enjoy herself today, come hell or high water!" She then adds, "There is only one thing, though: she's not used to drinking - so if you do go and gave a drink after the show, would you just go a bit slow with her? I don't want you having to pour her through the door when you bring her home!" Tony smiles, "Will do, Mrs. T!" At that moment, Janice walks in. She's all dressed up, in a smart blue dress. Her hair is down and she's taken off her glasses. She smiles at Tony, "I'm sorry to keep you waiting." Tony stares at her and gasps appreciatively, "Wow! Look at you!" Fiona says to him quietly, "See what I mean?" Tony nods, "Sure do." Janice says, "Looks alright, does it?" Fiona walks over to her, takes her hands and tells her, "It looks lovely. Now, all you've got to do is believe that. You know, you are a very beautiful woman."

Tick is still fishing on the island. Wayne walks over to him with another fishing line and asks, "Any luck?" Tick replies, "Nope." Wayne suggests, "Oh well, keep trying." He then tells Tick, "I'm really sorry it worked out the way it did." Tick, however, enthuses, "It's great! Just like Robinson Crusoe!" A few yards away, Ginny and Glen are using some large branches from surrounding trees to build themselves some shelter. Ginny comments sourly, "Trust Wayne to decide it's time to talk to Tick when there's work to be done." Glen shrugs, "I'd rather do it all myself and have him out of my hair." Ginny asks, "What do you think he meant earlier, about Alison?" Glen shrugs, "Just mouthing off." Ginny, however, says, sounding concerned, "I'm not so sure. I got the feeling... she was in danger. I know it sounds dumb. It's just the way he said it." Glen comments, "You're probably just imagining things." He then adds, "There's no point worrying about it; there's not much we can do here." Over with Tick, Wayne suggests, "I'd better rustle-up some food." He moves his foot - and to his surprise finds himself standing on something sharp. It's a knife. He picks it up and examines it. He then says to Tick, "Better be careful with this, mate. It's pretty sharp." He hands it over. Tick assures him, "I will be." He bends down and starts cutting up a small fish on the rock.

At the stud, Debbie is using a shovel to collect horse dung and put it in a bucket. Craig walks over to her suddenly and she smiles, "Hi! I thought you were working at Doug's." Craig explains, "He let me go early. I was worried about Sugar: any more news?" Debbie sighs, "Andy's off following up what he found out, but..." Craig asks, "Do you think it'll lead to anything?" Debbie says, "I hope so." Craig then tells her, "I've been missing you a lot, Deb." Debbie points out, "You've been seeing me." Craig, however, says, "You know what I mean." A car pulls up suddenly nearby. Andy is in the driver's seat and Craig looks across at him in annoyance. He and Debbie run over to the car. Andy climbs out and tells them, "I've found out where he is. Bad news, though: they've trained him too hard straight after his injury. He's broken down again. The guy I spoke to said he's being shipped to the knackery this arvo." Craig says immediately, "Let's go." He goes to climb into the car. Andy says quickly, "It's Deb's horse, not yours." Craig, however, retorts, "Come off it, Andy. It might need two of us. There's no time to argue." With that, the three of them climb into the car and it roars off.

Caroline is walking along the hallway at her new house. She picks up her handbag from a side table and goes to the front door. Suitcases are piled up next to it. As Doug joins her, she comments, "We've got enough luggage here to sink a battleship!" Doug is looking in his briefcase and he says, "I'm just making sure I put the air tickets in." Caroline warns, "You forget them and I'll throw a turn in the middle of the airport!" There's a knock on the front door suddenly, and Caroline goes to get it. She finds a tall, black woman standing there and she asks, "Can I help you?" The woman replies with an American accent, "Hi. Does Doug Fletcher live here?" A look crosses Doug's face and he says, "Billie? What are you doing here?" The woman steps inside and smiles, "Hiya, sweetie! Surprise!" Doug just retorts, "It certainly is. What brings you to Australia?" Billie tells him flirtatiously, "Silly question, honey. You, of course." Doug, looking worried, says hesitantly, "Er... Billie Timmins, this is Caroline Morrell." He adds for Caroline's benefit, "Billie's an old friend of mine." Billie, however, laughs, "Cut the jokes, Doug." Turning to Caroline, she says, "The name's Billie Fletcher. I'm Doug's wife. Pleased to meet you." Caroline turns and stares at Doug in shock.

Sugar is standing by himself in a field. Andy, Craig and Debbie climb out of Andy's car and Andy says, "I'll get him. I can ride him back for you. They won't even know we've taken him." Craig insists, "We should go to the police; do it properly." Andy, however, retorts, "And risk the chance of them talking their way out of it? We can't prove that that is Sugar. Believe me, it is the best. I'll get him." With that, he walks off towards the house. Craig sighs to Debbie, "The poor thing is broken down. It shouldn't be ridden back; it should go on a float." He adds, "Go and get one, eh? I'll stop Andy from doing anything stupid." Debbie walks off. As Craig approaches Andy, Andy is having trouble keeping Sugar still. He's holding the horse's reins. Craig warns, "Don't scare him." Andy asks, "Where's Debbie going to?" Craig retorts, "To get a float." Andy growls, "I said I could handle it." Craig snaps, "We don't think you can." Andy snarls, "You trying to show me up again in front of Debbie, are you?" Craig just retorts, "You're doing a good enough job of that yourself." Andy glares at him and mutters, "I'll show you." Sugar starts rearing suddenly. Craig pushes Andy out of the way and and grabs the horse's reins. Sugar kicks out with his leg, though, and catches Craig on the side of his head. He falls to the ground. Sugar runs off as Andy bends down by Craig and stares in horror at the cut above his eyebrow.

Fiona picks up the 'phone in her room at the mansion and smiles, "Hello. Fiona Thompson." She listens and then says, "Oh, hello, Tony. What are you ringing for?" She listens. A look crosses her face and she then murmurs, looking worried, "Oh. I see... No, no, you did the right thing. What's the address?" She listens again and then sighs, "OK. I'll be right there." She hangs up.

A short time later, Fiona is walking down a dingy corridor with Tony, saying curtly, "I thought you said you'd keep a watch out for what she was drinking." Tony replies, "She said it was fruit juice. It was fruit punch - and knock-out stuff at that." Fiona asks, "You think whatsisname will be taking advantage of the fact she was drunk?" Tony nods, "I can't interfere with the uni crowd without making a fool of myself. You just don't go busting in on something like that, even if you do think the guy's a lech." Fiona comments, "But if her aunt interferes...?" Tony tells her, "I save face!" Fiona smiles, "And I save Janice!" They stop outside a door. Fiona remarks, "I told her to loosen up, but I never expected anything like this!" She then knocks on the door. There's no response from inside. She turns the door handle and finds it isn't locked. Looking at Tony, she comments, "Here goes nothing." She then steps inside the room.

Janice's clothes are lying on the floor. Janice is sitting on a chair against the wall, wearing just her petticoat. She's fast asleep. There's a naked guy lying in a bed nearby. Fiona raises an eyebrow! She then goes and shakes her niece's shoulder gently, saying, "Janice... come on, sweetie, wakey wakey. Come on." Janice opens her eyes and says blearily, "Aunty! What are you doing here?" Fiona tells her, "You got very drunk, dear. I've come to take you home." Janice looks around and yawns as she says, "Where am I?" Fiona says quickly, "You're in a motel room, dear. Now, come on. Let's find your shoes and get you home." Janice starts giggling, "I got drunk!" She then points to the guy in the bed and smiles, "That's Michael. He's nice." She then jumps in shock suddenly and gasps, "He's got no clothes on!" Fiona muses, "So I've noticed!" Janice turns to her and gasps in horror, "What have I done...?"

Tick is cutting up another fish on the rock on the island. Ginny calls over from nearby, "Grub's up. Come on. Wayne... Tick..." Tick leaps up from the rock and starts running over to them, the knife still in his hand. Ginny calls over, "There's no rush. It's not going anywhere!" Wayne looks across at Tick from where he's sitting nearby and yells suddenly in concern, "The knife! Watch out!" At that moment, Tick trips over. As he hits the sand, he yells out in pain as the knife goes into him. Wayne dashes over and picks him up. There's blood pouring out of the little boy. Wayne murmurs in horror, "Oh my God..."

Alison walks in through the front door at Dural and calls, "Anyone home? Hello?" There's no answer. She heads into the study. It's empty. She moves the ornament that's acting as a wedge and closes the door. She then steps over to the safe and takes down the painting that covers it. She looks at the handwritten note that Wayne has left for her and mouths to herself, "You have got to be kidding!" She rips it off the front of the safe, puts the key in the lock and opens it. She reaches her hand inside - and then lets out a shriek as she pulls it quickly out again. She stares into the safe to find a snake curled up in there. Alison looks at her arm. She's been bitten. She looks at the snake again and then dashes over to the study door. She tried to open it - but it's locked tight. She snake starts slithering out of the safe and onto the small door. Alison starts panting frantically. She walks over to the 'phone - but it's not there. The snake makes its way onto the floor and starts approaching her. She murmurs in horror, "Oh my God... No...."

On the island, Wayne is stepping into the water. When he's a few yards in, he dives down and starts swimming out into the ocean. On the sand, Tick is lying in the shade as Ginny and Glen sit next to him. Ginny asks Glen, "Do you think you can stop it?" Glen replies, "I should be able to. It's pretty bad, though." Ginny says in concern, "He's not going to die, is he?" Glen tells her, "Not if he gets medical help." Ginny looks out to sea and then asks Glen, "You think Wayne's up to the swim?" Glen sighs, "He'd better be - otherwise I reckon Tick's a goner."

Wayne is swimming furiously through the sea - completely oblivious to the fact that there's a shark swimming not that far away. As Wayne tries to make his way back to the mainland, he doesn't notice the shark's tail fin rising above the water behind him...


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