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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Gaye Arnold

Janice is marching down the hallway inside. Fiona emerges from her room and asks, "What was all that noise?" Janice snaps, "Firecrackers - let off, no doubt, by that juvenile delinquent we had in here ten minutes ago. He is a menace. Firecrackers are illegal. He should be reported to the police." Fiona sighs, "The people who sold them to him should be the ones who are reported." Janice retorts, "True - but that doesn't excuse the little monster from doing something he was distinctly told not to. Maybe a slap around the tail would improve his memory." At that moment, the front door is flung open and Alison and Glen walk in. Glen has Tick on his shoulders, and he smiles, "Let's cheer for the conquering hero, eh? Hip hip hooray!" He then puts Tick down and says to Fiona and Janice, "Allow me to introduce you to the country's latest hero: Tick McCarthy." Fiona asks in surprise, "What's he done?" Glen explains, "He stopped me ending up having a face like minced beef." Alison adds, "Two bullies cornered Glen in the backyard, determined to do him over." Tick chips in, "I fixed them. I threw Chinese crackers at them!" Janice glares at him and growls, "It was you. I knew I was right." Fiona sighs, "Janice..." She then asks Alison and Glen, "Bullies? Who sent them?" Alison tells her, "Glen thinks it was Wayne." Glen mutters, "Who else would it have been?" He turns and heads for the door. Alison says quickly, "Forget it." Glen, however, retorts, "I'm sorry, but I can't." With that, he storms out. Alison sighs heavily.

A short time later, Fiona is serving up a bowl of ice cream to Tick in her room. As she does so, Alison asks her, "What's the latest on Susan?" Fiona replies, "She's fine. Beryl called from the hospital." Alison asks, "Is she going back to Wayne?" Fiona tells her, "She wants to - unfortunately. The poor girl is just riddled with guilt." Tick chips in suddenly, "Who's Wayne?" Fiona replies, "He's a nasty man, darling." Alison goes on, "Susan mightn't be so keen on setting up shop if I could just get the goods on Wayne with that gym business." Fiona says, "You know, what puzzles me is why Charlie would go into partnership with him in the first place." Alison sighs, "Charlie's going to be more than puzzled when she finally realises Wayne's out to rip her off. The thing is, I'm positive that all the proof I need is on that computer disc." Fiona asks, "Can't you... print it out, or whatever it is you do with computers?" Alison sighs, "It's not that easy, I'm afraid. For one, Wayne's watching me like a hawk, so I can't get near the study; and two, I don't know the access code to the file." Fiona smiles, "It's all too technical for me!" Tick asks suddenly, "Has Wayne got a computer?" Alison nods, "Yes." Tick goes on, "We had computers at my last school. They're fun!" Fiona smiles at him and suggests he goes and washes his hands. He heads out. Alison muses to Fiona, "I wish Glen hadn't gone running off like that. You know how dangerous Wayne is when he's cornered. Right at the moment, Glen should be staying as far away from him as possible." Fiona sighs, "You know men: they just won't be told!"

There's a sharp knocking on the front door at Dural. The lounge room doors open and Wayne emerges. He goes and opens the front door - and Glen immediately gives him a shove, snapping, "I want to talk to you, buddy." Wayne growls, "I don't remember inviting you in." Glen retorts, "Then throw me out." Wayne snaps, "I will." Glen snarls, "With whose help? Your big, tough mates? I don't see them. Where are they?" Wayne mutters, "What mates?" Glen snaps, "The ones you sent over to the boarding house to do me over." Wayne growls, "You're crazy. Will you just get out before I have to call the cops?" Glen, however, grabs the lapels of his shirt and snaps, "No cops. No hired help. Just you and me." Wayne mutters, "You want a fight, do you?" Glen growls, "You got it in one." Wayne says, "Can I ask why?" Glen snaps, "Because I'm going to knock your stupid head off. You've got away with too much, Wayne: taking people down... doing the dirty on them... having people bashed up. Now it's time to pay - and believe me, mate, I'm going to tear you apart..."

A few moments later, the lounge room doors burst open and Glen punches Wayne into the room. Wayne falls to the floor. He kicks out with his feet and manages to push Glen back. He leaps up, but Glen lands another punch on him. They both fall to the floor and start struggling. As Wayne recovers again, Glen pulls him up onto the couch and whacks him around the face.

Out in the hallway, Gordon and Charlie walk in from outside, Gordon saying, "It's going to be late by the time we reach Woombai." They head into the lounge room as Gordon adds, "By the time I've been to the office and you've sorted out your problems with Janice at the gym--" He breaks off as Charlie screams, "Oh dear!" Glen is still leaning over Wayne on the couch, holding him by the lapels of his shirt. Gordon snaps at him, "What the hell's going on? Move away." Glen, standing up reluctantly, snarls, "He deserved it." Gordon demands, "What's this all about?" Glen yells, "It's about your yellow-bellied son not having the guts to face up to a fight. He sent two heavies around--" Wayne interrupts and snaps, "That's a lie." Glen just goes on, "Because Susan decided to leave him and come and live with me. You see, that's the way your son operates, Mr. Hamilton: he can't get what he wants, he resorts to violence." Gordon snaps, "What do you think you're practising: non-violence?" Glen retorts, "Hitting back." Gordon growls, "Not in my house." Glen snaps, "It doesn't matter where. You see, people can take so much and then they break. All Wayne's cheats, all his smears, all his lies... well, I finally broke, and you know what? I'm glad. I'm just sorry you didn't give me time to finish the job. You've got a weak excuse for a son, Mr. Hamilton. He sure as hell isn't someone to be proud of." With that, he storms out. Gordon turns to his son - who's dabbing a bloody nose with his handkerchief - and asks, "What do you know about these heavies?" Wayne mutters, "Nothing." Gordon insists, "I want the truth, Wayne." Wayne snaps, "I'm telling you the truth. Glen wants Susan. He'll do anything he can do to get her. Making me look bad is just part of it." Gordon stares at him. Wayne growls, "Don't you believe me? Look, my wife wants to leave me, I could be dying of a disease that hardly anybody has heard of and I've got business problems up to here." He indicates his head. He then goes on, "Do you really think I've got the time or inclination to organise a couple of heavies to belt-up Glen? There wasn't a mark on him. He was obviously making the story up." Gordon continues to stare at him. He then says, "Alright. I believe you. We won't say another word about it. Come on - let's get this nose of yours seen to." With that, he leads Wayne off, leaving Charlie standing in the lounge room, looking thoughtful.

At Beryl's, Debbie walks into the kitchen with Andy. He's holding a bunch of flowers and Debbie comments, "They're beautiful. They must have cost you a fortune." Andy replies, "Anything to cheer up Caroline. How is she?" Debbie tells him, "Right now, she's asleep." She then asks, "How's life at the horse stud?" Andy replies, "Fair to middling." He adds, "Do you mind if I stay for lunch?" Debbie smiles, "No." There's suddenly a knock at the front door and Debbie goes to get it. She finds Craig standing on the step and she smiles, "Hello!" Craig is holding some flowers as well, and he explains, "They're for Caroline!" Debbie invites him in and the two of them head into the kitchen. Looking annoyed to see Craig there, Andy mutters, "G'day." Debbie says, "Craig, you busy for lunch?" Craig replies, "No." Debbie asks, "Do you want to join us?" Andy mutters, "I've only set a table for two." Debbie laughs, "There's plenty more plates!" Craig grins at her, "Thanks, Deb - I'd love to stay!" A look of annoyance crosses Andy's face.

Glen is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Charlie's. Ginny hands him a drink. As he takes it, he comments, "Alison must still be at the boarding house. I thought she might have been here." Not responding to this, Ginny just asks, "You like my new clothes?" She's wearing a bold purple outfit, and Glen nods, "It's different to what you usually wear." Ginny explains, "I'm changing my image." Looking miles away, Glen murmurs, "She was just about to leave him, you know? Had her bag packed; the lot. Then she goes and falls down the stairs." Ginny comments, "She's lucky she didn't hurt the baby." Glen, however, replies grimly, "She sees it as a warning - the kind of thing she can expect if she leaves Wayne." Ginny asks, "Is she going back to him?" Glen shrugs, "I don't know. I'm certainly out of the running. It's just so damn frustrating: all I want is to be with her and I can't." Ginny tells him, "If it's any consolation, I know what you're going through: all I want is to be with Craig, and he's back chasing Debbie. Hurts, doesn't it, seeing the person you love with someone else." Glen murmurs, "Sure does." Ginny declares suddenly, "You and I should go out and spend the night raging; try and forget about our worries." Glen looks at her and smiles, "Mightn't be a bad idea at that!"

Alison and Fiona are sitting at the table in Fiona's room at the mansion as Tick tells them about the time he tricked a teacher with a plastic snake at school. Fiona bursts out laughing as Janice walks in and mutters, "Everyone seems to have having a good time." Alison explains, "Tick's just been telling us about his schoolboy adventures." Janice, however, growls, "Schoolboy lies, more likely. Look what I found." She takes out Tick's football from behind her back. Tick cries, "That's mine." Janice throws it to him and retorts, "I know." Turning to F, she continues curtly, "I found it in that old caravan out the back - along with some of Tick's clothes and food cartons and drink containers. Tick doesn't go to school or live down the street; he's a runaway. He's been living in the caravan." Tick cries, "I'm not a runaway." Janice snaps, "So that collection of bits and pieces in the caravan doesn't belong to you?" Tick murmurs, "Some of it." Fiona looks at him in concern and asks, "Have you been living in the caravan?" Tick replies, "Only last night." Janice demands, "What about the night before that?" Tick tells her, "I stayed with my mum." Alison asks, "Won't your mother be wondering where you are?" Tick insists, "She knows I can take care of myself. I often stay away at nights - you know: camp out?" Fiona tells him, "I think it's probably best if you go home tonight, don't you think?" Tick insists, "I've got money." Fiona says, "I'm sure you have, but I still think it would be a good idea." Alison says quickly, "I'll take him. Come on, Tick." She stands up and leads him out of the room. Janice sits down with Fiona and comments sourly, "He's probably been wagging school, too." Fiona chuckles, "We've all done that!" Janice retorts, "I didn't." Fiona rolls her eyes and muses, "No... I'm sure you didn't, Janice...!"

Out in the hallway, Alison is looking through the telephone directory for entries under 'McCarthy'. She asks Tick, "What street do you live in?" Tick tells her, "Wye Street." Alison asks, "What number?" Tick shrugs, "I don't know. A hundred and two." Alison looks through the directory for 102. Tick goes on, "You won't know how to find it." Alison puts down the directory and sighs, "You're lying to me, Tick." Tick insists, "I'm not." Alison takes his hand and leads him over to the stairs. They sit down and Alison says, "I'm not going to dob you in; I just want to know the truth. You have run away from home, haven't you?" Tick doesn't respond. Alison then tells him, "I'll do a deal with you: if you're honest with me, I'll be honest with you - and I promise I'll do everything I can to help. How about that? Is it a deal?" Tick just says, "Mum's all oogly for the boyfriend. I don't know where she is." Alison asks, "What about your father?" Tick shrugs, "Never had one." Alison asks, "Friends? Relatives?" Tick shakes his head. Alison asks, "You live all on your own?" Tick nods at her. Alison asks, "How do you manage to survive? Do you steal things?" Tick replies, "If I haven't got any money." Alison smiles, "That's logical!" She then says, "Come on - let's go back to my place." Tick asks in surprise, "Why?!" Alison points out, "You can't stay in the caravan anymore. Besides, I've got something I want to talk to you about..."

A while later, Tick and Alison have a Monopoly set open on the coffee table in Charlie's lounge room. Tick is looking around and he comments, "It's a big house. Do you own it?" Alison smiles, "No, a friend does. I'm staying with her." Tick asks, "Do you own the other big house next door?" Alison replies, "No. That belongs to the Hamiltons." Tick asks, "Wayne?" Alison nods in surprise, "That's right!" She then goes on seriously, "Tick, I can't believe your mother would just walk out on you without saying anything." Tick tells her, "She left me a note like the last time she left." Alison asks, "What sort of note?" Tick replies, "For the police - so they could put me in a home." Alison muses, "I see... and you didn't want to go into a home?" Tick retorts, "No way. I hate it." Alison comments, "The homes they put kids in these days are pretty good, aren't they? I don't think there's anything to be frightened of. What about school? Won't your teacher be wondering where you are?" Tick replies, "I don't have a teacher. Me and my mum were always moving around. I haven't been to school for... since last holidays." He then asks, "You going to call the cops?" Alison asks, "What would you do if I did?" Tick shrugs, "I don't know. Find another caravan?" Alison smiles, "I don't think we'll call the police. I'm sure we can come up with a much better option than that..."

A woman is doing some weeding in the front garden of a house when Alison walks up the path to her and says, "Hello, Moya." The woman turns and looks at her, blankly. Alison goes on, "Remember me? Patricia Hamilton. I know - I've changed." The woman stands up and gasps, "Patricia Hamilton? That's right... I read something in the papers. What is it you call yourself now?" Alison replies, "Alison Carr." She then asks, "How have you been keeping, Moya?" Moya tells her bluntly, "Alright." Alison asks, "How's your son?" Moya shrugs, "I wouldn't know. I haven't seen him for years." Alison asks, "You don't keep in touch?" Moya replies hesitantly, "The people who took him away at birth think of him as their own. I'd only get in the way." She then goes on, "Does Wayne ever ask after him?" Alison smiles, "The indiscretion of a 17-year-old boy with the office girl... No, Wayne never asks about him. It's something he's chosen to forget." Moya mutters, "You rich types are all the same: nothing matters to you, does it?" Alison points out, "You didn't do too badly out of it, Moya. I always made sure you had enough money to cover expenses." Moya retorts, "To keep my mouth shut." Alison remarks, "I don't recall you complaining at the time." Moya growls, "'Anything to protect the family name, no matter how much it cost.' That right?" Alison nods, "Yes. That's right." She then indicates the house behind them and asks, "Do you own this house?" Moya retorts, "I'm paying it off." Alison says, "How would you like to earn a little bit extra? You could discharge the mortgage and have enough money left over to enjoy a trip to Europe." Moya looks at her suspiciously...

Andy, Debbie and Craig finish clearing up after lunch. Andy laughs, "I reckon I'll suggest to Beryl that she get a dishwasher!" Debbie hands him some leftovers wrapped in newspaper and says, "Do you mind taking these outside to the rubbish?" Andy mutters, "Now?" Craig taunts, "You're not scared of getting your hands dirty, are you, Andy? I though you'd be used to it after washing out horse stalls!" Andy heads out. Craig tells him, "Don't hurry back." When he's alone with Debbie, he tells her, "I was hoping we'd get a chance to be on our own." Debbie smiles, "I'd never have guessed!" Craig continues, "Now we're friends again, and we agree we like each other, would you wear my friendship ring again?" Debbie looks at him dubiously before asking sourly, "Ginny give it back, did she?" Craig asks in surprise, "What are you talking about?" Debbie asks, "Didn't you give it to Ginny?" Craig replies, "No." Debbie tells him, "The photo with you in the papers... she was wearing it there." Craig insists, "It certainly wasn't this one. It's been burning a hole in my pocket ever since you gave it back to me. It would mean a lot to me if you would wear it again." He holds it out to her. She takes it - just as Andy comes in again and smiles, "I'm back! Job's done!" Craig looks at him in annoyance. Debbie, looking suddenly wary, says to Craig, "I'll have to think about it. I'll let you know."

Tick is playing with the remote control for Charlie's TV in her lounge room. Out in the hallway, the front door opens and Alison and Moya step inside. Moya goes to walk into the lounge room, but Alison says quickly, "Before you go in, here's some money. It should cover food and clothes for the next couple of weeks. If you want any more, just call me." She hands over some cash and Moya nods, "I will." They head into the lounge room and Alison smiles at Tick, "Tick, this is Moya." Moya smiles, "Hello, Tick." Alison adds, "Moya's going to be looking after you for the next couple of weeks." Tick looks at Moya and asks, "Are you from Welfare?" Moya replies warmly, "No." Alison explains to Tick, "I wanted you to meet Moya because tomorrow you'll be going to stay with her. She owns a very nice house; I'm sure you'll like it there." Tick turns to Moya and asks, "Will I have my own bedroom?" Moya nods, "Yeah, you can have your own bedroom." She then adds quickly, "I won't take up much of your time. I just thought we should meet; say hello." With that, she heads back out to the hallway, adding, "Bye, Tick." Alison follows her out. In the hallway, Moya takes a small pad from her bag and, writing something on it, says, "Here's my number in case you ever need me." She hands it over. She then asks, "How long am I expected to play den-mother?" Alison tells her, "Until you find out enough about his background to convince everyone you're his real mother - then we dump the prodigal son on Wayne's doorstep." Moya points out, "All this depends on Tick playing his part too." Alison smiles, "He will. I'll tell him my idea tonight. The poor child's missed out on so much in his life, a shot at the good time's probably all the encouragement he'll need." Moya stares at her and remarks, "You must really hate Wayne." Alison assures her, "Oh, I do." Moya mutters, "To use a ten-year-old child... it's nice to see you haven't changed." With that, she heads out, leaving Alison standing looking thoughtful.

Gordon opens the front door at Dural to let Charlie in. He asks her, "How are things at the gym?" Charlie replies, "I think I've smoothed some ruffled feathers, but there's a long way to go." They head into the lounge room as Gordon asks, "She's not proving too popular as a manger?" Charlie sighs, "It's her manner, Gordon. She's changed, and I'm not sure what's behind it." Gordon tells her, "You'll have time to find out. Woombai's off, I'm afraid: some business problems to sort out." They sit down and Charlie sighs, "Oh well. No rest for the wicked." Wayne walks in suddenly from the hallway and Charlie smiles, "Hello, Wayne. How's the nose? Has it stopped bleeding?" Wayne mutters, "Several hours ago, Charlie." He sits down as Charlie then asks, "Have you been to see Susan today?" Wayne growls, "No." Charlie sighs, "You should. It's time for re-building bridges, Wayne, not sitting at home feeling sorry for yourself. Now you've got a lovely baby girl on the way--" Wayne interrupts and snaps, "Don't remind me." Gordon says to Charlie quickly, "Could I see you for a minute?" He heads out of the lounge room and into the hallway. Charlie follows him. Gordon closes the lounge room doors behind them and then says, "Look, this is not exactly the right time to talk to him either about Susan or the baby. And he's still upset about that incident with Glen this morning." Charlie nods, "Who could blame him?" Gordon suggests, "Why don't you pop back tomorrow, eh?" With that, he opens the front door to let Charlie out. When she's gone, he heads back into the lounge room. Wayne is standing behind the bar, pouring himself a drink. Gordon tells him, "I know you're upset over Susan." Wayne growls, "Damn right I am." Gordon goes on, "But Charlie's right: sitting around feeling sorry for yourself isn't going to get you anywhere. If Susan's willing to give your marriage a second go, you'd be a fool not to accept it. I'm going over to see her now; can I tell her to expect you?" Wayne hesitates and then says, "It's not just Susan." Gordon asks in surprise, "What else?" Wayne tells him, "I don't want a baby girl." Gordon comments, "That is a ridiculous attitude." Wayne retorts, "A son can follow in the family business." Gordon points out, "So can a daughter." Wayne mutters, "It's not the same." Gordon retorts, "Of course it is. There's absolutely no difference." Wayne cries, "It means the family name stops with me." Gordon suggests, "Adopt a son, if it's that important to you." Wayne murmurs, "It wouldn't be the same. I'd know he wasn't mine. It should have been a boy, dad. I wanted a boy."

Tick is sitting with Alison on the couch in the lounge room at Charlie's. He smiles, "I like her." Alison asks, "Moya?" Tick nods, "Yeah." Alison smiles, "That's good." Tick, looking at a piece of paper in his hand, goes on, "Willoughby. Is that where she lives?" Alison nods, "Uh huh." Tick tells her, "I reckon you're better, though." Alison smiles sincerely, "Thankyou." Tick then says, "One of my mum's boyfriends used to give me money to go to my friend's place. I thought it was because he liked me - but that was when I was a kid. Now I now he just wanted to get me out of the house so he could... you know... he wanted to kiss mum and that sort of stuff. You're only looking after me because you like me, aren't you?" A look of guilt crosses Alison's face momentarily. The front door bangs suddenly and Charlie walks in. Alison comments in surprise, "I thought you were going to Woombai with Gordon." Charlie, staring at Tick, murmurs, "Cancelled until further notice." Alison introduces Tick and Charlie to each other. She then suggests to Tick, "Why don't you go outside and play for a while? Have a look around." Tick runs out to the hallway. He lingers by the door, though, and listens as Charlie lectures, "It is a well-known fact that you hate children, Alison Carr, so pray tell what is that child doing in my house?" Alison sighs, "Don't carry on, Charlie, I feel bad enough as it is. I was about to do the lowest thing I have ever contemplated in my life." Charlie murmurs, "I don't even want to think about it." Alison tells her, "Remember when Wayne had that illegitimate child about ten years ago?" Charlie gasps, "That's not him?!" Alison replies, "No, that's not him, that's Tick. I was about to pass him off as Wayne's son. It would've worked; they're the same age - almost. Richard was born on the 15th, Tick was born on the 11th. With Tick working for me, I could've had Wayne exactly where I wanted him: Wayne's desperate for a son... I could have been pulling all the strings." Charlie shakes her head and tuts, "An innocent little boy?" Alison nods, "I know. I'm ashamed I took the idea so far." Tick continues to listen in the hallway as Charlie asks, "What's going to happen to him now? He can't stay here." Alison shrugs, "I don't know. He's not going to like the idea of going back into a home, but what else is there? I certainly can't put him back on the streets." With that, Tick stops listening and runs off.

Wayne emerges from the lounge room at Dural and goes and opens the front door. He finds Tick standing there. He looks down at the boy and snaps, "What do you want, kid?" Tick tells him, "I'm looking for my dad." Wayne mutters, "Then you've come to the wrong house. Try next door." He goes to close the door again. Tick, however, puts his hand out to stop it and asks quickly, "Is your name Wayne Hamilton?" Wayne retorts, "What if it is?" Tick tells him, "Then you're my dad." Wayne stares at him in surprise.


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