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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Gaye Arnold

Susan is lying on the floor in the hallway at the bottom of the stairs. Wayne dashes down to her and cries, "Susan! I didn't mean it." There's suddenly a knock on the front door. Wayne goes and opens it - to find Beryl standing there, with Robert in his stroller. He gasps, "Beryl! What are you doing here?" Beryl starts to step inside, explaining, "Fiona asked me up for--" She breaks off as she spots Susan lying there, clutching her belly in pain. She cries, "Oh my God!" She runs over to her daughter as Wayne explains, "She just fell. It was an accident. She lost her balance." Beryl orders Wayne, "Get a doctor." She then starts cradling Susan, soothing, "It's alright, sweetheart. Mum's here." Susan just cries, "My baby..."

The curtain are drawn back in a caravan and a young boy looks out . A few seconds later, he emerges through the door of the caravan, looks around and then runs off.

A short time later, the boy is creeping along the hallway of the mansion. He stops by the stairs and then runs off into Fiona's room.

Outside, Fiona and Janice are walking up the path to the front door. Janice is telling her aunt, "I stocked up on most things for you. I thought I'd leave the vegetables until you actually got back, though; didn't want them going off."

Inside, the boy emerges from Fiona's kitchen, carrying a bag of food. As he hears noises suddenly at the main door, he dashes back into the kitchen. Fiona and Janice come in, Janice saying warmly, "I'm so glad May's finally found someone. Is he nice?" Fiona smiles, "He's a dear! You can't understand a word of what he's saying, though: he comes from Lancashire!" She then sits down at the table and, looking around, comments, "Oh dear... all these bags: they've all got to be unpacked." Janice asks, "Where did Beryl leave hers?" Fiona replies, "In the bedroom. They've all got to be unpacked, too. I think my little flat is going to look as though a cyclone hit it, for the next couple of days!" Janice suggests, "How about I make us a cup of tea?" Fiona smiles, "That would be lovely!" Janice adds, "I bought you a seed cake this morning, so that'll go nicely with--" She breaks off as she looks around. She then declares in shock, "It's gone!" Neither she nor Fiona notice the boy creeping out of the door behind them as Fiona asks, "What's gone?" Janice tells her, "The seed cake. I left it there on the table and now it's gone. Someone must have stolen it."

The boy is running back to the caravan outside when he spots Glen driving up in his car. He quickly stashes the bag of food inside the van and then emerges again with a football. He throws it ahead of him and then runs after it. Glen climbs out of his car and spots the boy. A smile crosses his face. He walks over to the boy - who's standing in the middle of some bushes - and says, "Hi! You lost something?" The boy tells him, "My football." Glen says, "I'll help you look for it, if you like. You play in the school team?" The boy nods, "Yeah." Glen smiles, "Me too. We won the Premiership in my last year." With that, he locates the ball, picks it up and says to the boy, "Feel like a kick?" The boy just replies, "Think you can keep up with me?!" Glen gives the ball a kick and laughs, "Just watch me!"

Susan is still lying on the floor in the hallway at Dural. A blanket has been placed over her. Beryl is sitting with her and tells her, "The ambulance should be here in a minute, love." Wayne emerges from the lounge room and hands Beryl a glass of water. Susan reaches out to him and murmurs, "Wayne..." Wayne just turns away. Susan asks her daughter, "Did you two have an argument?" Susan nods her head. Beryl then asks, "Did he push you, Susie?" Before Susan can reply, Gordon comes in through the front door. He looks at what's going on and cries, "Dear God! What's happened?" Wayne tells him, "She fell; lost her footing. I tried to stop her but I wasn't fast enough." Beryl asks Susan, "Is that what happened?" Susan murmurs, "Yes." They hear the sound of an ambulance outside suddenly. Beryl turns to Gordon and says, "I'll go to the hospital with Susan. Would you mind looking after Robert for me?" Gordon nods, "Of course." He walks over to where Robert's sitting in his stroller and smiles, "We're going next door to have a look at Isabella's puppies, young fella. What do you think about that, eh?" With that, the two of them head out. Beryl tells Susan, "We'll have you at the hospital soon, love. Try not to worry."

A short time later, Alison looks on, a bemused expression on her face, as Charlie fusses over Robert in her lounge room, smiling, "Let's find something for you to play with, eh?" Gordon is standing by the window, looking worried. Charlie turns to him and smiles, "Don't you just love having children around the house?" Gordon nods, "Yep." Charlie then comments, "You're very quiet, all of a sudden." Gordon tells her, "I'm worrying about something I can do nothing about." Charlie murmurs, "Susan and the baby?" Gordon just picks Robert up and suggests, "Come on, young fellow. Let's go out and play with your ball, eh?" They head out. When they've gone, Alison comments to Charlie, "You're getting clucky enough to lay an egg!" Charlie smiles, "I can't help it. I just adore children - and Gordon does too. And when we're married..." Alison gasps, "You're not thinking of having another baby?!" Charlie just replies indignantly, "Why not? If Beryl can do it, I can too." She then changes the subject and says, "You'll never guess what's happening over there." Alison, however, tells her, "Save your gossip until later. If all goes well, I might have a very juicy piece of gossip for you myself." Looking intrigued, Charlie asks, "What is it?" Alison just replies, "I'll give you a hint: someone we know very well is about to be dumped by his wife..."

There's a knock on the front door at Dural. There's no answer - and so Alison lets herself in. She calls for Wayne. There's no response. She then spots a pillow lying on the hallway floor and a suitcase and blanket nearby. She looks in the study, but there's no one there. She then calls for Susan. Still no one answers.

Beryl and Wayne are sitting in the corridor at the hospital. A doctor walks past them. Beryl stands up and asks, "How is she, doctor?" Wayne adds, "She hasn't lost the baby, has she?" The doctor assures him, "We're doing everything we can, believe me." He then adds, "I have another patient; I'll be with you shortly." He walks off. Wayne turns to Beryl and murmurs, "If Susan loses my son..." Beryl glares at him and snaps, "I beg your pardon? It's Susan's baby, too, and if you were any sort of a husband, you'd be thinking how she must be feeling now. If she loses that baby, she'll never get over it." Wayne mutters, "She's only got herself to blame." Beryl retorts, "It was an accident." Wayne snaps, "Susan fell down the stairs because she was running away. And do you know why? Because she's having an affair with Glen Young." Beryl stares at him in shock.

A while later, Beryl is standing in the corridor. Wayne is sitting looking at a magazine. Beryl tells him, "I know my daughter: she would never--" Wayne interrupts and retorts, "She was shacked-up with Glen in his cabin for days. There's no question of what was going on." The doctor approaches them again and says to Wayne, "Mr. Hamilton?" Wayne nods, "Yes. The baby?" The doctor tells him, "We managed to save it - and your wife is fine." Beryl smiles, "Thank God for that. Can I see her?" The doctor, however, replies, "There wouldn't be much point. We had to sedate her fairly heavily, and she's still coming out of it - but if you'd like to wait..." Beryl nods, "I will. I'll just get some coffee." With that, she walks off. When she's gone, Wayne asks the doctor, "OK if I just go and sit with her?" The doctor tells him, "Yes - but before you do... We're rather worried that the fall might have caused some damage to the baby. There's no way of telling for sure unless we take a sample of the fluid the baby was floating in and test it for any abnormalities." Wayne asks, "Are you saying there could be something wrong with my child?" The doctor replies, "I hope not, but we won't know until we conduct the tests - and for that we need the permission of the husband." Wayne demands, "Why?" The doctor tells him hesitantly, "It's... a... risky procedure. We could injure the baby." Wayne stands there and then says, "This test. Can it be used to tell the baby's sex?" The doctor nods, "Yes." Wayne tells him, "Then do it."

Janice is walking along the path up towards the mansion. She passes Glen and the young boy, who are still playing with the boy's football. Glen kicks it to the boy. The boy kicks it back - but it veers off course and hits Janice! The boy runs over to her and says, "Sorry." Janice, however, snaps, "Sorry my eye. I'll bet you did that on purpose." The boy insists, "I didn't." Glen chips in, "He really didn't see you 'til it was too late." Janice, however, picks up the ball and snaps, "No excuse. This, young man, is going where it won't do any harm." The boy cries, "That's not fair. Give it back." Janice just walks off, though. Glen goes after her and asks, "Don't you think you're being a bit rough on him?" Janice retorts, "I am sick of people thinking they can do what they like and get away with it." Glen points out, "He's only a kid." Janice snaps, "And if he doesn't learn right from wrong, he'll grow up to be a real no-hoper - just like the thief who helped himself to half the food I bought Aunt Fiona." Glen asks in surprise, "What?" Janice explains, "I stocked-up for her so she wouldn't have to do a ton of shopping when she got back - and when I went to get the seed cake for her afternoon tea, it was gone." Glen asks, "You don't think one of the tenants took it, do you?" Janice retorts, "I don't know who took it - but I'll find out, and when I do... fur's going to fly."

Inside, Fiona is standing in her room, munching on a raw carrot. Glen and Janice walk in and Glen smiles, "Is this the scene of the Great Food Robbery?!" Fiona smiles, "Sure is!" She then indicates the carrot and adds, "This is afternoon tea." Glen suggests, "Carrot cake!" Fiona bursts out laughing! Janice just glares at Glen and growls, "It's no laughing matter. I've got a good mind to call the police." Fiona, however, retorts, "You'll do no such thing. People don't steal food unless they're hungry." She then indicates the football that Janice is holding and asks, "What's that?" Glen explains, "One of the local kids kicked it over the fence." Janice adds, "I am keeping it until he learns how to behave himself." She marches off. When she's gone, Fiona sighs, "She's a worry, that girl!" She then looks at the smile on Glen's face and asks, "What are you so happy about?" Glen grins, "Susan is leaving Wayne - then we're going away together." Fiona exclaims, "Glen! I'm so happy for you - and Susan, of course. When did all this happen?" Glen replies, "Today. Alison's gone over to pick Susan up, then she's going to drop her over here. Then we're going to disappear." Fiona comments, "I'd love to see Wayne's face when he finds out..."

Out in the hallway, Janice places the boy's football in a storage cupboard and then runs off upstairs. A few seconds later, the boy emerges from a hiding spot, goes to the cupboard and removes the ball! He runs off again out through the back exit just as the front door opens and Alison walks in. Fiona and Glen emerge from Fiona's room, Fiona saying, "You're not going to let anyone know where you're going?" Glen replies, "Not until the dust settles." Looking concerned, Alison says, "Glen, I've been looking for you." Glen looks at her and says in surprise, "Where's Susie?" Alison tells him, "That's what I'd like to know. She wasn't at the house when I turned up. Neither was Wayne." Fiona asks in concern, "You don't think he knows about Susan leaving him?" Alison shrugs, "I don't know what to think." She looks at Glen.

Beryl is dialling a number on the public 'phone at the hospital. When the call is answered, she says, "Hello, Fiona. It's me - Beryl. I thought I'd better tell you: I'm at the hospital. Susan's had a bad fall."

Wayne is sitting with Susan in her room. She opens her eyes groggily and stares up at him. Her vision is blurred. Wayne tells her gently, "Hang in there, Susie." Susan murmurs, "I knew you'd come..." Wayne smiles, "I've been here all along." Susan murmurs, "You're too good to me. I don't deserve it." Wayne says softly, "We all make mistakes. We can start again." Susan cries weakly, "No... forget me. Find someone else." A look of surprise crosses Wayne's face and he cajoles, "Hey, come on. Don't talk like that. We can make it work; I know we can. We'll go away somewhere, 'til you're well. Maybe back to Noosa. We were happy then, weren't we? We'll be happy again." Susan closes her eyes as Wayne adds, "Give it one more try. Please, Susie. Please don't leave me. I can't live without you." Susan looks up at the blurred outline as Wayne says, "I love you so much." Susan murmurs, "I love you too, Glen. I'll always love you." A look of horror crosses Wayne's face...

Alison is standing in the hallway at the mansion, the public 'phone to her ear. Glen is standing with her and he asks, "Still no answer?" Alison sighs, "No." She hangs up as Glen declares, "Wayne must have found out. I'm going to go over there and I'm not leaving 'til I've got some answers." At that moment, Fiona emerges from her room and says in concern, "Glen, Beryl just called. Wayne knows about you and Susan. There was a terrible row when Susan went to leave the house. She's in hospital." Looking shocked, Glen growls, "The mongrel! I'll take him apart." Fiona, however, explains quickly, "He apparently didn't lay a finger on her. She lost her footing coming down the stairs." Alison asks, "Is she badly hurt?" Fiona replies, "No, thank God." Glen demands, "Which hospital?" Fiona tells him, "Park Ridge." He dashes off out.

Beryl is sitting in the corridor at the hospital when Gordon comes round the corner. He walks over to her and asks in concern, "How's Susan?" Beryl asks in surprise, "Didn't Wayne call you?" Gordon replies, "He probably tried, but Robert wanted an ice cream, so we took him out for one." Beryl tells him, "The news is all good so far: Susan's OK and they've managed to save the baby." Gordon comments in relief, "Thank heavens." He then asks, "Is Wayne in there with her?" Beryl, however, tells him, "No, no, he went out for an early dinner." Gordon comments in surprise, "Without you?" Beryl explains, "I wasn't hungry." Gordon insists, "You must eat." Beryl, however, tells him tersely, "I'd rather leave it 'til I get the results of the tests. They think the fall might have injured the baby and they won't know until they get the results. I'm praying everything will be alright, but whatever happens, at least the child will have doting grandparents and won't want for anything." Gordon smiles, "He certainly won't." Beryl then says wistfully, "She's still my little girl, Gordon..." Gordon murmurs, "I know." He adds, "Come on - you'll feel better when you've had something to eat." With that, he leads her off down the corridor. A few seconds later, Glen follows them down the corridor and heads into Susan's room.

Susan has her eyes closed as she lies in her hospital bed. Glen sits down next to her and stares at her. He then takes her hand in his. Susan turns her head and murmurs, "Glen?" Glen says softly, "I just heard you were here." Susan says weakly, "I tried to get them to call you--" Glen interrupts and tells her gently, "It's OK. Just rest; get better for me." He then leans in and gives her a gentle kiss on the lips. Susan, however, pushes him away and murmurs, "No. Don't." Glen asks in surprise, "What's the matter?" Susan tells him more strongly, "I've changed my mind about us. I'm staying with Wayne." Looking shocked, Glen demands, "Why?" Susan cries, "Because what we were doing was wrong." Glen insists, "What we were doing was right. What's the real reason?" Susan doesn't respond. Glen snaps, "It's guilt, isn't it? Wayne turned-on the crocodile tears and you fell for it. If you go back to Wayne, he'll just make your life a misery." Susan, however, cries, "I don't care. He'll be a good father for my baby." Glen protests, "Oh, come on, you don't believe--" Susan interrupts and sighs, "Glen, if you don't want to listen..." She then says, "I know you won't see it the way I do, but I believe everything happens for a purpose - and if we do something wrong, sooner or later we get punished for it." Glen gasps, "You think your accident was a punishment?" Susan nods, "Yes." Glen mutters, "Now I've heard everything." The door to the room opens suddenly and a nurse walks in. She tells Susan, "Doctor wants to do some tests now, Mrs. Hamilton." She turns to Glen and adds, "I'm afraid you'll have to leave, sir." Glen looks at Susan deeply and tells her, "I won't give up, Susie." He stands up and stares at her for several seconds before adding, "I love you, Susie."

It's nighttime when Wayne walks back along the corridor at the hospital and joins Gordon and Beryl. Gordon tells his son, "I was getting worried about you." Wayne retorts, "I found a nice, cosy bar." He then adds, "Any news on the tests?" Gordon smiles, "Yes, and it's all good: baby's going to be alright." Wayne asks, "Is it a boy?" Beryl tells him, "No, it's a girl." Wayne glares at her and mutters, "Should've worked harder at getting drunk." With that, he heads off into Susan's room. Gordon looks at Beryl in concern.

As Wayne enters Susan's room, Susan, who's sitting up in bed, tells him, "I was hoping you'd come." Wayne retorts, "Why? So we can talk about the divorce?" Susan sighs, "There won't be a divorce. I've told Glen it's all over." Wayne stares at her and gasps, "He was here?" Susan cries, "Only for a few minutes. I promise I'll never see him again. I'm sorry I've hurt you - but if you're willing to try again..." Wayne growls, "Why should I take you back?" Susan admits, "I can't think of one good reason - but I thought that... because of the child and because I care about you..." Wayne stands there. He then says, "There was only one thing I wanted from you - and you couldn't even do that. You couldn't give me a son." A look of horror crosses Susan's face as he marches back out of the room.

The next morning, Wayne walks downstairs at Dural, looking the worse for wear. He heads into the lounge room - where he finds Alison sitting at the bar, pouring two glasses of champagne. He glares at her and snaps, "What are you doing here?" Alison tells him, "Gordon was over paying Charlie a visit, planning their trip to Woombai. I thought I'd drop by and help you celebrate." Wayne snaps, "Celebrate what?" Alison smiles, "The fact that you're soon to be the proud father of a bouncing baby girl." Wayne growls, "Get out before I throw you out." Alison just grins, "I thought you'd be smiling. Seems retribution, doesn't it, that that youthful indiscretion has finally caught up with you?" Wayne frowns at her and demands, "What are you talking about?" Alison replies, "Don't you remember? Ten years ago - when you got one of Gordon's secretaries into trouble. What was her name, now?... Brinkley. Moya Brinkley. That's right. And you came running to me to pay her off before daddy found out." Wayne shrugs, "So? She was more than happy to accept the money." Alison retorts, "Yes: my money." She goes on, "That child would be about, er, ten years old by now - and there's a fifty-fifty chance it would've been a boy. It's funny how things work out, isn't it? You couldn't wait to get rid of that child then - and now you'd give anything to have a son. But you never will..." With that, she raises her glass and proposes, "Cheers." Wayne glares at her and then pushes the glass out of her hand, forcefully. Alison just sits there and smiles at him.

The young boy is crouching in the hallway at the mansion. He lays a set of firecrackers down on the floor, lights a match and then calls, "Coo-ee!" He runs out through the front door as Janice comes downstairs and snaps, "You! Come back here!" The firecrackers start exploding suddenly and she leaps up in fear. In her room, Fiona leaps up from the table to go and see what's happening. Janice yells out through the front door, "I'll tan the hide off you!" Fiona joins her and sighs, "Janice, Janice, Janice, leave him, leave him." Janice gasps, "You saw what he did." Fiona nods, "Yes, it was stupid and dangerous, but let's not make a song and dance out of it, huh? Just for a change."

As the boy runs along the verandah outside, he bumps into Alison, who's coming the other way. She grabs him and asks, "What are you up to?" The boy insists, "Nothing - honest." Alison comments, "It doesn't sound like it." She listens as she hears Janice inside, snapping, "First he hit me with his football, now he lets crackers off right behind me." Alison asks the boy, "Did you do that?" The boy insists, "No! She's making it up - honest!" Alison smiles at him, "I think it's time you and I made a strategic withdrawal. Come on!" She grabs his hand and leads him off.

Wayne walks along the corridor at the hospital as Beryl emerges from Susan's room. He asks Beryl curtly, "Been trying to talk her into a divorce?" Beryl retorts, "I only wish I could." Wayne smiles, "Lucky for me Susan takes her marriage vows seriously, isn't it?" Beryl asks, "Isn't it hard to take, knowing she's just staying out of a sense of duty? Don't you have any pride?" Wayne retorts, "We were happy until Glen came sniffing around. She fancied him, that's all. But I get the feeling that's all about to change..." He smiles nastily. Glen is sitting in the grounds of the mansion, looking thoughtful, as Wayne tells Beryl, "All Glen's got going for him is his pretty-boy face. That's not going to last...." At the mansion, Glen becomes aware suddenly of two thugs holding baseball bats approaching him. He leaps up as the thugs start waving their bats at him... Out on the footpath, Alison and the young boy are walking along, the boy smiling, "Thanks for the chocolate!" Alison assures him, "That's quite alright." They stop in their tracks suddenly as they spot Glen being set upon by the two thugs. The boy cries, "They're going to bash him up." He goes to run towards the affray, but Alison pulls him back, saying, "No, Tick, stay out of it." Tick cries, "They'll hurt him." Alison insists, "Glen can take care of himself." Tick says suddenly, "I know what'll fix it." He reaches into his pocket. Glen continues fighting with the thugs as Tick takes out another set of firecrackers, places them on the ground, lights a match and sets them off. The noise of them firing distracts the thugs and Glen takes the opportunity to grab one of their baseball bats and start laying into them. A few seconds later, the thugs run off. Tick stands there, laughing gleefully. Glen kneels down with him and smiles in relief, "You're a champion, son. If you were ten years older, I'd buy you a beer!"


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