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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Mark Piper

Jean is dashing down the corridor outside David's room. She reaches Colin, who's standing nearby, and snaps at him quietly, "Where were you? You were supposed to keep watch." Colin retorts, "I went to find a window - to check outside. I heard a siren and thought it might be the police, but it was just an ambulance." Jean snarls furiously, "Of course it was an ambulance. This is a hospital! You can't be trusted with the simplest things. You almost got me caught." Colin asks urgently, "What happened?" Jean, though, just tells him, "Come on - we're getting out of here."

In David's room, Andy stands up and makes his way towards the door, looking groggy. The door suddenly opens and a nurse appears. Seeing Andy there, she demands, "What's going on?" Andy just points towards David and retorts, "Quick, he needs help. She tried to kill him..." With that, he collapses against the wall, clutching his hand to his head.

A while later, Andy is sitting with Craig and Ginny in the lounge room at Beryl's. Debbie is talking on the 'phone. Craig asks Andy in concern, "Are you sure you're OK?" Andy assures him, "I'll be alright in a minute." Craig goes on, "Can you remember any more of what David said?" Andy tells him, "Yep: 'Beryl. We need her.' That's all." Craig suggests, "If you were groggy, maybe he said something more and you don't remember?" Andy, however, insists, "No, I am positive that is all." Debbie hangs up the 'phone and Andy asks her, "Beryl not there?" Debbie sighs, "I don't know. All the STD lines are busy." She sits down as Craig murmurs, "I wonder why he wants to see her so badly." Debbie points out, "It's only natural - I mean, they were married for all those years." Craig, though, muses, "If Andy's right, he didn't say he needs her; he said we need her." Andy points out, "He was only conscious for a few seconds; he couldn't have been thinking too straight." Craig turns back to the papers of Ruby's that he's holding and he sighs, "All this trouble getting Ruby's stuff. What a waste of time. I don't think these are going to help." Ginny is looking at some other papers and she suggests, "Maybe these letters would, if we could just understand the writing." Debbie asks, "Don't you think it's a bit creepy digging around in Ruby's stuff?" Craig just retorts, "I'm not doing it for fun, Debbie. I've run out of other ideas. As long as there's any--" He breaks off suddenly as Ginny says, "Here's something. Listen." She then reads, "'If you only knew what my life with Jean was like, you'd understand why I need you so badly.' And then it's signed the same as the others. It looks like 'Beale'." Craig says, "Let me see." He takes the letter, looks at it and gasps, "You're right. This can't be a coincidence. Whoever wrote these letters is married to someone called Jean. Any bets it's Hopkins?" Andy, looking puzzled, asks, "How does 'Beale' fit in?" Craig suggests, "It's a nickname." He then stares at the letter again and says, "That's not an 'l'' it's an 'r' with a big loop." Ginny exclaims, "Bear!" Craig nods, "Hopkins must have been... he must have been having an affair with mum." Ginny asks, "What's it prove?" Craig sighs reluctantly, "It doesn't prove anything - not for the police."

Sometime later, Ginny, Andy and Debbie walk round the corner of a corridor at the hospital. Ginny is saying, "I can't see it can go on much longer: the police will want to talk to the Hopkins' about what happened today and it's that much more pressure on them. I reckon they'll snap soon." Andy murmurs, "I hope you're right." The three of them walk into David's room. A nurse appears behind them suddenly, though, and demands, "What are you doing?" Andy tells her, "We came to see David." The nurse retorts, "I'm sorry - Mr. Palmer's not having visitors tonight." Ginny growls, "We didn't just come across the street, you know. We went to a lot of trouble to get here." Debbie pleads, "Couldn't we talk to him? Just for a minute?" The nurse retorts, "He's sedated. He'll be asleep for hours. Tomorrow." Andy sighs, "That's that, then, isn't it?" With that, the three of them leave the room. The nurse follows and closes the door behind them. All-of-a-sudden, Andy spots Colin and Jean walking towards them. He points at Jean and gasps in shock, "There she is. She tried to kill David!" Ginny comments, "I thought you said you couldn't describe her." Andy retorts, "Yeah, it's foggy, but that's her." Jean stares at him and asks 'innocently', "What on earth are you talking about, young man?" Andy yells at her, "You just tried to stick a needle in David and hit me with a pan." The nurse asks Jean, "Who are you here to see?" Jean replies calmly, "Mr. Palmer. Have we come at an inconvenient time? Has something happened?" Andy spits, "As if she doesn't know." Jean retorts, "This is absurd. It was our freezer that he and the young lady were trapped in. I'm the one who called the ambulance." Andy snaps, "You just tried to kill him." Jean retorts, "Don't shout at me. Are you on some drug? You certainly look the type." Colin adds furiously, "That really is the most ridiculous suggestion. Why would my wife want to hurt anyone - particularly a total stranger?" Andy snarls, "I'm not going to let you get anywhere near him again. I'm going to stand out. I don't care if I have to stand out there all night." The nurse glares at him and then at Jean and says curtly, "No one will be seeing Mr. Palmer tonight for any reason. Now, will you please leave?" Jean smiles, "Yes, of course. We certainly don't want to cause any trouble - unlike some other people..." She and Colin turn and head off. Andy looks at the nurse and gasps, "You're not just going to let them walk away, are you?" The nurse retorts, "If you want to go to the police, go to the police. I'm sorry - there's nothing else I can do." She walks off. Debbie sighs, "Come on, Andy, you're wasting your breath. At least we know no one's going to get near David tonight. That's the main thing. Let's go home, eh?"

Beryl is standing at the bar in the lounge room at Dural, the 'phone to her ear. She asks in surprise, "When did all of this happen?" She listens and then demands, "Why didn't you call me then?" Ginny is standing in the lounge room at Beryl's and she replies, "We tried but we couldn't get through - and then we went to the hospital. We've only just got back." Beryl sighs, "I wish you'd told me earlier, Ginny; it's too late to get a 'plane now." Ginny tells her, "The hospital won't let him see anyone tonight anyway." Wayne walks into the lounge room behind Beryl as she says, "I'll be down first 'plane tomorrow morning." With that, she hangs up. Wayne asks immediately, "You going back to Melbourne?" Beryl nods warily, "Yes. David's in hospital. So is Alison." Wayne, looking surprised, asks, "What's happened?" Beryl tells him, "Something about them being trapped in a freezer. Alison's in as serious condition, but apparently David's recovering and has asked to see me." Wayne asks, "Did he ask to see Susan as well?" Beryl replies, "No." Wayne goes on, "Then it's best you don't tell her." Beryl points out curtly, "David is her father." Wayne retorts, "He wants to see you alone, for some reason. Why else wouldn't he ask for both of you?" Beryl admits, "It does seem strange..." Wayne continues, "If you insist on telling Susan, then make sure she stays here. She'll only worry." Beryl murmurs, "You could be right. I'll leave it until I find out what he wants. I'll just tell Charlie about Alison." Wayne, however, says quickly, "You might as well tell Susan right now. You really think Charlie's going to keep something like that to herself?" Beryl points out, "She has the right to know. She's Alison's friend." Wayne points out, "She can't do anything - and my first concern's for Susan. Yours should be too." Beryl comments, "It's a shame you don't show concern for other people - besides yourself and Susan." Wayne just tells her, "You should be grateful your daughter's in such good hands..."

It's the next morning, and Caroline walks into the reception area at the gym. Glen is standing behind the desk and Caroline comments, "I wasn't sure I'd find you here on Sunday." Glen explains, "I'm just making sure the paperwork's up-to-date. I'm not giving Wayne another excuse to sack me." Caroline asks, "Any idea what he's got planned?" Glen, though, sighs, "No - but then I'd be the last person he'd tell." Caroline muses, "Whatever it is, it's sure to be bad news for Charlie, otherwise he wouldn't have bothered to go to the trouble of getting that waiver from her." Glen comments, "I suppose it could just be a standard business precaution." Caroline, however, tuts, "Not a chance. He's got some sort of scheme set up - and Charlie's set up to be a loser." Glen sighs, "If she won't listen to you, I guess all we can do is wait 'til he makes his move; hope she doesn't get burnt too badly."

Ron Pryor emerges from the study at Dural, followed by Wayne, who's saying, "It's a simple enough scheme. There's really no way it can go wrong." Pryor muses, "You buy gym equipment from the wholesale arm of your own company. What if someone twigs?" Wayne just smiles, "What if they do? There's no law against it." Pryor points out, "There's a law against faking invoices. That's what you'll have to do if you don't want your friend in there--" he indicates the lounge room "-- to find out that you're putting a 50% loading on the price." Wayne shrugs, "I make out two lots of invoices: one for my company, one for Charlie. Who's going to find out?" Pryor replies, "No one - as long as you don't give her the wrong ones." Wayne smiles, opens the front door and tells Pryor, "I'll see you later." Pryor heads off.

In the lounge room, Charlie is sitting with Susan, commenting in surprise, "That doesn't seem like Beryl, just to take off like that. The least she could have done is let me know." Wayne walks in as Susan explains, "She only decided last night." Charlie retorts, "That's all very well, darling, but what about the cookies? We were going to sit down and work on a recipe for a new health-food line." Susan assures her, "She's only going to be few days." Charlie insists, "I don't understand why so suddenly." Susan tells her, "If you want to know the truth, I think she was getting a little homesick. You know how it is." A smile crosses Charlie's face and she comments, "Oh yes! I understand how she hates being away from that little house of hers!" Wayne chips in, "Don't worry - I've got plenty to keep you occupied while she's away. For a start, I need your signature on these." He hands Charlie some papers. Charlie, however, gasps, "Oh, darling: later! It's far too early in the morning for me to think about business!" Wayne, however, insists, "Nothing to think about. They're just purchase orders for gym equipment. Needs both our signatures." Charlie shrugs, "Oh well, if that's all it is." She then looks at the papers and remarks, "Goodness. This seems awfully expensive." Wayne tells her, "Nothing's cheap these days, Charlie. And this is precision equipment we're talking about. We start installing rubbish and we'll be out of business in a week. I don't think either of us wants that." Charlie smiles at him and replies, "You see? I told you it was far too early for me. Just as well one of us is thinking clearly!" With that, she signs the papers...

Sometime later, Susan walks into the main room at the gym. Glen is helping a woman raise some weights and he and Susan smile at each other. Susan then wanders over to where Caroline is working out on one of the machines. Caroline smiles, "Hello. Seems to be some new customers coming in." Susan nods, "Seems that way." Caroline goes on, "I hope it keeps up - for Glen's sake. Having this job has really put him back on the rails again." Susan comments, "You've been quite a help, too, from what I hear." Caroline murmurs, "I've tried to be a friend. I think that's what he's needed: someone to open his heart out to... talk his problems over with." Susan remarks, "He certainly seems a lot more on top of things than he was." Caroline tells her, "I hope so - because I'm not going to be able to be much more help." Susan suggests, "Maybe you underestimate yourself?" Caroline, however, moves across to another machine and explains, "Oh no, I didn't mean it that way. It's just that I have to concentrate on my own problems. You probably know I've been seeing a therapist." Susan asks, "It's not working?" Caroline replies quickly, "It did. It's just that I couldn't handle it and I backed off at a crucial stage." Susan asks, "How do you mean?" Caroline explains, "He was trying to get me to express my feelings; asking me to relive the rape, virtually. Things got too real - so I took the easy way out and stopped going." Susan comments, "It must be difficult." Caroline sighs, "Yes - well, I can't put it off forever. That's why I can't be of much more help to Glen." She adds pointedly, "If only he wasn't so alone..." Susan remarks, "He's a likeable guy. He must be making new friends." Caroline replies, "Not ones he trusts. I was actually going to ask you if you'd be a friend, because you are someone that he does trust. But I suppose the situation the way it is... it would be a bit awkward." Susan admits, "Maybe a little..." She then adds, "But not if I can really help. I just don't see how." Caroline tells her, "By being around. Letting him know he has friends. Getting him motivated again." Susan points out, "He knows he can always come to me." Caroline, however, retorts, "You think so? Up to a week ago, you hadn't spoken to him in two months. He can't even walk down your drive without risking arrest..." Looking sheepish, Susan murmurs, "Alright. Leave it to me." With that, she calls over to Glen, "Have you got a minute?" Glen walks over and joins her. She then tells him, "I just wanted to say - in case you don't really know it - you can always come to me if you need someone to talk to." Glen nods, "Thanks. I appreciate it." Susan adds, "As long as you realise I'm not just saying it. I mean it, OK?" Glen smiles, "OK." Susan smiles back at him.

In Melbourne, Debbie is standing outside David's hospital room as the door opens and Beryl emerges with Robert. Debbie asks, "How is he?" Beryl smiles, "He's a lot better. They're letting him go home later today." Debbie then asks, "What did he want to see you about?" Beryl, however, admits, "I don't quite know. He's still very groggy." Debbie asks, "What are you going to do now?" Beryl replies, "Go home. There's nothing much for me to do here." Looking worried fleetingly, Debbie tells her quickly, "Actually, I was hoping you might stay at David's for a day or two - just in case. I'm not sure how he'd cope if anything happened." Beryl muses, "I was going to come out when they discharged him, but I suppose I should go straight there and get the place ready for him." Debbie smiles, "It would be great if you could - I've also got things to do in town this morning." Beryl smiles, "Great. I'll see you later, then." She then adds, "I'll pop in and see how Alison is." She walks off.

A while later, Debbie is back in the lounge room at Beryl's, where Ginny asks, "David didn't say anything to her?" Debbie sighs, "Apparently not." Craig demands, "Then why is he so keen to see her?" Andy indicates a sheet of paper in his hand and comments, "Some of these letters are pretty raunchy. I bet Colin would hate to know that we had them." They suddenly hear a noise at the front door and Ginny asks quickly, "Who's that?" Craig, looking panicky, asks, "What do we do?" Debbie runs out to the front door to find Beryl coming in. Beryl demands immediately, "What's going on?" She marches into the lounge room and, looking at Andy, Craig and Ginny, asks tersely, "What are all of you doing here?" Debbie just says quickly, "We didn't think you were coming home." Beryl explains curtly, "I thought I'd leave Robert with Muriel for the day, and as I was just next door, I decided to pop in and check if everything was alright. It's just as well I did." She then looks at Craig and asks, "Why aren't you with the police?" Andy says quickly, "He's out on bail." Craig, however, sighs, "No... I sort of escaped." Beryl gasps, "You didn't? You couldn't be so stupid!" Craig insists, "I had to. We know it was the Hopkins' who killed mum and we're very sure they tried to kill Alison and David. I had to escape so we could get some proof." Beryl snaps, "Did you? And what exactly have you found?" Ginny admits, "Nothing yet - but we will." Beryl glares at Craig and demands, "Do you realise how serious this is?" Craig retorts, "You think I don't? I could go to jail for a murder I didn't do." Beryl points out curtly, "If there's evidence to clear you, the police will find it." Debbie, however, asks, "If if was you, would you think that?" Beryl looks at her. She then says to Craig, "You don't even know what you're looking for, do you?" Craig insists, "When we find it we'll know." Debbie asks Beryl, "Are you sure David didn't say anything? None of us were able to talk to him." Beryl replies, "In a way, he did, but I don't think it'll help." Craig asks quickly, "What was it?" Beryl explains, "He remembered waking up last night and seeing Andy - and then he had an idea that somehow I could help - but he can't remember what the idea was." Ginny tuts, "Can't remember?" Beryl retorts, "He's been heavily sedated all night. He's very disorientated. It's something to do with Ruby, but he can't remember what." Debbie suggests, "Maybe it'll come back to him?" Beryl, however, sighs, "I wouldn't get your hopes up." She then tells Craig, "The best thing you can do is give yourself up to the police." A car horn sounds suddenly outside and she adds, "That'll be my cab - I didn't expect to be staying." She then repeats, "You'll have to turn yourself in, Craig; you really don't have any choice." Craig, however, says suddenly, "I think I know what David's idea was. If I'm right, it's pretty wild, but it just might work!" Beryl points out tersely, "This isn't the time to be wild - you're getting deeper and deeper in trouble." Craig retorts, "I know, but just listen and then tell me what you think, OK?" Beryl sighs, "Alright - I'll listen, but if I don't agree, you give yourself up." Craig nods, "Fine."

Colin is writing on a clipboard of figures at the depot when Andy walks up behind him. As Colin becomes aware of him, he turns and demands, "What the hell are you doing here?" Andy tells him, "I've got something for you: a letter you wrote to Ruby Hawkins." He hands over a sheet of paper. Colin looks at it and then demands, "Where'd you get this?" Andy tells him, "The place that Alison Carr was staying. It's going to cost you - if you want it back." Colin asks sharply, "Does anyone else know about this?" Andy tells him, "No - I came up with this idea all by myself." A hint of a smile crosses Colin's face and he asks, "How much do you want for it?" Andy replies, "Oh, I'm not a greedy person. A thousand will do. I'll meet you outside at four o'clock. I'll have the original with me. I'll see you then - if you know what's good for you..." With that, he walks off. Colin tears up the photocopy of the letter.

Wayne is sitting with Susan in the reception area at the gym. He's commenting suspiciously, "You and Glen had your heads pretty much together when I arrived. Anything I should know?" Susan, however, assures him, "I would've told you. There's nothing to get jealous about." Wayne mutters, "Glad to hear it." Susan goes on, "I was just being a friend. Someone just happened to mention he's going through a bad patch; a lot of emotional problems." She adds, "It wasn't even my idea, but Caroline's right: she's got her own problems to sort out and I owe it to Glen to be there if he needs to talk." Wayne just growls, "Caroline. I might have known it would be her." Susan, however, warns him, "Don't turn it into some sort of plot. I was just trying to do the right thing by a friend who needs help - so there's nothing for you to get upset about." Wayne insists, "I'm not getting upset. I'm sure Caroline has everyone's best interests at heart..."

A while later, Wayne is standing with Caroline in Fiona's room at the mansion. He asks, "Going somewhere?" Caroline nods, "Yes." Wayne growls, "Back to the gym, I suppose. To see how your little plan's working?" Caroline, however, retorts, "If it's any of your business, I'm going off on a modelling assignment." Wayne asks, "Moved downstairs, have you?" Caroline tells him curtly, "I leave my bag in the storeroom. Now, would you mind getting out of my way?" She goes to walk past him. Wayne, however, grabs her arm and says menacingly, "I'm getting tired of your childish games. How much longer do you plan to keep them up?" Caroline just smiles, "That depends. We could probably come to an agreement." Wayne mutters, "Is that right?" Caroline tells him, "You drop what you're doing to Charlie and I'll keep out of your marriage." Wayne retorts, "Charlie's old enough to look after herself." Caroline tells him, "Charlie's very naive when it comes to her friends - or at least, people she thinks are her friends. Anyway, those are my terms: you leave Charlie alone or I'll wreck your marriage." Wayne laughs nastily, "Come on, Caroline, you're way out of your league. Susan's happily married to me and that's the way it's going to stay." Caroline just replies lightly, "You think so? Well, if I were you, I wouldn't bet on it." With that, she turns and walks out, leaving Wayne looking annoyed.

Susan and Charlie are sitting on the floor in the lounge room at Dural. Charlie is showing Susan how to places her legs into a yoga position, but Susan finds herself unable to follow her. They burst out laughing as Wayne walks in. He demands, "Something funny?" Susan comments to him, "You don't look very happy. What's the matter?" Wayne retorts, "It's just Caroline." Charlie asks, "What's she done now?" Wayne tells her, "Her level best to wreck things for Susan and me." Susan sighs, "Come on, Wayne. Why would she want to do that?" Wayne retorts, "She doesn't have to have a reason. She's a raving lunatic." Charlie insists, "No she's not. I admit she's been behaving a little oddly lately - I still don't see why she was so upset about me being a partner in the gym - but I'm sure it's nothing serious." Susan tells Wayne, "She's having a difficult time at the moment. She just needs understanding, that's all." Wayne points out curtly, "That's her therapist's job." Susan explains, "She's stopped going to him." Wayne mutters, "Pity. If ever I've seen anyone who needs psychiatric help, it's her." Susan snaps, "It's not easy for her. She's just not ready to confront her feelings yet." Wayne retorts, "She's ready to confront other people with her hang-ups, though." Charlie chips in, "I'm sure she'll get over it. Well, I hope so. It would be awful if she had to go to hospital." A thoughtful look crosses Wayne's face suddenly and he murmurs, "Hospital. Yeah. I'm sure she wouldn't like that at all..."

Craig is sitting on the couch at Beryl's with Ginny, saying glumly, "I guess there's no point in putting this off any longer." Ginny insists, "It'll all work out. You're doing the right thing." Craig murmurs, "I hope you're right. If it doesn't, and I don't see you again for a while, thankyou for all you've done." Ginny takes his hand and assures him, "Only done what any friend would." Craig murmurs, "Yeah, well. Thanks. I'd better do it." Debbie walks in suddenly and sees Craig holding Ginny's hand. She demands, "Better do what?" Craig looks round at her and starts to say, "Deb, we were just talking--" Debbie interrupts and snaps, "I've got eyes, Craig." Ginny says quickly, "It's not what you think." Debbie, however, snaps, "I believed you once. What lie are you going to tell me now?" Craig hesitates and then says, "Doesn't seem like there's any point." Debbie glares at him, looking devastated, and cries, "No. It doesn't." With that, she turns and runs out. Ginny asks Craig immediately, "Why didn't you let me tell her?" Craig retorts, "I just don't want her to know what I'm doing. She's better off out of it." With that, he stands up, heads over to the 'phone and dials a number. When the call is answered, he says, "Yes. I'd like to speak to someone in Homicide, please."

At the depot, Jean is glaring at Colin, growling, "You fool. It wasn't enough for you to have a sleazy affair; you have to put it down on paper. I might have known." Colin retorts, "I used a pen name. They can't prove anything from the letter." Jean demands, "Then how is it some kid knows it's you? You're a hopeless fool. That's all we need right now is more evidence linking us to Ruby." Colin snaps, "Why don't you just shut up and let me handle this? We'll have the letter back in a few minutes. Now go on." Jean, however, retorts, "And trust you to handle this? Not a chance." Colin snarls, "I'm telling you: go and wait in the office. The kid'll be due here in a minute and if you scare him off we'll never get the letter. Now go on." Jean glares at him and warns, "You'd better not bungle this, Colin. That's all I've got to say." With that, she marches off. Colin turns and heads off in a different direction just as Andy approaches him and smiles, "G'day, Bear! How's it going? You got the money?" Colin just retorts, "You got the letter?" Andy hands it over and Colin looks at it. He then smiles smugly, "Now I've got the letter, I don't have to pay you, do I, eh? You're an amateur, son. Now, why don't you shoot through before I have you arrested for trespass?" All of a sudden, a female figure starts walking up slowly behind Colin. She says in a tarty voice, "Hello, Colin." Colin turns slowly to stare at her." The woman is Beryl - dressed up as Ruby! Colin gasps in horror, "Ruby!" Beryl just mouths in a deathly tone, "Why...?" Colin continues to stare at her and murmurs, "It can't be..." Beryl repeats slowly, "Why'd you do it...? Why...?" Colin, looking horrified, murmurs, "I didn't mean it. I wasn't trying to kill you. It was an accident." The rear doors of a van parked alongside then are thrown open suddenly and two police officers jump out, along with Craig. Andy says to him quickly, "Did you hear that?!" As the police officers arrest Colin, Craig smiles at Beryl, "I'm going free. You were fantastic!"


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