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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Mark Piper

Alison sighs, "What do we do now?" David tells her, "There must be some way out. All these freezer units have got an alarm in." Alison looks over at a button near the door and asks, "Is this it?" She tries to turn the button but finds that it won't move. She cries, "It's stuck." David tries it as well. Outside, the piece of paper that Jean placed in the lock is stopping it from turning. In the freezer, David mutters, "Someone must have jammed it." Alison growls, "No prizes for guessing who." David starts trying to pull the door open again. The padlock keeps it shut firmly, though. David starts yelling, "Help! Help!" Alison is shivering as she gasps, "I don't think there's anyone there anymore." She then cries, "We have to do something - we can't last two days; we'll freeze to death." David goes and puts his arms round her, soothing, "No we won't. We'll think of something."

As Jean emerges from the depot and locks the door behind her, she bumps into a security guard who says, "Hello, Mrs. Hopkins. I didn't realise you were still here." Jean says quickly, "Just finishing off a stocktake." She then asks, "Get many people round here at the weekend?" The security guard, however, tells her, "Hardly a soul. This would have to be one of the quietest areas on our patrol." Jean smiles gleefully and walks off.

Inside, in the freezer unit, David looks up at a grille in the ceiling and suggests to Alison, "We could turn that fan off. Warm the place up." Alison gasps, "How do we do that?" David points to the boxes on the shelves and says, "Move some of these and I'll climb up." Alison starts pulling a box off a shelf. It's heavy, though, and it drops to the ground. David looks at it in surprise: there's a printed sign on the outside saying 'Nett weight 15Kg'. He remarks, "Fifteen kilos? It's heavier than that, that's for sure." He then declares, "I bet that's it: Hopkins is working some weight swindle - declaring to Customs only half of what he should be." Alison mutters, "Knowing that isn't going to help us now, is it?" David stands up and starts climbing up the shelves to the grille in the ceiling. He looks through and comments, "The fan's up there. I've got to get that grille off to have any chance of reaching it. I need a Phillips screwdriver." Alison retorts sarcastically, "I carry one around all the time." David stares at her and mutters, "That isn't exactly funny, Alison." He starts to climb back down the shelves. Alison cries, "You're not giving up?" David, however, points out, "If I can't get to it, I can't get to it." Alison demands, "Now what?" David tells her, "We've got to keep moving, keep active, keep warm." Alison mutters, "Just walking isn't going to keep us warm." David shrugs, "Alright, we start running. Better still, we start moving the boxes from side to side." Alison cries, "We can't keep moving boxes for two days." David, however, tells her, "If we don't, we die."

Andy, Debbie and Ginny are all in the kitchen at the country house. Andy is telling Ginny, "Deb got a job working for Hopkins at the depot - but she wasn't there long before Jean Hopkins recognised her. We think there's something going on, but we're not too sure what; that's why David and Alison are having another good look around. They stand more of a better chance, too, being a weekend." Ginny, however, comments, "It could make things worse: everything locked up... alarms on." Andy mutters, "There is always going to be a risk." Ginny retorts, "Tell me about it: I've lost count of the number I've taken the last three days." She picks up a tray of tea things and heads out into the hallway. Debbie and Andy follow her, Debbie commenting sourly as they do so, "Seems to me like you've done more than a 'friend' would be expected to." Ginny snaps, "What are you getting at?" Debbie shrugs, "Just thought there might be something more to it." They head into the lounge room as Ginny demands, "Such as?" Andy tells her, "You can't really blame us for thinking: three days on the road... few nights together... sounds pretty cosy to me." They sit down as Ginny mutters, "It was nothing like that. Craig is interested in one girl, and that's you, Deb. I came simply as a friend."

The next morning, Debbie is sitting in an interview room at the police station. Craig is sitting opposite her, and she smiles, "It's so good to see you again." Craig just murmurs, "Yeah." He then asks, "How's everything at home?" Debbie tells him, "Fine. David's let Andy move back in." A look of annoyance crosses Craig's face and Debbie says quickly, "He's changed, Craig. He's really sorry now." Craig growls, "I bet he is." He then asks more calmly, "If he's staying, where's Alison gone to?" Debbie replies, "She's over at Beryl's for a while." Craig asks, "And Ginny?" Debbie shrugs, "I don't know. Probably the lounge room." Craig muses, "I was pleased she came down with me - she got us out of a few messes. She also got herself into one!" Debbie stares at him and he explains, "We spent one night in this old barn. We argued and wasted time all day, so in the morning I started leaving ahead of her. She was getting ready to follow me when one of the walls caved in. Trapped her. I had a tough time getting her out, too." Debbie asks warily, "What was the argument about?" Craig mutters, "Oh, just how she felt about me... all that sort of stuff." Debbie demands, "What do you mean, Craig?" Craig tells her calmly, "She just came on a bit strong and I had to cool her down a bit. You're my girl, Deb. I'm not interested in anyone else." Debbie smiles at him, weakly.

Colin Hopkins pulls up in his car at the depot. Jean is standing waiting for him, and as he climbs out he tells her, "I've got good news: Craig's just been arrested." Jean asks, "How do you know?" Colin explains, "I heard it on the radio." A smile crosses Jean's face and she comments, "Things are starting to change for us. I've got news for you, too: I caught David Palmer and some blonde woman nosing around our freezer." Colin stares at her in horror, his eyes open wide. Jean, however, tells him, "Don't panic: I locked them in." Colin snaps, "Are you mad? What are you going to do with them?" Jean just shrugs, "We'll worry about that later. I had to do something; they were getting too close for comfort." Colin cries, "They'll die. How are we going to explain that?" Jean demands, "What was I supposed to do? Hand them our Customs manifest and make them a cup of tea?" Colin asks, "Who was the woman?" Jean retorts, "Oh, I don't know. Short... blonde hair... high cheek bones..." Colin asks, "Very attractive?" Jean mutters, "I don't know about 'very'." Colin comments, "Sounds like Alison Carr..." Jean asks, "The Sydney woman?" Colin nods, "Yes." Jean snaps, "How often did you go out with her, Colin?" Colin retorts, "Hardly ever. Only once, in fact." Jean snaps disbelievingly, "Once?" Colin sighs, "Well, maybe twice." Jean snarls, "Hopeless." Colin, however, growls, "Don't go on about it, Jean. I wouldn't have to go looking elsewhere if it wasn't rationed at home so much." Jean demands, "Did you know she knew the Palmers?" Colin retorts, "No." Jean growls, "Charming. Where's your brain, Colin?" Colin snaps back, "At least my brain doesn't tell me to go and lock people up in the freezer. How do we know they haven't told someone where they were going?" Jean retorts, "We don't." Colin suggests curtly, "We're going to have to cover up our tracks and check."

Debbie storms into the country house through the back door, a look of fury on her face. Andy is sitting at the table and Ginny is standing by the stove. Debbie glares at Ginny and snaps, "You have got a thing for Craig, haven't you? And I was right, wasn't I: you did make a play for him." Ginny sighs, "Yes, I did, but I hated myself for doing it." Debbie cries, "I'll bet you did. Great friend you turned out to be." Ginny murmurs, "Sorry, Deb." Debbie points suddenly at the back door and yells, "Just get out." Ginny cries, "Come on. I feel terrible about it." Debbie, however, snarls, "Just get out, Ginny. You stay away from Craig and you stay away from me."

Jean and Colin are in the lounge room at Beryl's, going through the books and papers lying around. As they do so, Jean comments, "I thought your friend would have a more upmarket house. This place doesn't seem to fit the image." Colin retorts, "It's not hers - she had it on loan from someone." Jean mutters, "At least it's not as downmarket as Ruby's fleapit." Colin snaps, "Don't go on about it, Jean." Jean, however, retorts, "I never like you to forget, Colin. If you'd kept your hands off her, she wouldn't have found out about our business and we wouldn't be in this mess." Colin snaps, "You don't have to keep reminding me." Outside, Ginny walks up to the front door suddenly and, knocking on it, calls, "Alison. Are you home?" Inside, Colin looks at Jean in concern. He then murmurs, "There's nothing here anyway. Come on - let's go." They start creeping out towards the kitchen. Outside, Ginny peers in through the lounge room window and catches sight of them making their escape. A look of shock crosses her face.

In the freezer, Alison places a cardboard box on top of a pile that she and David have built up in the middle of the room. She then picks up a different box and goes to put it back on the shelf. As she and David work to keep warm, David recalls a time when he and Patricia were young and she gave him the flick for a footie player in a Lurex suit. Alison laughs, "I remember that! You were still spending every second day with the boys." David tells her, "I could have killed you!" Alison picks up another box and puts it on the pile. She then almost collapses and mutters, "I need a breather." David insists, "Come on - keep moving." Alison cries, "I can't... I can't..." David, however, tells her, "Yes you can." He helps her lift up a box and carry it over to the shelf. As she puts it down, she says, "You know what I remember most about us?" David murmurs, "No." Alison goes on, "You once loved me. I'd like to think you still do." David tells her, "I do. When you loved somebody, there's always something there..."

Debbie, Andy and Ginny are walking along a footpath. Andy is asking Ginny, "Are you sure this is a good idea?" Ginny just retorts, "Why else would the Hopkins' be searching Beryl's place? I reckon they're on to something - and if they are, David and Alison could be in trouble. If nothing else, we could pick up a bit more info." The reach the gates outside the depot. There's a padlock on the gate, and Andy starts fiddling with it. The security guard walks up suddenly and demands, "Can I help you?" Andy says quickly, "No, no, we're alright. We were just coming to see a couple of friends that were coming down here." The guard tells him, "No one round here on a Saturday arvo, son. The place is all locked up - as you can see..." Andy smiles, "Must've made a mistake, eh?" With that, he, Debbie and Ginny walk off hurriedly. The guard watches them go, suspiciously.

In the freezer, David and Alison are stripping down to their underwear. Alison mutters, "This had better work." David assures her, "Of course it will. These freezers work on some sort of thermostat. It's a fail-safe system to stop things from rotting. What we've got to try to do is heat the air up enough to set off the alarm. There could be a buzzer outside or tied straight to the fire station. Whatever it is, someone's going to hear it and come and investigate. Now, where's your cigarette lighter." Alison picks up her handbag and takes out the lighter. She hands it to David. He then says, "Now, so we don't die from asphyxiation, take the shirts over and wet them in the condensation on the wall. When we've got the fire going, we'll lie down and put them over our heads." Alison goes and starts wiping her and David's shirts on the wall. As she does so, she asks, "Why can't we burn all these boxes instead of our clothes?" David retorts, "Because they're all frozen and it would be just like trying to light wet wood." With that, he bends down over the clothes still lying on the floor, flicks the lighter so that a flame appears and then holds it against the clothes. They catch light immediately. David steps across to the other end of the vault and takes his shirt from Alison. She lies down and puts her shirt over her head. David lies down on top of her and cover his own head.

Outside, Colin and Jean are crossing the road to the gates of the depot. As they do so, Colin asks, "Do you think we've left it long enough?" Jean retorts, "That unit's supposed to freeze things in minutes, isn't it?" The security guard walks up to the gate as Colin and Jean approach it, and he comments immediately, "I didn't expect to see you back today, Mr. Hopkins." Colin tells him quickly, "No. My wife thinks that she might have lost an earring inside." The guard unlocks the gate and lets him and Jean in. As they walk past him, he calls, "Give me a yell if I can be of any help." Colin and Jean walk off towards the buildings. A short distance away, Debbie, Andy and Ginny are crouched down behind a parked car. Ginny mouths to Debbie and Andy, "What are they doing here?"

Inside, the fire alarm is ringing weakly as Colin tries to unlock the padlock on the freezer door. Jean is standing behind him, watching him. He manages to undo the lock and he slides the door open. Smoke comes pouring out of the freezer. The two of them look down to find David and Alison lying on the freezer floor, not moving.

A short time later, the security guard dashes in and asks, "What's going on?" Colin has pulled David and Alison out of the freezer and is lying them on the floor of the depot as Jean tells the guard, "I don't know. Um, we just... I came here this morning and I thought my earring might be here and, well, I opened the door and you can see what we found." The guard asks, "Who are they?" Jean looks at Colin and then tells the guard, "I don't know." Colin adds, "We've never seen them before." Jean says, "They obviously broke in, intending to steal something, and somehow got locked in the freezer - and set a fire to get out again." The guard says, "I'd better call the police." Jean, however, tells him quickly, "No. I think it would be better if we called an ambulance and got them to the hospital. We can press charges later." The guard nods, "Alright." He walks off.

Out on the road, where they're crouched behind the car, Ginny demands of Andy, "If the gate's open, why can't we just go in?" Andy retorts, "Because the Hopkins' are inside and the security guard is outside. How do you think we're going to stay unseen, huh?" He adds suddenly, "Shhh." Jean and Colin are emerging through the gate, Colin saying curtly, "The ambulance will be here soon." Jean retorts, "The longer they take, the better. We don't exactly want them to recover, do we?" Colin mutters, "It was stupid to lock them in there in the first place." Jean just growls, "Too late to cry now. Anyway, I don't think they're going to last much longer. They saved themselves from freezing, just to die of asphyxiation. " Colin points out, "It all depends on what happens when they get to the hospital." With that, he and Jean climb into their car. Behind the other car, Debbie looks at Andy and Ginny in concern.

A while later, Colin is standing in the corridor at Prince Henry's hospital. Jean walks up to him and he asks quickly, "Well?" Jean retorts, "They're still alive - but it's serious." Colin growls, "Terrific. What's going to happen when they recover and tell everyone they were locked in a freezer? We can deny it, but it's sure to start an investigation." Jean, however, tells him, "I wouldn't worry. Alison Carr's in a coma and David Palmer is unconscious. They might never get to tell anyone anything..."

Andy is sitting at David's bedside in one of the rooms. Debbie is sitting next to him and Ginny is standing behind them. Andy comments, "We should get in touch with Beryl." Debbie murmurs, "Yeah. She's going to be pretty upset." Ginny walks out as Debbie adds, "Someone should contact Charlie about Alison, too." Andy asks, "Is it alright if I leave that to you?" Debbie points out, "You know her better than I do." Andy, however, murmurs, "We're not exactly friends at the moment." He then turns and says, "Ginny, would you mind--?" He breaks off as he realises Ginny has disappeared. He asks Debbie in surprise, "Where is she?" Debbie murmurs, "I don't know." She stands up and walks out of the room.

A short time later, the door to Alison's room opens and Debbie appears in the doorway. She finds Ginny sitting at Alison's bedside and she sits down next to her. Debbie tells Ginny softly, "I'm praying." Ginny, however, murmurs, "She'll need more than prayers. If she doesn't make it, though, someone's going to pay."

Andy is sitting out in the corridor when Debbie and Ginny emerge from Alison's room. He stands up and asks, "How is she?" Debbie smiles weakly and tells him, "She's still the same." Andy goes on, "I asked the nurse if there was any point in waiting around; she said not at the moment. She'll call us if there's any change." Looking thoughtful, Ginny says, "You know, there's still a slim chance we can nail the Hopkins'. There's one thing we haven't tried." Andy asks in surprise, "What?" Ginny, however, tells him, "I just need to see someone first." Andy asks suspiciously, "Who?" Ginny assures him quickly, "It's alright: it's all above-board." Andy warns, "Just don't go doing anything stupid." Ginny mutters, "Relax. I'll catch you later." With that, she walks off. Andy asks Debbie, "Any idea what she's up to?" Debbie nods, "I've got a fair idea..."

A while later, Ginny is sitting in the interview room at the police station, saying earnestly, "It's our last chance, Craig. Can you think of anything she might have had on them? There must be something." Craig mutters, "Obviously - but I don't know what." As an officer looks on, Ginny asks, "Where could we find out? There has to be a link there somewhere." Craig pauses. A look of realisation crosses his face suddenly and he whispers dramatically, "There is." Ginny asks, "What?" Craig looks at the officer watching them and then just says to Ginny, "I have to go to court today: Magistrates' hearing. Going to come and see me?" He stares at her.

Debbie is standing outside the police station as Ginny emerges. She growls at her, "I thought I'd find you here." Ginny retorts, "It's not what you're thinking, Deb. I was just trying to jog Craig's memory." Debbie demands, "About what?" Ginny snaps, "About Ruby." They watch as two officers emerge suddenly from the police station. Craig is standing between them and the officers are holding his arms. The three of them head towards a police car parked at the side of the road. Craig looks over at Debbie and Ginny as one of the officers opens the car's rear door. He goes to climb into it - and then yells suddenly, "NO!" He pulls away from the police officers and starts running. One of the officers immediately snaps at his colleague, "Get on the radio." Craig runs at full pelt down the road and turns a corner. An officer yells after him, "Maxwell!" Craig turns another corner and then ducks down behind some bushes near a fence. An officer comes tearing up the road behind him, but then, finding it deserted, stops and snaps, "Damn!" He starts running back to the police station as Craig watches him. He then stands up and starts running in the opposite direction.

Jean is marching down a corridor at Prince Henry's hospital. She walks up to Colin, who asks, "How did you go?" Jean tells him, "The nurse kicked me out. She's with him now. Looks like he's coming round." Colin mutters, "I knew it. Once he comes round... once he tells the police... we've had it." Jean suggests, "Then we'll just have to make sure he doesn't..."

Craig is sitting at the living room table at Beryl's, going through a small suitcase full of papers. He hears a sudden noise out the front and he gets up and dashes out to the kitchen. Ginny and Debbie come in and find the suitcase ox on the table. Staring at it in surprise, Debbie calls, "Craig?" Craig pokes his head round the kitchen doors and Debbie runs up to him and gives him a relieved hug." Craig asks, "How did you know where to find me?" Debbie pants, "I didn't. I just knew you knew no one was here. It was all I could think of." She then says gently, "You shouldn't've done it, you know. You've only made things worse now." Craig explains, "I had to take the risk. I thought of something." Ginny asks, "Why didn't you tell me?" Craig retorts, "I couldn't, could I? Anyway, I was sick of feeling so helpless; I wanted to do it by myself." He then walks over to the suitcase on the table and continues, "I went to mum's flat to see if I could find any clues. The whole place had been stripped bare. This old suitcase had been left there with the manager, just in case someone came to claim it." Ginny asks, "What's in it?" Craig replies, "Just a few old letters and bits of jewellery." Debbie asks, "Nothing else?" Craig, reaching into the case and removing a small piece of paper, tells her, "Lottery ticket." Debbie looks at it and comments, "It's in your name." Craig murmurs, "She must have bought it in that last week - before she was killed. You know: that week when we started getting on well together." Debbie tells him, "She wanted to do something nice for you." Ginny asks quickly, "Anything in the letters?" Craig replies, "The handwriting's so bad it's hard to read them. They look like love-letters to me; mind you, I've only had a quick look, but there doesn't seem to be anything here to link up with the Hopkins'." Ginny mutters, "There has to be." Craig then asks Debbie, "How's Alison and David?" Debbie sighs, "Alison's still the same, but David's improving. The hospital called, so Andy's just gone there." Craig murmurs, "I hope they pull through."

It's nighttime. The door of David's hospital room opens and a nurse steps in - only the 'nurse' is actually Jean. David is lying in bed, not moving, his eyes closed. Jean creeps in quietly, puts down a folded blanket and then reaches into and removes a hidden syringe. She removes the cover, pushes on the plunger slightly so that a little liquid squirts out of the top and then moves her hand down to David's arm. As she's about to inject David, the door to the room opens suddenly Andy steps inside. Seeing a nurse there, he starts to say, "Excuse me, I--" He breaks off as he realises it's Jean. He goes to lunge towards her, but she grabs a metal pan from the bedside table and whacks him with it. He slumps to the ground as she dashes out of the room. As he picks himself up, he looks over at David, who begins to stir suddenly. He murmurs, "I want Beryl. We need Beryl..."


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