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    Written by: Bruce Hancock   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Russell Webb

Gordon is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Woombai, snapping, "Nonsense. Nancy would have told me. We had no secrets the whole time we were married." Bones insists, "It's true. I'm telling you." Gordon, though, retorts, "Don't be ridiculous. Do you honestly think she would have had Wayne if she knew her father had Huntington's Disease?" Bones sighs, "Come on, Mr. H. You know how badly Nancy wanted to give you kids." Gordon snaps, "It's preposterous." Bones, though, goes on, "It's obvious that he had it: the poor old bloke's brain had gone in the end." Gordon points out curtly, "He had just been through a war, for God's sake. A lot of soldiers were affected; they were shattered. It was psychological; it had nothing to do with Huntington's chorea." Bones persists, "The war was just an excuse; can't you see that? Nancy's family could never bring themselves to say what was really wrong. Why do you think Arthur upped and left without even leaving you an address?" Gordon retorts, "Because he was upset about Nancy's death - as, indeed, we all were. There were too many memories around here for him." Bones, though, mutters, "I hate to say it, but he left because he knew he'd end up a vegetable and he didn't want to embarrass his family." Gordon growls, "If you don't mind--" Bones interrupts and retorts, "I know it's hard but you've got to face it: Arthur had the disease and Wayne stands a chance of getting it too - and Wayne's children... Look, the risk is always going to be there." Charlie comes back in suddenly and exclaims, "Where are our men? I know it's only a square dance, but you mustn't be late!" Gordon looks at Bones and tells him tersely, "We'll discuss this in the morning." With that, he heads out arm-in-arm with Charlie. Bones follows.

The next morning, Gordon is sitting at the breakfast table, looking worried. Charlie and Susan waltz in and sit down, Charlie smiling, "Wasn't it fabulous?! I haven't had so much fun in months!" Susan tells Gordon that Janice didn't let go of Bones all night! Charlie adds, "She does seem rather smitten, doesn't she?" Susan, though, explains, "There's some politics involved: she's doing some legwork for Owen - wants to make sure Bones is well and truly on board for the sanctuary idea." Charlie asks why Bones is so important. Charlie smiles, "He's Woombai's answer to the Pied Piper! Janice gets him, the whole town follows - especially the women!" At that moment, Bones walks in and Susan laughs, "It's Casanova himself!" He sits down and Susan goes to get him some breakfast. Gordon, however, tells her curtly, "He won't have time. We've got something to talk about." He stands up and heads out. Bones follows him, leaving Charlie and Susan looking puzzled. Charlie comments to Susan, "You know, I might be imagining it, but Gordon looks very depressed about something." Susan, however, tells her, "I wouldn't worry about it - he only seems quiet because we're making such a racket!"

Gordon and Bones are walking along slowly in the grounds. Gordon is saying, "I've been thinking a lot about what you said. It doesn't mean I believe you any more now than I did last night, but I don't want to take any risks. Susan's already talking about having children." Bones comments, "It won't be easy confirming it: you can't go around asking the locals if Arthur had Huntington's chorea! They'd start gossiping like hens!" Gordon assures him, "I didn't intend to. I'll go straight to Nancy's family doctor, Hywel Burns - he'll have all of Arthur's records." Bones, though, tells him, "I don't think it'll be as simple as that: Burnsy died a couple of months back." Gordon grunts in annoyance. Burns, however, goes on quickly, "Don't panic - there's a chance his records are about." Gordon asks, "Where?" Bones replies, "On the property. His wife still lives there. Means dealing with her." Gordon sighs, "That's exactly what I don't need..."

A while later, Gordon and Bones approach a nearby church. Gordon asks Bones, "Who told you she'd be here?" Bones replies, "A neighbour." Gordon comments, "I don't see why - there's no service until tonight." At that moment, an elderly lady approaches them and Gordon calls over, "Good morning, Mrs. Burns." Mrs. Burns smiles, "Mr. Hamilton, what a nice surprise. And Bones!" Turning back to Gordon, she adds, "I was just saying to Joyce Paisley yesterday that it's a long time since we've seen you in church." Gordon murmurs hesitantly, "Yes... well... I've been a bit busy." Mrs. Burns tells him, "We like to keep the numbers up, you know. Good for the town. Lord knows it needs it, the way some people are behaving. Remember Julie Smithers? Nice young Julie Smithers?" Gordon nods. Mrs. Burns goes on, "Came back from Sydney last week with a little earring stud through her nose. Have you ever heard of anything like that? Through her nose, for goodness' sake!" Gordon looks at Bones and then comments, "It's very odd." Mrs. Burns tells him, "This town is changing. Mark my word." Gordon murmurs, "Maybe I've lost touch." He then continues, "Bones has been bringing me up-to-date on all the news, and your husband's name came up." Mrs. Burns murmurs, "God rest him." Gordon adds, "We were just thinking how important all his old papers were to the town." Bones chips in, "Yeah, like everyone's birth dates and marriages. He's probably got the whole history of the place on his medical records." Mrs. Burns nods, "I suppose you're right. They're all in the shed." Gordon says quickly, "I was wondering if I might have a a bit of a browse through them - just out of interest." Mrs. Burns points out, "They're meant to be confidential, you know. But I suppose it would be alright. Come over any time." Gordon asks, "How about now?" Mrs. Burns, however, tells him, "I've got to set up the flowers in the church - but pop over by yourself. I'll give you the key." She hands it over and Gordon tells her, "Thankyou. I'll drop it back in half an hour or so." With that, Mrs . Burns walks off.

A while later, Gordon rejoins Bones. He's holding a folder of papers. Bones indicates it and asks what it says. Gordon murmurs, "I don't know yet. Have to find out." He opens the file and looks inside. The papers have rotted and are full of holes. Bones mutters in annoyance, "I don't believe it..."

Charlie joins Susan in the lounge room at the homestead. She's holding a magazine and complaining that one model's got green hair and one has yellow hair. Susan tells her, "We're just getting too old and stuffy!" Charlie replies, "It gets worse: the one with the yellow hair is called 'Moonglow'!" Susan sighs, "The poor girl. How could your parents be so cruel?" Charlie muses, "They probably wanted her to stand out." Susan declares, "I go for the ordinary names, myself. In fact, I know exactly what I'm going to call our kids." Charlie asks in surprise, "You've decided already?" Susan explains, "I haven't tried them out on Wayne - he'll probably think they're terrible." Charlie, though, asks knowingly, "Darling... have you got something to tell me?!" Susan retorts, "Stop jumping to conclusions - I only said I know what names I wanted." Charlie sits there looking thoughtful...

Glen is sitting in the lounge room at Charlie's. Alison walks in with a tray of morning tea and Glen comments that the service never stops! Alison explains, "My way of paying you back for the protection." Glen comments, "I only hope Andy's OK, too." Alison retorts, "It's his own fault if he's not." Glen, however, insists, "You can't blame him - he hadn't eaten for three days." Alison remarks sourly, "I don't see why he couldn't simply ask me for food." Glen points out, "Same reason he couldn't ask me: too proud." Alison snaps, "Too proud for what? To say that he couldn't make it to Melbourne because he got into a fight on the way and was robbed? It's no reason to sneak back and scare the hell out of people." Glen insists, "He only wanted to see Charlie. When she wasn't here, he got a bit desperate. It wasn't intentional." The 'phone starts ringing suddenly and Alison goes to answer it, saying as she does so, "I still don't feel sorry for him." Glen, however, sighs, "I reckon he's had a rough trot. On top of everything else, he's in hospital with food poisoning." Alison picks up the 'phone and says, "Hello?... Yes. Speaking... Yes?" A look of concern crosses her face and she then asks, "Are you sure?" Glen looks over at her. Alison listens to the caller and then says, "No, no, I've no idea why... Yes, we will. Thankyou for calling." She hangs up. Glen asks immediately who it was. Alison replies, "It was the hospital: they've done some tests on Andy - and it wasn't food poisoning." Glen comments, "I don't understand." Alison tells him, "It was Strychnine in the stuffed pepper. Not enough to kill him but enough to make him mighty sick. Glen, those peppers were mine. It was meant for me."

Sometime later, the front door opens at the mansion and Alison and Glen head inside. Alison is complaining to Glen, "I feel like a child." Glen, however, insists, "There's no way I'm going to let you stay on your own now. I'll go and pack a suitcase and we'll pick up Andy." May emerges suddenly from her room. She's holding a newspaper, but she jumps as she notices Alison standing there. She then stares at her in shock. Glen asks eventually, "Anything wrong?" May gasps, "I'm not sure. I thought you were--" She breaks off before indicating the newspaper and saying, "There's a notice here: it says 'Alison Carr'--" She breaks off as Alison grabs the paper. She looks at a column headed 'Deaths', under which the first entry says:

'CARR, Alison - July 1986, late of Dural. Sadly missed by family and friends. Rest in peace.'

Alison reads it aloud, a look of horror on her face. She then murmurs, "My God... it's the same person. Someone really does mean to kill me..."

A while later, Glen, Alison and Andy are walking slowly along a street. Andy is looking ashen-faced, and Glen comments to him that he must be feeling pretty shook-up by it all. Andy doesn't respond. They reach Alison's car and Glen adds, "Don't worry, mate: we'll have you back at Charlie's in a tick." Andy gets into the car, but still doesn't speak.

A short time later, the front door opens at Charlie's and Alison, Andy and Glen step inside. Glen offers Andy some tea. Andy, though, just murmurs that he'd like to lie down. Glen indicates a spare room and Andy walks off. Glen and Alison then head into the lounge room, where Alison says, "I've been thinking: the police could take a while to check that bad debt list. It could be weeks before they arrest suspects. I'd feel a lot safer if we cleared-out from here; you know: disappeared somewhere." Glen sighs, "It's a good idea, but we can't leave Andy on his own." Alison insists, "Fiona can play nurse." Glen, however, retorts, "She won't have anything to do with him. She told Andy herself." Alison exclaims, "It doesn't matter. He'll be alright by himself." Glen, though, tells her, "Sorry. I couldn't do it." Alison glares at him and then snaps, "Why are you being so damn nice to him?" Glen replies, "Because he needs the help." Alison snaps, "Oh, for God's sake, he went out of his way to stop you marrying Susan. He hung around for weeks doing Wayne's dirty work. Why--" Glen interrupts and retorts, "That's all history. He knows he went bad for a while and he's trying to make a change. I'm not going to hold a grudge." Alison sighs, "Alright - if you're so keen to be charitable, why don't we put him in a nursing home 'til he's better? I'll pay for it myself." Glen, however, retorts, "You're missing the point: he needs to feel like he's got a friend or two." Alison snaps, "What do you think I need? I'm the one being hunted by a murderer. What am I supposed to do? Hang around waiting to be bumped off while you're tucking Andy into bed at night?" Glen sighs curtly, "If you don't stop carrying-on, I'm going to wonder why I'm helping you." Alison stares at him in surprise. Glen tells her, "Just start thinking about other people for a change." He pauses and then says, "Whether you take off or not is up to you. But until Andy's back on his feet, I'm staying right here." Alison looks at him ruefully.

At Woombai, Charlie pours the contents of a flask into a plastic cup and hands it to Bones. The two of them, together with Gordon and Susan, are sitting on a blanket, enjoying a picnic. Isabella is lying next to them, and Charlie looks at her and sighs, "I do hate to see her tied up." Bones, though, laughs, "It would be a lot worse if you let her go: she'd bolt behind the bushes with Diefer in a flash!" Changing the subject quickly, Gordon says, "Listen, what's everyone's plans for this afternoon?" Susan shrugs, "Didn't have any!" Gordon suggests, "Why not head over to the waterfall? See Owen's set-up for the nature reserve. Bones will drive you." He looks at Bones, who, taking the hint, says quickly, "Sure." Charlie asks Gordon if he's coming. Gordon, though, tells her, "No - I've got a heap of 'phone calls to make." He then tells Bones that he'll need a map. The two of them stand up and head off to the house. When they've gone, Charlie and Susan start clearing away the picnic things.

A short time later, inside, Gordon finishes sketching a map for Bones. He hands it to him and tells him, "Keep them there as long as possible - I want time here to investigate." Bones asks, "Any more leads?" Gordon replies, "Maybe. The local Minister's coming round; he's bringing the parish records with him. Maybe there's an entry for Arthur." Bones asks, "What sort of information will that give?" Gordon shrugs, "I don't know, exactly - but I know they record births and deaths. Maybe there's a 'cause of death'?" Bones comments, "I wouldn't get your hopes up. Arthur left without leaving a trace. I don't reckon anyone's seen him since he left." Gordon points out, "It's worth a shot. I've not much else to go on..."

Alison is sitting in the lounge room at Charlie's. Glen comes in with a couple of cans of soup, but Alison orders, "Throw them out." Glen points out, "They're tinned." Alison, however, retorts, "I don't care. I'm not eating anything in the house." Glen tells her, "You're getting paranoid." Alison, though, snaps, "Glen, please, just throw them out." Glen sighs, "Alright. I'll whip down the shop and get something fresh." Alison stands up quickly and says, "I'll come with you." Glen tells her, "We can't leave Andy by himself." Alison asks in concern, "What about me?" Glen insists, "I'll only be gone a second." Alison cries, "I don't want to be left alone." Glen tells her, "Then lock up the house and don't answer the door to anybody. You'll be fine - honest." With that, he goes to walk out, adding, "I'll be five minutes." Alison stands there, looking worried.

A while later, Alison is sitting on the couch and she removes some papers from her briefcase. She becomes aware of sudden movement in the doorway behind her and she jumps as Andy walks in. She snaps at him, "God, you gave me a fright." Andy murmurs, "I'm sorry." He sits down and Alison asks him if he's feeling any better. He tells her, "I couldn't relax. I kept worrying about Wayne finding out I was back. I reckon I'd better head off again." Alison asks in surprise, "Is it really so serious about Wayne?" Andy just snaps, "Are you kidding? When he's out for revenge it's serious. You should know better than anyone." Alison asks, "Why?" Andy retorts, "Look what he stuck in your food. It speaks for itself." Alison, however, tells him, "Wayne's not the one after me." Andy insists, "Of course he is." Alison retorts, "He couldn't be. He's been receiving threats too." Andy nods, "Yeah: writing them to himself. The perfect cover." Alison just tells him, "I think you're wrong. I know he hates me, but that's no reason to kill me." Andy gasps, "Hates you? You tried to turn Susan off him. He was badly cut-up about that." Alison, however, insists, "I still don't think it was him - but I don't deny he's dangerous and I can see why you'd want to get away from him." Andy mutters, "I don't know how I'm going to, though - I haven't got a cent to my name." Alison tells him, "I might be able to help." She takes out her purse. Andy insists quickly, "I wasn't asking--" Alison interrupts him, though, and says, "It's the least I can do - especially after the way I treated you last night." She takes out some money and, handing it over, tells him, "Here's $300. It's probably enough for an air fare and a few nights' accommodation." Andy asks, "Are you sure? This means I can head off straight away." Alison tells him, "You'll probably get a stand-by if you go straight to the airport." Andy smiles, "Thanks a million. I'll try and pay you back as soon as I can." As he goes to head for the front door, someone knocks on it. Alison lets out a sudden cry of horror: "No, Andy, don't open the door." It's too late, though. Andy opens the door to find a middle-aged man with a clipboard standing there. He starts to say, "Good afternoon--" All of a sudden, though, Alison charges towards Andy and pushes him outside. She then tries to slam the door shut. The man blocks it, though. Glen walks up behind him and asks what the problem is. The man tells him, "I'm just here to collect the deceased's clothes." Glen retorts, "You must have the wrong address." The man consults his clipboard and says, "I'm sure I haven't. 'Alison Carr'." From inside, Alison cries at the man, "Get out! Get out of here!" Glen pushes the door open and steps inside, soothing, "It's alright, it's alright." He puts his arm round her as she sobs, "I can't take any more..."

Gordon is leaning against a fence in the grounds at Woombai, looking down a list of names and dates. The Minister is with him and he asks, "Do you have any idea when he died?" Gordon, though, murmurs, "No, I'm not certain." The Minister tells him, "I've got records up to last week, if you'd like them." Gordon, however, explains, "No... it would have been the late-Fifties, and he was about... oh... seventy-five." He then declares, "Ah, here we are: Arthur Andrews. Born 1881, died 1957 at Elmwood Park." He muses in surprise, "I don't know of any properties round here called Elmwood Park." The Minister, however, explains, "Not a property. It's a hospital." Gordon queries, "A hospital?" The Minister tells him hesitantly, "For people with particular problems... mental problems." A look of concern crosses Gordon's face.

Glen pours Alison a drink in the lounge room at Charlie's as she paces the floor and mutters, "The poor little man was just doing a job for charity. He probably thought I was crazy." Glen assures her, "He understood. I told him about the threats." Alison sighs, "I can't believe I made such an absolute fool of myself." Glen hands her the drink and she goes on, "I feel so ashamed when I lose control. It's just the idea of dying... it terrifies me." Glen muses, "At least it proves you're human. I began to wonder if you had any weaknesses at all!" Changing the subject, he then asks, "Listen, you still keen on disappearing for a few days? Now Andy's gone, we can." Alison tells him eagerly, "I'd love to." Glen goes on, "I know a place in the mountains we could go. It's a cabin. Unlisted telephone number... secluded..." Alison asks, "Whose is it?" Glen replies, "It doesn't matter. But it's perfect. I've never told anyone about it. We can set off tomorrow." Alison says earnestly, "Thanks."

Gordon is leaning against a fence in the grounds at Woombai when a ute pulls up nearby and Bones, Charlie and Susan pile out. They join Gordon and Charlie asks, "What happened to those telephone calls?!" Gordon tells her, "I'm only taking a break." She accepts this and she and Susan head off inside to freshen-up. When they've gone, Bones asks Gordon, "How did you go with the Minister?" Gordon replies, "I'll be able to tell you soon. Got a few more questions to ask." Bones comments, "Wasn't good, was it? Did you find out?" Gordon tells him, "He died in a place called Elmwood Park. It's a hospital. I rang them and they confirmed it: Huntington's chorea." Bones murmurs, "I'm sorry, Mr. H." Gordon, however, tells him, "Wayne and Susan are the ones to feel sorry for." Bones asks him, "What are you going to do now?" Gordon replies, "I've got to tell them - and as soon as possible." Bones remarks, "You'll have to get Wayne to a doctor pretty quickly, won't you?" Gordon, however, tells him, "There's no point: he won't know he's got it until the mid-thirties; that's when the symptoms occur." Bones asks, "Isn't there some sort of test they can do on him now?" Gordon replies, "No. We just have to wait." Bones comments, "It's going to be hell for him, not knowing." Gordon, looking over at the house, sighs, "It's going to be hell for Susan. I wish to God I didn't have to tell her." Bones points out grimly, "You can't not - she's already talking about having kids..."

Inside, Susan sets out some vases of flowers in the lounge room. Charlie smiles at her that they're beautiful! Susan tells her, "The garden has to be the most fertile I've ever seen: the flowers want to jump out of it!" Charlie, a grin on her face, remarks, "Ever since yesterday, you've been like a little girl leaping around in a lolly shop!" Susan tells her, "I've been in a good mood." Charlie prompts, "I get the feeling it's more: am I right?" Susan just shrugs, "Maybe! Maybe not!" Charlie tells her, "I get the feeling Mrs. Hamilton is pregnant." Susan hesitates and then says, "I'm not certain, but almost." Charlie, looking delighted, throws her arms round her and exclaims, "Congratulations!" Susan, however, says quickly, "You mustn't tell anyone: I should have made sure first and told Wayne first." Charlie smiles, "I won't breathe a word, I promise." At that moment, Gordon walks in, a grim expression on his face. Susan tells him that dinner's almost ready. He just mutters, "Good." Susan asks in surprise, "Why so glum?" Gordon replies quickly, "No reason. Business, I suppose." Susan chastises, "You shouldn't work so hard. We came up here to relax." Gordon then tells Charlie, "Isabella's still tied-up out the back and crying. I couldn't settle her." Looking horrified, Charlie cries, "How could I forget her?" With that, she dashes out. When she's gone, Susan says to Gordon, "Are you sure you're alright?" Gordon just suggests, "Let's sit down." They do so and Susan asks in concern, "What's wrong?" Gordon replies, "I don't quite know how to tell you this. The reason that I've been moody is not business. I've found out something serious; something that affects all of us but mostly you and Wayne." Susan, looking worried, murmurs, "Tell me." Gordon goes on, "Susan, I know how much you want children, but you have to face the fact you can't." Susan sits there, looking puzzled.


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