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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Mark Piper

Charlie is opening the boot of her car outside the homestead at Woombai. Gordon, Janice and Bones are with her and they remove several bags of clothing from the car. Charlie places a hat on Gordon's head and tells him, "It's very Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid! You look so dinky!" Gordon muses, "That's what I'm worried about!" Bones assures him, "If any of the guys razz you, I'll knock them from one end of the hall to the other!" Janice, though, says grimly, "I hope the square dance isn't going to be a rowdy evening." Bones shrugs, "It depends on how many kegs we take!" Charlie then smiles at Gordon, "I think you must have been a cowboy in a former life!" Isabella suddenly runs out of the homestead. She trots towards Charlie, but then runs past her, much to Charlie's obvious horror." Gordon comments, "I think you've been supplanted in her affections, Charlie!" Isabella is playing with Diefer, and Bones smiles, "All the girls reckon he's a bit of alright, Mrs. B.!" Charlie, however, gasps, "We don't want any accidents." Bones insists, "Dief's pups always look bonzer!" Charlie, however, retorts, "I'm sure they do. Nothing personal, Diefer, but mixed-marriages simply don't work." With that, she picks up Isabella and heads inside. Bones turns to Janice and offers to take the bags she's carrying. Janice thanks him, looking impressed!

Susan is walking up the driveway towards Charlie's house. A taxi suddenly drives past her and pulls up nearby. Alison climbs out and Susan hands her some mail, explaining that she took it out of the box. Alison thanks her. She then adds, "You timed it very well: I've just been in Queensland on business." Susan acknowledges this and then tells her, "I'm going up to Woombai and the house is going to be empty. I wondered if you'd keep any eye on it for me." Alison asks where Wayne is. Susan replies hesitantly, "He's gone away... also business. I forget where. Adelaide, I think." Alison sighs, "We're supposed to be having a meeting this afternoon." Susan tells her, "He rushed out pretty quickly; obviously something's come up." She then goes on, "Normally I wouldn't ask; it's just that, with all the death threats..." Alison stares at her in surprise and mouths, "Death threats?" Susan explains that someone has been threatening Wayne. Alison smiles suddenly, "Couldn't have happened to a nicer person!" Susan, looking aghast, snaps, "It's very frightening." Alison, however, just replies, "I'm sure it is, but I'm not going to be a hypocrite and say 'poor Wayne' and act like I feel sorry for him. If you push people far enough, one of them's eventually going to push back. Who can blame him?" Susan mutters, "Thanks for the sympathy." Alison, however, points out, "We both know how I feel about Wayne. Don't worry, I'll watch the house for you." Susan thanks her. She then goes on, "No matter how you feel about Wayne, I thought at least you'd understand how he's feeling. Something like this happened to you once: didn't Paul Sheppard try to kill you?" Alison mutters annoyedly, "I had managed to forget about that." Susan retorts, "Try and think of it for a minute. Might make you feel a bit sorry for Wayne - whether you like him or not." She goes to walk off, but Alison calls quickly, "Susan..." Susan turns back to look at her. Alison then tells her, "Wayne's lucky. He doesn't deserve you." Susan just shrugs, "I think he does." She walks off again. Alison calls after her, "Give my love to Charlie." She then heads inside.

Alison heads into the lounge room and sits down with the mail that Susan gave her. One item is a large parcel. She opens it and removes a brown cardboard box. It's shaped like a coffin and has the letters 'RIP' embossed on the front. Alison opens the box warily and finds a doll lying inside, accompanied by a small flower and a note on top on which someone has written 'Alison Carr'. Looking horrified, Alison quickly puts the box down. The patio doors suddenly blow open. Alison turns and stares at them. A breeze outside causes the curtains to start blowing. Alison approaches the doors nervously.

Outside, Andy is staggering up to the house, looking tired and dishevelled. He goes to turn on to the patio, but then spots Alison standing out there, and he ducks back behind the gate, out of sight.

Alison heads back into the house and locks the patio doors behind her. She then picks up her handbag and dashes out to the hallway. She opens the front door at the same time as someone is about to knock. Finding a man standing there, she almost screams in fear. She then realises that the visitor is Glen, and she snaps, "Scare me, next time." Glen asks in concern, "What's up?" Alison pants, "I'm just on my way to the police. Someone broke in. They could still be there. The french doors were open when I got home." Glen takes a step inside and says he'll check it out. He heads into the lounge room and picks up a heavy bottle of drink, murmuring, "Just in case." He then heads outside.

Andy is standing outside, peering through the back gate, looking worried.

A short time later, Alison is pouring herself a drink when Glen steps up behind her and announces, "You're clean as a whistle." Alison jumps in shock at his voice. Glen adds that she'd better check to see if anything's missing. Alison retorts, "I will, in a minute. Just let me calm down first." Glen then tells her, "I think you might have scared them off. The TV and video are still here; they're always the first to go." Alison, however, explains, "I don't think it was a burglary." She then shows him the cardboard coffin and tells him, "This came in the mail. It's either a very sick joke or someone's out to get me as well as Wayne." Glen asks, "You think whoever sent this was in the house?" Alison explains, "It was hand-delivered. They left the french doors open, just to prove they can get me if they want to." She then hisses, "I'm scared..." Glen puts his arm round her and assures her, "It's OK. I'm here." Alison, however, points out grimly, "Not twenty-four hours a day, though..."

In the lounge room at Dural, Charlie is trying to teach Janice, Gordon and Bones to square dance. Janice starts complaining about the dosey-doe as Charlie goes to put the tape on again. Gordon says he might sit the next one out, adding that he's not as young as he used to be. Charlie, however, goes and takes his hand and exclaims, "Nonsense! We have to practice it or we'll make fools of ourselves tonight." With that, the music starts playing. Bones begins calling the dance.

At Charlie's, Alison is talking on the 'phone. She says, "Thankyou very much," and then hangs up. Turning to Glen, she says, "I told them nothing was missing so there's no point in sending detectives around, but they want us to bring the coffin down to the station to check for fingerprints." Glen comments, "I doubt there'll be any." Alison replies, "So do they. Still, it's worth a try." She then goes on, "It's a horrible feeling having your house broken into. It's like being defiled in some way..." She pauses before continuing, "You know, I can't understand why Wayne and I are both getting death threats. What's the link?" Glen asks, "Can you think of anyone who hates you enough to do it?" Alison, though, shrugs, "Not really. Not both of us - unless... no, no, it's crazy." Glen tells her to go on. She postures, "You don't think Wayne could be doing it himself? Using his own trouble as a cover for getting at me?" Glen muses, "Could be. He's certainly sick enough to think that way. I don't think he'd risk it, though, knowing Fiona's got the tape. I think you're suffering more from guilt-by-association." Alison asks in surprise, "In what way?" Glen tells her, "Wayne's been leaning pretty heavily on a lot of people on that debtors list. Maybe one of them's decided to give him a bit of his own medicine?" Alison nods, "Yes, but I've got nothing to do with debt collection." Glen, however, replies, "Yeah, but you have had your picture in the paper as his business partner. Maybe whoever it is has decided you're just as bad as he is." Alison muses, "Yes... I suppose it's worth giving them the list so they can check it out." Glen comments in surprise, "You've got one?" Alison explains, "Amongst my papers. I'll go and get it, then we can go." She heads out of the room.

A short time later, outside, Andy emerges through the back gate, but ducks back behind some bushes as he spots Glen and Alison climbing into Glen's car. Glen starts the engine and they drive off. Andy then turns and heads back through the gate. He dashes up to the house and tries the patio doors - only to find them locked. Looking frustrated, he bends down and picks up a large stone. He then uses it to smash a pane of glass in the doors. He reaches inside through the opening and unlocks the door. He then dashes over to some bags of shopping sitting on the coffee table and starts tucking into a loaf of bread, ravenously...

Ginny is brushing down Debbie's chauffeur jacket - which is hanging up on a mannequin - in the kitchen at the country house. The jacket has had gold trim added to the shoulders and cuffs. Debbie yells suddenly from out in the hallway, "Craig! Craig! Have you seen my coat? Where's my coat?" Ginny mutters to herself, "You can't have it." She then calls to Debbie, "In here!" Debbie walks in and Ginny introduces herself. Debbie does likewise. Ginny then indicates the coat and smiles, "There it is!" Debbie looks at the jacket in surprise and asks, "What have you done to it?!" Ginny explains, "Just experimenting. I hope you didn't need it - I haven't finished it yet." Debbie smiles, "Looks great! It's crazy, but it's really good." She then asks if she can try it on. Ginny lifts the jacket off the mannequin and says, "OK. Go for it!" Debbie puts it on. As she does so, she asks Ginny if she's enjoying her stay so far. Ginny replies, "Tops! I went out with Mr. Alexander last night." Debbie asks who he is. Ginny explains, "Friend of Charlie's. Big manufacturer. Anyway, we went to this great restaurant and we talked and drank and... I even had snails for the first time!" She tells Debbie to turn around. Debbie does so and Ginny muses, "Looks good." Debbie turns back to face her and asks, "What were they like?" Ginny replies, "The snails? They were good, actually." She then adds, "It's funny how you think something's going to be awful then it turns out to be OK. A bit like you, really!" Debbie asks in surprise, "What do you mean?" Ginny tells her, "I thought you were going to be like Craig - and what a dag he is." Debbie exclaims in annoyance, "Hey! He's my boyfriend." Ginny shrugs, "We've all got our problems." Craig suddenly calls out from the hallway, "Deb!" Debbie calls back that she's in the kitchen. She then says quietly to Ginny, "He's nice, Ginny - really." Craig walks in and then gasps at Debbie, "What have you done to your jacket? It looks stupid." Ginny mutters sourly, "Thanks." Debbie insists, "It's OK: they come off. Ginny was just experimenting." Craig looks at Ginny and comments, "If that's what they're going to pay you for, I reckon they need their heads read." He then tells Debbie that it's time to go, and he heads back out to the hallway. When he's gone, Ginny mutters to Debbie, "I'd trade him in on a new model, if I was you..."

A while later, Craig is driving the 'Home in Style' limousine. Debbie is saying to him indignantly, "She seems alright to me." Craig retorts, "She's such a smart-aleck. As if the fashion mob are going to give her any work." Debbie insists, "I liked what she did with the coat." They pull up outside a house and climb out, Craig saying, "All she did was stick a few rags on it." Debbie tells him, "It was the way they were put on." Craig sighs, "Some people wear anything!" A dust cart drives past them suddenly. David is standing on the back, and as he spots Craig and Debbie standing there, he calls across good-humouredly, "Get back to work!" Craig and Debbie walk off. He and a colleague then climb down from the cart and David explains to the other guy, "A couple of kids who live with me. That's my car." He points out the limo, adding, "It's a beauty, eh?" The colleague chuckles, "Sure! I suppose you're only doing this to keep up the payments, eh?!"

Charlie is playing with Isabella in the lounge room at Woombai, teaching her to dosey-doe! Janice appears suddenly in the doorway and announces, "I'm going to take a nap so that I'm fresh for tonight. Would you wake me around five, please?" She goes to walk off. As she does so, Charlie asks, "Would I be right in thinking un petit d'amour is in the air...?!" Janice turns back to her and asks, "Pardon?" Charlie explains, "You and boofhead!" Janice corrects tersely, "Bones." She then adds, "He's very interesting, that's all. He knows lots about the district. His grandmother was a dreadful gossip - she used to tell him everyone's secrets." Charlie smiles, "What a camp granny! But I think you're more interested in him than her, though..." Janice shrugs, "I can't deny I find him appealing in a rural sort of way!" She then adds more curtly, "It certainly isn't love, though, Charlie, so I'd thank you not to go round telling everyone it is." With that, she walks off to her room. Gordon and Susan walk in suddenly, Gordon telling Susan, "It's lovely to have you here." Charlie goes and gives Susan a kiss, smiling, "The blushing bride! Gordon said you were coming!" She then asks, "How was the honeymoon?" Susan tells her, "Great. I needed it after the wedding." Charlie murmurs, "Things were a trifle fraught, weren't they?" With that, she heads off to get Susan's room ready. When she's gone, Gordon sits down with his daughter-in-law on the couch. She sighs, "Oh, I love this place. It's so peaceful." Gordon listens but then asks bluntly, "Everything OK with Wayne?" Susan nods quickly, "Yes, fine. Why?" Gordon assures her, "No particular reason. He just seemed a bit tense when I spoke to him on the 'phone this morning. Susan shrugs, "Just getting used to married life, I guess." Gordon asks, "So everything's alright between you two?" Susan declares, "Wonderful!" Gordon smiles, "Good." He then goes on, "I don't think I had a chance to say this at the wedding, but welcome to the family!"

Alison and Glen are walking up to the front door of the mansion. Alison is saying, "Sorry I've been such a terrible pest." Glen, however, assures her, "If you were being a pest, I wouldn't have invited you back. You're not going to relax at home." They reach the front door, but Alison asks if they can sit down for a minute. She adds, "I want to get myself together before we meet anyone." She and Glen sit down on the bench by the door. Glen then says, "For a hard case, you're doing a pretty good impression of a heroine under threat." Alison muses, "Flatterer!" She reaches into the cardboard coffin - which she's holding - and removes the doll. Glen asks her in surprise, "Why don't you toss that?" Alison, though, replies, "I don't know. I thought maybe it would give me a clue." Glen comments, "If it's no good to the police, it's not going to be much good to you, is it?" Alison shrugs, "I suppose not." She then goes on, "You know, Susan reminded me of something this morning: someone tried to kill me a few years ago. A man called Paul Sheppard. I've been kidding myself I've mellowed since then; 'matured', perhaps. Except obviously I can't have if some other nut's out for my blood." Glen asks, "Is it important for you to change?" Alison, looking thoughtful, murmurs, "I'll never be a Little Miss. Innocent, but I don't want to be like I was then: a vicious neurotic." Glen smiles, "I think you might be exaggerating!" Alison, however, tells him, "No... you ask Fiona." She then adds, "Mind you, she always made me out to be worse than I was. But... I was pretty bad." Glen says suddenly, "I've got an idea. You got a pen... piece of paper?" Alison nods, "I think so. Why?" Glen replies, "You'll see!" Alison takes some paper and a pen out of her bag and hands them over. Glen then says, "OK, now, you've changed your name since then, haven't you?" Alison nods, "That's right." Glen asks, "What was it?" Alison, looking suddenly worried, replies, "Patricia." Glen writes it down. He then says, "I'll need that coffin." Alison hands it to him. He takes it, adding as he does so, "And I'll need a piece of hair..." He reaches out suddenly and plucks one of Alison's hairs from her head! Alison looks at him in surprise! Glen then explains, "This is an old voodoo ritual!" He removes the doll from the coffin and places the piece of paper with the name 'Patricia' written on it in the box. He then places the doll on top of it, along with the hair, places the lid on the box and stuffs it into a large urn on the verandah next to them. He then declares, "There you go: gone for sure." Alison smiles, "Thankyou!" Glen adds, "R.I.P. Pat." Alison repeats, "R.I.P...."

Ginny hands Debbie a cup of coffee in the kitchen at the country house. Debbie is saying, "It's the late hours that kills me: the service appeals to a lot of people after parties and things. It's the fatigue - that's the worst thing." Ginny warns, "You'll end up in a prang, if you don't watch it." Debbie, however, assures her, "No. Plenty of black coffee and I'm right." Ginny opens a magazine on the table in front of her. Debbie spots something in it suddenly and remarks, "Isn't that nice!" She points to an outfit. Ginny, however, snaps in disgust, "What do you want to look like? A Barbie doll?! Mind you, Craigy-baby looks like Ken, so it would fit!" Debbie laughs, "'Craigy-baby'?!" Ginny replies, "He does look like a clean-cut little Craigy-baby, don't you think?!" Debbie sighs, "Oh, give him a go, Ginny. He's nice." She then yawns. Ginny looks at her and tells her, "Forget coffee. I know some stuff that'll keep you buzzing for hours." Debbie says quickly, "Not drugs or anything..." Ginny insists, "This stuff's harmless. All the kids take 'em." Debbie points out, "I'm not 'all the kids', am I?" Ginny, however, tells her, "OK, OK, but it's harmless. You don't even need a prescription." Debbie asks, "What, all they do is keep you awake, is it?" Ginny nods, "That's right: no trips... no downers... no highs... they just keep you going. How do you think I party all night and go to work the next day?" Looking suddenly interested, Debbie muses, "Well... if there's nothing wrong with them..." Ginny points out, "Would I give you a bum steer? We're mates, aren't we?" Debbie smiles, "Yep!" Craig walks in suddenly from the hallway and Ginny smiles, "Hey! Craigy-baby!" She then adds quickly, "Oops. Deb asked me not to call you that." Craig just mutters, "Call me what you like." Changing the subject quickly, Debbie says to Craig, "Hey! Guess what! Ginny's work's going to take her up and down between Melbourne a fair bit and David said she can stay here if she wants." Craig mutters, "You'd better tie everything down, then." Debbie warns, "Craig..." Ginny snaps at him, "Just because I didn't come from Toorak doesn't mean I'd rip off my mates." Craig, however, retorts, "I know where Alison met you. Don't act like Mother Theresa." Ginny snaps, "I've never nicked anything - especially not from friends." Craig shrugs, "I'm just letting you know that if anything goes missing we'll know where to look." Ginny snarls, "Why don't you rack off? Just 'cos your mum and dad gave you everything... what was daddy? A barrister? And I suppose mum went to all the social dos with Lady Muck and her friends." Craig just glares at her and then storms out. Ginny calls after him, "If you can't take the heat, don't play with the big kids." Debbie sighs, "Stop it, Ginny." Ginny retorts, "He started it." Debbie tells her, "You shouldn't have mentioned his mother, that's all." Ginny shrugs, "Good. Glad I did." Debbie sighs, "Look. I admit he was being a pain in the neck and I don't blame you for letting him have it, but just stay off his mum, alright?" With that, she walks out, leaving Ginny to murmur to herself, "Alright. Plenty of other ways to give him heaps..."

David is standing by the dustcart as his colleague hands him some cash and says, "If I need you again, I'll give you a hoy, Dave." David nods, "Appreciate it, mate." He goes to walk off. As he does so, the other man adds, "If you're ever passing in the limo, call in and give us a spin." David replies, "No worries!" The man goes on, "I bet you wish it was yours, eh?" David just laughs, "Yeah, right!"

A while later, back in the kitchen at the country house, David is saying, "I can hardly blame him: I don't look like a bloke that would own a limo in this get-up." He indicates his old clothes. There's suddenly a knock on the front door. Craig goes to answer it. When he's gone, David comments to Debbie and Ginny - who are sitting at the table - "He's a bundle of laughs. What's wrong with him?" Ginny mutters, "Nothing a good kick in the backside wouldn't fix..." Debbie adds with a sigh, "He and Ginny haven't got on too well." David turns to Ginny, who retorts, "Don't look at me. I've tried." Debbie admits to David, "It has been mostly Craig. Ginny brought up his mum, though. It got him down." Ginny says, "I wish someone would tell me what the story is." David, though, muses, "There's not much to tell..." Craig walks back in at that moment and says, "It's for you, David. A guy called Pryor. Reckons he wants to buy the business." David raises his eyebrows in surprise.

A short time later, David is standing in the lounge room, shaking Pryor's hand and apologising for his clobber. Pryor comments, "I'm sure even Alan Bond can be caught out in the odd relaxing moment!" David then asks him what he can do for him. Pryor tells him, "I've used your service once or twice--" David interrupts him and asks, "What did you think?" He adds, "Sit down... sit down." The two of them sit and Pryor continues, " I must say that I'm impressed - which is the reason why I'm here. If you're interested, I'd like to buy you out." David asks in surprise, "Yeah?" He then muses, "I can't say I'm not tempted. I could do with the money." Pryor tells him, "With the right deal, I can get my solicitor to push through a quick cash sale." David, however, retorts, "I'm not that desperate. I've got a large insurance payout coming up soon. That should ease the pressure." Pryor tells him, "There's no rush. We could talk terms, then you could think about the idea and get back to me in your own good time." David nods, "OK." He then adds, "I'm not saying I definitely want to sell." Pryor insists, "That's totally up to you." David sits there, looking thoughtful.

Glen and Alison arrive back at Charlie's and switch on the lights. Glen tells Alison that he'll give the place the once-over for her. They head into the lounge room and Alison gasps suddenly, "Oh my God!" Andy is slumped over the coffee table, not moving. Glen dashes over to him and checks for a pulse. He then pulls Andy pack and checks his eyes. Looking worried, he turns to Alison and orders, "Call an ambulance - quick."

At Woombai, Charlie is pacing the lounge room floor as Bones tells her, "If he turns up, then you tie the silly mongrel to the front fence and I'll pick him up in the morning." Charlie asks, "You feel sure he's headed for here?" Bones smiles, "If Dief gets the hint there's a bit of the old one-twos going on, he's there like a shot!" Gordon adds that Isabella is in no moral danger. Charlie, however, says she'll check the room just in case, and she heads off. As she goes, Janice walks in, all dressed up, and announces that she's ready. She asks what's up with Charlie and Bones explains, "Diefer's gone missing and I reckon he's headed for here." Susan laughs, "Isn't it romantic: imagine Charlie a grandmother!" Janice replies, "How long before Gordon's going to be a grandfather? That's what the rest of us want to know!" Susan smiles, "Not long, I hope." Gordon comments, "I don't know what sort of grandfather I'll make." Susan insists, "You'll be wonderful." Gordon, however, muses, "I don't know... babies are sweet and teenagers are fun. It's the years in between that are a bit of a worry!" Susan tells him, "You'll probably be a big sook and spoil them rotten!" Charlie comes back in at that moment and declares, "All's safe and sound! Are we all ready?" Gordon smiles, "We certainly are!" Charlie grins, "Then let's mosey off, partners!" She, Janice and Charlie head out. Bones lingers behind and asks Gordon warily if he can have a word. Gordon nods, "Certainly. What's the problem?" Looking nervous, Bones replies, "You must know. Nancy must have told you." Gordon looks at him blankly and says, "I don't understand. Told me what?" Bones replies, "Susan having kids. Wayne's your kid, isn't he? I mean, he's not adopted or nothin'?" Gordon insists, "Of course he's mine." Bones murmurs, "Then... you know..." Gordon sighs, "What the hell's got into you?" Bones tells him hesitantly, "It's just gran, you see. She told me everyone's business. I didn't go sneaking around or nothin'." Gordon sighs, "For goodness' sake, what's the problem?" Bones tells him, "It's Mrs. Hamilton. Susan. If Wayne's her husband then she can't have kids, can she?" Gordon stares at him in astonishment.


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