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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

As they walk back up to the kitchen door at the country house, David is telling Caroline curtly that all he was trying to do was protect her. As they head inside, Caroline retorts indignantly, "I don't need protecting. I'm quite capable of looking after myself, thankyou very much." David demands, "What on earth were you posing for photographs like that? I expected more from you, Caroline." Caroline, however, snaps, "You happen to have paid off quite a few bills with the money I earnt posing for photos like 'that'." David reaches into his pocket, takes out his wallet and removes $100. He tells Caroline, "I'll pay you back the rest as soon as I get it." Caroline takes the cash and storms out to the hallway.

A short time later, Caroline is sitting in the lounge room, listening to a message on the answerphone. A male voice is saying that if she feels like a half-day trip to Sydney for a margarine commercial, she should get back to him as soon as she can. He hangs up. Caroline turns off the answerphone and smiles to herself, "Do I feel like a half-day trip to Sydney...?" She picks up the 'phone and starts dialling. David suddenly comes into the room, behind her, and asks if there were any messages for him. Caroline stops dialling and replies quickly, "No - just one for me. They want me to do a margarine commercial - here in Melbourne." David mutters, "Congratulations." He walks out again. Caroline resumes dialling.

It's nighttime, and Alison is standing in the corridor at the mansion when Gordon comes in through the front door. She asks him in surprise what he's doing there. He explains that he's taking Janice and Owen up to Woombai. Alison queries, "Holiday?" Gordon replies, "For Janice it is, but Owen might end up working at the sanctuary - another one of Wayne's projects." Alison muses, "Yes, I remember someone mentioning it..." She then says, "Why don't you do an old friend a favour? Take Fiona with you - she hasn't been looking very well lately; I think she could do with a few days' break - and I don't mind looking after the place while she's gone." Gordon tells her, "I'll certainly make the offer." Alison adds, "I think it might be an idea if you said you had to twist my arm to look after the place. Fiona wouldn't like to feel I was doing her any favours." Gordon nods, "Point taken." With that, he goes and knocks on the door of Fiona's room and heads inside. In the corridor, Alison puts some money in the public 'phone and dials a number. When it's answered, she says, "Hello. It's Alison Carr. I have a job for you - tonight."

There are clothes strewn around Fiona's room. Janice, Owen and May are folding them up as Fiona tells Gordon, "Excuse the mess. Getting these two off to Woombai is worse than launching the Queen Mary!" Gordon looks over at Janice and asks her how the packing is going. She mutters, "Fine, fine." Owen asks her where the compass is that he bought. Janice suggests that it must be in his room. The two of them head out to look for it. Gordon then tells Fiona, "I've got a proposition for you: how would you like to go to Woombai too?" A broad smile crosses Fiona's face. It then disappears, though, and she murmurs, "No, I can't. What about this place?" Gordon tells her that Alison said she'd look after it. Fiona queries in surprise, "Alison said that?" Gordon replies quickly, "At first she didn't, but I managed to talk her into it." Fiona asks, "How? She's not the sort of woman to give favours easily." Gordon 'explains', "I told her it would help balance the books with Hamilton Industries. She hasn't put much time into the company since she's been doing this community work and I told her it would help make up for it." May prompts, "Go on, Fiona, take the break. You deserve it." Fiona says warily, "I'm not too keen on leaving this place in Alison's hands." May points out, "I'll be here to make sure she doesn't get up to any mischief." Fiona, though, laughs, "You can keep an eye on her?" May insists, "Of course I can." She then adds, "There you are, Gordon: I think you've got another passenger." With that, Gordon picks up Janice and Owen's suitcases and heads out to the car.

The next morning, Glen and Ginny are returning to Ginny's bus, Ginny commenting as they do so, "You know, I thought I would've crashed by now, but it's amazing: I feel terrific!" Glen suggests that it must be her second wind. Ginny then opens the door of the bus and heads inside. A look of horror crosses her face suddenly and she cries, "Oh no..." Glen asks what the matter is. He follows her inside and looks round. The place has been trashed. He mutters, "Oh hell..."

A while later, Ginny and Glen are walking along the corridor in the hallway at the mansion, Ginny looking upset. Glen tells her that it's OK to cry. Ginny, though, snaps, "Only weak people cry." Glen sighs, "I can just never understand the mentality of people who get kicks out of smashing things. It's just so senseless." Ginny, though, says curtly, "It wasn't senseless." Glen asks her in surprise if she thinks she knows who did it. Ginny, however, says quickly, "No. I just mean they smashed everything, that's all. There's nothing they didn't touch." She then gasps, "Did you see my diary? It had a gold cover. They didn't rip that up, did they?" Glen reaches into his pocket slowly and takes out the diary. Pages have been torn out. He tells Ginny, "I'm sorry." Ginny bursts into tears and dashes off to the bathroom.

A short time later, Glen is standing in Fiona's room with Alison, who asks, "Where is she now? Still at the bus?" Glen explains, "She's in the bathroom, trying to stop crying. She doesn't like anyone to see her cry - she thinks it's weak." He adds, "I'll tell you what, though: it's not half as weak as those mongrels who wrecked her bus." Alison just raises her eyebrows in indifference and asks, "She still doesn't have any idea who--?" Glen interrupts and sighs, "No." Alison comments, "The whole business does sound familiar, though, doesn't it? It's got 'Wayne' written all over it." Glen points out, "Wayne's up in Noosa." Alison reminds him, "There are 'planes in Noosa." Glen asks, "Does he know Ginny has the tape?" Alison shrugs, "Guess he must." Glen asks, "How?" Alison says, "Andy, I suppose." She goes on, "You're going to have to get that tape for Ginny's sake. As long as she's holding onto it, Wayne's not going to give up." Glen murmurs reluctantly, "Yeah, you're right." Alison stands there looking pleased with herself.

There's a knock on the front door at Charlie's. There's no one there to answer it, though. A key is put into the lock, the door opens and Caroline steps inside. She calls, "Charlie?" There's no answer. She then heads into the lounge room and looks around. She walks over to the drinks cabinet and opens one of the drawers. She looks inside and takes out a photo of Alison. She glares at it, a look of intense fury and bitterness on her face.

Alison is sitting at the desk in Fiona's room at the mansion, adding up some figures. May walks in suddenly, holding two parcels, and Alison asks what they are. May tells her, "I'm not sure - they've only just arrived. One for Fiona and one for me. I just love getting parcels - it's rather like getting an unexpected Christmas present!" She then opens an accompanying letter and starts reading it. After a few seconds, her face drops and she gasps, "I don't believe it..." Alison asks what's wrong. May, however, retorts, "I'm not sure that I should tell you. You'll probably get a note, too - and a parcel as well." Alison looks at her sharply and asks, "Why?" May tells her carefully, "It's Bjorn: he's dead." A look of shock crosses Alison's face. After a few seconds, she asks, "How?" May replies, "It was an accident. That's all it says. Apparently Bjorn specified that Fiona and I should get some of his personal possessions. That's why I said you'd probably get a parcel too. If you'd rather be on your own..." Alison nods, "Yes..." May picks up her parcel and leaves the room. Alison sits at the desk, looking devastated.

Caroline arrives back at the country house and sits down at the kitchen table. She puts a file of papers down and opens it. Inside is a pile of newspaper cutting. On top is an article headlined 'James Hamilton to Wed'. Underneath is an article headlined 'Alison Carr Arrested for Murder'. David comes in through the back door suddenly and Caroline quickly closes the file. David looks at her warily and asks, "How was the butter ad?" Caroline smiles and corrects, "Margarine. It was OK." David mutters, "Good." Caroline then says, "I'm sorry... some of the things I said to you yesterday: they weren't very nice." David tells her, "I reckon I ran off at the mouth just as much." Caroline smiles and asks, "Friends again?" David smiles back, "Sure." He then adds, though, "I still don't like the type of work you're doing. But I know it's none of my business - it's not my job to sit in judgement." Caroline, however, admits, "You were right: the reason I got so tense was because I was embarrassed because you found out. It won't happen again. Once is enough." David smiles at her and then announces that he'd better get back to the gardening. He heads off outside.

A short time later, David is digging over a patch of earth when Caroline calls over, "Can I give you a hand?" She's approaching him, wearing old clothes. David tells her that he can give her a hand getting some weeds out. Caroline smiles, "Fine." They bend down to start work and David adds that he's going to plant a few more rows of lettuce. Caroline comments to him that he enjoys working outdoors. David nods, "Oh yeah! If I had all the choices I'd forget about the business side of things and divide my time between driving the truck and this." Caroline suggests, "If it makes you happy, that's what you should aim for." She adds, "For a while there, with Laura, I thought you'd changed - but you haven't: you'll always be the same and I wouldn't have it any other way!"

Later that day, Caroline is sitting on the couch inside, in the lounge room, rubbing her hands. David joins her and asks her how they are. She smiles, "They'll survive! I'll be out there again tomorrow morning." David then asks her if she's checked the answerphone for any messages. Caroline replies, "Not yet." David switches the machine on and a voice starts saying, "Dave... it's Bob. Listen, mate: I've got some bad news. I stopped the truck to have lunch at a petrol station and, er... well, when I came out, someone had pinched it. I called the cops and they're looking for it now - so I'll talk to you soon. See ya." David turns off the machine and mutters, "You wonder where it's all going to end, don't you? Top of everything else, someone knocks me truck off. God Almighty... a man can't win, can he? Maybe I'm not meant to." He adds, "It would explain a hell of a lot of things if Wayne was behind all this." Caroline asks, "Do you think he is?" David points out, "He said he was going to fix me..."

Alison is standing in the lounge room at Charlie's, the 'phone to her ear. She says, "I'd like to speak to a Mrs. Bjorn Nilsson, please." She listens and then says, "Hello. Mrs. Nilsson? My name's Alison Carr. I'm a friend of your husband's. We met on board his ship." Glen appears suddenly at the patio doors and Alison indicates to him to come in. As he does so, Alison says on the 'phone, "I've just heard the terrible news about Bjorn and I wanted to say how sorry I was." She listens again and then says in surprise, "He's there with you now?... I'm sorry - it seems like I've been the victim of a rather cruel joke... Yes, don't worry, I have a fair idea who's behind it... Yes, I will... Thankyou. Goodbye." She slams down the 'phone and Glen asks, "What was that all about?" Alison growls, "It was one of Wayne's latest little efforts. He led me to believe that Bjorn had been killed. Also that he'd left keepsakes for everybody except me." Glen comments in concern, "Makes you wonder what he's got next in store for Ginny, doesn't it?" Alison nods knowingly, "Yes. Doesn't it...?"

Ginny is sitting in Fiona's room at the mansion when Glen walks in, holding a carrier bag. He asks her if she got any sleep. Ginny sighs, "A couple of hours. Thanks for the loan of the bed." Glen tells her, "Thank Fiona when she gets home." He then holds out the carrier bag and says, "I got you something." Ginny asks in surprise, "For me?" Glen tells her, "It's nothing much, but I hope you like it." Ginny reaches into the bag and takes out an ornamental teapot." She exclaims, "Glen, it's beautiful. You don't know how much this means to me." She then leaps up from the couch and kisses Glen passionately on the lips. He pushes her away quickly and asks in surprise, "Is that how you always kiss your friends?" Ginny tells him, "I just wanted to say 'thanks'." Changing the subject, Glen asks, "Have you had any thoughts on why someone might have broken into your bus?" Ginny says quickly, "Probably just bored kids." Glen comments, "You don't think it could have been someone looking for the tape?" Ginny stares at him and asks in surprise, "How did you find out about that?" Glen explains, "From Alison, when I told her what happened. She thinks Andy might have told Wayne you had the tape and he's the one behind the break-ins. Alison knows what Wayne's like, Ginny; she's worried what he might try next." Ginny snaps, "Worried he'll end up with the tape before she gets her hands on it, you mean." Glen nods, "That's part of it - but she's concerned for your safety. So am I." He then goes on, "The truth is, Ginny, I've known about the tape right from the start. It's the reason I started seeing you." A look of horror crosses Ginny's face. Glen continues, "I'm sorry I wasn't up-front right from the word 'go', but I wasn't. I will be now, though. The other thing is: I've really grown to like you - that's why I don't want to see you hurt. So you have to tell me where that tape is, Ginny, because as long as you hold onto it you're in real danger. It's as simple as that." Ginny just stands there and stares at him.

A few moments later, Ginny snaps, "Forget it, Glen. I wouldn't tell you where the tape was if you were the last person on earth. The same goes for that bitch Alison - she'll never see it, either." Glen insists, "I'm only thinking of you, Ginny." Ginny snaps, "Pull the other one." She then picks up the ornamental teapot and throws it down on the floor, yelling, "From now on, just stay away from me, got it?" She storms off, looking upset.

Sometime later, Glen walks up to Ginny's bus. He peers inside and then goes and leans against the frame. A few seconds later, Ginny comes out through the door. Spotting Glen standing there, she snaps, "I said I didn't want to see you again." Glen explains, "I thought you might have cooled-down by now, enough for me to explain some more. It has been a couple of hours." He goes on, "I didn't want to lie to you, Ginny. It's up to you whether to believe that or not, but I swear it's the truth." Ginny demands, "Then why did you?" Glen tells her, "I've been in a lot of strife lately - and Alison and a lot of other people went out on a limb to help me. So when she asked me to help her find the tape, I just didn't feel as though I could say 'no'. I guess I'm the sort of bloke who pays his debts." He continues, "Alison may not be a saint, Ginny, but she's genuinely concerned about you. You just don't realise how important that tape is: it's not for your sake or for Alison's sake we have to get it back; there's a family in Melbourne involved: the Palmers. You couldn't meet a nicer couple. They've got a daughter - Susan. You couldn't meet a nicer girl, either; I know I certainly haven't." He doesn't notice Ginny's lip start to quiver. He goes on, "Anyway, for one reason or another, Susan decided to marry Wayne. We all tried to stop her but Wayne managed to beat us at every turn. He's threatened to destroy them, Ginny - Susan's mum and dad - just because they tried to stop the wedding. If we can get that tape back, we'd be helping them as well." Ginny listens, but then snaps, "Susan's oldies mean nothing to me. Why should they? I don't even know who they are. And Wayne doesn't scare me, either. I can take care of myself. I'm not giving up the tape, Glen - and you know why? For as long as I hold onto it I've got a chance of a recording career - probably the only chance I'll ever have of getting somewhere. And I'm not going to throw that away for anyone." With that, she turns and marches off, leaving Glen looking frustrated.

David is talking on the 'phone in the kitchen at the country house, saying glumly, "Thanks anyway, Sarge." Caroline joins him as he hangs up. She asks, "No word?" David sighs, "No. I was counting on the money from the delivery to pay for the truck. Now, I've got no load to deliver and no truck to deliver it in." Caroline points out, "You've still got some money coming in: 'Home in Style' will be back on the road soon, and you've got a cash crop from the market garden in another couple of weeks." David, however, tells her, "I need it now, Caroline. If I'm one day late with the repayment, Wayne will repossess the truck as quick as look at you." Caroline stares at him and then walks over to her handbag. David asks her what she's doing. Caroline tells him, "Writing you out a cheque for the money I earnt for the margarine commercial." David, however, retorts, "No you don't. You accept money from friends and you end up in strife. Look what happened to us about that $300. I'd rather we just be friends, because right now that is more important to me than racing around trying to raise a loan from someone. Really." Caroline looks at him, gratefully. She then suddenly comes aware of a roaring noise outside. David hears it as well, and he looks over at the back door, a puzzled expression on his face. He then heads outside.

Out in the grounds, a bulldozer is being driven along the track. It heads off towards the main road as David exclaims, "What in the hell's going on here?" He looks at Caroline. He then runs across to his vegetable plot. The ground has been completely flattened. David gasps, "He's gone over the whole lot. He's wrecked the whole garden." Caroline queries, "Wayne?" David murmurs bitterly, "It has to be. Can't prove it, though, can I? He said he'd do it and he has: he's wiped me out..."


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