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    Written by: Bruce Hancock   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

Outside, Tina has outlined her plans for Debbie's birthday party to Craig and she asks him what he thinks. Craig smiles that she's a genius! Susan walks over to them suddenly and grins, "Hi!" She then asks where Deb is. Craig explains that she's back at the hotel; he and Tina are planning a surprise birthday party for her. Susan asks when her birthday is. Tina tells her, "The 31st." Craig adds that Tina thinks everyone should come as a character beginning with 'D'. Susan smiles that it sounds fun! She adds that Wayne can pay for the food and the decorations and Craig will then have more money to buy Debbie a decent present. Craig accepts this. Tina tells him, "She'll love you for it - you wait and see!"

At the country house, Caroline - who's all dressed up - walks into the kitchen from the hallway as Charlie comes in through the back door. Charlie tells her that she looks absolutely gorgeous. Caroline explains that it's her interview dress: she's about to head off for another one. She goes on bitterly that she's lost out on five jobs already: it seems as though her jail record is of more concern than her talent and appearance. Charlie tells her that the job with her and Lisa is always there; she just has to wait until Lisa gets back. Caroline, though, says she really does need something now. She adds plaintively that somebody out there's got to give her a chance. Charlie then offers, "You're more than welcome to stay with me if you decide to try looking in Sydney." She adds quickly, "I realise you and Alison don't get exactly on, but she's hardly ever home these days - she spends most of her time at the mansion." Caroline insists, "It's alright - I'm not angry with her any more. As a matter of fact, I was thinking that, if I could save up enough money, I'd like to come to Sydney and settle it with her..." Charlie smiles, "That's wonderful!" She then takes a key for her front door out of her handbag and, handing it over, says, "You've got to promise to use it every time you're up." Caroline replies, "I promise. But in the meantime I haven't quite given up on Melbourne yet." With that, she heads out.

A while later, a man is writing on a sheet of paper. He asks, "Height?" Caroline is sitting in a photographic studio with him and she tells him, "Five foot five." The man asks, "Statistics?" Caroline replies, "38-24-36." The man then asks her to stand up. He walks round her, asking as he does so if she minds changing hairstyles for particular jobs. Caroline laughs, "As long as it's not a mohawk!" The man then tells her, "You're exactly what I want. How about we start right now?" Caroline nods, "Fine." The man smiles, "OK! I'll set up while you take off your clothes." Caroline looks at him in horror.

A few seconds later, the man is standing behind a camera. Caroline is still standing there, looking horrified, and the man asks if there's any problem. Caroline murmurs, "I didn't realise the modelling was in the nude." The man, though, assures her quickly, "Hang on - you'll be wearing something: I'm doing a brochure for some furniture." Caroline, looking relieved, asks what she gets paid. The man tells her, "Three hours, three hundred dollars." Caroline says, "Five hundred." The man, however, sighs, "Look, Miss. Morrell, you don't have an agent, you're totally inexperienced and I'm offering good money. Take it or leave it." Caroline asks, "Cash?" The man nods, "If you like." Caroline accepts, "Alright - I'll do it."

Debbie and Andy are sitting at a bar at the hotel in Noosa. It's raining outside and Andy comments that it's lucky they were playing tennis indoors. They suddenly spot Craig and Tina outside, Tina laughing, "No! No!" as Craig pulls her into the pool! Debbie stares at them and then storms off. Andy goes after her.

A short time later, in a reception area, Andy suggests to Debbie that she talks to Craig before she gets upset; she shouldn't give up trying on someone, especially if she really cares about them. Debbie comments, "Sounds like that's coming from experience." Andy sighs, "The only difference with me was I didn't realise how much I cared for her 'til she was gone." He sits down and goes on, "But you've got a chance to do something about it." Debbie asks, "Why didn't you?" Andy replies, "It's complicated. See, Kelly and I had been going out for ages. I was pretty happy just doing my mobile DJ-ing - like parties, school dances, that sort of stuff. Then we both got a job on a cruise ship and all-of-a-sudden I was in charge of the ship's disco. It was a pretty big jump. I guess it went to my head." Debbie asks gently, "What happened?" Andy replies, "I started neglecting her. Thought I was some hotshot celebrity. A couple of guys even offered to set me up in my own club after the cruise. What a joke... Turned out they didn't even have a cent between them." Debbie prompts, "And Kelly left you?" Andy replies, "Not straight away. She got homesick on the ship, and the more I ignored her, the worse it became - 'til one of the musos started chatting to her. Exactly what she needed: a bit of attention. I didn't even have a clue it was happening. By the time the cruise had ended, all the club plans had fallen through and I finally came to my senses... I looked around for her and she was gone. Living with a muso; as far as I know, they're still together. It was my fault. I took too long to realise - but you haven't, so don't give up." Debbie sighs that she doesn't know if it'll make any difference. Andy points out that she won't know unless she gives it a shot. Debbie sits there looking thoughtful for several seconds. She then stands up and says, "I'd better get ready for dinner, then. I'll see you at Wayne and Susan's. And thanks for the talk, Andy. It helped." With that, she heads off to her room, leaving Andy looking thoughtful.

In the photographer's studio, Caroline is reclining on a couch in a skimpy costume as the photographer takes shots of her. As he finishes his final reel of film, he tells Caroline, "You were excellent. In fact, I'll give you the address of an associate, if you're interested." He writes it down and hands it over. Caroline thanks him. He adds, "I'll also give a recommendation to an agency." Caroline queries, "Agency for what?" The man tells her, "Models. Where I get most of my girls from. You might like to join them." Caroline nods, "Yes, I think I might." The man then takes out $300 and hands it over. Caroline takes it and smiles, "Pleasure doing business with you."

Charlie is sitting at the kitchen table at the country house when Caroline arrives home. Charlie asks if the interview went well. Caroline beams, "Better than that: three hours' work with the promise of more to come. Might be able to afford a trip to Sydney sooner than I thought." Charlie smiles, "Fabulous!" As Charlie goes and puts the kettle on, Caroline sits down and asks carefully, "How are Wayne and Alison getting along these days?" Charlie sighs, "Worse than ever. Honestly, you wouldn't believe what went on before Wayne's wedding." Caroline remarks, "I suppose Alison tried to stop it." Charlie tells her, "We all did. Wayne was awful to Glen: all those lies about him being the father of Maria's baby and then abandoning them... Glen was so upset - especially when the marriage went ahead." Caroline asks, "What happened afterwards? Did Wayne and Alison call a truce?" Charlie replies, "Hardly. You see, Alison paid for Glen's trip to Bali. He managed to get Maria to admit she was lying because Wayne bribed her. It was all recorded on cassette. Imagine how upset Susan would be if she heard it." Caroline asks, "Why didn't she?" Charlie admits in embarrassment, "The cassette got lost... It still is. Wayne's desperate to find it." Caroline comments, "I bet Alison is, too." Charlie tells her, "She'd give her right arm. They both would." Caroline sits there looking thoughtful.

It's nighttime, and Susan is sitting with Craig in a reception area at the hotel in Noosa, telling him, "You've got to wear a hat: all the dwarves did!" They quieten down as Debbie and Andy walk up to them suddenly, and Susan stuffs a bag under the couch she and Craig are sitting on. She then looks at Debbie and comments, "I hope you're feeling hungry. We're going to have fresh bream." There's a table laid out in front of them and Debbie asks who the extra place is for. Susan tells her, "Tina. She wasn't doing anything. Thought it would be nice to ask her along." Debbie looks down at the ground, clearly disappointed. Andy, looking at Craig and Debbie, chips in brightly, "Listen, I had an idea for tomorrow: why don't you two give the honeymooners a bit of time together and trek off to the Giant Pineapple?" Susan smiles quickly, "Why not? Sounds great!" Debbie looks at Craig imploringly. Craig, though, tells her that it's out for him as he's got a heap of shopping to do. Debbie stands there looking upset.

Later that evening, Debbie joins Andy in his room, insisting that he didn't have to leave too. Andy, though, tells her that she doesn't have to be so brave; he knows how it feels. Debbie cries, "Did you see the way Tina and Craig were whispering to each other? It was almost as though I wasn't even there." Andy replies, "I did see them and I think you're reading too much into it." Debbie cries, "What if I'm not? It's going to be terrible - we still have to work together." Andy raises quickly, "How's the driving business going?" Debbie murmurs, "It was going great guns. Just imagine if we did split up, though: I really don't think I could do it." Andy pushes, "And you couldn't go back to the market garden, could you? That's been leased out..." Debbie replies, "It's been half leased-out; David still co-runs it." Andy comments, "I hadn't heard about that." Debbie tells him, "The other people do most of the work, though; it's not as if there's a job waiting there for me." Andy murmurs, "Of course not." He looks pleased with himself.

The next morning, Susan is sitting on her and Wayne's bed when there's a knock on the door. She goes and answers it to find Andy standing there. He steps inside and asks if Wayne is about. Susan sighs, "You two are amazing, you know that? You come up here for a break and you spend half your time working." She then adds that she thinks Wayne is down sending telexes.

Downstairs, Craig is sitting with Tina in a reception area, drinking coffee. She asks him if he's hidden his costume yet. He replies, "In Susan's room - we're stashing all of them in there." At that moment, Debbie walks over to them, followed by Andy. Craig calls across to them, "Hi!" Debbie stares at him and Tina sitting together. Tina stands up and announces that she'd better get changed and back on the job, and she heads off. Craig looks at Debbie and asks, "Fancy a game of tennis?" Debbie, though, retorts, "No. Sorry. Andy and I are going for a swim. I'll see you later." She and Andy walk off, leaving Craig looking puzzled.

David is sitting at the kitchen table at the country house, a sheaf of papers in his hand and a calculator on the table in front of him. Caroline walks in from the hallway and sighs, "I wish I could help. I feel so useless." David, however, assures her, "It's not your problem. I've got to find a way out of it for myself." Caroline asks him if he couldn't approach the bank for another loan. David, though, tells her, "They wouldn't be in it. I'm pushing my luck as it is." Caroline sighs, "A year ago I could have written you out a cheque on the spot; solved everything. Now, I can hardly afford a packet of chewing gum." David suggests, "Then stop worrying about me and go out there and take care of yourself!" Caroline smiles at him weakly. She then stands up. As she walks to the door, she adds, "If anybody contacts me about work, could you give them this number?" She reaches into her bag and takes out a card, adding, "It's a modelling agency I joined. I don't want to miss out on any jobs - they're not exactly flooding in." She then adds, "Chin up," and heads out. She pauses just outside the back door and then reaches into her handbag and takes out the $300, looking thoughtful.

A while later, Caroline is standing in another photographic studio. A man standing with her tells her, "I'll pay $300 an hour." Caroline asks how long it'll take. The man replies, "Two hours. There's no need to rush away." Caroline asks him if she can see some samples of his work. The man hands over some shots of women wearing very little clothing. Caroline stares at them and gasps, "You've got to be joking." The man asks what the problem is." Caroline growls, "It's little more than pornography." The man, however, snaps back, "Don't waste my time, OK? Do you want the money or don't you?" Caroline asks warily, "Are they going to be these sort of photos?" The man nods, "More or less." Caroline mutters, "How much 'less' can you get?" She then tells him curtly, "Find yourself someone else, Mr. Jones. I'm not that hard up." She storms out.

Back at the country house, Caroline is sitting in the lounge room, looking at a magazine, when David and Charlie walk in. David comments that he didn't expect her back so soon. Caroline tells him that the job fell through. She then asks if Beryl got away OK. David nods, "Yes - and it was good to see her go, too. I reckon Wayne would do anything to get at me - he knows how fond I am of Robert - and Beryl, of course - and in London they're just out of his reach." Caroline comments, "I can't believe he'd use Robert - not even Wayne is that ruthless." Charlie, however, tells her, "He already has, darling. Why do you think Beryl bought the security system? In fact, why do you think I bought her the ticket to London? Because Wayne has threatened them as well as David, that's why. The poor woman has been scared out of her wits. Anyway, they should be safe now." She then heads out of the room, saying she's going to ring the warehouse and see if Lisa's back. When she's gone, Caroline gasps, "I can't believe it..." David growls, "If he lays a finger on them... he's an animal." Caroline then reaches into her handbag and takes out her $300. Holding it out to David, she tells him, "I know it's not much, but it might help to keep Wayne off your back." David insists that he couldn't. Caroline, however, says, "Please take it. You helped me when I was down; I'd like to do the same for you." David tells her, "You need it as much as me." Caroline, however, tells him, "Don't worry. I got offered another job this morning - it'll pay well. I'll be able to give you some more tomorrow." David comments, "I don't know what to say." Caroline tells him, "Don't say anything. Just start paying some of those bills."

Sometime later, Caroline is back in Mr. Jones' studio. As she sits down on a leather couch, wearing a skimpy blue top and short black skirt, Jones tells her, "I'm glad you changed your mind - you'll probably enjoy it more than you think. Who knows? You might even come back for more..."

At the hotel in Noosa, Andy and Debbie walk into Andy's room, Andy telling Debbie, "Come on - a swim will do you good." Debbie, though, sighs that she doesn't feel like it anymore. Andy sighs, "OK - I'm going to have to try something else." He then picks up a small box from the table and, handing it over, says, "That's for you." Debbie asks in surprise, "What for?" Andy asks, "Does there have to be a reason? Open it." Debbie does so to find a shell necklace inside. She smiles, "It's lovely." Andy tells her, "You deserve it." Debbie sighs that she must have been the most depressing company he's ever had. Andy, however, tells her, "Rubbish - you've been a real help." Debbie asks, "How could I have been?" Andy explains, "Wayne had this problem that he wanted me to take care of, but I couldn't come up with anything until you gave me an idea." Debbie protests that she doesn't have a clue about business. Andy, though, tells her, "It wasn't business; it was... personal." Debbie sighs, "I just wish I could solve my own personal problems. I just keep wondering what it's going to be like working with him - especially if he stays keen on Tina." Andy suggests, "Maybe the problem could take care of itself. You mightn't have to work with him." Debbie asks in surprise, "What do you mean?" Andy muses, "You never know... David's business might pack up." Looking shocked, Debbie exclaims, "Andy!" Andy, however, points out, "It would make it a lot easier for you: you wouldn't have to face Craig every day. In fact, you could clear out completely and come up to Sydney." Debbie protests that David's business won't pack up. Andy, though, insists, "It's always on the cards, Deb. It doesn't matter how good you are. Anyway, a move to Sydney might be just what you need. I'd help you settle in... find yourself a place to live... another job..." Debbie interrupts and cries, "No, Andy. Please." Andy assures her quickly, "I only meant if things don't work out, I'd like to help." Debbie suggests, "Let's just hope they do."

Craig is standing with Susan in her and Wayne's hotel room. She holds a pink dress up against herself and asks Craig what he thinks. Craig asks blankly, "What is it?" Susan tells him, "Dorothy, of course. Wizard of Oz!" Craig just looks away. Susan asks him what's wrong. Craig mutters, "I just saw Debbie going into Andy's room." Susan asks, "So?" Craig retorts, "Andy had his arm around her." Susan points out, "They're friends. Stop jumping to conclusions." Craig insists, "I'm not. There's more to it - you could tell." Susan insists, "I'm sure it was perfectly innocent." There's suddenly a knock on the door and Andy walks in. He smiles, "Hi! What's everyone up to?" Craig glares at him and snaps, "I don't know. You tell me." Andy looks at him and mutters, "It was just a question." Craig demands, "What the hell are you doing with Debbie?" Andy replies innocently, "Nothing." Craig snarls, "Come on. I'm not stupid." Andy nods at him and then says tersely, "For your information, I've been giving her a bit of company, 'cos the way people round here have been treating her, she needs it." Craig growls, "Looks like you were giving her more than just company." Andy gasps, "Listen to him putting dirt on me while he's running around Noosa with Tina." Craig retorts, "Tina and I are old High School friends." Andy snaps, "High School friends. That's a good line - I'll have to remember that." Craig growls, "Listen: the only girl I care about is Debbie. You better watch yourself or I'm gonna smash your face in." Andy snaps, "Why don't you see how Debbie feels before you start shooting your big mouth off? Maybe she's not as keen on you as you think." He prods Craig in the chest as he says this. Craig gives him a shove back. Susan quickly runs and stands between them, snapping, "Stop it. Cut it out. Do you hear me? Just stop it. If you want to spoil everybody's holiday, you're going the right way about it. Now, let's just forget what happened and shake hands. Come on." Andy looks at Craig and mutters, "Let's just forget it." Craig mutters back, "Fine." Andy walks off, leaving Susan looking worried.

David is sitting at the kitchen table at the country house when Charlie walks in through the back door. She has a large envelope in her hand and she tells David, "I thought you might like to see photographs of Beryl. The proof sheets arrived after lunch. They're for the biscuit packets." She shows David, but he just mutters that he'll check them out later. Charlie comments that he seems awfully busy. David nods, "Paying some bills off at long last. Been hanging around my neck for weeks." Charlie tells him that she'll leave him to it, and she goes to head out again. As she does so, David says, "Hey, Charlie. Do you know if Caroline needs help with anything? She's done me a good turn; I'd just like to return the favour." Charlie, though, shrugs, "I wouldn't worry about Caroline, darling - she seems to have taken the modelling world by storm. Why don't you go along and see her work sometime? Surprise her. She'd love it!" David asks how he'd find out where she is. Charlie tells him, "Ring her agent, darling."

In the photographic studio, Caroline tugs at her top to split it slightly. Jones, though, growls at her, "I said rip it." Caroline points out, "That is a rip." Jones snaps, "You've just been attacked. It's got to look mean. That looks like you caught your fingernail on your blouse." He walks over to her and grabs hold of the top. Caroline cries, "Don't touch me." Jones just snaps back, "Don't be a prima donna. If I want to tear your shirt, I'll tear your shirt." Caroline cries, "Get your hands off me." Jones snarls, "You've just been attacked; roughed-up. Do I have to show you what that means?" Caroline cries, "Get away." Jones continues to lean over her. Caroline begins to recoil in horror, crying, "Get away. Help! Help!" David suddenly runs in and, seeing Jones leering over Caroline, pulls him away and punches him in the stomach." He then asks Caroline if she's alright. Caroline stands up and cries at him, "Please. Stay there. Stay there..."


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