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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Gaye Arnold

A short time later, Alison is walking with Bjorn outside as he comments that he wasn't expecting such generous hospitality. Alison explains that Fiona told them how well he looked after her on the cruise. They join Charlie, who's setting out some food on a table. May is nearby, spraying insect repellent around. Alison says to Charlie that Bjorn's been saying he's in Sydney for six weeks' shore leave. Charlie offers to show him the sights, and Bjorn smiles that that would be wonderful! Alison then suggests that they have a champagne brunch tomorrow. Bjorn replies that he'd love to! Fiona walks over and joins them. She asks what the awful smell is and Alison explains that it's May's insect repellent. She then heads inside to get some more plates. May looks at the tray Fiona is holding and comments sourly that it's got her caviar on it. Fiona points out that they've got a lot to celebrate! May accepts this and then tells everyone to eat, drink and be merry! Changing the subject, she asks who's going to light the barbecue. Bjorn says he'll do it. Fiona tells Charlie that they need some more charcoal. Charlie heads off inside to get it.

A few minutes later, Bjorn is running through the process of lighting a barbecue, with May and Fiona, and he comments that it sounds exactly like the way they do it at home. May asks him if he misses his home. He replies that he does sometimes - but there is so much to do in life... there are so many things to take one's attention... As he says this, he glances across at the one of the mansion's female residents, who's hanging up her washing nearby! Fiona quickly asks him where he's staying in Sydney. He replies that he doesn't know yet. He continues looking across at the female resident and Fiona explains that she's one of their tenants - a student. Bjorn asks Fiona how she'd feel about him staying at the mansion - as a paying guest. May points out that it's hardly luxurious. Fiona, though, tells her grimly, "Luxury hotels are all very well... but they don't give one the chance to meet pretty young girls in very short shorts and T-shirts!" Bjorn smiles, "Women... I can't resist them!" Fiona explains to May that Bjorn's wife is very understanding about these things. Bjorn assures May that he'll be the sole of discretion!

Craig is working with Debbie just outside the back door at the country house, telling her that he can't wait to get started in the morning. Debbie comments that it's her day off; she can help him. Craig smiles that that would be fantastic! Debbie assures him that she'll help in any way she can.

The next morning, Craig and Debbie are in St. Kilda. They climb down from a tram and walk across the road. Craig suggests that they split up. Debbie asks him if he's got a spare photo. He tells her, however, to take his, adding that he shouldn't need it. He suggests that they meet at a coffee shop up the road at midday. Debbie wishes him luck and she walks off.

Sometime later, Debbie is wandering along the streets of Melbourne. Her attention is distracted, though, by a sideshow mime artist!

Bjorn has turned up at Charlie's. Charlie is dressed in a sailor's outfit, complete with hat! Bjorn smiles that she and Alison both look beautiful beyond words! He hands her a large arrangement of flowers and she smiles that they're lovely. Bjorn hands an arrangement to Alison and then looks deep into her eyes, telling her, "To say thankyou for making me so welcome..." Alison back at him momentarily, but then looks away quickly. Charlie says she'll put the flowers in water. She suggests to Alison that she take Bjorn through to the swimming pool, telling her to keep him entertained. She then leaves the room. Bjorn comments to Alison flirtatiously, "It seems we have our orders..."

A few moments later, Alison and Bjorn are out by the pool, and Alison is commenting that she hopes the weather holds up, as it's been a lovely day so far. Bjorn tells her, "Not as lovely as you are looking this morning..." Alison remarks quickly that she hopes he noticed Charlie's suit. Bjorn, however, replies with a twinkle in his eye, "I'm afraid my mind was on other things..." He takes a step towards her and goes on, "I just could not stop thinking how much I wanted to..." He breaks off and then leans in and kisses her. Alison pulls back and stares at him. She then, though, starts kissing back him, passionately. When they pull apart, Bjorn comments, "I suppose I should not have done that - but I wanted to, very badly, since the moment I first saw you." Alison murmurs, "I see." Bjorn continues, "But now that I know you feel the same... that is good, yes?" Alison, however, looking concerned, tells him quickly, "No, Bjorn. No it isn't. It's not good. It's not good at all..."

A few moments later, Bjorn points out to Alison that they find each other attractive. Alison, though, insists that she's not interested. Bjorn asks her why she should fight it. Alison tells him, "You caught me by surprise, that's all. As it happens, I'm involved with someone else - quite happily. Charlie's the one who you've touched." At that moment, Charlie walks over to them with a tray of breakfast things. Alison smiles that it smells delicious. She then adds quickly that she's just remembered that she has an important business meeting, and she heads off. Charlie smiles at Bjorn that she sometimes wishes Alison would relax occasionally. Bjorn, looking at breakfast, comments, "That looks delicious - but not as delicious as you, my Charlie. What a fetching outfit, that is." Charlie smiles, "I was starting to think you hadn't noticed!" Bjorn assures her, "How could I not notice? You are a beautiful woman. One notices everything..." He then leans in and kisses her hand, tenderly. Charlie sits there, letting him, staring at him, completely entranced...

Fiona is talking on the 'phone in her room at the mansion, telling the person on the other end that Bjorn turned up out of the blue and will be staying for about six weeks. She then suggests that they ought to get together while he's here. She listens before adding, "Give my love to Ben," and hanging up. May immediately asks her if it was anyone she knew. Fiona tells her that it was just some people she met on the cruise. May asks, "Who's this 'Ben' we're giving our love to?" Fiona just replies tersely, "An extremely good-looking and charming young man. We became very close friends." May smiles, "You were busy, weren't you, you old reprobate. Was he as handsome as Bjorn?" Fiona, though, retorts, "He will be - in about ten years' time. He's only twelve!" May laughs, "Oh, Fiona!" Fiona goes on that the poor little kid has severe speech problems: he's apparently had loads of speech therapists, but he doesn't relate to them all. Looking thoughtful, May suggests, "Perhaps I could be of help? A course of my speech lessons could work wonders." Fiona, however, retorts, "Oh no you don't: you're not using that kid's problems to squeeze money out of his parents." A look of shock crosses May's face and she gasps, "Really, Fiona, I thought you knew me better than that. Unless I saw a substantial improvement in the lad, I wouldn't accept a cent. And you might consider for a moment that I might actually be able to help him." Fiona, looking thoughtful, muses, "Mmm... maybe it would be worth a try."

In Melbourne, Craig and Debbie are sitting outside the coffee shop in St. Kilda. Craig is saying that he really thought it was her; from behind, it looked just like her. Debbie sighs that it must have been an awful disappointment. She then admits that she didn't ask as many people as she should've - she sort of got sidetracked. Craig points out that they've got the whole day yet. Debbie suggests that they'd better get back to looking. Craig suggests that they meet back at the coffee shop in about two hours.

Sometime later, a man sitting on a deckchair is sketching the view as Craig and Debbie walks towards him and comment that they haven't had much luck. Debbie notices the man with the sketch pad and suggests to Craig quickly that they get a portrait done. Craig points out warily that they haven't got much time... He then concedes that the guy looks pretty fast, and he muses that he supposes a few minutes wouldn't matter! They approach the guy and Craig asks him how much it is for a drawing for the two of them. The man tells him, "$11." Craig accepts this. The artist asks him and Debbie if they'd like to put their arms round each other. They do so. The man then asks Craig if he'd turn his face a bit to the left. Craig does so - and suddenly notices a woman in the distance descending some steps of a motel. He says quickly, "Deb... that's her. I'm sure it is! Come on!" They start running across the road. The artist stands up in annoyance. Debbie and Craig make it across to the motel, but it's too late: the woman has disappeared. Debbie sighs, "What do we do?" Craig replies, "I don't know. At least we know she's here. I suppose we just have to hang around and keep looking."

In her room at the mansion, Fiona is telling May about how she's going to sell some of her souvenirs on a stall at the local market to make some money. She then opens an envelope that she's holding and exclaims, "For goodness' sakes. Will you look at the size of this gas bill? I can't turn my back for five minutes. You must have had at least ten hot baths a day to use up all this..." She breaks off as she realises what she's saying. She then curses, "I am sorry. I forgot: that dreadful man trying to gas you all." May takes the bill from her and says she'll see to it. She adds, "Before I'm finished with them, they'll be offering you free gas for a whole year, just to shut me up!"

Debbie is walking along outside some shops in Melbourne. She suddenly stops in her tracks as she spots someone ahead of her. She starts approaching them slowly. The woman - Ruby - is the spitting image of Beryl, although more rough-looking. Her hair is piled on top of her head and she's wearing cheap cheap earrings and a necklace. She's standing outside a shop, a small table in front of her, and she calls over to Debbie, "Hello, love? Want to buy some nice jewellery?" She goes on, "It's all good-quality stuff. It's only going cheap because this friend of mine in the trade had to close down 'cos of illness." She adds that she can sell her a bracelet for $5. Debbie approaches her and stares at her. She then tells her, "I was just thinking: I've got this friend who looks a lot like you. I was wondering if you might be related or something." Ruby, though, retorts "No, no. I don't have any relatives." Changing the subject, she asks Debbie if she's from round there. Debbie tells her, "No - Orange." Ruby asks, "Family?" Debbie replies, "They're still in Orange. I haven't been here long. I've just got this job in a market garden." Ruby looks at her distastefully and retorts, "What? Market garden? Shovelling chook--?" She breaks off before continuing, "A kid with your looks could do so much better. I've got this friend and he could set you up, put you to work and you'd make real money." Debbie asks innocently, "Doing what?" Ruby tells her, "Using what God gave you. Blokes go for kids like you." Looking disgusted, Debbie shakes her head and mutters, "Oh. No..." She then makes a hasty escape, but looks back round at Ruby sadly, as she walks off.

Sometime later, Craig runs up to Debbie, but before she can say anything, he tells her excitedly, "I just found someone who knows her. She runs a jewellery stall and she's there every afternoon. Come on - she told me where." Debbie asks nervously, "Are you sure you're ready?" Craig insists, "Of course I'm ready. I've been searching for weeks."

Ruby is setting up more jewellery on her stall. A young boy suddenly passes her, holding some cash in his hand. Ruby stops him quickly and says, "Love, could you give me a hand for a sec?" She hands him a wooden mug tree, which has necklaces hanging off it, and asks him to hold it while she moves the other things on her stall around. The boy tells her, "Can't stop long." Ruby assures him, "It'll only take a minute." She then asks him where he's going with all the money in his hand. He replies, "It's my mum's birthday. I'm going to buy her a present." Ruby, bending down to his level, smiles, "Are you? What a nice little boy. Why don't you buy her one of my nice little things?" Debbie and Craig walk up behind her and watch as she shows the boy a bracelet and tells him, "This is real value. Your mum'd love it. What do you think? If I was your mummy, I would just love that for my birthday." Before the boy can respond, she grabs the money in his hand and hands him the bracelet. Debbie suddenly steps forward and demands, "Hey! What about the $5 change?" Ruby retorts, "That was a $10 item." Debbie tells her, "You said that was $5 when you tried to sell that to me." Ruby mutters, "Oh, it's you. That was a different bracelet." Debbie, though, takes the bracelet from the boy's hand and retorts, "It's the same one. That's $5 change - and I don't think he even wanted it, anyway." Ruby grabs it from her as she snaps, "He's already bought it. It's none of your business." Debbie goes to grab it back again, but just pulls it out of Ruby's hand and causes it to drop on the ground, where it breaks in half. Ruby growls at Debbie, "Now look what you've gone. You've ruined his mother's present." Debbie looks at the boy and says sympathetically, "You didn't want it anyway, did you?" The boy cries, "I was going to the gift shop and now I haven't got any money." Ruby mutters, "I can't help that, if people keep butting in." Debbie takes some money out of her purse and tells the boy to go and buy his mother something nice. Looking delighted, he smiles, "Gee, thanks," and runs off. When he's gone, Ruby warns Debbie, "If you want to keep throwing your money around, that's up to you. Just don't expect to get it off me." She then looks at Craig, who's staring at her, and snaps, "What's it to you?" Craig says hesitantly, "I'm a friend of hers." He indicates Debbie. Ruby growls, "Well don't think you can come round here making trouble. I've got a business to run. Now push off." Craig continues staring at her for several seconds, disappointment etched on his face. He eventually says to Debbie reluctantly, "Come on." They turn and walk away, both looking glum.


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