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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Andrew Howie

Craig storms off outside. Debbie follows him, demanding to know what's wrong. Craig just climbs into David's ute and snaps that he'll see her later. He roars away.

In the kitchen, Beryl suggests to Andy that Craig must have said something. Andy explains that he just asked Debbie out. Debbie walks in and, looking around at the mess, asks in surprise what happened. Andy mutters, "Craig went ape." He adds bitterly that he'll have to get his clothes dry-cleaned now. Debbie asks Andy what he said to Craig. Andy, though, retorts, "Why does everyone blame me?" Debbie insists that Craig wouldn't do it for nothing. Andy mutters that Craig has got a big head. He adds, "Someone ought to teach him a lesson. I think it's about time he grew up. I think it's about time someone told him to grow up..."

A man is standing outside a sex shop, enticing people to come inside. Craig walks up to him and the man checks, "Eighteen?" Craig nods, "Yeah, just." The man tells him, "Good enough. In you go." Craig, though, explains that he doesn't want to go inside. He then takes out his photo of Beryl and says to the man, "I was just wondering if you'd seen this lady: Ruby Hawkins - I'm trying to find her." The man looks at the photo, but just says, "Sorry." He then tries again to entice Craig inside. Craig, though, just walks off.

Alison is arranging a large bunch of flowers in the lounge room at Charlie's. As she does so, she tells Charlie that she'd like to give her something to thank her for all she's done. Charlie points out, "Friends shouldn't have to buy each other presents." Alison insists, "There must be something you'd like." Charlie suggests to her that she buy something for Isabella. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Charlie calls to the visitor to come in. It's Wayne. He walks in to the lounge room and, looking at Alison, says, "I've got some news for you." Alison muses disinterestedly, "Pray tell." Wayne says gleefully, "Dad's remembered seeing you driving the other car in the accident. He's given me back his Power of Attorney, too." Alison, looking shocked momentarily, just muses, "Oh well... c'est la vie, I suppose." She then turns to Charlie and asks her lightly, "What do you think I should wear to the trial?" Charlie smiles, "Clothes, darling!" Wayne, looking astonished, comments, "'C'est la vie.' Is that all you can say?" Alison snaps at him, "Oh, for heaven's sake, Wayne. What do you expect me to say? It's hardly the end of the world. After finally being cleared of a murder charge, negligent driving's not about to upset me. Give me the fine, I'll pay the cheque." Wayne, looking suddenly thoughtful, reminds her, "Speaking of murder charges, we have some private business to finalise, don't we..."

A short time later, Alison and Wayne walk into the lounge room at Dural, Alison saying as she does so, "Gordon doesn't know I'm Patricia?" Wayne tells her, "No. Medical opinions vary as to whether it'll bring on a seizure or not. I don't want to take the risk - and if you say anything--" Alison interrupts him and snaps, "Relax. For heaven's sake, why would I want to tell him?" Wayne points out, "He told the police about the accident." Alison hesitates and then says, "Listen, Wayne, I don't care about that - and I have no reason in the world to hurt Gordon, so just put your little mind at rest, huh? There's a good boy." Wayne glares at her. Changing the subject, he asks what they're going to do about Glen. Alison tells him he'll have to give her time to think - her brain isn't on the right wavelength at the moment. Glen and Susan suddenly emerge from the kitchen, Susan laughing as they do so. They join Alison and Wayne and Glen asks Alison if Wayne told her that he'd been rehired. Susan explains, "I insisted. We could hardly turn our back on a national hero!" With that, the two of them head off outside. When they've gone, Alison warns Wayne, "This could be difficult." Wayne, however, retorts, "I don't think so. In fact, I think it'll be a lot easier than I thought it would be..."

A few minutes later, Alison is commenting to Wayne, "If you ask me, it sounds a bit airy-fairy." Wayne, though, retorts, "What could be simpler? If she falls for heroes, OK, I'll be a hero. All we've got to do is organise a trip away or something. Anything, as long as pin-up boy Glenny's out of the way - then we can stage-manage some terrible calamity, during which I leap to the rescue." Alison mutters reluctantly, "Alright. If that's how you want to do it, I'll start thinking." There's suddenly a knock at the front door. Wayne goes to answer it and he finds Charlie standing there. She explains in concern that Isabella is missing again and she's come to fetch her. Looking thoughtful, Alison says to her suddenly, "Your holiday house, in the Hawkesbury. Is anyone using it this weekend?" Charlie replies in surprise, "I don't think so. What do you want it for?" Alison just smiles at Wayne...

Outside, Susan is holding Isabella while Rags jumps around next to her. Charlie, Wayne and Alison join them and Charlie takes hold Isabella, teasing her as she does so that she's a flirt! She then turns to Susan and asks her how she's feeling. Susan murmurs, "You know..." Charlie goes on, "We've been putting our heads together inside: we all think we need to get away for a weekend - especially Wayne. I think a couple of days in the country would do us all the world of good!" Susan asks where they'd go. Charlie smiles, "My place in the Hawkesbury - it's perfect: it's sunny, secluded, civilised..." Susan beams, "It sounds great!" Charlie then turns to Glen and asks, "What about you, Glen? Interested?" Wayne's face drops. Alison looks at him as Glen replies, "I've love to, Charlie - if I can get the weekend off." Charlie and Susan look at Wayne and Charlie asks, "Well? Does he have the weekend off?" Wayne mutters in annoyance, "Yeah. Of course."

Craig is standing in the kitchen at the country house with Debbie and Beryl. Debbie is holding some flowers and she tells Craig that they're lovely. She then heads off to put them in a vase. When she's gone, Beryl asks Craig where he's been. He tells her, "St. Kilda - asking around." Beryl asks, "And?" Craig replies that one lady recognised the photo of Ruby, but couldn't tell him exactly where she'd seen her. Changing the subject, Beryl warns Craig that he doesn't own Debbie - if someone else asks her out, he can't stop her going. Debbie comes back in as Craig sighs that he let Andy get to him; it was stupid. Beryl asks, "Because he asked Debbie to the movies?" Craig replies, "That didn't help things - but I hit him because he made a comment about mum." Beryl glances at Debbie and remarks in surprise, "He didn't mention that." She asks what he said. Craig, though, tells her that it's not that important, and he asks if they can just forget it. Beryl sighs, "Fair enough." With that, she heads off to check on Robert. Left alone with Debbie, Craig comments, "I suppose you think I'm a thug or something now, do you?" Debbie admits, "I did wonder - but if someone bagged my mum, I'd have a go at them, too." She then goes on, "I'm looking forward to meeting her - and your dad: I bet they're great people." Craig just stands there, looking worried. Debbie asks, "What's up?" Craig sighs, "Let's go for a walk, eh? I think it's time I told you a few things..."

A short time later, Craig and Debbie are walking in the grounds, talking. The two of them eventually end up back outside the house and Craig comments, "It's not your normal story, is it?" Debbie remarks, "Not knowing your mum... it would kill me." Craig admits, "I supposed I should have told you before, but I've been putting it off." Debbie asks in surprise, "Why? It's nothing to be embarrassed about." Craig explains, "I didn't know how you'd react - especially if mum turns out to be a bit rough." Debbie insists, "Rough or not - that won't change the way I think about you." There's silence for several seconds before Craig asks nervously, "What do you think about me?" Debbie tells him, "I like you. I like you a lot."

May is standing in Fiona's room at the mansion, looking through some holiday brochures. She then tells Fiona, "I wish you'd get your photos developed so I could see exactly what I've missed out on." Fiona muses, "As soon as I get some spare cash, that's exactly what I'll do." There's suddenly a knock on the door and Fiona calls, "Come on in!" The visitors are Alison and Charlie. Looking at Alison slightly distastefully, Fiona asks her and Charlie what brings them visiting. Alison tells her, "Me, as a matter of fact: if Micky's statement hadn't been found, I'd be facing jail by now, so I feel I owe everyone a large debt. I'd like to do something for you all; show how grateful I am." She adds, "It's quite a relief not having to be in hiding all the time, watching everything I say." Fiona looks at May and asks in surprise, "'In hiding'? What's she talking about?" May replies hesitantly, "Oh, er--" Alison gasps, "You haven't told her?" Fiona asks, "Tell me what?" Alison explains, "I'm Patricia."

Wayne is sitting with Gordon, who's lying in his bed at Hornsby Hospital. Gordon asks in surprise, "She wasn't upset at all?" Wayne replies, "Didn't seem to be. I said that you'd given me the Power of Attorney and all she said was, despite that, she hoped you could still see each other occasionally." Gordon muses, "There you go, then: women can be totally unpredictable sometimes!" There's suddenly a knock on the door and Glen walks in. Gordon smiles, "Well hello! Here's our resident lifesaver!" Glen asks Gordon how he is. Gordon replies that he's coming along nicely. He adds, "I've even talked them into letting me out for a few hours." Looking at Wayne, he goes on, "I can go to the golf club presentations on Saturday, if someone will drive me." Wayne, looking suddenly disappointed, replies, "Of course..." Gordon notices his expression and asks, "Problems?" Wayne insists, "No, no. I'll be here." Glen, though, chips in, "Hang on." Looking at Gordon, he explains, "Wayne, Charlie and Susan had organised a couple of days away - give themselves a chance to get over last week. How about if I take you?" Gordon smiles that that's fine. He then tells Wayne to have a holiday and relax. Wayne turns to Glen and smiles, "Thanks!"

In Fiona's room at the mansion, Fiona stands up and snaps at Alison, "Well. That certainly explains a lot." May comments in surprise, "I didn't know you knew her." Fiona retorts, "Oh yes, indeed. We go way back." Alison insists, "Fiona, I have changed." Fiona, however, laughs bitterly, "If I had a cent for every time I'd heard you say that I wouldn't have to be making jam, let me tell you." Charlie points out, "She could easily have told the police about Beryl and David, if she'd wanted to hurt people." Alison adds, "At least give me a chance to show I mean it." Fiona, though, snaps, "Oh, I'm sure you mean it - every time, Patricia. That's the sad thing, though: I honestly do believe you mean it. The problem is you can't stick to it." Alison insists, "Please, all I'm asking is a fair go--" Fiona interrupts her and sighs, "Alright, alright. It would be stupid to say 'let's kiss and make up' - that would just be downright hypocritical. But as far as I'm concerned, while there's a truce on you can drop in here any time you like." Alison smiles at her and says that she'd still like to show her appreciation in some way. Fiona mutters, "Forget it." May, though, points out to her quickly, "Just a minute: you weren't locked in the storeroom all day." Looking at Alison, she says, "I'd like a tin of Russian beluga caviar, please." Alison nods, "Done." She then suggests to Fiona that there must be something she'd like. Fiona muses, "There was a gorgeous man on the cruise. He'd make a wonderful present!"

Glen sits down with Susan and Wayne in the lounge room at Dural and suggests to Susan that he could always come on the Sunday afternoon. Looking disappointed, Susan murmurs, "It's just a pity that the golf presentation couldn't be on the weekend after." Wayne chips in, "I feel like a bit of a heel, making you stay." Glen, however, insists, "You didn't make me. I just figure you two need more of a holiday than I do, that's all." Wayne, putting his arm round Susan, suggests to her, "Guess we'll just have to cope without him, eh?" Susan points out, "At least we've got Charlie and Alison." Wayne nods grimly, "True. No one's ever alone when Charlie's around..." With that, Glen stands up and heads back to work.

In Fiona's room at the mansion, Fiona is saying to May, "I'm not telling you any more, May." May retorts, "You haven't told me anything, yet." Fiona points out, "I've told you that he was the purser and I met him on the Captain's table on the first night out at sea." May reminds her, "You haven't said what happened." Fiona, who's looking for something on the desk, mutters, "Where have my rolls of films gone?" May tells her, "Miss. Carr took them. She's financing the developing costs. She's buying a dress for Janice, too." Fiona mutters, "Something modern, I hope." May assures her, "Naturally." She then demands again, "What happened?" Fiona sighs, "I'm sorry to disappoint you, May, but there was no great romance. We simply had some fun times together, we swapped addresses and we promised to keep in touch - which is highly unlikely: it's the sort of thing people do say after three Margaritas on the last night at sea." She suddenly notices a burning smell in the air and she and May dash out to the kitchen!

Wayne is talking on the 'phone in the lounge room at Dural, saying, "I didn't have to wangle anything. Glen volunteered." Alison, at the other end, comments, "So Plan A's back on the drawing board, is it?" Wayne replies, "Spot on. Come over and figure out ways to make it work." Alison, though, tells him, "I will - tonight. I want to go back to the mansion now." Wayne orders, "Leave it." He listens and then retorts, "I don't care. I love her, Alison. I've got a golden chance of winning her back; I'll be damned if I'll blow it because you want to play Santa Claus. Now start thinking and get over here." With that, he slams down the 'phone.

Fiona and May emerge from the kitchen next to Fiona's room at the mansion and Fiona sighs, "That was a glorious waste of money. So much for paying off credit cards with jam sales." May points out, "That will teach you: you won't be so liberal on your next holiday, will you?" Fiona glares at her and warns, "You are going to have jam-flavoured hair in a minute..."

Alison is tying a bow to Rags' collar out by the pool at Dural. Wayne joins her and comments, "Looks silly, if you ask me." Alison explains that it's a present from Isabella: Charlie had to dash out and asked her to bring it over. She finishes tying the bow and Rags runs off. Wayne then asks Alison, "Any ideas?" Alison replies, "No." Wayne tells her, "I was thinking maybe some sort of fire: it would be alright if it was me there to rescue her." Alison, however, retorts, "That's far too dangerous. We need a situation where we know you're going to be in control." Wayne demands, "Such as?" Alison sighs, "I told you: I need time. At the moment, I want to get back to the mansion. I'll have something for you in the morning." Glen and Susan suddenly emerge from the house, wearing their swimming costumes. Susan is laughing and Glen explains to Wayne and Alison, "She was telling me she can't swim. Can you believe it?!" Susan warns, "Glen..." Glen, though, just smiles, "Come on - I'll give you a lesson!" They dash off round to the other side of the pool. When they're out of earshot, Wayne pulls Alison close to him and says quietly, "This is where we say 'Eureka'!" Alison looks at him and he tells her, "Imagine this: a boating accident. Susan is left floating in the middle of a river. Wayne leaps to the rescue." Alison warns warily him that that's just as risky as a fire. Wayne, though, retorts, "No it's not. I can swim - and it's only a river; there's no danger." He then declares, "That's the go. It'll work like a charm!"

Alison is back in Fiona's room at the mansion. She's placed a basket of goodies in front of May and May gasps in delight as she removes the carton of caviar. Alison tells Fiona that the photos will be ready tomorrow. May asks, "What about Janice's dress?" Alison explains that Charlie is buying that; she's going to bring it over. Fiona asks her, "What did you buy Charlie?" Alison, though, sighs, "There's a good question. Would you believe nothing? It's a bit of a worry, really - it's just that I can't seem to think of anything really appropriate."

Out in the hallway, the front door bursts open and Charlie steps inside, dropping a multitude of shopping bags as she does so. A swarthy-looking man wearing a ship's purser's uniform suddenly walks up behind her and says in an accent, "Need a hand?" Charlie turns to him, and looking impressed, smiles, "Perhaps, if er..." He picks up the bags and then tells Charlie, "I'm looking for Mrs. Thompson."

A few moments later, the door to Fiona's room opens and as Fiona looks round to see who's there, she exclaims, "Bjorn!" She and the purser hug tightly! Charlie chips in, "Bjorn was such a gentleman outside. There I was, a damsel in distress, and he offered to help me straight away. I didn't even hint!" Alison smiles, a plan clearly in her mind, as Charlie goes on, "How often do you find that these days?!" May suggests that they put some of Charlie's bags in her room. Charlie nods, "Good idea." Bjorn offers quickly, "I'll take some." Charlie accepts, "Alright," and she leads him out of the room! When she's gone, Alison muses to Fiona, "Now that's what I call appropriate. I think I've just found Charlie's present...!"


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