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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Andrew Howie

Craig is working just outside the back door at the country house when Caroline storms past him and heads inside. David is just telling Beryl that he thinks she might be right, so he's going down to listen to what Doug has to say. Caroline snaps at him, "If I were you, I'd give that pig of a man a wide berth." David asks wearily what's happened. Caroline growls, "I have just spent the worst day you can imagine." She then explains about having to dress in the uniform and then drive Doug to his yacht at the St. Kilda Marina, all intended to show her how much she's missing out on. Beryl asks her why she doesn't walk out. Caroline, though, retorts that she's not going to give him the satisfaction. David points out to her that she did start the whole thing. Caroline, though, retorts that that's besides the point. Beryl then asks her, "You did say the St. Kilda Marina?" Caroline nods, "Yeah, why?" Beryl turns to David and suggests to him that he go down there right now and tell Doug what he's decided. Caroline starts to warn him that that might not be a good idea. She then changes her mind, though, and muses nastily, "It'll be an excellent chance to catch him. The yacht's name is 'Pisces'..."

A short time later, David is walking along the marina, approaching Doug's yacht. Doug is sitting alone on the deck of his yacht and he asks David how he found him. David just replies, "It wasn't hard!" Doug tells him to climb aboard. As David does so, he adds, "I had a really boring bird here for a while. I soon gave her the flick, though. I only set her up to put Caroline's nose out of joint!" He then asks David what he can do for him. David explains that he's been thinking a lot about what Doug said; he's obviously been successful, so he might as well listen. Doug hands him a box and says, "Here - have an oyster!" He then recalls that he and Caroline were eating oysters one night and he bought her a pearl ring so she'd always remember... His voice fades away, sadly, and he smiles at David, "That's not what you're here to talk about, is it?!"

At the mansion, May, Janice and Neville walk into the manager's office and May comments that it seems odd coming back there; it's hard to believe any of it happened. Janice says she thinks she might have a rest. May asks her if she's sure there's something she didn't tell the doctor at the hospital. Janice insists, "I'm sure." She tells May that she should get off to bed. May, though, insists that there are things that need doing. Janice tells her that Neville can do them. A car horn suddenly starts beeping repeatedly outside, and May asks in surprise, "What on earth is that?" Janice growls, "I'll soon put a stop to it." She storms off outside.

Janice, May and Neville head out through the front door to find Fiona standing tooting the horn of a cab! May starts running towards her. Fiona laughs, "You'd all better have pretty good excuses why you didn't come down to the ship to meet me! No excuses, no pressies!"

A short time later, in the office, Fiona is unpacking the presents as May tells her, "I'm sorry we didn't make it to the ship, and I'm sure if you sent a cable it's here somewhere. It's just that we haven't been able to go through the letters these past few days." Fiona beams excitedly, "Business has been that good, has it? Oh wow!" She then laughs that she did feel sorry for them having such a dull time there at the mansion. She turns to Janice and notices the glum expression on her face. Turning to Neville and May, she asks in surprise, "What on earth is the matter with you all?" May replies, "Sit down. We have a lot to tell you..."

Beryl is preparing lunch at the kitchen table at the country house. Caroline is sitting at the table, filing her nails, and Beryl asks her suspiciously, "What's the matter? You keep grinning. Is there something you haven't told David and I about Doug?" Caroline smiles, "Yes, there was, I suppose. David going to see Doug on his yacht couldn't have suited me better." Beryl demands, "Why?" Caroline grins, "He had a lady friend with him. Serve him right to have all his plans turned upside down." Beryl growls, "And you let David walk in on them?" Caroline retorts, "Mr. Fletcher deserves it." Beryl growls, "You might have ruined everything." Caroline laughs, "With any luck!" Beryl snaps, "I mean for David: his trucking business could call flat on its face." Caroline remarks, "I don't see how." Beryl explains about David and Doug having a row that morning and about how David went down on there to patch things up. Caroline, though, just murmurs, "It's not my problem." Beryl growls, "It took me hours of talking to convince him to go at all. I hope he hasn't blown his chances."

On the yacht, Doug is telling David curtly, "It's not a matter of worrying about the finer points; you've got to take an over-all attitude." David nods, "Sure, but you've got to start thinking ahead what you're going to do with the vehicle. It's useless having it sitting around days at a time." Doug goes on, "I'm talking about the competition you're up against. You've got to make every load pay. The trick is to make every trip pay as much as possible." David muses, "Easy to say, mate, but unfortunately not always possible." Doug tells him, "It is possible if you're prepared to take risks." David points out, "It's safer to work on a steady income." Doug, however, replies, "That's the nub, though: you want a big income. That's where I got to where I am, Dave: big risks. You're really going to make a go of it? It's the only way." David sits there, looking thoughtful.

It's late evening, and Beryl is sitting in the lounge room at the country house. David wanders in and asks her in surprise what she's doing up. She explains that she just wanted to know what happened. David sits down and Beryl goes on, "After you left, Caroline told me that Doug had a girl on the boat. I just thought it might have gone badly for you." David chuckles, "No, it wasn't like that. Doug was only stirring Caroline a bit. The girl had already gone." Beryl asks how it went, then. David replies, "Good. Good. I took your advice. I must admit that there were a few times there I thought I was going to say he was barmy, but I didn't. He talked a lot of sense most of the time." Beryl asks, "Did you come up with any plan or anything?" David tells her, "Everything he does is based on risks - big risks." Beryl mutters, "Really?" David shrugs, "Makes sense." Beryl muses, "I suppose if you're using his money it does." She then asks, "When do you think you'll be making your first trip?" David explains, "He's already been in touch with a few people, and one of the jobs is worth a lot of money." Beryl asks, "What is it?" David, suddenly hesitant, replies, "It's, erm, it's taking a load to Sydney. Chemical company - nitroglycerine."

A few moments later, Beryl stands up and snaps furiously, "You must be out of your mind. How can you think of doing that after what happened to the other truck?" David comments, "By that you mean Jim, don't you?" Beryl snaps, "Of course I do. I'll never forget that as long as I live. You are tempting fate, David." David points out, "That was a set-up." Beryl yells, "It was explosives." David snaps, "I'd have far less time on the road if I take these high-paid jobs. The danger money's terrific. I'd be able to spend more time with little Robert... start up a trust fund for him..." Beryl growls, "You will not be able to do any of that if you kill yourself." David insists curtly, "They've got good security precautions. It's not like the old days." Beryl, though, yells, "They pay you danger money because it's dangerous. No matter how you look at it, you're risking your life and no amount of money is worth that." David insists, "It won't be for long. I want to do what Doug did when he started off: he got in there, made a pile and got out again." Beryl yells, "I don't care what you say. It's not the same." David laughs bitterly, "It's impossible to please you, isn't it? You tell me to listen to the bloke, see what he has to say... well, I've listened and I think he's right. You can't have it both ways. I'm going to do it and that's that." On that note, he storms out, leaving Beryl looking annoyed.

The next morning, Beryl is sitting having breakfast in the kitchen when Craig walks in from the hallway and grabs a bowl. He sits down at the table and, noticing the expression on Beryl's face, asks what the matter is. Beryl explains that she talked David in to doing something and now she thinks it might be the wrong thing. Craig asks, "What was it?" Beryl, though, assures him, "Nothing for you to worry about, love." She adds, "Sorry I mentioned it. I suppose I'm still edgy after being attacked at the refuge..." She breaks off, realising what she's said. Craig stares at her in horror and gasps, "Attacked?" Beryl tells him quickly, "It was just a woman at the refuge who thought I was Ruby. They must have had a tiff or something." Craig asks, "That's why you were in hospital?" Beryl admits, "Yes - but it's not bad." Craig cries, "It's my fault. You only went to the place for me." Beryl, though, insists, "Of course it's not your fault, love - you weren't to know what was going to happen. That's why I didn't say anything: I knew you'd try and take the blame." Craig looks at her and says, "You're really something, you know?" He then declares, "You should have told me, seeing as I was the one who started the whole thing. From now on I'm going to do it by myself."

At the mansion, May is sitting in her room when there's a knock on the door. She calls, "Come in." The door opens and Fiona joins her and sits down on her bed. She tells May, "I feel awful that you all had to go through that horror and here's me coming back like the Queen of Sheba." May smiles, "Thank your lucky stars you were out of it." Fiona, though, sighs, "That's just it: I can't. You were supposed to be on that cruise and if you had've been you wouldn't have had to go through such an ordeal." May, however, points out, "You were the one who needed the rest - and from the look of you, there couldn't have been a better cure." She adds, "Don't worry about me, dear - I've always said life was there to experience!" She then asks about the cruise - and the presents! Fiona smiles and asks, "Do you think everyone's in the mood for my sort of nonsense?!" May declares, "That's just what they need. Now, you get the loot and I'll round them up!"

Sometime later, in the office, May is trying on a hat that Fiona has bought for her. Fiona then hands her some maracas to go with it! May starts shaking them! Turning to Neville, Fiona hands him a tropical shirt. She then shows everyone some wind chimes that she's bought to go outside. Janice picks up a wooden item that's in Fiona's basket and comments, "That's sweet. Hand-carved, is it?" Fiona nods, "Mmm... it's a fertility symbol!" Janice quickly throws the carving back into the basket! Fiona then hands her her present. Looking suddenly upset, Janice murmurs, "Excuse me... I have to go and peg some washing." She dashes outside. Fiona stands there, looking puzzled.

Janice is sniffing and wiping her eyes as she walks along outside. She eventually stops and leans against a fence. Fiona joins her and smiles, "I thought you were going to hang out some clothes." Janice just looks away. Fiona then goes on seriously, "Darling, look, I know how awful the last few days must have been for you. It's going to take you quite a while to get over it." Janice, though, tells her, "It's not that. It's Neville." Fiona asks in surprise what he's done. Janice, bursting into tears, sobs, "I'm in love with him and he doesn't even know I exist..."

A few minutes later, Fiona and Janice are walking along in the grounds of the mansion, and Fiona is saying, "I know the feeling, believe me." Janice, however, protests, "You couldn't possibly know." Fiona offers, "If it would help to talk about it..." Janice, though, sobs, "No one can help. The simple fact is I love him and he doesn't love me." Fiona tells her, "You could be surprised what could happen." Janice, though, insists, "We'll never get together." They stop and lean against a wall. Neither of them notices Neville approach the front door a few yards away to put up the wind chimes. Fiona tells Janice, "I'd say you've got a very bad case of negative thinking." Janice, though, cries loudly, "I haven't. Neville's engaged - to a girl in England." Neville looks round and listens in surprise - still out of sight - as Janice goes on, "There's absolutely no hope for me." Fiona admits, "That does put a different light on things." She then goes on, "There's a time in all our lives when we love someone more than they love us - but don't forget there does come a time when you meet someone who feels exactly the same as you do. That's what love's all about." Janice murmurs, "That doesn't help me much at the moment." Fiona tells her, "I'm sure that Neville likes you very, very much - and at least now you know what it feels like to fall in love, and that's very important. It makes a different person of you, Janice. You'd better believe me." Janice nods sadly, "Yeah... a miserable one. I came so close to making a real fool of myself that day in the boiler room. I was right on the verge of telling him how I felt, when he mentioned his fiancée. I'd die if he found out now." She then murmurs to her Aunt, "Thankyou for listening. I'd like a bit of time on my own now, thanks." Fiona smiles warmly and says, "I understand." Janice walks off. Fiona watches her go. Neville moves quietly away from the front door so that no one knows he's overheard.

At the country house, Beryl is clearing away the breakfast things in the kitchen. Caroline comes in through the back door and hands her a letter, saying, "I found this in the letterbox. No stamp." Beryl mutters, "It's probably only rubbish." Caroline asks sourly, "Got out of the wrong side of the bed?" Beryl, though, retorts, "No. For your information I hardly slept." Caroline points out, "That's not my fault." Beryl, however, tells her, "I think it is. David has this crazy scheme in his head to cart nitroglycerine in the truck. It's all Doug's idea and you're the one responsible for the meeting in the first place." Looking surprised, Caroline admits, "Yes, well, I agree it sounds rather dangerous." She then suggests that she could talk to Doug about it. Beryl, though, snaps, "I doubt very much if Doug would be interested in what you have to say because David told him what a gold-digger you are." Caroline glares at her and growls, "Oh, he did, did he? Well, he can blow himself to kingdom come, for all I care. He's a big boy, after all. And as for saying this is anything to do with me, it's not my fault at all. If David is stupid enough to go along with everything that Doug wants him to, then that's his problem - so you can keep your idiotic accusations to yourself. I'm going to pick Mr. Fletcher up on his boat." With that, she storms off.

A while later, Caroline is marching up to Doug's yacht. He's sitting on the deck again as Caroline demands, "Are you ready to leave?" Doug, though, tells her, "Not quite. I've still got a fair bit to do. Go and amuse yourself somewhere for half an hour." With that, he stands up and heads down below. Caroline suddenly reaches down and unties the ropes that are keeping the boat moored to the quayside. Doug comes back up as she walks off, unaware that anything is wrong. Caroline heads back to her car and watches gleefully as Doug sits back down and the boat begin to drift away...

Craig heads into the kitchen at the country house and asks Beryl if it's OK if he gets Debbie a drink. Beryl, who's looking at the letter that Caroline handed to her, tells him that she thinks he'll be interested in it. Craig asks, "Yeah?" Beryl tells him, "It's from that woman at the refuge - you know: Shirley - the one that thought I was Ruby." Craig asks, "What does she say?" Beryl replies, "Apparently, the woman who runs the refuge told her I was trying to find out a few things about Ruby and she's come up with something." Craig, going to grab the letter, asks eagerly, "Oh really? What did she--?" Beryl pulls the letter away, though, and retorts, "It could be dangerous." Craig pleads, "Please - what did she say?" Beryl sighs heavily and tells him, "She found out that Ruby is sometimes seen around the St. Kilda Esplanade area. Apparently she works there sometimes." Craig says eagerly, "That's a real lead." He then curses, "Oh hell. I wish I hadn't torn up her photo. It would have made it so much easier." Beryl tells him, "If you're determined to go on with it I could give you one of myself." Craig smiles, "That would be great!" Beryl, however, muses, "I'm not so sure." She goes on, "I have a small one of me and Robert, but you'll have to cut him out of it." She goes and picks it up from the dresser as Craig declares, "I'm going to find her this time. I know it." Beryl though, says, "I wish you'd think about it, Craig. The people your mother is connected with don't exactly seem to be the pick of the bunch." Craig insists that his mother just could have had a lot of bad luck. Beryl tells him, "All I'm saying is think about it before you go ahead." With that, she hands over the letter and photo and says she'll go and check on Robert. She heads off to the bedrooms. Craig stands in the kitchen and reads the letter from Shirl. He then suddenly screws it up and throws it in the rubbish bin. He does the same with the photo of Beryl. There's a look of anger on his face. After a few seconds, however, he appears to change his mind and he reaches back into the bin and takes out both items. He stands there, looking worried.


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