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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Andrew Howie

At the country house, Beryl is washing-up in the kitchen. Caroline is doing the drying-up, but she hands a plate back to Beryl and spits, "You missed something." The back door suddenly opens and Doug and David walk in, Doug saying, "I think it's a great purchase." Beryl asks Doug, "You like the truck, then?" David smiles, "A man would be mad if he didn't!" Doug announces that he and David have got some business to talk about, and he asks Beryl and Caroline to leave them. Caroline growls, "Of course - if you wouldn't mind finishing the washing-up for us." She and Beryl walk out. Doug tells David, "I reckon you got quite a bargain with that rig." David, though, just sighs, "I don't want to stick my nose in where it's not wanted, but it's about Caroline: I thought you would have realised she was still a bit snitchy on you. I don't think she's forgiven you your fling with Alison." Doug stands there, looking thoughtful.

In the lounge room, Caroline is flicking through a magazine, looking annoyed at the loud clacking of Beryl's knitting needles. Doug suddenly walks in and, staring at Caroline, demands, "I'd like a straight answer from you: are you still crook at me for what happened with Alison?" Beryl makes her excuses and leaves quickly as Caroline retorts, "Who gave you that idea?" Doug just snaps, "That is irrelevant. Am I forgiven or are you just stringing me along?" Caroline protests, "Of course I'm no--" She then breaks off and sighs, "Oh, who cares, if you're going to think that." Doug points out, "You can't blame me..." Caroline suggests curtly, "Let's keep it on a straight-out employer/employee basis: I work for you, you pay me. That's it." Doug snaps, "Fine. And I'd like the mink coat back." Caroline retorts, "Over my dead body." Doug snaps, "Right. If that's the way you want it..."

In the kitchen, David is telling Beryl, "I didn't know he'd go off the deep-end like that." Beryl, however, assures him, "If it's anyone's fault, it's Caroline's - she's the one that created the mess; now it's up to her to get out of it." Doug suddenly walks in and says quietly to David, "I think it might be a good idea if you started putting down the names of a few people you think might be worth approaching, and let's work out a couple of routes you can take." David nods, "Good idea." The two of them head outside. Caroline wanders in from the hallway and mutters to Beryl, "I bet you enjoyed that." Beryl retorts, "I beg your pardon?" Caroline growls, "Embarrassing me." Beryl mutters, "I don't like seeing anyone make a fool of themselves, Caroline." Caroline snaps, "That's why you put the idea in Doug's head anyway, is it?" Beryl protests, "Wasn't me." Caroline asks suspiciously, "No...?" Beryl retorts, "I think he's well rid of you, but I wouldn't do a thing like that--" Caroline interrupts her and warns, "You haven't achieved anything. I couldn't care less about Doug's money. In fact, I'm getting all the money I need very shortly..."

In Sydney, Susan is arranging some flowers next to Wayne's bed at the hospital as Wayne stares at her. She's babbling about not being able to get a taxi. Wayne eventually interrupts her, though, says, "There's no reason why we couldn't give it a go, is there? Try again?" Susan looks at him, nervously. He goes on, "You know as well as I do that if it hadn't been for Bill we would have made it before. You can't fool me: you still feel something. Isn't it worth a chance?" Susan cries, "It was a long time ago. Things change. We change. My feelings have changed." Wayne asks, "Because of Glen?" Susan, though, insists, "You know it's over between Glen and I." Wayne comments, "You don't sound so certain about that - not like you were before he played heroes at the mansion." Susan retorts, "That's silly. We've all been through a terrible experience. It just seems so petty to hold anything against him now, that's all." Wayne suggests, "We should talk about something else." Susan asks, "Would you rather I left?" Wayne, though, replies quickly, "No. Of course not. If I can only have you as a friend, it's better than nothing. Besides, you've got a claim on me now, after saving my life. You're responsible for me whether you like it or not!" Susan smiles, "In that case, I'll be around as long as you want me." With that, she gives him a kiss on the cheek.

The next morning, Charlie opens the front door of her house to find Glen standing there. She looks at him and comments, "Darling, you look all hot and bothered." Glen tells her, "I'm sick of giving interviews - those reporters haven't been off my back." Charlie smiles, "I know the feeling. I've even taken the telephone off the hook, and for me that is pretty drastic!" Changing the subject, Glen asks, "No further news on Alison?" Charlie sighs, "Nothing, I'm afraid. Without Micky's statement, there's nothing that can be done." Glen muses, "What a predicament to find yourself in. It seems so stupid that one piece of paper could save her from jail." Charlie shrugs sadly, "It's starting to look more and more as though there never was a statement."

Alison is sitting in an interview room at the police station, her head buried in her hands. The door suddenly opens and Charlie comes in, escorted by a prison officer. Charlie smiles brightly at Alison, "Hello, darling. Sleep well?" Alison, though, retorts sourly, "What does it look like, Charlie?" She then asks, "Did you find anything?" Charlie tells her eagerly, "No - but that's not important, is it? The most important thing is finding the right barrister, and I've found the best in town." Alison, however, sighs, "It's me you're talking to. Don't try and pretend." She then continues, "I told the police about that taxi driver in Melbourne - you know: the one who put me on to Micky." Charlie nods, "Yes." Alison goes on, "He's given a statement, apparently. He's a very good witness." Charlie smiles, "That's encouraging." Alison, however, sighs, "Not really. It's only hearsay evidence. Without Micky's statement to back it up, it doesn't really mean a thing." She then looks around the interview room and murmurs, "I'm going to have to get used to it, I suppose. I'm going to be locked in here a long, long time..." Changing the subject, she asks Charlie, "Would you do something for me?" Charlie replies, "Anything, darling. You know that." Alison says, "Could you tell David he doesn't have to worry about a thing?" Charlie looks at her in surprise and replies, "You mean he--" Alison interrupts and tells her, "Charlie, I loved him. Even though I don't love him now... even though a lot of things have changed... once you've loved someone that much you have to draw the line at how far you'll go. I just can't do that to him." Charlie cries sadly, "Oh Alison..."

At the country house, Beryl is talking on the 'phone in the kitchen as David stands next to her. She's talking to Susan and suggesting that she go to the doctor and have a check-up herself. Susan, though, who's in the lounge room at Dural, insists, "Mum, I'm fine - honestly. I must admit: it's probably the most horrific experience I've ever had, but you know me: once something's over, it's over." Beryl nods, "Yes." She then asks, "How about Gordon? It must have been a terrible strain on his heart." She listens and then says, "Oh good." David chips in, "Ask her: does she want to come home?" Beryl relays the message, but Susan grins, "You're a pair of old fusspots!" She listens and replies, "I worry about you, too... of course I'd tell you... no, I'll be fine up here. I promise... OK... I'd better go." David calls down the 'phone, "We'll give you a ring tomorrow and see how you are." With that, he and Beryl hang up. In Melbourne, David comments to Beryl, "Hard to believe, isn't it?" He then goes on, "I must say I'm surprised at Alison not going to mention that we knew about her." Across at the table, Caroline, who's folding some washing, asks, "What's madam been up to this time?" David tells her, "She's been arrested. They tracked her down through some fingerprints." A look of horror crosses Caroline's face. David heads out, leaving Beryl to comment to Caroline, "I don't understand. I thought you'd be pleased when they finally caught up with Alison." Caroline replies, "I would've a few days ago. Do you remember that money I told you I was getting?" Beryl nods, "Yeah." Caroline explains, "It was coming from Alison." Beryl mouths, "Oh. Well, things don't seem to be going your way, do they? No more mink coats from Doug and no money from Alison." Caroline just mutters, "Who needs them? I'll manage. Better off on my own."

Doug is walking into his shopping centre when David catches up with him and hands him some sheets of paper, explaining, "I've got those notes for you." He adds, "You probably won't need to go through the whole lot - you'll get the idea." Doug, however, assures him, "Oh no, I'll read the lot." David tells him, "You got any more queries, just ask." Doug, flicking through the papers, asks, "Does this give any sort of breakdown on possible turnover?" David replies, "A rough idea." He then announces that he'd better get going, and he walks off. Doug continues walking across the shopping centre - where he bumps into Caroline, who's standing by a stall, dressed as a an old-fashioned maid. She calls to him sourly, "I hope you're happy. I know what you're doing. I think it's petty. What a stupid way of getting back at me." Doug just stares at her and then walks off.

Gordon is lying in bed in a private room at the hospital in Sydney. There's suddenly a knock on the door and Wayne walks in. He asks his father, "How are you feeling?" Gordon smiles, "Better. Certainly better than I was 24 hours ago! You?" Wayne tells him, "Fine. I'm checking out. I'll be back in again to see you tonight." Gordon comments, "You deserve a medal for what you did - putting your own life on the line to stop that bloke." Looking sheepish, Wayne murmurs, "Sometimes you just have to do it, don't you?" Gordon goes on, "It's something like that that makes you realise how important life is." Wayne looks at him warmly and just suggests, "I think you should be having another sleep."

Wayne emerges from Gordon's room to find Glen walking towards him. He tells Glen, "He's just gone to sleep." He then comments, "You've had quite a bit of newspaper coverage." Glen murmurs, "Yeah..." Wayne goes on, "Must make you feel good?" Glen, though, replies, "Not really. You know what the newspapers are like: want to make a meal out of it. Everyone went through a lot. From what I can gather, everyone did some pretty brave things: Neville... Janice... and you. Everyone did their bit." Wayne remarks, "That's exactly what Susan said last night." He then adds, "I think we should use the chance to wipe the slate clean." He holds out his hand and Glen shakes it.

Charlie is sitting with Susan in the lounge room at Dural, fussing over Rags and praising him for helping rescue Wayne and Susan. Susan is holding Isabella. She starts talking about how Glen's the flavour of the month with the TV and newspaper reporters. Charlie smiles, "I'm not surprised!" She then says more seriously, "Oh dear... I shouldn't be laughing." Susan asks in surprise, "Why not? It's all over." Charlie points out, "Not for Alison, it's not. There she is, locked up in that dreadful place without any hope of getting out. It's so awful the way fate can work sometimes." Susan mutters, "What's fate got to do with it?" Charlie tells her, "If Micky hadn't been killed, Alison would have her statement and be a free woman. As it is, she's locked up for life. Well, most of it, anyway." Susan looks at her and then says, "I know I won't be very popular in saying it, Charlie, but I can't really feel much sympathy for her - particularly now that I know she's Patricia: I haven't forgotten all those things that she's done over the years - not the least of which was breaking up mum and dad." Charlie points out, "Nevertheless, she is innocent." Susan retorts, "I know - but I can't change the way I feel. Mum and dad would still be together if she hadn't set out to ruin it. That's exactly what she did with Glen and I. I know you're loyal to her, and I think that's terrific, but I can't help the way I feel." Charlie sighs, "I suppose not. It's probably best if we get off the subject of Alison altogether."

The door to the manager's office at the mansion opens and Wayne and Glen walk in. Wayne comments, "It's a funny feeling, isn't it, coming back here?" He adds, "The first thing I'm going to do is get rid of that boiler. I'm sure that's one thing May's not nostalgic about!" He begins to walk around, clearing up some of the mess and picking up the magazines that have been left lying on various surfaces. He suggests to Glen that he head off. Glen, though, points out, "You've only been out of hospital five minutes. You don't look like you're on top of it, yet. I'll wait and give you a lift home." Wayne assures him, "I only want to look for that statement." Glen tells him, "Best of luck. Charlie and Alison turned this place upside down. You're wasting your time, I'd say." Wayne comments, "It can't have gone far if it ever was here. It'll be one of those things where it was right in front of Charlie's nose and she walked straight past it." With that, he goes to throw some of the magazines in the bin, but he misses and they fall on the floor. He bends down to pick them up - and finds that the sheet of paper containing the confession has fallen out of one of them. Picking it up, he also picks up a magazine and hides the statement behind it as he then tells Glen, "Look, mate, I appreciate the offer, but there's no need to stay - really." Glen replies, "If you're sure..." With that, he adds, "I hope you have better luck than Charlie!" Wayne just smiles, "Who knows...?"

Sometime later, Alison is sitting in the interview room at the police station, staring at Wayne as he tells her tersely, "Charlie tries very hard, but unfortunately she's not very thorough when it comes to finding things." Alison asks excitedly but quietly, "You've found it?" Wayne just glances at the prison officer standing guard and then warns Alison, "Shut up." Alison whispers urgently, "Wayne, I'll do anything. This is the most important thing in my life. I'll do anything." Wayne smiles gleefully and muses, "Yes, I was getting around to that." Alison growls sourly, "I thought you might be." Wayne tells her, "I really want to get back with Susan." Alison comments, "I'm sure you do." Wayne goes on, "It's not going to be easy, though - for me to handle it by myself." Alison remarks, "I don't see how I can help." Wayne tells her, "We've worked together well before. I'm sure we can again." Alison sighs, "Frankly, I don't see how, but if that's the way you want to do it, I'm perfectly happy to go along with it." Wayne smiles, "Then we have a deal?" Alison nods reluctantly, "A deal." Wayne beams at her, nastily...

Later that day, Wayne opens a bottle of champagne in Charlie's lounge room and pours glasses for Susan, Charlie, Alison, Glen and himself. Charlie smiles at Alison, "I can't believe you're back with us!" She then adds, "I must say, Wayne - and I don't mean this to sound awful - but you're a changed person since the siege! I'd never have believed you'd given that statement to the police. Heavens - in the old days, you'd have been hanging onto it thinking up ways to put it to your own use!" Alison and Wayne glance at each other, but Wayne just smiles, "You've got an evil mind, Charlie!" He then raises his glass and, looking at Alison, says, "Let's all drink to Patricia." Alison, though, tells him, "No, no. To Alison. Patricia doesn't exist anymore." There's some murmuring of surprise from the gathered parties. Wayne says, "Alison it is. Virtue has its own reward." Alison clinks her glass against his and agrees, "To virtue." Charlie smiles, "Ooo. I've never drunk to that before!"

Doug is standing with David and Beryl in the kitchen at the country house. David is demanding, "What do you mean it wouldn't work?" Doug sighs, "I've already told you: when I went through all the notes, none of the ideas added up. There's no logic. It's like a dog's dinner." David growls, "I've been driving trucks for more years than you think, 'mate'." Doug retorts, "It doesn't mean to say you know how to run a business properly, though, does it?" David snaps, "I ran a business - and a good one." Doug just mutters, "Yeah, well when it comes to me investing money, I want to see a bit more of a guarantee - and I can't. I'm prepared to take a risk, but I'm not just going to throw money away." With that, he storms off. Turning to Beryl, David snaps, "What does he think he's on about?" Beryl points out curtly, "He is a successful businessman, David." David growls, "He hasn't got a clue about running a truck - and I'm blowed if I'm going to let him tell me what to do."

Caroline is sitting at a table at the coffee shop in the shopping centre when Doug walks towards her. She says curtly, "Oh, hello. Come to check on me, have you? For your information, I've had a very good start to the day - sold nearly all of them." Doug retorts, "Good for you - and just as well, too, if you want to keep your job." Caroline glares at him and splutters, "I have never been treated--" She breaks off, though, and then says, "You can't speak to any of you other employees like this?" Doug laughs sourly, "You want a bet?" Caroline suggests, "You must have been a gentleman when you were young. Nobody could spend all his life being so rude." Doug just shrugs and says, "Look, I want you to come with me. My driver's sick." Caroline retorts, "I beg your pardon? I'm not a driver. Besides - I've got a lot more goodies to sell." Doug snaps, "To hell with the goodies. You're driving me and that's it." Caroline growls, "I haven't even had my lunch break yet." Doug suggests, "It'll do you good to diet, then, won't it?!" With that, he walks off, leaving Caroline looking annoyed. She growls to herself, "If you think you've beaten me, I've got news for you."

Sometime later, Caroline brings Doug's car to a shuddering halt at a marina. Doug snaps, "Watch it." Caroline smiles, "Sorry!" A young, very attractive woman, who's sitting in the back with Doug, grins, "Women can never drive cars." Doug climbs out and closes the door behind him. The woman in the back demands, "Aren't you going to open the door?" Doug retorts, "You've got two hands of your own, haven't you?" The woman climbs out and, looking across at the moored boats, asks, "Which one's yours?" Doug points it out and adds, "Just go down there and wait for me." She totters off. Left alone with Doug, Caroline asks, "Am I supposed to be jealous of her? If I'd been a good little girl and given you what you'd wanted, I could have been on the yacht; is that the general idea?" Doug just snaps, "The general idea is that you're back here tomorrow morning. Ten o'clock sharp, right?" With that, he walks off. Caroline starts the engine of his car and reverses away.

Beryl is doing some baking in the kitchen at the country house when David comes in through the back door and smiles that something smells good. He then reminds Beryl that she's not supposed to be working. Beryl tells him tersely, "I thought I'd better start making some money again because you seem determined to talk yourself out of a job." David snaps, "I'm not trying to talk myself out of a job. It's just that I can't see eye-to-eye with a guy that doesn't know what he's on about." He continues angrily, "Caroline tells me that Doug only gave me the loan to get on the right side of her - and now he's trying to run the flaming business. Doesn't make me feel too good, I'll tell you." Beryl mutters, "Of course it doesn't, but that doesn't mean you have to toss everything aside. You're just being pig-headed." David snaps, "What do you mean, pig-headed?" Beryl retorts, "You are. You talked him into giving you the money in the first place, so it wasn't all Caroline. Now, a man doesn't toss money around like that - especially a man like Doug." David asks, "What are you trying to say?" Beryl tells him, "He's been successful, so he must know what he's talking about. Instead of going off the deep-end, listen to him. If you act like a stubborn mule, he'll drop you as soon as look at you. Use his knowledge. Learn from him. Take advantage of what you've got and use it. It's an excellent opportunity. Don't throw it away." David just shrugs. Beryl looks at him in concern.


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